Darren Daulton’s Celeb Darts Outing a Success

Posted by Pat Gallen, Mon, February 01, 2010 10:26 AM | Comments: 13
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It was a great turnout for a great cause.  McFadden’s Ballpark was packed with Phillies fans of all ages to support Darren Daulton’s favorite charity; the Arc of Philadelphia.  Garry Maddox, Larry Christensen, and Larry Anderson all played darts with fans (including myself) and all had a blast.  “Dutch” put together a great night, and was helped by Michael Barkann of CSN, and his wife, Ellen.  Barkann was the emcee of the event.  Here are some pictures:

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    Just coming out to be honest with everybody. I usd interstellar time travel to travel to the future and put my darts on the bullseye, then went back in time to appear as if I was throwing them.

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    Great to see Dutch. His once stellar hairdo is thinning rapidly, but it is nice that he is not so self absorbed to really give a damn. Must be that interstellar time travel that thins out the locks. He will soon join me in the world of ” Baldermonious”

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    Best picture shown here is the Halladay #34!!!

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    Just curious, but what former and current Phillies showed besides Daulton, Maddox, and LA?

    I remember hearing that Mitch and Kruk were supposed to be there too, but I didn’t see them in the pictures.

  • Nice pics – I bet pro ball players are kick ass at darts.

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    Nah, none of them were all that great. Plus, when alcohol is involved, it gets worse. But i’m not one to talk, I suck too.

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    I had such a great time! I too loved how accessible and outgoing each celebrity was. They all seemed to really have a great time shooting darts and just chatting with everyone. Very laid back and informal. All were very happy to pose for pictures and sign autographs and just hang out.
    The celebrities were: Former Phillies- Darren Daulton; Larry Christiansen; Garry Maddox; Larry Andersen, Comcast Sports host Michael Barkann and QVC host Patti Reilly. Someone told me Marty Bystrum was there also but I did not see him. As for Kruk, when we were setting things up, I was told he MAY come over depending on his ESPN commitment for the night. He nor Mitch were in attendance.
    No one, except the guys I brought to help, we much good at darts! Which made it more fun! Don’t let Pat fool yas, he can toss.

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    oh, and we’re looking to do more events liek this in the future with current Phillies, Flyers, Eagles and Sixers! Anything for charity!

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    sounds like a blast..

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    I have attended many charity events both with Dutch and without. This event was a class act in that all celebs and athletes let their hair down and had fun. You actually got to talk with them as people and that is great….The celebs that did not attend had prior commitments….this was a class act on the behalf of all Philly…Ellen Barkann is a class act and a great asset to the Philly community….

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    Hey mate, thanks 4 writing but this page isn’t vewable when using IE it is showing only half the page.

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