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Posted by Nick "Beerman" Staskin, Tue, April 13, 2010 08:12 PM | Comments: 109
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After working my ninth straight home opener, a couple things caught my eye inside Citizens Bank Park on Monday afternoon during the Phillies win over the Washington Nationals. This isn’t really a column, just some random thoughts that popped into my head over the course of the afternoon.

When did it become cool to boo Cole Hamels?  On a team that had no pitching in 2008 he carried them to a World Series. He had a down year last year, but some of those numbers were inflated by a few awful starts. There are no making excuses for his postseason last year, but this year he has kept the team in the game both starts. Not amazing starts to say the least, but good enough to keep the Phillies in it while he works out the kinks. I really don’t want the voices of some dumb fans to get in the head of a kid with worlds of talent. Philadelphia has a knack for moving its stars, see the resumes of Scott Rolen, Curt Schilling, Allen Iverson, Charles Barkley and most recently Donovan McNabb. I’m really not prepared for the name Cole Hamels to join that list yet.

For everybody that complains about how hard it is to get tickets to games, why don’t people use them to actually watch the game? I spoke with countless fans who couldn’t tell me anything about why Rollins was hurt, who homered for the Nats, or who came in for the out after Hamels couldn’t finish the inning. Tons of fans seemed to just chill out in Ashburn Alley or the smoking stands or even worse wait in line for Crab Fries for over an hour without even glancing onto the field for the action. Considering how tough this ticket was to get it confused me. We aren’t talking about a mid-July Wednesday afternoon game against the Reds, this was the home opener.

After the terrible weather that normally comes with Phillies games in early April, how refreshing was Monday, as well as the rest of this week’s forecast? Perhaps Major League Baseball finally got it right, limiting home games on the East Coast.

Was it me or was the raising of the National League Championship flag a bit uneventful? Same goes with the National League Champions ring ceremony scheduled for Thursday afternoon. Maybe 2008 spoiled me, being in the stadium as they rose the flag minutes after winning the World Series, but this kind of felt like kissing your sister. The blue flag is cool, but I think that raising a red one that reads 2010 will make everything right again.

I don’t want the ladies to take this wrong and think that I don’t appreciate it. And I don’t want the men to think I’m trying to ruin it for the rest of them, but what is going on with the women at Citizens Bank Park? All of a sudden the stadium has the feel of a singles bar. Girls are wearing their skimpiest Chase Utley t-shirts that are cut down the cleavage to go along with the shortest of Phillies shorts that show the bottom of their butt cheeks. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I loved the scenery, but from watching these girls…and trust me, I’m watching, it sure seems like a lot of these girls are there to pick up guys rather than watch the game. What they choose to do with their ticket is on them, but seems like another case of people wasting the tickets that everyone is howling about not being able to get. I understand it only recently become cool to be a Phillies fan, and who am I to judge what these girls wear or how they act in the game, but I know I’m not the only person to notice this over the past year or so.

As far back as I can remember, I don’t remember any player bringing this kind of excitement to Philadelphia as Roy Halladay is doing right now. I don’t even think the Eagles acquisition of Terrell Owens had the city in such joyous uproar. You couldn’t even begin to count the amount of #34 jerseys and t-shirts Monday afternoon. What is Saturday going to be like when he takes the mound for the first time at The Bank?

Finally, after talking with numerous fans, everyone seems to have the same expectation: World Series or bust. A favorable first nine games, facing the two worst teams in the NL (depending who you ask), has definitely helped get the momentum rolling in the right direction. But where do the Phillies go without Jimmy Rollins? Upon writing of this column, the word was still “wait-and-see”, by Wednesday morning that could become a stint on the 15-day DL. Without one of the leaders on the team, it will be interesting to see how the Phillies respond as a team.

One week is in the books for the 2010 Philadelphia Phillies and I can’t remember a season starting the way this one has in a very long time.

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  • Posts: 0 lestro

    “when did it become cool to boo cole hamels?” seriously?

    easy: when he stopped playing like we know he can. we only boo those we love and only when they are not playing up to their potential.

    i am excited to see cole at 2-0 and even more excited that in both games he gave up some early runs and was able to bounce back, but come on man, you know the rules: you don’t do what we know you can do and you’ll hear about it…

  • Posts: 0 Mike Bishop

    Great article. I’ve noticed these things, too.

  • Posts: 0 wtt

    He underachieved for all of 2009.

    Since when is it cool to make excuses for a guy who has the ability to win 17 games? Remember the days when we didn’t say, “Oh, he was 2 pitches away from a good start.” Remember the days when he just went out and got it done? I love the guy, but he needs to get his shit together.

    Also, you’re whining about tons of hot blondes who are getting wasted? Come on, man. You gotta be kidding me.

  • Posts: 0 Evelyn

    i agree 100% with your points…I hate how all of a sudden everyone is a Phillies “fan”. I miss the days when i could walk up the day of a game and get tix, now you can barely get standing room tix the day of. If you’re going to start coming to the games, at least pay attention.

  • Posts: 0 wtt

    I’ll concede your point about the lack of attention being paid out in the Alley, but do you really miss the days of getting a 5 dollar ticket in a pack of hot dogs and showing up to watch a 72 win team play in front of 12,000 fans?

  • Posts: 0 Chris

    “I spoke with countless fans who couldn’t tell me anything about why Rollins was hurt”~~~ no one in my area knew why Rollins was scratched from the game either…. we were alll scratching our heads…

    “who homered for the Nats”…. beats me… I dont really pay attention to who is batting when the Nats are at bat

    “or who came in for the out after Hamels couldn’t finish the inning” … this I dont know either (and I am a die hard fan)… I had a 16 year old with me and there was no way I was letting her go anywhere by herself without an adult present….

    And Yeap… I was one of the ones wearing a Halladay tshirt….lol :-)

  • Posts: 0 BurrGundy

    I like the fact that cute women are wearing skimpy clothes and the atmosphere is like a singles bar. I just wish I were young enough to take advantage of the ambience. Maybe the Phils should have a “Bikini Day Game”.

  • Posts: 0 Tracey

    Tickets are hard to come by because of legalized scalping, AKA Stub Hub. There were thousands of empty seats at that game, particularly in the 400 level, and I don’t think they were all in Ashburn Alley. Speculators are buying up the tickets to resell at inflated prices. It’s disgusting, and it shouldn’t be legal.

  • Posts: 0 Stephanie Lynn McDonnell

    Very nice article!
    I am proud that you can take in all of these observations while being an excellent beer man.
    Also Roy Halladay and I share the same number!
    And it also bugs me when people go to the game and come out not knowing anything about it!

    P.S. Duke<33

  • Posts: 0 4daysrest.com

    If you don’t like drunk, hot chicks, don’t go tomorrow night. That game should have a real collegiate feel to it.

  • Posts: 0 ConnieMacKid

    Let’s nor forget Ritchie Allen in “64″ He was booed all season but oh what a player. I never did understand booing the home team, but to each their own. Hot blonds in tight clothes, just another day in the life. Enjoy ALL the stadium has to offer, it’s a total package and a great way to spend part of any day.

  • Posts: 0 BOB

    dont get me wrong, but if i can hit on some slam piece while waiting in line for a beer, phillies games are that much better.

  • Posts: 0 johan

    Its pretty obvious why hamels is booed. 5.2 innings with 4 er runs. Last time i checked that isnt good. He hasnt pitched a full 6 innings yet and is having trouble against against last place teams. The astros lineup is god awful and the Nationals isnt much better besides zimmerman. Jimmy rollins injury might not hurt them as much as it seems. He had a terrible year last year, hes extrimely overrated career BA of only .275 and he is said to be better than jeter????? HE BATTED .250 last year.

  • Posts: 0 George

    Hamels “has the ability to win 17 games.”

    So far, that has never happened, probably because he only had two pitches, and not because he wasn’t trying. And certainly no one complained about his win total in 2008, which was only 14.

    I’ll also add that Steve Carlton had the ability to win 17 games the year he lost 20.

  • Posts: 0 fungo

    I spent most of my life wanting the Phils to be good. Now that they are part of me wants to be back in the basement again. When did you ever pay 50 bucks a ticket to sit in the 700Level? People wearing team gear and you are lucky if they can name anyone besides Halladay, Utley, Howard or Hamels!

    Hamels is still pitching like a rookie kid with no composure when he serves up a few. I think 2008 was a fluke for him so far and he will be lucky to regain that level of success, maybe Doc can teach him a thing or two this year? He reminds me a bit of Nuke LaLoosh “Million dollar arm but a 10 cent head”. Heaps of talent, tons of potential but will he ever fully realize it?

    Girls are dressing like skanks everywhere anymore, not just at Phillies games but you are correct that it is beginning to get that singles bar vibe in the concourse… dont get me started on the tiki bar in Clearwater.

    Do I enjoy the recent success of the team? Absolutely! Did I enjoy Opening Day on Monday? Absolutely! Do I enjoy the bandwagon fans and needing to re-mortgage the house to get a decent ticket to a game? Absolutely not!

  • Posts: 0 4daysrest.com

    George, what’s your point? It doesn’t change the principal of his point.

    And if you want to get cute, Hamels technically won 19 games in 2008.

  • Posts: 0 4daysrest.com

    I’d rather pay 22 dollars to stand at a game then pay 15 to sit in the 2nd level and win 78 games. This whole, most people can’t name more than 4 of the players is a bit exaggerated and tiresome, too.

    Some of you guys are a bit too righteous. Hell, I used to watch every game I could physically get to the stadium or in front of a tv for…and I’m talking about during the days of Wayne Gomes, Toby Borland, and Wendell Magee. Still, that doesn’t give you or I more of a right to this team than anyone else.

  • Posts: 0 johan

    Most philly fans dont know many players around the league and the organizatio. Cole hamels won 14 games in the 08 season, and 4 in the post season. He didnt win 18, if you go by that than Andy pettite has 247 wins which “technically” he does but thats not the way the stat goes. They are two different categories. The phillies are full of bandwagon fans, i see it everyday

  • Posts: 0 shag beta sigma delta

    I will add one thing that really bugged me at Mondays game, some guy saying he hopes Pudge goes yard, cause the phillies were up four and no one was on, He was wearing a Phillies shirt and I said “What?!” His response “He is on my fantasy team” Now that is a joke. Come on is it really that important, and if it is, sit him the weeks he plays the Phillies. I know there is a PhilliesNation fantasy league, but really hoping some guy goes yard against your team because he is on you fantasy team.
    And As far as Cole goes, he did blow up like he did last year, and he is working on some things and he knows his team will score some runs. He did not lose it after giving up the HR, and after letting two guys on he K’ed the next 3 batters, except on was called a ball and the ump was not paying attention to the swing. Yes he should have been able to get the pitcher out, but he didn’t one bad inning. If that happened last year he would not have made it out of the 4th inning. So give him a few more starts before we proclaim him a waste for this year please.
    I was at the game and drove 6.5 hours home after, and it does bug me people buy up these tickets and do not pay attention to the game.

  • Posts: 0 Aaron

    IMO these “bandwagon” fans are made up of 85% girls.

  • Posts: 0 4daysrest.com

    Any team that is good has bandwagon fans, no?

    Why is that people think that only certain fans are entitled to enjoy the success of a team. That’s like saying you should have to pass a ten question quiz in order to gain entrance into the stadium.

    The people who are diehards derive great pleasure from watching their team succeed. I’m sure there are some fans that will roll once this run is over, but many will stick around. I get what you are saying…the people who are like ” OMG HOLIDAY” and can’t even say I guys name right are obnoxious and annoying, but some of you guys are nuts with this stuff.

  • Posts: 0 4daysrest.com

    The fantasy team thing is annoying beyond belief. That’s a complete and total violation of fandom, but you still can’t tell people what to do at the stadium. I’m there to watch the game, but you’re not going to have 44,000 people talking sabermetrics and scoring the game, man. It’s not happening.

    Hamels has been okay- you can’t draw any definitive conclusions about him or anyone else after two starts, but the claim isn’t that he sucks. The claim is that it’s frustrating to hear all of this post-game rhetoric about “almosts”… this is a guy that should just be doing it, not getting “close” to doing it.

    As far as ticket prices, like a previous commenter suggested, it’s about these companies that buy up the tickets. That’s where the problem is.

  • Posts: 0 Jeff of Nova

    I remember the day when not as many idiots posted on this blog

    “when did it become cool to boo cole hamels?” seriously?

    “Hamels “has the ability to win 17 games.”

    So far, that has never happened, probably because he only had two pitches, and not because he wasn’t trying. And certainly no one complained about his win total in 2008, which was only 14.

    I’ll also add that Steve Carlton had the ability to win 17 games the year he lost 20″

    what kind of crap are these posts?
    None Phillie fans if you ask me

  • Posts: 0 Manny

    Beerman, all great points.

    The answer to most of these issues you’ve raised, my friend, is Bandwagon Fans. I thought they would jump all over the Phillies in 09 right after the World Series, and they did… but it wasn’t that bad. Now in 2010, you are REALLY seeing them in full force. Perhaps the fact of 2 straight World Series was enough to convince them… they are now gasping for tickets and they suddenly LOVE THE PHILLIES OMG THEY CAN’T LOSE ONE SINGLE GAME THEY’RE THE BEST!!!

    And that’s why some boo Hamels, they only remember the 09 playoffs were he sucked, and perhaps didn’t even watch 2 or 3 of the 2008 World Series games… maybe just Game 5 part 2.

    Seriously, then they go to the game and don’t watch it! WTF. Cheer for Herndon god damn it and stop asking “WHEN WILL CHASE BAT NEXT” every 10 minutes…

    They are really getting on my nerves. I thought I didn’t care about people jumping in the bandwagon, but it does bug me to a certain extent. ESPECIALLY this season.

  • Posts: 0 Debbie

    “IMO these “bandwagon” fans are made up of 85% girls.”

    Nothing annoys me more than this statement, mainly because it’s probably true. I hate that, because I’m female, it is assumed that I must be a bandwagon fan who knows nothing about the team. Just to make it clear, there are women who care about the Phillies and HAVE cared about the Phillies.
    Now where did I put my Utley halter top… KIDDING!

  • Posts: 0 riccaboni

    Bandwagon fans = more merchandise sold, better TV ratings, more tickets sold = the ability to lock in our key players and add a top level free agent now and then.

    I’ll take that trade off any day of the week.

  • Posts: 0 Pat Gallen

    Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy looking at females, but going to a Phillies game is fairly ridiculous. Do I look, of course. But still, its more like a frat party. It’s become the cool thing to do – and thats something I do not enjoy.

    I love that the Phillies have become so popular in the past few season because it certainly beats watching those crap teams of the 90s, however, no one can go to games anymore and enjoy the sport.

    No one pays attention to the games, everyone goes to get drunk and be obnoxious. I took a video of a guy in front of me who just yelled things like “eat a wiener” and drank beer after beer. Way cool. Females thinks its cool to wear skimpy clothes. If I wanted to get blasted and look at half naked chicks I’d go to a strip joint. Baseball seems more sacred to me, maybe I’m old school, maybe I’m a grump.

    Debbie I know lots of women who actually care about the game on the field. Hell, my mom does know much but when she comes shes attentive. However, the younger crowd doesnt give a crap about the game and thats a shame. It’s an awesome game, I wish everyone were worried about that rather than getting a cheesesteak in the Alley.

  • Posts: 0 Morris Buttermaker

    If you couldn’t complain, you would have nothing to say.

    Every game is sold out, and people are spending too much money at the baseball games. Long lines at all the concessions. Ok, let’s trade Halladay for Omar Daal and Terry Adams, Utley for Marlon Anderson, Howard for Travis Lee. We can get Glanville back in the outfield. Tickets will be cheap, no lines at the concessions. Let’s strive to be the Nationals.

    If you want good tickets, get a partial season ticket plan. I have a 17 game plan that I share with 2 other people. I sit in the 2nd row of the 200 level. I get to go to about 10 games a year, and get playoffs tickets. All for face value. And occasionally I sell off tickets we can’t go to, and make a pretty penny.

    Nobody in the stadium knew what happened to Rollins. He was introduced, came out to a huge ovation, and then all of a sudden he was not on the field once the game started. There was no announcement about it.

    People boo Hamels because it appears he is not trying his hardest. He has a meltdown if a call goes against him, such as he did yesterday- giving up a 2 run double to a pitcher after not getting a call. He shows up the other players when they make an error. He is constantly advertising something. If you have a child who always gets A’s & B’s, then he starts getting C’s, you get upset with him. If you have a child who always gets D’s, and he starts getting C’s, you are proud of him. With great power, comes great responsibility.

  • Posts: 0 SherryW

    I was there, watching and I didn’t hear this booing. Unless it was boos directed at that spitballer Marquis.

    The hot ticket games are full of the party hardy crowds. Same with Dollah Dogs. It has nothing to do with baseball and all to do with status. “Yo, I have a ticket for the Big Game and I overpaid LOADS on stubhub for it. I’m gonna start to tailgate the night before! Woooo!”

    People who really think %85 of bandwagonners are ‘girls’ are %100 douchecanoes.

  • Posts: 0 Brian Sr. of CO

    Hey look, yet another free pass for Cole Hamels. Look he was wicked in 2008. But after a mediocre 2009, and mediocre start to 2010. My question is “When did it become cool for a teams former Ace (prior to Lee and now Halladay) not be able to make it out of the 5th inning of a game?” Sure its only the second game, and he has PLENTY of time to turn it around, but Morris hit the nail on the head. “He has a meltdown if a call goes against him”! Same reason some people stopped calling him King Cole, and call him “Princess” or “Dorothy Hamels” I find it funny that you can talk about how “uneventful” raising the “blue” 2009 flag was and you were spoiled by 2008, yet you still question why Phillies fans boo a player that was flat out wicked when the won the WS (he is a major part of that), and turned to be a primadonna (however it is spelled), and mediocre, and one of the reasons the Phillies did not win the WS in 2009. He needs to stay calm. He gives up a double, or a Homer, and watch out. He lets his emotions go wild. Also, when did it become offensive for PHILADELPHIA fans to boo? Are you freakin kidding me? WTF! We cheer them when they do well, we boo them when they don’t. Are we getting soft? I was also at the game, flew into Philly specifically for the game, and I heard the boos from food line. Oh my god, I must be a bad fan because I left my seat to get food. Uh what was with that comment also. HELLO! As for fans not knowing why Rollins was hurt. Did you miss the fact that Rollins was hurt BEFORE the game? Some of us were TAILGATING (thats when you get there before the game and drink and eat prior to entering, and it is what makes Philadelphia sports awesome!) and entered the park after he had already hurt himself. How is a fan at the game who gets in 30 minutes before the game supposed to see something that happened in the past? I completely disagree that most of these points have to do with bandwagon fans. Things like the skimpy clothes (I agree it was nice to see, but good lord). To me, I find anyone who found the “blue” flag uneventful because it wasnt a World Series a newer fan than some of us. Have you by chance forgotten almost every other season for the Phillies. I cant even count the number of opening days the Phillies couldnt sell out because how TERRIBLE they WERE. Maybe its just me, but I cherish the White of 2007, the Red of 2008 AND the red of 2009. Sure the WS was AWESOME and I would trade that 1 flag for 3 blue ones, but the point stays the same, I have stayed PHaithful with my (our) team through the years, awesome or horrible. I will boo them when they do poorly, and CHEER LOUDLY when they do well. I am a Philadelphia fan through and through. Darn it, what happened to the fans that booed Santa Clause? LOL. Now are there an extraordinary number of bandwagon fans? HELL YES, mildly annoying, however Riccaboni said it, increased income for the team means the ability to keep or pick up key talent for an already great team. FYI, I disagree that the Nats are one of the two worst teams. It seems to me the Mets have overtaken them for that crown. Obvoiously the Astros are one of the two, if not THE worst (too bad we didn’t face Brett “I want to stick it to the Phillies” Myers). Feliz left with class, Myers missed that memo. But only 1 week of the season completed, the Mets got ROMPED by the Nats, and today by the Rockies (11-3). Not to mention, in the 2nd half of 2009, I think (not 100% sure) but the Nats had a better record than the Mets. Does that mean the Nats are a “good” team…NO, but I think they are an improved team, and may seriously not be in the cellar this season. I agree with Pat Gallen that I am old school with certain aspects of the game, and get annoyed with some of the bandwagon fans and the idiocy, but honestly I didnt really have to deal with alot of the bandwagon fans, because of where I sat. Most of my section was having a grand old time talking and comparing older teams (1980, 1983, 1993, 2008, 2009) to the current team. I think the fact that we were able to have that sort of conversation took my mind off of some of the bandwagon fans I saw before the game. I also dont think that the “hot ticket games” have ” nothing” to do with baseball. Of course there will always be badnwagons and morons who are more interested in “hanging out” or “Partying” then watching the game, but I think most of us on this site still go those games, and still watch the game!

  • Posts: 0 Brian Sr. of CO

    BIG CHANGE. I meant to say I would NOT change that 1 WS flag for 3 NL flags!

  • Posts: 0 Philly Texan

    I live in Texas, so I don’t get to CBP often — although I’m going this Sunday — and I can’t comment much about girls in slinky outfits and people who don’t watch the game.

    But I will say this: We’re all die hards. We all lived through a lot lean seasons the past 25 years. I was 3 years old when they won in 1980 and 6 when they went to the series in 1983. I was too young to remember it. Instead, I remember watching Von Hayes and Juan Samuel. Besides 1993 and part of 1994, it was pretty ugly for a long time.

    For those of us who remember when Robert Person was the staff ace (not Halladay), when Travis Lee was manning first base (not Howard), when Jose Mesa was closing, when Nelson Figueroa pitched for the Phils the first time around….for all those people, these are memorable days. I can’t ever remember feeling so good, so confident, so satisfied going into a baseball season. I look forward all day at work to the Phils game that night. And if — in exchange for all these great feelings, great wins, great memories we’ve had the last few years (and hopefully will have this year — we have to put up with a few bandwagon fans who don’t know what they’re talking about, well, so be it.

    I’ll take the bandwagoners if it means the Phils have this kind of team. These are the glory days, my friends, and I suggest we try our best to enjoy it.

  • Posts: 0 Brian Sr. of CO

    WELL SAID Philly Texan, and let me say not as long winded as I was. Sorry for that. Lack of sleep, and I lose all speech barriers and become a motor mouth.

  • Posts: 0 Dan S

    Thank you.

  • Posts: 0 jim d

    the most annoying bandwagon jumpers are the disgruntled eagles slobs whom four years ago wouldn’t hesitate to tell you how great the eagles where and how bad the Phillie’s sucked yet the true fan could see a team headed in the right direction

  • Posts: 0 Dot O

    I was at the game – my first time at the “new” (already four years old) ballpark. My kids high school marching band lead the team to the door of the park (wished they would have actually let the kids play on the field too).

    It was a beautiful day and I did watch the game – that is until they told us to load up the buses. I was bummed. I noticed some of the attire of the young women also. Oh well, to each her own! Some people are there just for the crab fries, I am sure – I tasted one and it was pretty darn tasty!

    I did watch the game too. I hope I am fortunate enough to get to see another game soon.

  • Posts: 0 billz

    Personally, I don’t think a lot of the boos we hear are directed at Hamels or particular players. Sometimes, it’s just the fans expressing their discontent with the play that just occured. We’re booing the other team…Boo….we don’t like your stinkin’ home run….Boo…you scored again on us…but you still suck…Either way, these are paid professionals, playing a game. They should be able to handle it.

  • Posts: 0 Morris Buttermaker

    When I was in college, people went to Phillies games and never paid attention to the games also. It was because we were watching players like Rob Ducey, Ron Gant, Wayne Gomes, Desi Relaford and Jeff Brantley. The Vet was the place to go if you and some friends wanted to drink a bottle of vodka with nobody around you.

  • Posts: 0 LH

    Yo, Nick the Beerman. I’ll tell Laura that you’re writing on this site. You had a good, down-to-earth take on the game from the floor of the stadium.

    About Cole that I previously wrote on another site: I sat in left field in section 106 and I heard the groans about Hamels. Folks are on Hamels because he never a World Series. Seriously, some folks look for imperfections in our athletics that sometimes border on fantasy. Here’s a good looking California kid that doesn’t fit the media’s Philadelphia blue collar mentality. But we’ll forgive that aspect if he pitches perfect every time.

    Nobody knew what had happen to Jimmy Rollins unless you had a radio. One moment he was there and the next moment Castro is picking up a grounder in the first. I called my daughter in Denver, who was watching the game, to get a text update. I hope he heals soon but it sounds serious, and we may not see him again for 3-4 weeks. It’ll be tough for him have batting practice against live pitching when he comes back. Heal fast Jimmy!

    I could see at the opener that the Phillies games have become a party for the young folks. I think it’s natural for girls from across the country, and in the city, who want to meet guys at Citizen Park that are knowledgeable Phillies fans. I’ll tell my son to skip the college parties and head to the games more often.

    Yes, the weather was exceptional on Monday for an Opener. It was a little cool in the shadows so that was why more people were probably walking in the sun. I thought the ceremonies were pretty good and I hope that we’re all not that spoiled because it’s great to be living and breathing in the golden era of Phillies baseball.

  • Posts: 0 SteveW

    Maybe its time people stop expecting Hamels to be what they think he should be and enjoy what he is. A very young pitcher who flashes greatness but hasn’t developed the consistency yet. Unfortunately, the Phillies have fallen into the same trap and have pressed him into being a No. 2 starter, which he isn’t yet.

  • Posts: 0 Adam

    I will say though – i had no clue what the deal was with Rollins. I was by the left field foul pole and i looked at my friend and just said “that sure doesn’t look like jimmy…”

  • Posts: 0 bfo_33

    A small part of me misses tailgating in an empty vet parking lot, going in to watch Glen Wilson or Steve Jeltz with 12,000 “real” fans, but it is a very small part. Success breeds new fans, which gives money to the org to continue to put out a solid product. If their favorite part of the game is the Phanatic, that’s fine with me.
    I’m middle aged, a bit old fashioned, so the attire of young women everywhere still surprises me (and why didn’t they dress like that when I was single?). But it is a minor diversion at best – I’m there to watch the game, get up only to avoid wetting my pants (and depending on the situation, maybe not even then).
    On a whole, I’d rather be at the stadium, even to watch a bad team, but prefer watching a competitive one, even if surrounded by pink Phillies hats.

  • Posts: 0 Ben

    team wins games and goes to multiple world series, hot chicks jump on the bandwagon, people complain….what?

    everyone knows that phils games will have drunk people, will have people not into the game, will have d-bags. now that we are winning and its tougher to get a ticket, those people generally have a little more money and there are generally more casual fans. enjoy it, b/c when its just the hard cores and families going to the games, we will be below .500 again.

  • Posts: 0 Phylan

    I’m noticing a rather hilarious correlation between the people griping about bandwagon fans and the people who think 2008 was Cole’s only good year.

  • Posts: 0 Pat Gallen

    All I’m saying is, these people who go to the games just for the purpose of getting F’ed up are missing the point. Every game I go to, it seems, I get stuck in a row with some moron (or multiples like last game) who is yelling obscenities and asking for beer after beer. Baseball is supposed to be a relaxing sport and you cant really relax at games like you used to. It’s high energy and I applaud the fans for their love of the team, but don’t go because its the chic thing, go because you love baseball.

    There was a crew of about 5 girls and 3 guys tailgating in front of us before we went into the game and they were hammered, the girls were wearing skimpy outfits (sorry to say, maybe only one of them should have been wearing it) and were shotgunning beers. Really? On a Monday on opening day? More power to you I guess.

  • Posts: 0 Phylan

    2007?!?!?! Didn’t the Flyers make the playoffs that year?? *falls off bar stool*

  • Posts: 0 Phylan

    That was a rather unfortunate coincidence of timing, but just to be clear that was not directed at you Pat.

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    Ok….where to start…

    First….as one of the regulars on here….I want to say it’s kind of cool to read some of the comments by people I don’t recognize. Welcome and your thoughts are well taken.

    Nick….great post….

    1)Booing Hamels. I understand all sides of this. We all want Cole to do well. And when he doesn’t, it’s frustrating. I’m not sure it’s “cool”…..it’s just a reaction……like so many other players that have been or are booed. I agree, though. It would probably be better to GET BEHIND this kid and root for him….because his success will go a long way towards the overall success of the team. And, for the record….and I’ve said this before…..this year Hamels wins 15+ games and has an ERA of below 4.

    2)Yeah, if you’re at the game….watch it. I understand goiing to get a beer or something to eat. But, seriously…..to not know what’s going on for most of the game is pretty frustrating for us fans that are there to actually see the game….because we DID pay good money to get the tickets in the first place.

    3) Weather….nothing else needs said! Although, I’m going down Friday night and rain is in the forecast….Yikes!!

    4)Flag and Ring Ceremony. I actually commented on this the other day. To me, it’s all just sort of anti-climactic. Yes, I’m happy. Yes, I remember ALL those sh!tty teams from yesteryear. But, after last season with the red flag and the WS rings….this just sort of seems like “So What”. Maybe the players will feels the same way and use it as motivation to bring us another WFC!

    5) Women’s choice of clothing. I’m not even going to touch that one. Whatever…..

    6)Roy Halladay. Uh, yeah. The guy is a stud extraordinaire. Does it compare to when T.O. first arrived? Not sure. But he’s certainly causing quite a stir.

    7) Yes. The Phillies mantra should be “World Series or bust” But if they don’t make it, I sure hope we don’t hear all kinds of negativity about how “this player sucks” or “Fire Ruben” or “Charlie is a horrible manager.” Let’s just all enjoy this time as a Phillies fan. We really don’t know how long it will all last. Oh, and Rollins will STILL be a leader, even though he’s on the DL. His presence in the dugout and clubhouse will be tremendous.

  • Posts: 0 bfo_33

    From a previous run, a few people commented that while it isn’t church, it shouldn’t be an Eagles game either. Public intoxication should be limited to golf courses.
    Some of those fans will clear out by June, head to the auditions for the “Jersey Shore”, but we’re stuck with a lot of the others.
    I just hope it doesn’t get to the point where the Phils or the city feel a need to clamp down on the 95% of the fans who do it right to control the 5% idiots.

  • Posts: 0 AMS

    On Fans attentiveness to the game: There is more than one element to why going to the game is entertaining. Some of the fun is being out in the sun, hanging out with friends, the other people in the stands, and the food and drink. I love baseball and the Phillies but sometimes my attention wonders from the field.

    On Booing Cole: Um we just spent the last six months discussing the fact that he came to spring training unprepared, is prone to emotional tantrums on the mound, and gave up on 2009. He had a mediocre finish to spring training, and a mediocre start in Washington. You’re surprised he got booed in philadelphia (and he did in fact get boed) after giving up a two run double to the pitcher? I do think Hamels has taken the torch from McNabb as the athlete in Philly’s crosshairs.

    On the 2009 flag: I found it anticlamatic myself. It was essentially the same ceremony I saw in 2009 and that was for a championship banner. How are you supposed to get amped for a pennant coming off a WFC? It’s like sleeping with a seven right after nailing a 10.

    On the girls at the park: Every man has noticed the female factor has, um, improved drastically over the last few seasons. Are you seriously questioning it? It isn’t like they’ve added strippers as cheerleaders. Its eye candy for the concourse. Or McFadden’s if you’re so inclined. I’ve always been envious of the tail at Camden Yards or Yankee Stadium cause i don’t get there often enough to see it. Now its in our backyard. Nothing sexier than a hot girl in a phillies shirt.

    On Roy Halladay: worth everything we gave and more. the guy is a complete master on the mound. he’s exactly what you want at the top of the rotation. I got news for you Johan, he’s better than you. It’s like he’s almost to good for Philly. we’re better represented by the brett myers of the world. not for nothing though i’m REALLY glad Roy’s our guy.

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