Phillies Fall Short as Yankees win World Series

Posted by Pat Gallen, Thu, November 05, 2009 01:28 AM | Comments: 209
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Remember the chilly April, the awesome May, the blistering July, and the September that sealed it up.  Remember the death of a legend.  Remember the thrilling comebacks, the five all-stars, and a third straight division crown.  Remember the late night’s against the Rockies, the “Beat LA” chants, and everything in between.

Remember it all; store it away for the long, cold winter, because this year was a success no matter how you look at it.

The Philadelphia Phillies lost this game 7-3, and in the process relinquished their spot at the top.  However, they never stopped fighting.  From minute one of the 2009 season, this team has fought until it could no longer fight, and in this case, the final fight came in Game 6 of the World Series.

For the 27th time in their history, the New York Yankees took home the title, with Hideki Matsui taking the World Series MVP.  It was a hell of a series, and a hell of a season for the Yankees who finished with 114 wins combining the regular season and playoffs.  Phillies Nation congratulates them on fine season.

As for the Phillies, there will certainly be questions abound as to how things will change in the offseason.  The core of this team is intact for yet another run, so while this loss stings, they have the make up to do it one more time.

A wise man once said, “all good things come to an end.”  It’s an amazing feat that the Phillies made it back to the World Series a year after winning the whole thing.  Next year, this team will regroup and give it everything they have to try and get to yet another World Series.

To sum up this season, it’s hard to complain about what this club was able to accomplish.  Overall, 102 wins is nothing to shake a stick at, so cherish all of the great moments this 2009 Phillies team gave us.

The Phillies will be back next season, and with them will come the same tenacity, passion, and energy they brought for all of 2009.  High hopes, everyone.

See you boys next year. And to Phillies Nation, always remember.

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  • Posts: 0 Scott in D.C.

    Love the Misery –

    Where to start? Both Blanton and Martinez (in Game 2) put the Phillies in a position to win. The bats didn’t come through. So be it. Sabathia took an L and a no-decision. Burnett was brilliant once, but melted down in his next start. There’s simply no reason, based on those performances, to definitively say Girardi was right and Manuel was wrong in their decisions on starting rotations.

    As for bullpens: Sure, Rivera was lights-out, but Hughes and Chamberlain were shaky. I thought Park and Madson were more or less solid. Happ performed pretty well under (for him) unusual circumstances. As a staff, the Phillies’ bullpen was better than I expected it would be.

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    Orignal Chuck P pretty much summed up the situation with the Phillies, Misery….I understand completely….And I understand that you’re the STUPID-ASS on here…I’m not even sure who you’re for and who you’re against….that’s how utterly STUPID your posts are..

  • Posts: 0 Richie

    Great job everyone! Thank you so much Phillies and Phillies Nation…As depressed as I am today I am just as proud of this team as what more can you ask for out of these guys. I’ll bet if you ask any fan of any other team outside of New York that they would trade their “hometown 9″ for ours. But the funny thing is that I would lose with this team any day of the week rather than win with that Yankee team and I give them their credit, but they are not the “TEAM” that the Phillies are. Also, I give Amaro a ton of respect that I never thought I would by the way.

  • Posts: 0 The Original Chuck P

    Key to this series… ex-Game 1, the Phillies were 7-46 with RISP (.152) and accumulated 5 two out RBI’s. The Yankees were 13-52 (.250) over that stretch with 9 two out RBI’s. We put men on base but they came up with more clutch hits in the close games… call it not putting them away or call it clutch on their part; whatever you call it, that’s what it is. But it wasn’t quit…

  • Posts: 0 Foul Hal

    Great season !!!! Amaro did a great job because our two best post-season pitchers were not even with us until August. Also, he replaced Burrell with Ibanez — an upgrade for sure. What we need now:

    *Better starting pitching — we need another stud behind Lee.

    *A top leadoff hitter who gets on base and steals — Go after Chone Figgins of the Angels –switch hitter, steals bases and gets on base. Move Rollins to Feliz’ spot in the order.

    *Shore up the bullpen and look for a lefty closer.

    *Say goodbye to Myers, Feliz, Stairs, Bruntlett.

    *Get a solid utility man. What about Placido Polanco?

  • Posts: 0 Georgie

    Jeff, who added the “G” to his name after the Phillies won the 5th game so we wouldn’t think it was him, is THE most negative person on here. He is on gameday ALWAYS bashing the Phillies, and he’s still at it today. Jeff, I have held my tongue this whole season while you consistently berate Charlie and anyone else on this team who happens to have a bad game. You are NOT a true Philles fan, you are the ONLY fan on here today (besides Yankee trolls) talking trash. You are a royal pain in the a$$, and this blog would be much better without you.

    There, got THAT off my chest!

    Grrrrumps, thank you again for being the classiest non-Phillie fan on here, we love you, baby! And if the PN gang gets together, I for one , would enjoy meeting you.

    I really don’t feel too down today, I know we have a great team, most of them will be back, there are a few moves to make. But I feel very confident that our guys will be trying to knock the Yankees off that pedestal in 2010.

    Thanks again, Phillies, and PN, for a great ride in ’09.

    Oh, and finally, to Chuck, who before the series started, said I was wrong when I called Yankee fans arrogant and you thought they were classy and fun to talk to. Still holding on to that, lol?

  • Posts: 0 The Original Chuck P

    I’m outta here (no pun intended)… let the scrooges have their day. Once the glory of misery wears off, they’ll go back into hiding. To the Ed’s and Chuck’s and Georgie’s and Morris’ and Harry Kalas’ and even the GRRRRRRRUMMMPY MINERS, it’s been a great season and I look forward to chatting again soon.


  • Posts: 0 rob bender

    enjoy this time, you’re all back to what you’re used to, feeling like the step child to new york… oh and hey don’t forget to add 4 more losses to your historic total, there’s something to be proud of!

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    Well Georgie….

    SOME of the Yankee fans are intelligent and have class….and some are just trolls with nothing else to do…Then there’s Misery and A Real Fan who are just obnoxious juveniles.

  • Posts: 0 Ed R.

    I agree. I think I’ll just check out for a while. Let the fans of the Yankees enjoy their championship as they should, they certainly deserved it. When some the ridiculousness and trash talk and disrespectful behavior has worn off I will check back in. It’s been a fun season and a great ride. 3 months until Spring Training starts.

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    step child of new york? you won a WS get over yourself…

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    See ya soon Original….thanks for helping to make this site a pleasure…Hot Stove League starts soon..


    Its strange for me to have my worst loss of my Phillies Phan life come during my favorite season of all time after 31 years of pulling for the Fightin’s. This is a season I will cherish for the rest of my life. I love rooting for these guys. 101 days ’till pitchers and catchers report.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    No need for Phillies fans to respond to any Yankee trash talk…

    I’m 100% positive that when my team won the World Series, I spent the next day celebrating…not talking smack to the opposing fans online .

    Go enjoy your win, hopefully, we’ll see the Yankees again next year.

    Thanks again, Phillies, yet another exciting postseason ride!!!

  • Posts: 0 Georgie

    Wow, what is wrong with this picture? It’s so odd that the day after winning the WS, there’s tons of Yankee fans on a Phillies blog. Like Don, the last thing I was doing last year at this time was searching the web for Rays sites to go on. It tells me that the Yankee fans were MUCH more scared of the Phillies than they are letting on, so that bodes really well for us next year.

    I’ll talk to you guys later, it should soon be nap time for our fair friends from the rotten apple.

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    Yeah, Don…I’m done responding to all this sh!t from these so-called Yankee fans…

    I, too, celebrated when the Phillies won the WS…and I’ll celebrate now, too….because this is MY team and I’m proud to be a fan…win or lose. And, in my opinion, these guys are winners…every one of them.

    3 NL East titles.
    2 NL Pennants…back-to-back
    1 WS Crown

    …And a whole lot of enjoyment and excitement along the way….and to look forward to…

  • Posts: 0 Yankee Fan

    Did we win, I was at the stadium last night, but i was on my blackberry instead of actually watching the game.

    Oh cool we won, ok, I’ll be online all day today talking about how much i love bagels, and the Yankees. In that order. And I’ll make jokes about your city being Philthy, aka Philthadelphia. I’m creative like that.

    I’ll be at the parade too, but I won’t really watch it at all, I’ll just show up in my new #27 jersey, and i’ll be texting people the whole time about how much I love that hip new Jay-Z song about the Empire State

  • Posts: 0 sveninnyc

    To all you trolls out there:

    It says a lot that on a day that you should be out celebrating your team’s victory with your friends and loved ones (wait, you don’t have any right!?), that you instead have plenty of time to waste on this board trying to cause trouble.

    Your posts do nothing to make us feel bad about ourselves, our team or the city of Philly. They just serve to make you look as pathetic, lonely and miserable as you surely are. Troll away losers!

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    I think Misery must be from Jersey

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    Too many roids and you have delusions that your a centaur.

  • Posts: 0 jaysfan09

    Hey Phillies “fans”, blue jay fan here (yes there are some left) just wanted to rub it in again, been a long time but hows it feel to lose a world series again? Ahhh, some things never change by reading these posts. Class and Philly (two work that will never be associated with each other) Congratulations to losing to the classiest club in the league!

  • Posts: 0 Anoter Real Fan

    Hey! WTF?!? Those NY pu$$ies come here and talk sh!t and I am the one that gets banned? Nice job moderator!

  • Posts: 0 bob

    LOL….we must have a pretty good baseball team when a Blue Jays fan comes in to troll

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    Blue Jays fans have absolutely nothing….zero…..to talk about at this point in their history.

  • Posts: 0 Still Love The Misery

    Sure they do… the Phillies and Blue Jays are BOTH… LOSERS! The Phillies are just better losers than the Jays.

  • Posts: 0 psujoe

    It was a great season. There is a lot to look forward to with this club. Hamels will be back. He just threw too many innings last year and couldn’t rebound. If Blantan is resigned the Phils won’t go after a starter. Lee, Hamels, Blantan, Happ and Moyer/Kendrick/Dravek is plenty. We need more bull pen help. IMO, Scott Mathiason and JC ROmero will be an integral part of the Phils run next year. We need a stud righty out of the Pen to go along with Madson and Lidge. One more righty bat to augment the line up. I think we’ve seen the last of Stairs and Bruntlett. Bring on the winter meetings!

  • Posts: 0 Jeff of Nova

    You are right about the congrats to the Phils from the Yanks Manager, Its actually Selig I am most disappointed with. He came out and presented the trophy and acted as if there was only one team that played.
    In Philly last year he came and congratulated the Rays, then presented the WS trophy.
    He is all about the ratings for baseball, and nothing else. The Yankees are great press, cause you either hate them or love them, very little in the middle.

    Congrats Yanks,

    Congrats Phillies on a great year, we will get them next year.

    See you in the Spring

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    I got it
    Yankees are so good they should just play themselves…

  • Posts: 0 Anoter Real Fan

    WTF!!! No really WTF!!!! This Yankee f-ing troll keeps fing with us and my responses get deleted? Why? My team just lost the f-ing world series. Sorry I am not sitting here sipping tea from a cup with a pinkie extended going “Cheerio old chaps, wasn’t it a bloody good a$$fuk!ng your lads delivered to ours. Made them squeal like pigs, they did. Cheers!” These c0cks do are not here for good sportsmanship and intelligent discussion of the sport. They are here to gloat and rub it in and I say f-ck them! F-UCK them sideways. And let me f-ing vent a little.

  • Posts: 0 rex

    question: next year will philly “fans” be bragging all year that they came in second? lol

  • Posts: 0 randomguy

    Good point Rex… The Phillies are no better than the Pirates or Nationals today, unless you win in October you FAILED!

  • Posts: 0 Matt Kwasiborski

    Thanks for the ride, Phils!

  • Posts: 0 randomguy

    Relax Real Fan: Remember, its your manager that sounds like he should have had a staring role in Deliverance!

  • Posts: 0 Still Love The Misery

    Real Fan – that would be the gracious way to accept it. It might hurt a lot less. The way you’re reacting, the only thing that will stop you from hurting is the fact that your walls are padded.

  • Posts: 0 randomguy

    what walls? he’s living in a box on Front Street, typical philty fan, its everyone elses fault

  • Posts: 0 Ed R.

    Just an FYI:


    Try to remember, Yankees or not, some of them are good people.

  • Posts: 0 joedad

    I guess any team that doesn’t win it all is considered a failure but obviously there are different levels of failure. Winning the NL East and the NL easily are huge steps but we fell one step short.

    The two major reason the Phils lost the series was because they didn’t have a solid number 2 who could keep a lead in game 3 and their closer imploded in game 4. Other reasons are the Phils did not have a DH because there is no room on an NL roster for a DH. It turns out that the Yankees DH won the MVP. An NL team could never have a DH win the MVP because NL rosters need more pitchers than AL rosters. The bench overall did not produce at all for the Phils not only in the series but for most of the year. Charlie stuck with his starters so much because he couldn;t rely on the bench and that may have tired them out.

    It was a fine season and quite an accomplishment to get back to back World Series appearances. I can’t wait to start reading about potential off season moves with my fellow phillies nationers.

  • Posts: 0 Anoter Real Fan

    Random guy and rex, STFU! Coming in ahead of 28 other teams is not the same as coming in last. Winning the NL pennant is an accomplishment. So screw you trolls. It is not f-ing the same as Pirates and Nationals. Stop dismissing what Phillies accomplished you c0cks!

  • Posts: 0 Still Love The Misery

    The two main reasons the Phillies lost is because, other than Lee, they had no consistent pitching and, other than Utley, they had no consistent hitting.

    Whining NL wusses crying about the DH (while all the sports commentators say its a much bigger advantage to the NL in the NL park that there is no DH) is akin to whining about the Yankees willingness to invest in their own team while other owners pocket the profits.

  • Posts: 0 Anoter Real Fan

    Randomguy, at least our manager does not look like he should star in a geiko commercial as a f-ing caveman!

  • Posts: 0 Still Love The Misery

    Real Fan – I won’t dismiss what the Philthys accomplished. I’ve already said they’re the very BEST losers. I wouldn’t say they’re like the Pirates or the Nats… except that they lost. The Pirates and Nats just had the decency not to drag it on and make their fans pay for so many playoff games just to get around to losing.

  • Posts: 0 randomguy

    Real Fan – vent pal, vent… but be pissed at your GM and team, howard was a bum this series, so was big mouth (i mean rollins)…. Blanton? really? joe blanton was your answer; and PEDRO? my goodness Pedro? be mad at those guys, they failed you and their fanbase, manual was out-managed… what else can be said?

  • Posts: 0 randomguy

    Real fan: you know what the geico caveman look like is doing today? getting fitted for a ring HAHAHA

  • Posts: 0 Anoter Real Fan

    Misery, is that the song you were singing when your Yankees choked to lose the WS to Boston? Were you calling them the best losers then? Hmmm?

  • Posts: 0 randomguy

    real fan – any yankee will tell you ANYTHING short of a ring is a failure… they dont settle for oh atleast we won the league championship

  • Posts: 0 Dave S

    Bottom line is that I love this team, we have a great group of players on this roster. I think a rematch isn’t out of the question.

    What’s the deal with Cole? I really think his comments were blown out of proportion, if you listen to the whole thing you understand what he was referring to, and you realize that, just two minutes before that, he was talking about how badly he wants to win this. He started the year with elbow dilemmas and really hasn’t been right at all. I wouldn’t trade him, I think it’s more likely that he’ll return to form than fall off the truck. Feliz has been a fair player, obviously that’s a spot where you could improve. And yes, the bench could be stronger, although it surely isn’t fair that most [or maybe all?] of Stairs’ ABs were against Mo.

  • Posts: 0 Still Love The Misery

    Real Fan… when they lost to Boston, I was calling them LOTS of things. “Best losers” would probably have been the nicest, if I’d bothered.

    And, for the record, they didn’t lose the WS to Boston (though if that could happen, it would be the highest rated WS in history). They lost the ALCS.

  • Posts: 0 randomguy

    MATT STAIRS? horrible, shouldn’t even be in baseball

  • Posts: 0 bob

    Yanks trolls how many of those 27 WS were you alive for?

    The way some of you are acting I would think that you are no older than 9 years old

  • Posts: 0 number27wasEASY

    Start spreading the news…

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