Phils, Ruiz Agree to Three-Year Deal

Posted by Corey Seidman, Sun, January 24, 2010 08:47 PM | Comments: 36

The Phillies and Carlos Ruiz have agreed to a three-year extension worth $8.85M, as reported by Todd Zolecki. The deal also contains a fourth-year option worth $5M.

Extending Ruiz through at least 2012 is a good move for the Phillies, a team that has traded away catching prospects Jason Jaramillo, Lou Marson, and Travis d’Arnaud over the course of two years. The farm system is thin with potential replacements for Ruiz, making such a move necessary in order to ensure safety and stability to the catching position for years to come.

The financial aspect of this contract is difficult to judge immediately because it remains to be seen which Carlos Ruiz will show up in 2010. Will it be the consistent, bottom-of-the-order threat we’ve seen in October of 2008 and 2009, or the man with a .246/.337/.379 slash-line over four seasons in Philadelphia?

Based on Ruiz’ much improved 2009 season and subsequent playoff dominance, he will more than likely sustain, if not improve upon, the .255/.355/.425 season he produced last year. Those numbers, while not exceedingly impressive, are more than adequate for today’s major league catcher.

When you factor in Ruiz’ elite defense behind the plate, $9-14 million is fair. He is the best in the business at blocking balls and his three errors last season were tied for the fewest among all catchers. His career caught stealing percentage of 27% is also above the major league average, which is roughly 25% annually.

With Ruiz locked up, Ruben Amaro has now completed his offseason work. He successfully avoided arbitration with Ruiz, Joe Blanton, Shane Victorino, and Chad Durbin, extending three of the four through the 2012 season.

The only Phillies with expiring contracts after the 2010 season are (obviously) Jayson Werth and Chad Durbin. J.C. Romero has a club option for $4.5M. This will likely be Durbin’s last year since 2011 will be his first official year of free agency and the decision on Romero’s option will surely be determined by his ability to make a comeback from a 2009 to forget.

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  • Posts: 0 Blaise

    This is like the exact deal I wanted for Ruiz. Looks like 2012 is the final year for the 2008 core though.

    Thats gonna be ROUGH offseason.

  • Posts: 0 rjb360

    continued from last thread:

    mattjg: You keep saying that “every objective study” says protection is a myth without providing any evidence. Could you please point us to these studies? Because I’ve never seen them.

  • Posts: 0 Johnny

    Great deal for the Phils. Ruiz is outstanding behind the plate, and if he can continue the clutch playoff hitting, he will be well worth the money.

  • Posts: 0 jose

    ruiz … millonario good job ruben .. carlos name is senor millnario

  • Posts: 0 derekcarstairs

    Ruben’s ongoing job will be to tinker with the bullpen and make sure the back end of the rotation is adequate. Happ is not yet a proven commodity, nor is Kendrick.

  • Posts: 0 Brooks

    Excellent move. Carlos is not in the same arena as a Mauer or even Molina when it comes to average but, he is our Chooch and has proven his outstanding defense and superlative clutch hitting in the fall (Senor Octobre..)

    I’m excited. I think like derek stated, Ruben will continue to tinker with the pen and the backend of the rotation.

    Go Phils!

  • Posts: 0 bfo_33

    Nice signing, keeps a solid performer for a reasonable price. Also an indication that Werth is not going to sign an extension before the end of the year (they could still be working on it, but my guess is he would have been the first to be approached).
    Howard and/or Werth is interesting. After Pujols, Howard is the most feared slugger in baseball, and he put those numbers up with inconsistent protection from Burrell for most of his career. The big question is how many years does he have left vs contract length. Howard may be dominant for 7 more years, but at $20M+/year, a huge risk (see Mo Vaughn or Albert Bell, two heavy guys who fell off cliffs – although Howard has been doing a better job of keeping his weight down). Yanks or BoSox can give that kind of contract and eat it if they have to. Phils may be able to, but shouldn’t. I think you sign whichever one will go for a 3 yr deal (wth an option for the 4th) – more likely to be Werth.

  • Posts: 0 Keith E

    Nice work RAJ and Chooch.
    GO PHILS!!!

  • Posts: 0 George

    It’s good that once again, Amaro has not gone beyond three years. Ruiz will be 34 at the end of this contract, and may only have back-up skills by then, due to the stress of catching. He’s definitely worth the money now, though.

    Howard is already signed for a couple more years, Werth is not. In two years, Howard’s pay will go up just a little. Werth’s might go up $7 million/year for just next year alone. The Phils can afford Howard, because they’ve already agreed on small increases over the next two years. But I doubt they can afford that extra $7 million/year to keep Werth. That’s just too big a jump in the payroll.

  • Posts: 0 Chuck


    The reason that Ruiz was dealt with first is that he was that last arbitration eligible player..

    .now that he’s out of the way…and the Phillies have some idea of what the budget looks like moving forward…they can focus on issues like Werth and Howard..

    Werth is up at the end of this season…and I feel that if he’s gonna be resigned…then the Phillies would probably do it before the season is over??

    If you wait til the end of the year…and he files for free agency…his price goes up…and he is probably at that point unaffordable.

  • Posts: 0 bfo_33

    Chuck, my miss, especially with Blanton and Chooch. I do think that they spoke with Werth before offering Vic a contract, and have a good feel for what he is looking at (Rube doesn’t make rash decisions). They may value Vic more than I do (I’ve drunk the Kool-Aid, but that is the one deal I question if in a vacuum from other deals), or don’t think Werth will be back.
    I think you can read into a player’s personality by the way they play. That leads me to believe Werth is a gambler (his steal home, general base running and fielding,..), and believes he is going to put up big numbers this year, push into a Bay type deal. A more risk averse player would make a deal before spring training.
    Should be a great 2010 and beyond either way, but I came to the conclusion when he signed his current deal that it would be Howard’s last contact as a Phil. I hope they find a way to keep Werth.

  • Posts: 0 NJ

    I love what RAJ has done by virtually eliminating the short-term off-season drama by locking up virtually the entire core together. Yes if Lidge is unable to return to form after being given a chance to rehab his ailments will create drama, yes keeping Werth will be unlikely unless he signs a deal far below what he could get on the market and yes there could be a very difficult situation with Ryan Howard entering free agency (length of contract will be the sticky issue as he’s already getting an average of $18m a year) but that’s 2 years away.

    Instead of having to go to the market to bid on type A free agents to fill spots the Phillies can focus on scouting and targeting the guys they really want instead of feeling compelled to keep their focus on the free agent and trade market to add two starting pitchers a la the NY Mets…

    Great going between the Phils and Chooch(‘s camp) to get this done, like the others now he knows he’s going to be here so it’s all about baseball not the business side of the game.

    To be honest I love what RAJ has done here, there’s no excuse for this team not to be focused on preparing themselves to be the best players they can be and furthermore there’s no excuse for the front office to now focus on developing the players that will ensure the team doesn’t get old in a hurry.

  • Posts: 0 Joepa

    Could someone please post the years left on Howard, Utley, and Hamel’s contracts. Thank you.

  • Posts: 0 NJ

    Howard signed a 3 year deal buying out the remaining arb years last year so its up at the end of the season after next. Hamels contract runs for teh same length (though I believe he would still have at least one arb year left after that). Utley signed a 7 year deal in ’07 so he has 4 years left on that deal…

  • Posts: 0 Jesus

    Howard is a FA after 2011, Utley is a FA after 2013 and Hamels should have one year of arb left after 2011 since he was a super 2.

  • Posts: 0 Keystone

    Just some nerdy stuff but here are some of the Phils contracts with their 2012 season age in parenthesis after. Just picked that year as if seems like most contracts are up that year or free agents entering that year.

    Phillies contracts

    Ryan Madson: 2010- 4.5 mil, 2011- 4.5 mil (32)
    Cole Hamels: 2010- 6.65 mil, 2011- 9.5 mil (28)
    Ryan Howard: 2010- 19 mil, 2011- 20 mil (32)
    Jimmy Rollins: 2010- 7.5 mil, 2011- 8.5 mil (33)
    Raul Ibanez: 2010- 11.5 mil, 2011- 11.5 mil (40)
    Brad Lidge: 2010- 11.5 mil, 2011- 11.5 mil, 2012- 12.5 mil(club option)1.5buyout (35)
    Kyle Kendrick: 2011-2013 Arb eligible (28)
    J.A. Happ: 2011-2013 Arb eligible (29)
    J.C. Romero: 2010- 4 mil, 2011- 4.5 mil(club option)250,000buyout (36)
    Chase Utley: 2010- 15 mil, 2011- 15 mil, 2012- 15 mil, 2013- 15 mil (33)
    Placido Polanco: 2010- 5 mil, 2011- 5.25 mil, 2012- 6.25 mil, 2013- 5.5 mil(option)37
    Roy Halladay: 2010- 20 mil, 2011- 20 mil, 2012- 20 mil, 2013- 20 mil(option) (35)
    Joe Blanton; 2010- 7 mil, 2011- 8.5 mil, 2012- 8.5 mil (31)
    Carlos Ruiz: 2010-2012 Arb eligible (33)
    Jayson Werth: 2010- 7 mil (33)
    Ben Francisco: 2011-2013 Arb eligible (30)
    Chad Durbin: 2010- 2.125 mil (34)
    Danys Baez: 2010- 2.5 mil, 2011- 2.75 mil (35)
    Jamie Moyer: 2010- 6.5 mil (49)
    Shane Victorino: 2010-2012- 22 mil (31)
    Greg Dobbs: 2010- 1.35 mil 2011- arb (34)
    John Mayberry Jr.: (28)
    Antonio Bastardo: (27)
    Brian Schneider: 2010- 1.25 mil, 2011- 1.5 mil (35)

  • Posts: 0 psujoe

    Nice move by Rube.

    I have a contract spreadsheet that’s just waiting for the final details on a few players, but keeping Werth and Howard looks doable if their demands for length of contract aren’t crazy. Raul would have to go after this year though as would lidge after 2011.

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    It may be “doable”….but I doubt it’s likely..

    Why wouldn’t Jayson Werth’s demands for a contract….the only really big one he’s likely to get as a major league player…be AT LEAST four guaranteed years..??

    Especially with Jason Bay and Matt Holliday getting four and seven years (seven is absurd!) respectively

    Given Ruben’s history of three year deals…I just don’t see this happening…unless Ruben guarantees four and the money is about $15 million per??

    Howard…he MIGHT do a three year deal…since he will already have made a lot of money…even still…SOMEONE will offer him more…Does he turn that down to play here??

  • Posts: 0 Keystone

    psujoe, Raul has a full no trade clause in his contract.

  • Posts: 0 NJ

    Logic would say Jason Werth really has two options- he takes between a 2-3 year deal to stay in Philly and re-enter the free agent market at 33 or 34 where he can land another reasonably high priced contract or his agent works towards a 4 year deal if not longer and with options to get the maximum contract possible to see him through his money years and past them much as possible… The later seems the more likely

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    At age 33 or 34….NOBOBY is going to give Werth a long-term deal..

    This is his ONE big shot at a nice contract…to set up him and his family..four years guaranteed MINIMUM to even be “in the game”

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    With teams out there that will be more willing to pay big dollars to Werth, you have to believe that he’ll test the Free Agent market ….. and he’s not going to turn down millions of dollars to stay here

    Red Sox are my best guess

  • Posts: 0 Ed R.

    Plus Werth already has a ring, so it’s not like he has to go somewhere to try and win a World Series. He really can focus in on the cash if he wants. Though chances are the teams that can offer him the most are the usual suspects and they will be good every year. I think he will end up in Boston. Wouldn’t totally disgust me, not like it would if it was any of the NY teams.

    Speaking of…anyone hear the rumor about the Rays possibly having to move the team either to someone more central in Florida or get this…NJ or Connecticut.

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    I hate Boston, too…so I really don’t want him going there.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    I hate Boston a lot less now that Schilling and Manny aren’t on the team

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    The funny thing is…I could see Werth fitting into that Red Sox team…becoming a fan favorite really fast…meshing with guys like Youkalis and Varitek (although he’s gone after this year)..

  • Posts: 0 psujoe

    4 year deal for Werth would be perfect. However, if Keystone is right and Raul has a full no trade clause all this talk is opintless. Werth is gone.

  • Posts: 0 psujoe


  • Posts: 0 Don M

    Raul would rather take a trade to a team that would want him.. instead of being our 4th OF or something. . . the only teams that would even inquire on him would be playoff-bound teams anyway, so its not like we’d try to dump him to the Royals or Orioles

    I bet if Jayson Werth was named “Juan Werth”, Amaro would sign him to an extension in a heartbeat..

    Muy bein, mucho bueno el beisbol

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    Good article on Yankee stadium prices.. the real fans.. etc..


    I dont want to see the same price increases happen in Philly

  • Posts: 0 psujoe

    I liek Raul’s proudction and think he’s a quality player, but not sure I like the no trade clause on a 3 year deal for someone his age. He’d be much better suited to play DH by 2011.

  • Posts: 0 Nicky C

    Great signing for the fightins, loved watching chooch manage a staff ever since seeing him play in ‘A’ ball back in Lakewood, NJ…still love seeing the ‘Claws play at First Energy Park…man I cannot wait for spring to roll around

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    Great article, Don…somehow I can’t see that happening here…but with skyrocketing payroll…tickets will be something that’s a luxury…a “sometimes” kind of thing…not something to do twice a month.

  • Posts: 0 Mr. Phil

    Love the signing. You have to be strong up the middle and with Ruiz, Rollins, Utley, and Victorino that makes a formidable combination. I love this team.

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  • Posts: 0 Katrina Aunkst

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