World Series Gameday: Yankees At Phillies, Game 4

Posted by Amanda Orr, Sun, November 01, 2009 07:00 PM | Comments: 562
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YankeesNew York Yankees (2-1) at Philadelphia Phillies (1-2)

CC Sabathia, LHP, vs. Joe Blanton, RHP

Time: 8:20 p.m at Citizens Bank Park
Weather: Partly Cloudy, 56 degrees
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The Phillies must even up the series after dropping last night’s game.  Joe Blanton and the Phillies need to do whatever it takes to avoid falling to a 3-1 deficit.

Instead of throwing out Cliff Lee on three day’s of rest, Charlie Manuel opted to go with Blanton.  Blanton last started in the National League Championship series and he allowed three earned runs in six innings.  Blanton has struggled mightily against the Yankees throughout his career, but has not faced them since last season.  The Phillies are in desperate need of a solid outing from Blanton, especially with Cole Hamels’ poor performance last night.

For the second time this postseason, CC Sabathia will pitch on short rest.  The 280-pound left-hander threw 113 pitches in game one of the World Series.  Sabathia pitched well, but was out-dueled by Lee and could not find a way to get Chase Utley out.

The offense is a big reason why the Phillies are in the World Series, but they are also a big reason why they are trailing 2-1.  They have faced great pitching, but the Phillies are more than capable of putting up crooked numbers.  Other than Utley in game one, the only players who are doing well are Jayson Werth (.400) and Carlos Ruiz (.333).

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  • Posts: 0 gofightins


  • Posts: 0 j reed

    oh boy look who’s up

  • Posts: 0 AC in NJ


    I can’t believe this…

    Gotta get A-roid…

  • Posts: 0 Mike

    Eject him…… Please

  • Posts: 0 Morris Buttermaker


  • Posts: 0 Tracey

    (sigh) Thank you Lidge.

  • Posts: 0 Terri

    this game is over

  • Posts: 0 HotDogs


  • Posts: 0 gofightins

    i’m afraid that might be that.

  • Posts: 0 Ed R.

    Lidge looked so good for 2/3 of an inning and then it just came apart.

  • Posts: 0 Yankee Doodle Dandy

    Thank you for bringing the worst closer in. Thank you for not walking AROD. Thank you charlie. I would of walked Arod and pitched to our catcher.

  • Posts: 0 Tracey

    OK, not really much question whose getting the Jeltz tonight. Lidge, you suck.

  • Posts: 0 Philthadelphia

    Eat a dick losers

  • Posts: 0 GWFightinsFan

    Ouch, that hurts…

  • Posts: 0 Georgie

    My faith just took a nosedive…

  • Posts: 0 Morris Buttermaker

    The Phillies just went from WFC to WTF.

  • Posts: 0 jt

    lidge should of been out afte he hit tex terrible call by cholly.

  • Posts: 0 HotDogs

    last chance for tonight. Very difficult for me to rally up here. Cmon Phillies….Give me more to believe in!

  • Posts: 0 jt

    lidge should of been out after he hit tex terrible call by cholly.

  • Posts: 0 gofightins

    Amen Morris. This postseason’s over. Yanks in 6. Cliff will win tomorrow but it won’t matter.

  • Posts: 0 RiVLez

    Lidge has come back down to earth this year. Lights out my a$$.

  • Posts: 0 FillyP

    Yeah, I rarely say this before the very end of the game .. but I’m completely demoralized. This one is done.. game over, goodbye series.

    Can’t believe it went so quickly. We’ve completely played ourselves out of the last two games.

    Funny, like a chump I bought a couple of WS2009 jerseys on Ebay. Ibanez and Lee. I’ll add that to my Hamels jersey from last year…. ha.


  • Posts: 0 Yankee Doodle Dandy

    Lidge is so pathetic. He killed you guys all season and did it one more time. Who cares what Lee does now. Its over. You should of won this game tonight.

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    Yankee Doodle dandy – I laid my grandmother, my father, uncle and closest friend to rest all in ’06 before getting to share a WS with except for the the one in 80 and I was a little kid….how many championships have us enjoyed with your loved ones….have some class at least and don’t gloat

  • Posts: 0 Stuart

    This team just does not want to win. The Yankees do. They deserve to get it. Just look at our players compared to theirs. Our players have no heart this series, flailing at pitches not fighting through at bats. their batters are, they want this.

  • Posts: 0 RiVLez

    F*ck Philthies!

  • Posts: 0 Larry

    Oh man. That was awful. Sorry Phillie fans. I was rooting for you, or more correctly rooting against the Yankees. But that was a disaster. It is over now. The Phillies do not look like they want to win.

  • Posts: 0 dodger fan

    Pull it together folks. It is not over.

  • Posts: 0 Terri

    That was the series folks. I think this is the worst loss in Philly sports. This is tough and imagine how the players feel. Black Sunday.

  • Posts: 0 Ian

    We need to run Lidge out of town. He is a LOSER and a complete DEADBEAT. We need a new closer in the offseason. Get rid of that wining baby Hammels too. Cya

  • Posts: 0 psujoe

    Scott Eyre never gets a sniff and he could’ve helped against Matsui or Damon. I leave Madson in unless a runner gets on before Damon. Then go Eyre. Very depressing.

    Worst case, Lidge needs to be taken out the second a runner gets on. HE CANNOT PITCH FROM THE STRETCH and couldn’t all year. Sheez.

  • Posts: 0 Fire Brad Lidge (into the Sun)

    see name

  • Posts: 0 Scott in D.C.

    Words can’t properly express how much I hate the Yankees organization and everything it stands for. The only thing that disappoints me tonight besides losing is that Lidge didn’t bean Texiera in the face.

  • Posts: 0 AC in NJ

    RivLez the Mets troll…gotta hate that A*SHole!


  • Posts: 0 j reed

    It still not over people. thanks dodger fan

  • Posts: 0 Jeff of Nova

    This series is pissing me off.
    Yankees are really showing how complete they are as far as hitting goes, kudos to them
    For the Phillies, Manuel needs a smack in the head. WHY THE HELL ARE YOU PUTTING AN OVERSHIFT ON with Texiera who has not hit the broadside of a barn all night.

    He set up Lidge for failure.

    Then why are you throwing to second with your 3rd baseman??????

    This looked silly in the 9th!
    Not sure I want to watch tomorrow…. Tonight pissed me off so much I think I am done….. I love the Phillies, but I can’t watch this shit again another night!!

  • Posts: 0 Yankee Doodle Dandy

    J Reed I feel your pain. Im not gloating. Listen I understand Manuel took you guys two years in a row but he is very strange. Does not know how to handle your pitchers. Lee is now a wasted started. Should of been in, in a must win game. Lidge should of never been in or taken out after he it Mark. He killed you guys all season. Howard is a great player but never showed up in this series. Lefties kill him. I know Joe is a young manager but he made the right moves going lefty and righty. You guys did not

  • Posts: 0 yankee mike

    Well time for you filthie fans to start getting ready for football and your eagles( more like pigeons) oops I forgot there a bunch of chokers too.speaking of chokers this wins for our little brother met fans out there we got your back little bro we’ll spank the philthies for you sorry little cliffie is about to go into golfing mode for the winter .

  • Posts: 0 RiVLez

    AC in NJ Hahaha great memory! Phillies just do not look into it. The only person playing well is Utley and Lee. Everyone else is trash. Where is RAULLLLLLL!!!!! HAHAHAHA

  • Posts: 0 Morris Buttermaker

    Tonight’s loss was bad, but it was not even the worst choke job by a Philadelphia team this year. The Eagles NFC championship game against Arizona this year was much worst.

  • Posts: 0 Phuck the Phillies


  • Posts: 0 RiVLez

    Hahahaha yankee mike

  • Posts: 0 Troutman

    Is anyone at all surprised? Lidge sucked all year, he sucked tonite. Cholly is getting completely outmanaged by the little douche in the other dugout. Soon as Damon gets on, Lights On should have been out. But, Cholly is going to be loyal to his guy. How about being loyal to the other 27 guys on the team and the fans, Cholly? And, WTF with Ibanez…you have Francisco on the team for games against tough lefties. But, again, Cholly’s going to be loyal to his guy. What did Ibanez do? Completely sucked. Again. What a disappointing, although not unexpected, end to this season.

  • Posts: 0 gofightins

    I feel completely drained, beaten, and demoralized.

    And I didn’t even set foot onto that field.

    Ugh. This is depressing.

  • Posts: 0 RiVLez

    Ryan Howard & Ibanez have been complete embarassments. They haven’t done anything. There is a lot of questions on this Phillies team.

  • Posts: 0 FillyP


    Last week I was talking with a good friend (and phan) about how lucky we were to have such a good team. This team has such character, guts, and a whole lot of heart. Back-to-back WS appearances! But, this team has really beaten themselves the last two nights and it’s been gut wrenching to watch. I really don’t know if I can stomach tomorrow night…

    I knew their run would one day come to an end. No one wins forever. I just didn’t think it would come so soon….

  • Posts: 0 Scott in D.C.

    Lidge was about a millimeter away from striking out Damon. The above point about the screwy shift on Texeira is spot-on. That’s when things went haywire.

  • Posts: 0 yankee mike

    Well to bad the yankees are going to have to celibrate this win in philly tommorrow but it will be nice to see the grief on the philly fans faces

  • Posts: 0 Jeff of Nova

    As far as hitting goes, this team has been streaky all year. Unfortunately they are in a funk streak at the wrong time.

    tonight as I stated before is not more on some really bad managerial decisions.

    It needs to be noted that Giradi has out managed Manuel hands down in this series.

    Congrats Yankees, maybe we will take it to 6 but I am sure Lee will come down to earth tomorrow since the Yankees are hot!

    Even if Lee puts in a game 1 performance, and lets say Pedro pitches lights out in NY, no way Hamels wins a game 7 in any stadium on this planet!

    Some many chances wasted, really crappy managerial decisions made, pitching inconsistent after Lee.

    Cholly should get the Jeltz award. Lidge was not bad, he was dealing till, Cholly puts the overshift, and Damon being a vet, played it right stole 2nd and kept going cause no one was there. That is on the person deciding to over shift for a guy who hadn’t hit a ball all night. With Damon at 3rd Lidge couldn’t throw the slider, that is his bread and butter knew it was over at that point.

    I wanna freaking kick him in the head for that bonehead blunder

  • Posts: 0 Morris Buttermaker

    Just for the record, it was not a blown save.

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