Amaro Tabs Moyer as 5th Starter

Posted by Amanda Orr, Tue, February 09, 2010 06:27 PM | Comments: 115

General Manager Ruben Amaro Jr. told Fox 29 News that Jamie Moyer will be the fifth starter headed into spring training.

Moyer, who had two surgeries this off-season, told Amaro that he would be ready to pitch once the season starts.

“It’s his spot to lose,” Amaro also said.  If Moyer is unable to keep his job, Kyle Kendrick, Andrew Carpenter, or another minor leaguer could win the job.  Moyer, 47, is in his last year of his contract.

If your still thinking about how awesome the Phillies rotation would be with Cliff Lee, then you should know that Lee just had minor surgery on his foot.  Lee should not miss a significant amount of time, however.

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  • Posts: 0 Jeff

    GREAT, Thats atleast 15 loses. Moyer is horrible. Not even a good pitcher. Dispy’s dad can pitch better. the philies will be horrible after DOC.

  • Posts: 0 Bill

    Jeff you are so right. Jr. is so stupid for giving up on Lee. You had Lee, Doc, Hamels. Now you have Blanton who is a bum and Over the hill Moyer. That was so stupid. What a waste of space.

  • Posts: 0 Dan

    Why can’t we get a 5th starter that isn’t ancient? What is with all this fixation over really old starting pitchers?

  • Posts: 0 WFC010

    Can you morons just SHUT UP about Lee already!

    And Moyer is heading into SPRING TRAINING as the 5th starter, that doesn’t mean he’ll stay there if he does terribly.

  • Posts: 0 Trevor

    Uhg, why can’t they just let Kendrick start? Hopefully Moyer’s first couple starts will be so dauntingly horrible that he’ll get bumped off before he costs us too many games.

  • Posts: 0 MP

    Bill, how much baseball did you watch last year to call Blanton a bum? He and Happ carried the roatation until we got Lee. Blanton has more than proved consistentcy and durabilty to be a successful third.He’s way underrated and not given enough credit for his success last year.

    IMO, Moyer is a huge question mark and gamble going into the season.

  • Posts: 0 MP

    And yeah, if you’re not over Lee, please get over it. Were a week out, time to move on.

  • Posts: 0 Al in Seattle

    Dunno where the Blanton hate comes from. He was a very steady pitcher and kept the Phils in most of the games he pitched. He was unlucky at times because either the bullpen would cough up the lead after he left or the Phils offense just couldn’t put enough runs on the board. He’s a solid number three, and if given a little more run support, he could have a very good year.

  • Posts: 0 Ed R.

    Translation: I signed Moyer to an awful contract two years ago, he still has one year left so rather than admit my mistake and cut my loses. I am giving the old goat one more chance to prove to me and everyone else that he just doesn’t have it anymore. Then the young guys can battle it out for the 5th spot.

  • Posts: 0 Bill

    Blanton is so good that Uncle Cholie did not use him at all in the Yankee series. He is average at best. You cant count on him, Cole, Moyer, or Happ. We are screwed boys…

  • Posts: 0 BS

    @Bill: Uh, did you actually watch the games, or are you conveniently ignoring game 4 where Blanton started?

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    Bill.. if the Phillies suck.. who are the good teams we should watch next year?

    It’s Moyer’s job to lose, and has been all along.. if Kendrick, Contreras, or anyone else happens to WIN the job in Spring Training.. they will be the 5th starter

    Hamels will be back, Blanton is as solid a #3 starter as anyone in the NL, and Happ has been effective in every single role the Phillies have given him…..so I would expect he’ll be good as the #4 starter too

  • Posts: 0 Aaron

    I really wish they would use Moyer as the situational 5th starter, meaning they would use him if the matchup was right. Even if that means he pitches once every other week.

  • Posts: 0 Bill

    Lets face it men the NL league is terrible. Thats why the AL kicks our butts in the allstar game. Please dont call the Dodgers great. They have no pitching. The Nats, Mets, Braves, Stros, Brewers, Pirates, etc. They are all just BAD. The Phillies have a good team but lets face it, if they were in the AL east they would be in 3rd or even 4th. Lucky we are not. We are just a product of being in baddd and watered down baseball. Sorry.

  • [...] Jamie Moyer appears to be the 5th starter heading into spring [...]

  • Posts: 0 WorldFudgeChamp

    2010 Pitching Rotation:

    Doc, Hamels, Happ, Blanton and Moyer (which i am sure will change)

    Doc is doc. Hemels i think is going to have a GREAT (put my word on it) season, Happ is to us the ROY and should continue to do great next season. And Blanton for a bottom of the rotation guy is not that half bad. So already right there it is a GREAT rotation plus with a GREAT bats this is a GREAT team. I think we phillies fan need to remember that this greatness to the team would not last years like the Yankees.


  • Posts: 0 John

    To me this says just as much about RAJ’s lack of confidence in Kendrick as it does about Moyer’s status. On that same page, I feel like 12 or so wins with an ERA in the 4.50 neighborhood coming from the 5 slot and the job is done. From a personal standpoint, I would love nothing more than to see Jamie bounce back and show some consistency and with a little luck leave his playing days behind with another WFC!!!

  • Posts: 0 Bob

    Fact: We now need to get over Cliff Lee.
    Fact: The Phillies do have 4 legit Major League starters
    Fact: The Phillies do need to find a 5th starter
    Fact: Kendrick deserves the chance before Moyer
    Fact: All of the seven position players on the field have been all-stars within the past two years.
    Fact: We have improved our bench
    Fact: We did go to the World Series the past two years
    Fact: Be happy, we really do have a great team to cheer for now
    Fact: The Phillies have a license to print money, so why did we not keep Lee…..i am sorry, i also need to forget it, as stated in the 1st fact (but i can’t, sorry)

  • Posts: 0 The Dipsy

    When Jamie Moyer rolls into June at a 5.50 clip, he will be replaced in the rotation for good and released. Ruben will swallow all that money lest he take a bullpen spot away from someone who would actually be effective. As its is, Jaime should wear a ski mask when he goes to the bank to cash his check. Kendrick is gonna win that job. Blanton “not half bad as a back of the rotation starter”? Hmmmmmm. Ya think? Blanton and Happ are getting better. I have a theory about Hamels’ curve (aside from the fact that it breaks about as sharp as a feather falling to earth) I also think it is ineffective because it is too close in speed to his change. What good is that? Throw a 65mph curve.

    The Dipsy

  • Posts: 0 The Dipsy

    P.S. Was Ruben answering a question when he gave out this information or did he issue a press statement? Will Ruben manage now? Does Charlie know about this?

    The Dipsy

  • Posts: 0 The Dipsy

    FACT: There are eight position players a team fields for defensive purposes.

    The Dipsy

  • Posts: 0 Bob

    Dipsy, sorry old buddy, but there are only seven position players on the field…..the catcher is in foul territory…..

  • Posts: 0 The Dipsy

    Does a baseball field cease to exist outside the dimensions of fair territory? I’m sure Chooch would be dismayed to know that he doesn’t actually play a position.

    The Dipsy

  • Posts: 0 Chappdaddy

    I like the move, Moyer led the team in wins the last two years, the job should be his to lose. With that said I don’t think he’ll hold onto it but he should have the job going into spring training. What I really what to see and was really hoping to see it last year was for Moyer to get his 1st career save, there has never been a pitcher pitch as long as Moyer without recording a save.

    So seeing as how the Navy has me down in Georgia if anyone of yous guys up there gets a chance to speak to Cholly could you plant the idea of getting Moyer a Save.

  • Posts: 0 Red McNertney

    Moyer will surprise everyone. He will have either a screwball or knuckler. He will be able to win 15 games averaging 6.2 innings per start with a ERA of about 4.00 per game.

  • Posts: 0 Bob

    He does play a postion, no question about that,,,,but his position is in foul territory, not on the field…..the field is between the white lines. I stand by my statement from my original posting. When you run out of the dugout, you are on the field when you cross over the white line, not before.

  • Posts: 0 jrollpatrol08

    wow great to see we had the 3 stooges start off this thread:

    jeff–moyer hasnt lost 15 games since hes been here. he led the team in wins in 08 and tied happ/blanton for the lead last season. IF he even passes through spring training, and IF he does land this 5th spot on the rotation, the phils wont let him get anywhere NEAR 15 losses. moyer is not their only option for #5 starter. relax.

    bill–your comments kill brain cells. cliff lee wasnt going to work out here, so just accept it. sometimes it makes sense to trade players at the peak of their value. its a part of the business. the phillies are not the new york yankees. this is a team that still has to consider payroll, flexibility, farm systems, and how to keep this good run going past 2010. if you dont understand this concept you should try watching a different sport. and blanton pitched in game 4 of the world series, and kept the phils in the game…must be you missed that one

    Dan–i hope by ‘ancient’ you arent making a reference to pedro martinez. for the small investment, which is the attraction to ‘ancient’ pitchers, pedro definitely produced above expectations. the guy is a hall of fame pitcher and there is something to be said for having that kind of experience around the clubhouse. and yea he got rocked in game 6 but only a few phillies showed up in that entire series. sure, in retrospect the moyer signing was pretty bad, but this isnt a ‘fixation’ on old pitchers

  • Posts: 0 Jeff of Nova

    Man you guys are ridiculous!

    Moyer being the 5th guy is smart. He is experienced, and is crafty vet. Now I am not sure he will keep that spot, but he has been in the league for over 20 years he will compete.

    Now Kendrick I think could be a diamond in the rough especially if he has developed that other pitch.

    I think RAJ is just saying that it will be a competition but Moyer goes in as the incumbent unless he doesn’t perform.

    My prediction is that the rotation will look like this


    I think Moyer ends up in the pen.

    Also all those who think Blanton is a “bum” you really know little about baseball.

    Blanton would have had 16-17 wins last year if Lidge didn’t seem to blow most of his starts. Go back and look and you will see.
    You know you are getting a solid starter not a top of the rotation, but good middle of the rotation guy.

    I am so excited for pitchers and catchers to report, SICK OF THE SNOW!!

  • Posts: 0 Chappdaddy


    But isn’t the catchers box (not that any catcher stays inside it) inside of white lines that are attached to the batters box. Or are they not part of the white lines that you are talking about.

  • Posts: 0 The Dipsy

    Bob – I disagree with your definition of “baseball field”. There is a diamond. That would certainly be the field and no more. But there are outs that can be made in foul territory and runs that can score as a result. The field is every thing that is grass and dirt.

    The Dipsy

  • Posts: 0 jrollpatrol08


    hamels curve ball will come back around. if you look at the difference between 08 and 09, he really didnt throw his curve THAT much more in his better 08 season. the problem was a lack of command/confidence in the pitch…which makes sense when you look at the fact that his fastball velocity didnt reach 08 levels until it seemed like june rolled around.

    my point–i think it was an overall lack of preparation/training during the 08-09 offseason. hamels himself came out and admitted this fact. his curveball is effective; he would’nt have been able to stage such a great 08 without it…hopefully he comes into spring training with better control/confidence/command of the curve…and he will be fine. the dude is 25 years old…im not a huge fan of his prissy attitude, but im not going to downplay anything mechanically quite yet

  • Posts: 0 The Dipsy

    jroll – Cole has always had a problem with his curve. I think that last year batters just stopped thinking about it when at the plate and concentrated on either his change or his fastball, knowing that if Cole did toss a curve, that it would be so slow moving and slow breaking that they could adjust to it easily, which they do. Perhaps a slider would be better for him. Even a baby slider.

    The Dipsy

  • Posts: 0 pheeling it

    i hear 47 is the new 22. IM ROOTING FOR YOU JAIME!

    love the position argument. lol chooch would be disappointed to find out he didnt actually play a position.

    and is that guys statement true? is our success really the ever steady collapse of NL baseball? i dont mind being the yankees of the NL, weve waited and cheered long enough.

    o harry, if only you could see this.

    if sarge says CADILLAC time for his son for the mets, i swear ill blow up the booth with him n scott. i vote merrill reese figure out baseball. IF JOE BUCK CAN CALL THE WORLD SERIES, merrill reese could do phils!

  • Posts: 0 John

    Just was looking at Hamels 09 stats. Interestingly enough, during the month of July Cole pitched 37 innings and had a whip of 0.97 & .220 BAA. Pretty nice… Yet for the month his ERA was 4.38. Looks like a bit of a discrepancy and would seem to reinforce the ‘bad luck’ theory that has been discussed by others, albeit in a small sampling.

    Also, we know RAJ shopped Blanton and obviously Lee this winter, but I wonder if there was maybe some shopping of Cole going on. Not sure about all of you, but I think I like Halladay/Lee better than Halladay/Hamels.

  • Posts: 0 Greg V.

    I’d designate Moyer the 5th starter against the Marlins.

    In all seriousness, he’s earned a chance in Spring Training (and is being paid for one as well) so why not give him a go?

  • Posts: 0 The Second John

    To me, Amaro just said whoever had the best spring training will get the 5th starters job. I don’t get why that’s a bad thing. If Moyer beats out Kendrick, and Carpenter and whoever else, that means he was the best pitcher. The good thing is we have options.

  • Posts: 0 Manny

    People..don’t pay too much attention to this…

    Remember in 09? When they said that it was Kendrick’s job to lose….

    What happened? It was Chan Ho, then Happ. No Kendrick.

    Now for 10, we could have MOyer, Kendrick, Carpenter, Contreras… we’ll see. We gotta wait till spring training is over.

  • Posts: 0 pheeling it

    haha cliff lee had foot surgery. i hope it falls off!

    i mean, not really. cant b mad at the guy. i know, i know, i know we gotta get over it but i love that guy….

  • Posts: 0 Phylan

    Cole’s curve has always been a token 3rd pitch. He doesn’t need a true third pitch, his fastball has great velocity for a lefty and his changeup is devastating.

    There is absolutely no reason to try and shoehorn another pitch into his repertoire that he doesn’t need, especially a high-stress pitch like a slider.

  • Posts: 0 Phylan

    Also, the 5th starter is really not that important. It’s perfectly fine to rotate below average pitchers in and out of that spot, and I doubt Moyer will make it through the spring with his body intact anyway.

  • Posts: 0 Keystone

    He’s human. I’m over the Steve Carlton treatment for a guy who pitched 3 months for the Phils.

  • Posts: 0 Phylan

    Yeah, the issue in 2007 and also in his awful late August – end of regular season (6.13 ERA in 39.2 IP) is that his pitching depends so much on incredibly precise location that when he has problems with that everything goes to shit.

  • Posts: 0 Ed 2

    Bob, message boards arent the place for ball busting. These are sacred places only for the most advanced minds to voice their opinions so the rest of the world can be enlightened with their facts. Please, there is no room for fun, sarcasm, or even optimism in a place like this.

    The Ed 2

  • Posts: 0 Ed R.

    The fact that someone is arguing over whether the catcher position is actually a defensive position because it is in foul territory might be the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Ever. Passed balls, % of runners thrown out when trying to steal are both defensive statistics. I could go on but it’s really not worth it to dedicate an entire post to that.

    Also, the AL won the All Star game 4-3, thats hardly kicking the NL’s but.

    For the record, we are talking about the 5th starter here…name one team whose 5th starter is anything but a filler? Go ahead…take some time…I’ll check back in a little while to see the list that you all come up with…or don’t because its a ridiculous argument. It’s the 5th friggin starter. I’ll put our top 4 up against just about any teams top 4 any day of the week. There are two teams in the majors with better 1-4 options IMO…The Red Sox and the Mariners, that’s it. And if we get back to the Series, we will only have to face one of them at most.

    Calm down…if you want to piss and moan about Moyer getting a chance to start then wait until after spring training to see if he is actually given the job or not.

  • Posts: 0 The Dipsy

    For the record, no less an authority than the Official Rules of Baseball provides, explicitly and not by implication, that foul territory is part of the baseball playing field. You could look it up. Ed R. – You are right about the fifth stater. Nobody has a good one and ours will most likely be good as any. Phylan – Name me a fabulous starting pitcher (hall of fame or hall of fame caliber) that relied or relies on just two pitches. I can think of MAYBE three or four.

    The Dipsy

  • Posts: 0 George

    The problem I saw last year with Hamels’ curve wasn’t its poor break, but its inconsistency. The first one he threw in his World Series start had a nice break downward, was located perfectly, and fooled the batter badly. The next one was a hanger, but was missed. The third was a little better, but not as good as the first, and the one thrown to Petitte was truly a dog (Petitte’s mother could have hit it).

    Other than someone like Koufax, HOF pitchers do usually rely on more than two pitches. But I wonder how many of those pitchers went a few years before their third and fourth were any good. And even HOFers have off days when one or another pitch is only good enough to be “shown,” and can’t be used in the strike zone.

    I’m not worried about Moyer as fifth starter. Just so long as he’s healthy he’ll give them a good enough performance, and may even be better than many of the Moyer haters here want him to be. I am, however, worried about his health and don’t feel there are good options behind him, with the possible exception of Kendrick. I’d still like to see more depth, because there are sometimes other starters who get injured, too. I don’t like the idea of a rotation with BOTH Moyer and Kendrick, or Carpenter and Kendrick in it, and if Conteras is forced to start, the bullpen will lose an arm.

  • Posts: 0 WFC010

    If the reports about Kendrick’s other pitches are true, he has the potential to surprise a lot of people. Everyone seems to think that his earlier successes were “flukes” but I feel there may be more to his talent than some would like to believe. When Spring Training starts, we should have a better idea on what the options are going to look like.

  • Posts: 0 Brooks

    So the absolute worst things that could happen, aside from injuries of course that would be disastrous – Hamels still in a funk, Lidge not coming around, Rollins staying flat as he was for a huge part of last year –
    These are within the realm of things that have already happened – what about the totally unexpected? Howard, Werth, Utley all going flat? Ibanez playing like he did in the second half of last year?
    Anything could go wrong and likely something will not go right. Chahlie has an excellent pool of talent to work with and he will find a way to win, again. Ya gotta believe in ole slim!

  • Posts: 0 Philly Texan

    People, people. Everyone knows there are eight position players in baseball. Whoever said the catcher doesn’t count has too much time on their hands.

    As for Cole’s curve ball, it sucks. The reason he doesn’t throw it much is b/c it’s not an effective pitch and he has no confidence in it (and rightfully so). How many of his curveballs got hammered last year? A lot.

    His curve starts high and slowly and calmly drops into the strike zone right over the heart of the plate — where it gets crushed by any hitter looking changeup.

    I do think he could throw a third pitch more often, but not one that just hangs there, breaks slowly right over the heart of the plate and — have to agree with Dipsy here — is the same speed as his change.

    I’ve been hoping Cole develops a cutter that runs in on righties and away from lefties. Cole had terrible numbers last year against lefties (because his changeup isn’t as effective against them).

    I think Hamels will have a better season. But he wont be truly elite until he learns another pitch that’s better against lefties or learns to throw a better curveball.

  • Posts: 0 keng

    hey, heres another take on not keeping lee just to help everyone get past this and feel better: we have a better roster than last year – and hopefully lidge and hamels are stronger and more consistent – which, of course, will make us significantly better/stronger – then, in august, if it looks like we have a real shot at getting to the series again but feel like we need help or will need another big gun to beat a team like the yankees in the series, we add a lee type to the mix just like we did last year! – in reality, we may be better positioned this way and have more flexibility this way without lee than we would have had with lee! – who knows, in the biggest twist of all maybe at that time we give back all of seattle’s players for lee if it doesnt look like they are going to make the playoffs or be able to sign/keep him!! – fun to play manager! – will be interesting to see how all this plays out – another reason to think this may have been a consideration is that the other reasons alone cited so far are not that compelling and we know ruben is not dumb – so if u assume he’s smart – maybe even samrter than us! – what i just said may have been in the back of his mind and ultimately part of his thinking/strategy!!

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