Odds and Ends: Halladay Wants Out, Ticket Prices Up

Posted by Pat Gallen, Sun, November 22, 2009 04:01 PM | Comments: 155
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- Roy Halladay alert:  He has reportedly told the Blue Jays he will not resign with them after his contract expires this season. This will certainly speed up the trading process for Toronto as they look to get as much out of him on the market as they can.

Could the Phillies possibly steal him?  The Yankees will reportedly give up either Phil Hughes or Joba Chamberlain in any deal, plus some other prospects as well.  Would Philadelphia be willing to deal J.A. Happ and Michael Taylor in a deal for one year of Halladay?

- Edwin Jackson is on the trade block out of Detroit.  Phillies fans last saw Jackson with the Rays in the World Series a few years back.  He is not as talented as Halladay, but is much cheaper for at least the next few seasons.  Jackson made just $2.2 million last season and while he will be due a considerable raise, may come with a considerably.

Could he be had for lesser prospects?  Jackson’s numbers were very good as he earned his first all-star berth at the age of 26.  He finished with 13 wins and a 3.62 ERA in 214 innings.  The 6-foot-3 righty struggled a bit down the stretch, but is still in his formative years as a pitcher and could be the solid right hander the Phils are searching for on the cheap.

- FYI for ticket buyers – the prices are going up.  Select tickets will be $2 to $4 more expensive for the 2010 season.  Hopefully, the brass will spend a little more of it, since the tickets are already getting up there.  I know it isn’t Yankee Stadium, but lower level seats go for $40 or more, making it tough for people to afford them.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, season-ticket plans for new account holders will go on sale Tuesday. On Dec. 4, the Phils will begin selling ticket six-packs.

Group-ticket sales will begin Jan. 13, and the Phillies will sell individual tickets to spring-training games the next day.

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  • Posts: 0 The Dipsy

    Geoff, the Blue Jays don’t wanna pay the cash for those guys. They want minor league players and guys that aren’t gonna hit arb for awhile. WAKE UP! Do you think for one second that Halladay would allow a trade to Washington?

    The Dipsy

  • Posts: 0 jrollpatrol08

    wow i cant believe you guys think happ and taylor is enough to get it done. sure roy halladay’s trade value is down, but not that far. guys if it only took one prospect and one rookie to land halladay dont you think every team would have serious inquiries to toronto?? i’ll tell ya what, ‘manny’ and ‘the dipsy’ you guys dont understand the value of roy halladay. you seriously dont think the yanks, redsox, mets, dodgers would look at that deal and be like ‘whoa hold on…we can top that easily…’ of course they would. a deal to bring halladay here this winter would easily take something like this :

    2 of victornio/taylor/brown/mayberry jr.
    1 of happ/drabek
    1 of minor league relief pitcher/infielder

    i dont really want to part with that.

  • Posts: 0 PSUjoe

    I have to agree with Amaro on letting Feliz go. His power has dropped every year for 4 straight years. He was awful against lefties(.208) last year which really hurts the bottom of the lineup. It would’ve been a big chance paying the 5.5 and waiting until 2010 FA when there are so many 3b available this year. Look at Feliz broke down over the year:

    April .323
    May .289
    June .281
    July .277
    Aug .222
    Sep/Oct .227

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    Lets just get back to 3b … something that WILL happen this offseason, instead of talks of gettin Halladay, which WILL NOT happen this offseason

  • Posts: 0 jrollpatrol08

    i like that don…back to 3rd base i still want beltre, and i think 8mil per season is worth it…3 year deal in an incentive package. why not? seriously the phils have nobody in the minors itching to come play 3rd base. no depth at that position. lock up beltre for 3 years while you still can, and he will outplay and outproduce 8mil per season in the phils lineup. can u imagine this guy out of the 7 hole? i would love to see it

    i would be surprised if derosa plays close to a full season anywhere next season. i think many out there agree that if he were brought in to play 3rd base, there would have to be some sort of other utility guy at 3rd base as a sort of platoon operation. i wouldnt be surprised if ruben used dobbs in this capacity. i dont like it though.

    im just not an overall fan of the 1 year bandaid ’3rd baseman by committee’ strategy that a derosa signing seems to indicate. you have the player and the resources to do a multiyear deal now…so do it with beltre.

    figgins will be out of our price range, which i dont really mind. after 2 years when his speed declines he will be another average player in a big contract. no thanks

  • Posts: 0 Havoc

    I think Ruben and the Phils are still showing that they are one of the smarter and more well run teams around right now. We all appreciate what a great fielder that Pedro has been these last few years, in addition to the clutch hits scattered around. However, around this time last year we had a ton of people myself included hoping that we’d resign Burrell. Is there anyone out there still upset that we didn’t have Pat on the team this year? The Phils are trying not to have someone after their last good year, and it’s entirely possible that this was Pedro’s last good season, given his decline. I wish him all the best, and hope he gets a nice ovation if he returns to the bank, but if the Phils sign Beltre or Polanco they will have made a really smart move.

  • Posts: 0 PSUjoe

    Amen Havoc.

  • Posts: 0 mikeB

    Feliz’s big offensive drop off lasting from sometime in July through the end of season makes you wonder if he physically wore down.

  • Posts: 0 The Little Guy

    Feliz offensive drop off is due to the fact that he can only hit a pitchers mistake, and hes not fluid in his hips or swing whatsoever. He looks like a statue at the plate.

    And not to mention swings at the first or second pitch far too often, and its beyond frustrating.

    Beltre, Figgins, Atkins, Kouzmanoff, Polanco, or even Derosa would make this line up much more dynamic and offensively more powerful.

  • Posts: 0 bob

    Im not including Happ unless we would sign Halladay to an extension, which Im not sure would happen, outside of a 5-6 yr 110-120 million deal. I think we are looking at something similar to lock up Cliff Lee and since we are not the Yankees we will not be able to keep both.

    Just like July Halladay is very tempting assuming we dont mortage the future for 1 season of him. This means NO Happ who will be a solid 3-4 in our rotation for the foreseeable future. NO Drabek who will probably be in our rotation in 1-2 years.

    If we were to give up Brown or Taylor then we hope we can lock up Werth.

    Lots of factors into play here, looks like we will go in another direction and shore up the pen, 3rd base and bench. That’s the important areas and a rotation of Lee-Hamels-Blanton-Happ-5th starter competition is fine for the reg season. I am sure that we will be active come July for a starters assuming that we are in the hunt.

    No need to rush and pull the trigger for Halladay, other options will be out there come July and he may be one of them, although I doubt it.

  • Posts: 0 PSUjoe

    Phils looking at Juan Castro to replace Bruntlett. I doubt he’ll want to cross the country to play in Philly. Strikes out a lot for a utility player.

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    I didnt say Washington would go after Halladay. Read it again. I said theyd surprise offer for a big free agent though like the did last year, even if only they are secretly hoping to come in a close second to “show” their fans they care.

    The Blue Jays are not going to trade Roy Halladay to the Phillies for Michael Taylor and JA Happ (who will not be NEARLY as good a pitcher in the American League, and may not be as good next year as he was this year). If their GM did that, he would get fired, again.

    The Blue Jays still hold the cards. They can let him walk and take the draft picks and be perfectly happy with it.

    It took Carlos Carrasco, Jason Donald, Lou Marson, and Jason Knapp (ALL OF WHOM are top 10 prospects in our system, AND Knapp was rated 50th in the nation overall last year in terms of minor league prospects, and all of them were rated in the top 150 or so).

    The Phillies made out great in that deal, but they did not give up garbage for him and Francisco. Those are 4 quality prospects.

    Take off a year, and add the fact that its Roy Halladay. And AT LEAST you have to give up the same type of package that we gave up last year – at least.

    It would take at least Kyle Drabek, Anthony Gose, Domonic Brown, and a few other decent prospects. You would basically empty the top talent in your farm system for one year of one guy, and youd have to throw in another great prospect to get them to give you a negotiation window. So…no.Not gonna happen.

    I am sorry man, but you are just not living in the real world here. Thats a fake video game trade, and Im done talking about this crazy idea until something SUBSTANTIVE happens or is reported.

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    Castro will stay where he is I think. Why pursue someone like that while there are sitll utility players around who are actually GOOD?

  • Posts: 0 joedad

    Re: “a deal to bring halladay here this winter would easily take something like this :

    2 of victornio/taylor/brown/mayberry jr.
    1 of happ/drabek
    1 of minor league relief pitcher/infielder”

    1 – Toronto doesn’t have that kind of leverage because they are trading Halladay for one year rather than two and Halladay needs to approve the trade. Halladay probably would not approve a trade unless he gets an extension similar to Santana in 2007.
    2 – Victorino will not be traded and to put him in the same company as Mayberry and taylor/brown is silly.
    3 – Halladay is due a lot of money so Toronto may want to dump the salary. Happ is cheap and came in 2nd in the Rookie of the year voting. Trading for a good young pitcher like Happ is easier to sell to your fans than Drabek who may be a few years away. Adding Taylor and a middle prospect would be enough if the Phils can swallow the salary.

    I think they may go hard after Halladay IF they think they cannot resign Lee long term.

  • Posts: 0 joedad

    It took Carlos Carrasco, Jason Donald, Lou Marson, and Jason Knapp (ALL OF WHOM are top 10 prospects in our system, AND Knapp was rated 50th in the nation overall last year in terms of minor league prospects, and all of them were rated in the top 150 or so) for TWO years of Cliff Lee. The price for ONE year of Halladay will not be as high.

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    But its Roy Halladay, and youre going to want a negotiating window so that WHEN you empty out your top prospects and a top young player/pitcher on the roster already that you can keep teh guy around.

    Therefore, it will be at least the same.

  • Posts: 0 bob

    If we were to trade for Halladay it would be a rental, unless we somehow have turned into the Yankees.

    I personally don’t think it’s smart to be giving up what we would of had to in July for 1 year of Halladay. Maybe it would of been acceptable for 2 shots at the World Series at the time.

    Cliff Lee is capable of anchoring this rotation and we know what Hamels is capable when on. Blanton is a fine #3, Happ was excellent and pitched above a #4 last season. You have options of Moyer, Kendrick, Carpenter for #5.

    Priorites in my eyes as I take a look and have taken breaths since WS:
    1. Bullpen help (at least 2)
    2. Bench help
    3. Third Base-Plenty of options to go with there
    4. Look into the possibilty of extending Cliff Lee
    5. After this, then I take a look at the market for starting pitching. Don’t think we will really need to address this until July.

  • Posts: 0 jrollpatrol08

    the phillies real priorities, in order of importance, should follow this plan:

    number one priority–sign lee long term. 5 year 90 mil plus signing/incentive bonuses. do it now otherwise he’ll get that deal (or better) somewhere else next year as a free agent.

    number two priority–sign adrian beltre 3 year minimum deal. hes got good right handed pop and will put up great numbers in our potent lineup. from a purely offensive production standpoint, beltre is the best FA 3rd baseman out there with a good outlook for the future. his recent injury season should make his pricetag be less competitive over a multiyear deal. figgins will be too expensive and not worth a long term deal. when his speed deteriorates he will be below average. beltre is the perfect fit, especially since the heir apparent to 3rd base in the minor leagues was sent to cleveland.

    3rd priority–utility/bench bat. if the phils could convince derosa to take this he would be the best utility guy. but realistically he is still good enough to play more games on a mediocre team. i like hairston jr. for 1 year, he plays IF and OF like bruntlett. probably can get him for 1 year 1mil. nobodys really talking about him but i think he would be a cost effective fit here as a way to give guys a break.

    –priority 4–bullpen strength–one guy is all you need. madson/lidge already paid for. a healthy romero and (hopefully) park will be back next season also. i like the idea of testing out minor league guys at least least early in the season. mathieson, bastardo, zagurski good trial-n-error guys. if they work out you can leave them there and it didnt cost you a huge investment. ruben doesnt like this idea so he ll probabaly get someone in FA. i just hope he doenst overpay for a bullpen guy that will end up being mediocre at best. if i had to pick a multiyear guy it would be lyon, even though he could be expensive a 2 year deal with him looks promising. 1 year deals with veteran guys on the cheap–u can pick any really i like octavio dotel/darren oliver etc. bottom line…dont spend alot of money here ruben…

    priority 5–backup catcher/bench–not alot to choose from, would have to be mid-to-late 30s because of backup role to carlos. jason kendall still has decent obp, i like valentin a switch hitter. either one to a 1year deal

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    Speaking of things that will never happen.. how about Roy Halladay getting traded to the phillies this offseason

  • Posts: 0 The Dipsy

    Geoff. You are assuming that the Blue Jays will get full value for Halladay and they will not. The Blue Jays do not hold the cards. Roy Halladay does. You are assuming that the Blue Jays are operating in a free and open market. They are not. They are operating in a vacuum comprised of the teams of Roy’s choosing. That is why it will not take as much as you think for Roy, the reason being that Roy probably won’t want to go to the team that is offering the very best package. Why can’t you understand this? The Blue Jays will not end up trading Roy for the best package they can get but the best package they can get from a team that Halladay will go to. Thus the Blue Jays have no bargaining power. And if you think the Blue Jays will just let him walk after the season, well thats just the silliest thing I’ve ever heard.

    The Dipsy

  • Posts: 0 PSUjoe

    The only way Halladay ever becomaes a Philly is if he hits the FA market after next season. Phils could go as high as 3/60 with Lee’s 9 and Moyers 7/8 coming off the books and Brown or Taylor replacing Werth’s 10 million. Other than that fo-get-about-it.

  • Posts: 0 jrollpatrol08

    enough of the halladay talk. we are NOT getting him on a 1 year rental. absolutely NOT! first, ruben wont give up the farm for one year. its dumb and its just not worth the hassle. ruben would only think about halladay if they could afford him over a 4 year period. second, halladay, at 34, can decide where he wants to go. he wants a contract extention with a different club; he doesnt want the one-year-rental stuff either. he wants a contract that will put him to the end of his prime, maybe his career–a 4-5 year deal

    just stop with the one year stuff….its just not going to happen that way

  • Posts: 0 Brooks

    Jrollpatrol; your priority list is pretty much in line with mine – I too want to see Lee locked in as our #1. Beltre though, another story. You know he is coming off that way expensive 5 year $64 mil contract and the chances of signing him for 8 mil or under? Hardly!
    I say Atkins would be a perfect fit.
    Another point I do disagree – relief pitching. Rox are not going to resign Betincourt and dude, you cannot have too much pitching!
    Agreed we def need bench strength and a backup catcher – ah, how I long for the days of Greg Gross -

  • Posts: 0 Don M


    Cliff Lee isn’t getting a contact-extension for the simple reason that, he doesn’t want one.

    He wants to become a Free Agent and secure his financial future…

    You would imagine that you could do that with say, $60 Million … but he’s thinking more like 5-6-7 years, $150+ Million

    And we sure ain’t the ones who can pay him that

  • Posts: 0 Manny

    In other news,

    Pujols just won the NL MVP. This is how our Phillies did:

    3. Ryan Howard
    8. Chase Utley
    17. Jayson Werth
    18. Shane Victorino

    Pretty good…

  • Posts: 0 Georgie

    Brooks, “ah, how I long for the days of Greg Gross”. Yeah, wouldn’t that be sweet?

  • Posts: 0 PSUjoe

    According to MLbtrade… Andy Martino of the Inquirer believes the Phillies are the front runner for Juan Casto. They better not pay him more than Bruntlett.

  • Posts: 0 jrollpatrol08

    cc is making around 23 mil a year i think. i dont see cliff lee making quite that much. 20 mil, 5 years i think thats reasonable and i think the phils will offer him that. no team other than the yanks/sox are gonna be payin him for 6-7 years at around 150 mil…no way

    i cant tell if cliff is a guy who is in it for the money or not. its hard to tell if he likes it here. i would like to think a guy like howard would stick around forever, since he came thru our system and is a fan favorite (and hopefully the red sox get A-gonzalez so they and the yanks already have their 1stbasemen of the future). i know cliff loves the competition and he knows a deal here for the next 5 years could very well mean 5 more playoff appearances. this team needs a number one. and i really think we ll see some big numbers thrown at this guy by the phillies

  • Posts: 0 PSUjoe

    No way the Phils offer 5/100 to Lee. It’s not their philosophy. As well as the Phils are doing they can’t lock up that much money.

  • Posts: 0 jrollpatrol08

    the jays do still have bargaining power. lets just say for argument’s sake that roy halladay wants to play for either NYY, BOS, LAA, NYM, PHI, or LAD–6 of the more probable teams able to afford him in a multiyear deal. ok if the two division rivals of the AL east offer similar deals to what the NL teams can, where do you think he will go??? if halladay’s number 1 choice is the yanks, but the phils package is just as good as what the yankees have to offer, toronto will make the deal with philly. doc is only going to the yanks/rsox if they present a deal that will blow the other teams out of the water…and you know what….is very easy for either NYY or BOS to come up with a better package than happ/taylor. this is how the bidding for doc is going to push his value above and beyond 2 unproved guys. watch

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    I really don’t see it..

    The Phillies don’t like signing pitchers for more than 3 years.. especially at that type of money ..

    If they want to keep this core of everyday players together… it will cost them $15-20 M for a lot of those guys

    Utley, Howard, Werth.. Victorino and Rollins will cost at least $15 M combined..

    and if they don’t want to keep this core of everday players together.. there would be no need for CLIFF LEE on the mound, because he wouldn’t have a winning lineup to give him run support

    The MVP voting is a joke

    who the hell voted:

    Yunel Escobar 5th,
    Derek Lee 2nd,
    Todd Helton 3rd

    Andre Ethier got TWO 2nd place votes…

    Those guys should have their voting rights taken away

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    Toronto should get the best deal for Toronot.. regardless of who they trade Halladay too

    They aren’t going to get the type of players that will win them the World Series in the next year or two ..

    and the RedSox or someone could easily get Halladay at the Trade Deadline next year, and decide that their own young pitchers (Lester, Buchulz) will be good enough that they dont want to pay someone $20+ Million. .

    Toronto needs to just get the best possible players for THEIR organization, and not worry about anything besides that.

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    From MLBTR: Apparently the Phillies are close to a deal with Juan Castro….OK, well I guess thats the utility INF. he hit much better than Bruntlett last year….

  • Posts: 0 jrollpatrol08

    correction–**unproven** guys. dipsy, u are looking at it backwards, as if he is a free agent already. if the blue jays dont like the offers they recieve, then they will hold him till trade deadline this year. whether doc is happy or not, the jays still have control of him for one more year. it baffles me that u think happ/taylor can get it done–when toronto really wants a deal centered around drabek/brown and someone else…

  • Posts: 0 The Dipsy

    What makes you guys think that Toronto would trade Halladay inside their own division?

    The Dipsy

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    They openly said that they would trade him inside their division weeks and weeks ago when the speculation began.

  • Posts: 0 PSUjoe

    If the Phils sign Castro it better be for under a million. Assum $1 million. That leaves 19 more according to Amaro.

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    Itll be for cheap. Hes better than Bruntlett anyway.

  • Posts: 0 bfo_33

    As much as I would hope for the opposite, the Phils will not be going for Halladay. It is not in their gameplan, and they typically don’t deviate from the gameplan.
    The longer the Jays hold onto Halladay, the more they will have to pay him. Maybe you’d get more for the Harley if you waited for late spring to sell it, but if you can’t afford the payments, you get rid of it regardless. Halladay will go cheap (in regards to prospects, esp if they can force a package including Wells) and before the season starts, he just isn’t going to the Phillies.
    Pujols deserved the MVP, and Ethier isn’t a bad #2. The Phillies have too much talent to call any of their players the MVP. Any one of their top 5 go down, they are still a playoff team. The same cannot be said for STL or LA. It doesn’t mean that guys didn’t have better years (I’m not even sure who the Phils MVP is, Utley, Howard, or Werth?).

  • Posts: 0 jrollpatrol08

    i cant tell if cliff likes it here or not. but i know he loves to compete, and that he can do for 5 more years if he signs a contract with philly. even though it goes against the organization’s pitcher planning, i do think they will offer him a 5 year deal. they dont like to go over 3 but with what this guy has shown you have to make an exception. i guarantee you one thing…management is definitely thinking this: ‘ok this guy played great for us…we know the importance of having a dependable number one guy, lets at least OFFER him 5/90 plus incentives/bonuses and see how much he likes it here.’….i wont guarantee lee will sign here but the offer has GOT to be there this winter

  • Posts: 0 jrollpatrol08

    ” Victorino will not be traded and to put him in the same company as Mayberry and taylor/brown is silly.”

    um if werth accepts a multiyear deal in philly then victorino will get moved. he had maybe a slightly above average season, and he could get more money somewhere else. the phils arent going to expend too much time/energy/money on keeping vic here when taylor and brown are going to be here as a cheaper alternative. i see this as the last season of ibanez, werth, victorino in OF. i think management wants to see werth, brown, taylor as the 2011 OF.

  • Posts: 0 karen

    I can afford the Phillies tickets but I have a season ticket for Lehigh Valley so I go there and it is definately much closer for me and its not as crowded as Philly. Granted, it is not the big league team but there are future stars down there and rehab appearances do happen…..pedro martinez, victorino, raul, ruiz, happ was there in 08, taylor was down there at the end of 09….its fun.

  • Posts: 0 psujoe

    McDonald who is a great fielding SS and a good fielding 3b is going to sign with the BJ’s for 1.5 mil. Utility guys are getting expensive. I wouldn’t pay that much for a pure defensive IF backup.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    to prove that Happ + Taylor would not be enough:

    “The Red Sox are making a push to obtain Toronto ace Roy Halladay before the start of baseball’s winter meetings Dec. 7, according to industry sources. But the Blue Jays reportedly want top prospect Casey Kelly along with young starter Clay Buchholz. The Sox could retreat from the deal if the Blue Jays continue to demand Kelly. The 20-year-old was their first pick in the 2006 draft and signed for $3 million.”

    Boston Globe

  • Posts: 0 Georgie

    So there you go, that pretty much says it all, doesn’t it? Roy’s not coming here for Happ and Taylor, end of story.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    that was never going to be enough.. as long as the Yankees are willing to part with Phil Hughes or Joba Chamberlain (I actually like Hughes a LOT more of those two)

    and the RedSox might be willing to deal Clay Buchulz..

    The Phillies’ JA HAPP is not in the same category as those guys, despite his sucess so far at the Major League level.. maybe replacin Michael Taylor in that deal with ANTHONY GOSE would help make something work, but I really can’t see that being either..

    Buster Olney points out two things:

    “One executive tells Olney that the Blue Jays’ chances of moving Roy Halladay are no better than 50/50. Another source suggests that the Jays could have had three top prospects for Halladay last summer, whereas now they could probably only land one star prospect and a second with some major-league potential. ”

    They aren’t going to give him away for no reason..

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    Hopefully that will put the issue to rest….this has become madness. They will not be quiet this offseason, but they will not spend foolishly either. They got to this level by not spending folishly.

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    Fortunatley, the more I read about the Tigers and Edwin Jackson the more I get scared away from him. WHY are they trying to just…get rid of him? Something has to be wrong there…

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    More to end the notion that HAPP + TAYLOR would be anywhere near enough..

    Peter Abraham – BOSTON GLOBE… from MLBTR

    “that he feels Halladay would be worth the price for the Red Sox (the price, presumably, being Buchholz, Casey Kelly, and another prospect or two).”

    Regardless of his situation, he’s still Roy Halladay.. and the Blue Jays will once again let teams outbid each other to get him … I’ve thought all along that the RedSox are the ones that need him most

    Beckett and Lester.. Bucholz is just as unproven as HAPP, but more highly regarded. Dice-K and Wakefield are coming off injury, so they definitely NEED pitching

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    the annoying thing is that if Halladay goes to either the Sox or Yankees, either team is a shoe in for a WS …. if we are still the class of the NL and make it back to the WS, we are looking at another loss. Halladay Beckett Lester would be downright brutal and with the Yankees line-up C.C. and Halladay would be all you’d really need. It be interesting if the Yankees landed him how the league would react…there’d be almost no reason for any other team to play the season…Selig might see this little baseball renaissance come to a quick end. It’d be hard to stay interested knowing that you’d have to face a team with that much firepower….a team would just have to be incredibly hot to overcome such odds. I’d say if we have the chance let’s get him esp. since we still don’t know when Hamels will return to his true talent level.

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