Phils Add a Reliever?

Posted by Pat Gallen, Wed, December 23, 2009 04:32 PM | Comments: 73

According to Jim Salisbury of CSNPhilly.com, the Phillies have signed a relief pitcher, yet, he isn’t sure who it is yet.  There are a slew of names out there that have been linked to the Phils in recent weeks, the latest being Danys Baez and Mike MacDougal.

Fernando Rodney signed with the Los Angeles Angels so (thankfully) it isn’t him, which leaves the usual suspects: Baez, Capps, Dotel, Valverde, MacDougal, among others.

I’d still like to see Matt Capps as I think his career numbers prove that last season was a fluke.  Although, with the pressures of Philadelphia, it’s tough to say how players will respond to a winning climate.  Baez, too, would be a decent signing, as long as it is for far less than Rodney’s asking price of somewhere around $5.5 million per.

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    Michael Saunders is the Mariners #1 prospect. Tyson Gillies is a future fourth OF at best. No way did the Phils take Gillies over Saunders.

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    Geoff – danka on dotel…i get them confused and actually don’t know anything about dotel, Soria is a decent closer if I remember correctly.

    Psujoe – I guess at that tier level physical attributes that can’t be made…6’7 tall pitcher or attributes that can be albeit sparingly improved upon like sprinting speed which Gillies posesses are what seperate you from the pack. I don’t know what saunders has going for him. I guessing Gillies is faster thatn saunders (I am assuming they both are CFers)

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    According to Bob Elliot.

    Dec. 13

    Beeston calls Nadir Mohamed, Rogers Communications CEO, and Tony Viner, Rogers Media president, in the morning to tell them the cost of doing business, and moving Halladay to Philadelphia, will be $6 million.

    The Phils will get Phillippe Aumont, Tyson Gillies and J.C. Ramirez from the M’s. Originally, Mike Saunders of Victoria, B.C., was in the deal over Gillies. A Phillies scout calls the speedy Gillies “the key to the (Seattle) portion” of the deal.

    The Phils suggest moving Aumont and Gillies — both Canadians — to the Jays, to keep Drabek. Anthopoulos likes both Seattle prospects, but prefers Drabek.

    The commissioner’s office grants a 72-hour window for Halladay and agent Greg Landry to work out a contract extension with Amaro.

    Halladay and Landry fly to Philadelphia.


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    Well I guess I was way wrong there on Saunders but if that’s the case Lee was certainly worth him after we had set the ceiling with two top tiers for Halladay. At least 1 top tier and a 2nd tier I’d say esp since Lee and Roy had 1 year left on their contracts.

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    Oh my. If that’s true then that’s a disaster. Gillies has no power whatsoever. The more I read, the less confident in Amaro I am.

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    j reed,

    The interesting thing is the Phils must like Gillies better than Taylor because I’m pertty sure the A’s would’ve traded Wallace in a heartbeat for Saunders. So essentially the Phils traded Taylor of Gillies.

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    Okay you guys figure out who this saunders is ? If he is indeed a #1 then I am going to belly flop naked into a pile of glass ornaments, jump into a tub filled with rubbing alcohol and hang myself with a strand of half -lit X Mas tree lights. 3 magic beans…..no way

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    According to Jason Churchill of Prospect Insider on Tyson Gillies: “Gillies profiles best as a fourth outfielder who can pinch run and play good defense, and in his best years maybe serve as a stop-gap regular”

    On J.C. Ramirez: “If all goes well, Ramirez could break into the big leagues in 2011 with a chance to be a No. 2 or 3 starter.”

    On Phillipe Aumont: “If Aumont can become efficient and improve his curve ball, there’s no reason to think he can’t at least handle the eighth inning in the big leagues, based on his fastball and ground ball abilities alone.”

    Again, I hate to keep bringing up the Lee deal but the more I read about it, the worse it looks. Cliff Lee was traded for a 4th OF, a middle reliever and a guy who COULD become a #3 starter.

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    Saunders hit .310 with 13 Hrs in 248 ABs in AAA last year before being called up. He only hit .221 with no Hrs in 126 ABs but he just turned 23 in November. He’s listed at 6’4″ 210. He hit .273 away from SAFCO field. The last rankings I saw in April had him in the top 75.

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    psu joe – let me think on that one but i would agree with you readily if we hadn’t announced all this “we mean business on the budget” nonsense in the beginning of the winter meetings. Meaning crying poor cost us the high ground in negotiating under a non cap system. Owners effectively neutered Amaro cause Lee’s value dropped once we were in the Halladay hunt. Everyone knew the owners would let us keep both.

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    griffin – yeah 3 magic beans. Once amaro hand was forced I think we were lucky to get that. Man I just shot my out with my new Red Ryder Roy Halladay BB Gun…..Fudge. Still i love my Halladay though. No complaints there but elsewhere i’m getting all “kill my landlord, kill my landlord…break in house , break his neck got no reason ..what the the Heck…”

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    that’s “everyone knew the owners wouldn’t let us…” DOH! in the first post.

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    yeah, I’m trying to focus on Halladay but it’s hard to make excuses for the terrible Lee trade. I’ll get over it, but right now it still burns.

    Oh well, Merry Christmas everyone.

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    We understood you jr.

    I just think the deal as it was originally tweeted was probably better for the Phils.

    Drabek and D’Armond to Jays for Halladay.
    Aumont and Ramirez to Phill for Lee with Saunders to the Jays.

    Taylor > Gillies or Saunders > Gillies.

    but I don’t paid to evaluate these guys though

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    Merry Christmas to all as well.

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    Well, on the bright side, if they both reach their projections youll get two good pitchers out of the deal. Aumont would be a late inning reliever when he arrives, and JC Ramirez will be a 2/3 starter, which isnt too shabby since he will be young and cheap!

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    yeah, i’m with you Griffin esp. when I practically wrote a discretation on Halladay back in ’09. Still pretty stunned by Halladay, but not so much not to smell something rotten in Denmark. I see your logic psu joe but still think Lee could have gotten us more . Merry XMAS and remember all the Phillies stuff we’re getting tommorrow multipled by everyone in the Philly area. That’d cover the tab for Lee . Pitch forks and molotav cocktails at dawn. Just a thought to keep yous warm as we have all winter to enjoy the Dan Carcillo Show in place of our beloved toothless canadiens who locked themselves in the penalty box.

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    Capps signed with Washington…3.5 mil for 1 year

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    Cliff Lee Cliff Lee Cliff Lee Cliff Lee

    we traded you for a bag of peanuts…

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    Cliff Lee Cliff Lee oh how we miss ye

    RAJ and Monty decided they’d rather have a Halladay party, and you weren’t invited.

    Blah blah blah blah

    Let’s just hope everything works out okay, and also I am pretty sure that the prospects will turn into some legit players, so nobody fret too much.

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    NJ- Amen brother. Let’s face it. These free agent relievers are free agents for a reason….They aren’t very good! All the good ones are snapped up in at the beginning of free agency. You have to trade for a good one or develop some relievers.

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    I find it funny how some people BASHED RAJ when he passed on Halladay the first time for not getting one of the top 3 pitchers in the league, and “settling for Lee who usually is not very good in the second half of the season” (not my words). Lee DOMINATES in the post season, and RAJ decides to give up on the top 5 to top 10 pitcher in Lee for Halladay (top 3), and still RAJ is a moron. Sure would be nice to have both, but its about time to give it up. Lets just hope Princess can pitch like a #2 starter this season, rather then the inconsitent 4 or 5 starter he was pitching like last season. If he can work out his VERY FRAGILE mental state, and pitch like a pro, and a #2, this team can be more lethal than 09.

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