Chan Ho Signs With the Yanks

Posted by Pat Gallen, Mon, February 22, 2010 10:05 AM | Comments: 56

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, says Chan Ho Park.  The former Phillies reliever signed a one-year, $1.2 million contract with the New York Yankees today, according to Dave Murphy of the Daily News.  There are also $300,000 worth of incentives to be had in the deal.

To me, this seems like a steal by the Yankees.  And, although Jose Contreras is wowing some people with his arm early in the spring, I think Park is still the better option presently.  Both Park and Contreras signed for similar money, so did something happen behind the scenes that led the Phillies away from Park, or vice versa?  At a full million dollars less than last season, Park would have been seen as a steal had the Phils locked him up. Now, he’s just been stolen by the former champs and the richest franchise in baseball.

I think the question here is, who would you rather have had for ’10: Chan Ho Park or Jose Contreras?

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  • Posts: 0 WFC010

    I am still pissed off that Chan Ho Park decided to put his own “celebrity” status ahead of playing for the team that wanted and needed him most, which was us. He’s still not being a starter for the Yankees either, and he is getting a lot less in guaranteed money too. And stupid crap like endorsements has to take a backseat to the game of Baseball itself. And besides, it’s not like relief pitchers get much in the way of endorsement deals unless they are absolutely elite. His games still aren’t going to get played in Korea, because he STILL isn’t going to be starting.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    haha.. you’re really pissed off ??

    Who the hell cares.. we would’ve liked to have him here, but he wanted to go somewhere, so PEACE OUT, CHAN HO

    playing in the biggest media market in the world, vs. playing in Philadelphia . . . he’ll be all over Chop-Stick and Green Tea wrappers all around NYC

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    I could care less about Chan Ho Park…The simple fact that he actually THOUGHT he could still start (last I checked, he really sucked at it)..

    and turned down a $3M deal….to pitch here…out of the bullpen….for a fanbase that really wanted him (and still does, apparently)..

    What does that tell you about the guy??

    Was he really THAT delusional that he thought he could get a better deal elsewhere??

    Thanks for the effort last year, Chan Ho.. I’ll be cheering for you to have success this season…

    But when we face you, I hope our lineup kicks your a$$ silly.

  • Posts: 0 Manny

    I second that Don… PEACE OUT, CHAN HO

  • Posts: 0 Evelyn

    never a chan ho fan. didnt he mess up during game 5 of the ws or was it game six?

  • Posts: 0 Brian Sr. of CO

    Correction to Johnny’s post. He is not going “from one hitter’s park to another.” He is moving from a Hitter park to a wiffle ball park. The New Yankees stadium (or at least RF) is just down right offensive. But I agree, peace out Chan Ho, you were a pretty consistant out of the Pen, but as a Starter, you were not worth the money. Good luck going to the AL now. Boston will feast on Park.

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