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Posted by Nick "Beerman" Staskin, Tue, April 13, 2010 08:12 PM | Comments: 109
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After working my ninth straight home opener, a couple things caught my eye inside Citizens Bank Park on Monday afternoon during the Phillies win over the Washington Nationals. This isn’t really a column, just some random thoughts that popped into my head over the course of the afternoon.

When did it become cool to boo Cole Hamels?  On a team that had no pitching in 2008 he carried them to a World Series. He had a down year last year, but some of those numbers were inflated by a few awful starts. There are no making excuses for his postseason last year, but this year he has kept the team in the game both starts. Not amazing starts to say the least, but good enough to keep the Phillies in it while he works out the kinks. I really don’t want the voices of some dumb fans to get in the head of a kid with worlds of talent. Philadelphia has a knack for moving its stars, see the resumes of Scott Rolen, Curt Schilling, Allen Iverson, Charles Barkley and most recently Donovan McNabb. I’m really not prepared for the name Cole Hamels to join that list yet.

For everybody that complains about how hard it is to get tickets to games, why don’t people use them to actually watch the game? I spoke with countless fans who couldn’t tell me anything about why Rollins was hurt, who homered for the Nats, or who came in for the out after Hamels couldn’t finish the inning. Tons of fans seemed to just chill out in Ashburn Alley or the smoking stands or even worse wait in line for Crab Fries for over an hour without even glancing onto the field for the action. Considering how tough this ticket was to get it confused me. We aren’t talking about a mid-July Wednesday afternoon game against the Reds, this was the home opener.

After the terrible weather that normally comes with Phillies games in early April, how refreshing was Monday, as well as the rest of this week’s forecast? Perhaps Major League Baseball finally got it right, limiting home games on the East Coast.

Was it me or was the raising of the National League Championship flag a bit uneventful? Same goes with the National League Champions ring ceremony scheduled for Thursday afternoon. Maybe 2008 spoiled me, being in the stadium as they rose the flag minutes after winning the World Series, but this kind of felt like kissing your sister. The blue flag is cool, but I think that raising a red one that reads 2010 will make everything right again.

I don’t want the ladies to take this wrong and think that I don’t appreciate it. And I don’t want the men to think I’m trying to ruin it for the rest of them, but what is going on with the women at Citizens Bank Park? All of a sudden the stadium has the feel of a singles bar. Girls are wearing their skimpiest Chase Utley t-shirts that are cut down the cleavage to go along with the shortest of Phillies shorts that show the bottom of their butt cheeks. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I loved the scenery, but from watching these girls…and trust me, I’m watching, it sure seems like a lot of these girls are there to pick up guys rather than watch the game. What they choose to do with their ticket is on them, but seems like another case of people wasting the tickets that everyone is howling about not being able to get. I understand it only recently become cool to be a Phillies fan, and who am I to judge what these girls wear or how they act in the game, but I know I’m not the only person to notice this over the past year or so.

As far back as I can remember, I don’t remember any player bringing this kind of excitement to Philadelphia as Roy Halladay is doing right now. I don’t even think the Eagles acquisition of Terrell Owens had the city in such joyous uproar. You couldn’t even begin to count the amount of #34 jerseys and t-shirts Monday afternoon. What is Saturday going to be like when he takes the mound for the first time at The Bank?

Finally, after talking with numerous fans, everyone seems to have the same expectation: World Series or bust. A favorable first nine games, facing the two worst teams in the NL (depending who you ask), has definitely helped get the momentum rolling in the right direction. But where do the Phillies go without Jimmy Rollins? Upon writing of this column, the word was still “wait-and-see”, by Wednesday morning that could become a stint on the 15-day DL. Without one of the leaders on the team, it will be interesting to see how the Phillies respond as a team.

One week is in the books for the 2010 Philadelphia Phillies and I can’t remember a season starting the way this one has in a very long time.

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  • Posts: 0 Ben

    also, i am not saying that i don’t wish everyone was into the game and super attentive. i’m a die hard, and my day is happier or sadder depending on how the phils do that day.

    but getting angry over actions of others that is totally expected given the scenarios, will only make the fan base more divisive and make you not enjoy the game. obviously if someone harms you or potentially will harm you or others (or themselves) then react accordingly, but otherwise enjoy the rise of the phillies fandom.

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    Actually, THIS year he came to spring training MORE prepared than last year. I have no doubt that Cole is focused and will be just fine. Will every start be a win? No. But, then every one of Roy’s starts won’t yield a win either.

    I’m just saying we need to give this kid a chance…..and, remember…..
    he’s still just a kid.

    It’s been well documented that last year he was coming off a year in 2008 where he threw a lot of innings and abused the off-season with the post WS banquet circuit. He approach heading into this season is completely different.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    this is the most 100% DEAD ON article I’ve read on here in forever!!!! Great Job . . .

    The difference between Rolen, Schilling, Lindros, Barkley, Iverson, McNabb and COLE HAMELS .. IS THAT COLE HAMELS ACTUALLY WON A CHAMPIONSHIP!!

    I’ve said that to so many people about the being spoiled by success and the new fans. etc.. that it was always great to look in the paper, see what the pitching matchup was, and then decide to go down to a game that night.. or see that the weather was going to be great, and then decide to head down.

    Back in 2007.. final homestand of the season, I think we were playing the Braves with like 5 games left in the season, battling the Mets for the NL EAST . . . . they gave out rally towels that night, and there was like 37,000 fans there that night . and I remember being so pissed that our “fans” weren’t there to help with the homefield advantage

    fast forward a few years, and you can’t buy a ticket to a meaningful game for anything less than $50 . . . It amazes me the amount of people that pay good money for tickets, they stay in the parking lot until the 3rd inning.. go to Ashburn Alley in the 5th (which last through the 6th standing in line) .. and then leave the game to go back to the parking lot by the 8th inning to go drink more

    …like you said, fans can do what they want with their tickets, but it seems like Citizens Bank Park is just “the place to be” . . ..

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    Fine in 2010 he was supposedly more prepared but his crap from last year gave him a very short leash. We all know the mortal sin in Philly is for a player to come across as anything less than 100% effort and/or to make the same error ad nauseum. Philly also does not give unyielding support for past heroics if said sin is commited. I agree its not fair to write Cole off as a fluke or a bust but its inevitable he’s going to get ridden for basically short changing the fan base last season and openly admiting his frustration and discontent.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    Dear Phellow Phillies Phans,

    Can we please stop saying that Cole Hamels was “unprepared” for the baseball season in 2009?

    If you truly are a baseball/Phillies fan… than you surely understand how a HUGE increase in Innings Pitched in 2008 (40% more workload than his previous career high). . . combined with the LONG postseason … and the shorter postseason, due not only to that extra month of baseball . . . but also because teams reported early with the 2009 World Baseball Classic… Gave him next to nothing left in the tank (aka his pitching arm)

    The decreased velocity and lack of pitch control in 2009 was surely a sign that he had arm fatigue.. not that he was “unprepared.”

    The What-have-you-done-for-me-Lately nonsense needs to stop, because this actually HAS done something for us lately… he carried our team, and our city to the first Championship we’ve seen in decades.

    Stop BOOING a Champion, you front-runnin bastards!

    Love Always,

    Don M

  • Posts: 0 bfo_33

    Chuck – blasphemy. Roy WILL win every game……. at least until he loses one. I’m sticking with 31-0 until he proves otherwise.
    Still haven’t heard if Jimmy is hitting the DL. Anybody see/hear anything definitive?

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    Don, excellent point about Cole actually WINNING A CHAMPIONSHIP . As much as he has all of my support….I neglected to even think of that in my comments. But people forget and it’s always sort of like “What have you done for me lately?”

    15+ wins and last year is forgotten. Mark my words.


    Bandwagon phans are a very important part of helping pay for our 140+ mill. $ payroll and to keep some of the stars around for a while longer. Don’t worry, the days of getting an easier and cheaper ticket will be here sooner than you think. Camelot and Utopia in MLB don’t last forever. ie 1984-1992, ouch.

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    Exactly, how many innings did the dude throw in 2008? You guys think you can rebound from that if you were a major league pitcher??

  • Posts: 0 Phylan

    The Cole negativity is going to look pretty hilarious in a few months, so I guess I’m looking forward to it.

    What “decreased velocity” in 2009? His fastball averaged 90 mph, just like it has basically every other year in his career.

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    Something tells me that we won’t even have to repeat 1984-1992 in order to get a cheaper ticket. One second place season will guarantee that. A lot of fans will be oouuuttaaa heeeere….(sorry , I couldn’t resist)

  • Posts: 0 I'll boo whoever I want

    I pay for my ticket! That’s give me the right, no, the obligation to boo any player I feel like. If I want to drink beer at a baseball game, that is my choice. If you want to keep score, that is your choice. People are different, get over it. The drunk guy buying beer after beer at the stadium spends $40-$50 each game. The guy keeping score might spend $5. The drunks are helping to sign good players more than the scorekeepers.

    Also, whatever happened to fat guys with no shirts on at baseball games? All the skimpy clothes are now being worn by hot young chicks in their 20s. This is horrible. I want to see 45 year old, 300 pound men with hairy chests with their shirts off at the game. What happened to all of them.

  • Posts: 0 Phan in Atl

    I always crack up when when “die hard” fans start slamming “bandwagoners”. I was raised my my Philly born mom who shoved Philly sports teams down my throat from birth. Anyone thinks it’s been easy being a phan growing up in Atlanta? The late 70′s and early 80′s was great, but once the Braves started their run in ’91 I took alot of crap. During that time the Braves’ fanbase exploded. Packed stadium, everyone with an Atl hat and jersey. Well, the last couple years have been mediocre for Atlanta, but guess what… all those bandwagoners are still Braves fans. Who cares why some people became fans, just be happy that more and more people have embraced our Phillies. This run isn’t gonna end anytime soon.
    Hell, be glad you get to overpay for tix at CBP. I go to Turner Field 6 times a years to see the Phils and have to endure the damn Tomahawk Chop everytime the Braves get risp.

  • Posts: 0 The Original Chuck P

    I’m a regular on here and I’m normally very positive but I’m not feeling this post at all… there are points that I agree with and points that I disagree with but I think that in the end, it really comes down to a matter of opinion.

    Do I think booing Hamels is cool? No… sometimes, boos might be warranted but not on opening day and not after a semi-productive outing. His performance wasn’t great but the last time I checked, a win was a win. Opening day should be a day to appreciate what each player has done… Hamels has done a lot for this team.

    Halladay buzz… well deserved. The guy is the greatest pitcher in the game today and he’s playing for the most potent lineup in all of baseball. In the NL and on this team, he has a chance to do something really special. 25 wins is not out of the question… more than that is possible. There should be a buzz… I’ll be there on Saturday :-)

    This is the part where I think the post went wrong…

    Being upset about how other people choose to spend their time and the cost of tickets is stupid… you should be happy that it’s a young crowd and that tickets are hard to come by; it means that this team has made it. There are gripes that can be had about fairweather fans but asking the ladies to dress more conservatively just seems unamerican. Look, I think it would be kind of weird to expect a single lady to come to a game for any other reason than to meet a guy… a nice handsome Phillies fan. What she chooses to wear and how she chooses to present herself is her business… I would be lying if I said that I didn’t look forward to seeing the lovely ladies at the Phillies game.

    Older people have a different appreciation for the value of money than young folks… home opener tickets were the hottest ticket around and many of my older friends were appalled that tickets were selling for upwards of $150. Younger folks want the hottest ticket no matter how much it costs.

    The home opener should be a celebration. If I had scored tickets, I would have been down there early tailgating and enjoying myself… some people get out of hand and this comes up all the time but complaining about it on opening day… really? Let’s extend a mulligan and worry about attitude and behavior in July when the season takes form.

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    The difference with Atlanta is just that…..It’s Atlanta.

    Philadelphia is really more of a football town….and probably always will be. The Eagles are disfunctional right now but still fill Lincoln Financial every game. Hell, on opening day, sports talk was dominated by McNabb talk.

    IF/WHEN the Phillies suck again…..those “fair-weather” fans will be gone……not to reappear until the next great run.

  • Posts: 0 Bobby D

    It is fairly frustrating when I can’t buy 2 tickets for myself and my girlfriend to see a game on a Saturday. Especially when it seems like half of the frat guys and sorority broads on my facebook page have already begun tailgating for the game. I miss throwing some food and a few beers in the car and buying walk ups on a whim. Oh well, guess I’ll just watch them in TV.

  • Posts: 0 FillyP

    “Success breeds new fans, which gives money to the org to continue to put out a solid product.”

    Ding ding ding. I also agree with the replies from 4daysrest. Without all of these dumb, “bandwagon” fans the organization makes no money and the product on the field suffers. Would anyone really care to trade-in the Phils recent success for the old days? Personally, I like watching October baseball.

    I’m with you 100% on Cole. He’s got the talent to bounce back and we’re not depending on him to carry the staff, much less pressure. I think a lot of people will eat their words at the end of the season. To the guy saying he’s had a “mediocre start” to 2010 – are you joking? In two games?

    Also, who is complaining about getting tickets? Balderdash! I bought a six-pack with a buddy for the third consecutive season just a couple of weeks ago. We’ve got field tickets to see Doc pitch on Saturday. You can get 400′s in the package for $20-22.

    Lastly, who the hell complains about eye candy at the ballpark?!

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    Yea I dont think that people are complaining that people are spending money . . .

    But it would be nice to have a real “Home Field Advantage” from the people that go to the games.. support your team while you’re there.

    That is “BEING A FAN – 101″

    I didn’t get to the Home Opener.. but watching it on TV, I was semi-shocked that it took so long for fans to cheer for Hamels, when there were runners on base, 3-2 count with two outs . . . like you could slowly hear this buildup coming from the UpperDecks.. that made its way down into the expensive seats..

    Opening Day.. Hamels on the mound.. the fans should be up on their feet and cheering every single chance they get. ..

    No problem with the people spending their money and buying the beers, etc . . . but would think we’d all want Phillies fans to actually cheer for the Phillies while their at the games ??

    Given the choice between being able to buy a ticket on game-day… or having an outstanding team, and having a tough time getting tickets …

    I’ll take what we have now.. GLADLY…

    But its a shame it can’t be both… and that’s what people are a little “puzzled” about… why people would pay the money to buy a ticket, but spend the entire time in Ashburn Alley eating crab fries, and on Facebook on your phone. .
    ….sell your ticket if you dont want to watch the game, just go tailgate if that’s all you want to do anyway . . .

  • Posts: 0 Joe

    Some of these comments are ridiculous… EVERY team has fans jump on board when there doing well. Half of you clowns are these type of fans. And for the guy that said he wished the phils were back to last place please.. you sound like an idiot, think before you comment on here.. WHO CARES if you were a die hard fan back in the day so were thousands of people just enjoy the success and stop complaining about new fans

  • Posts: 0 FillyP

    The Phillies just haven’t had a whole lot of runaway success as an organization. All I’m saying is this is a golden age and you older fans that have been around forever should embrace it, not live in the past. There wouldn’t be any “bandwagon” if the team was playing poorly.

    Also, last year the Phillies sold out nearly all of their home games and 100% of their playoff games. Maybe instead of griping about not being able to get a gameday ticket you should, you know, plan a little ahead? Stop being lazy!

  • Posts: 0 FillyP

    69/81 sellouts last year. Get with the program.

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    Nobody’s bitching about “new fans”. That’s great. The organization needs them. The city needs them.

    BUT….seriously….tell me just how many of these “new fans” will still be around after this magical run is over?? I’m sure that some will be the next wave of true diehards…..but I would be willing to bet a thing of Crab Fries that MOST of them will filter away.

  • Posts: 0 Philly Texan

    Disinterested fans at regular season games is one result of being in the playoffs every year.

    I saw this with the Flyers growing up. We had season tickets — to the Phils too, but they weren’t in the playoffs much, of course.

    From 1996-2003, Flyers fans knew their team would be in the playoffs and the most meaningful games wouldn’t happen for months. It’s almost like they saved their intensity. During the long hockey season, the home crowds became pretty quiet. They watched the game and cheered for goals, but they weren’t that into it.

    Maybe it’s the same with the Phils. After the last two playoff runs — and with a long baseball season ahead — maybe folks just can’t get the mojo going this early when they know the Phils will probably be in the postseason.

    I’m not saying it’s a valid excuse. Most of the folks on this site live and die with every game.

    But if we do make the playoffs, I bet the demeanor will change….people won’t be skipping chunks of the game or fiddling with their cell phones.

  • Posts: 0 Phylan

    That’s a good point, this team could be in for a rough period after 2012ish, and it won’t necessarily be anyone’s fault, just a necessary rebuilding phase. It’ll be interesting to see what happens to the fanbase then.

  • Posts: 0 The Original Chuck P

    Philly Texan makes a great point… maybe part of the reason that most fans don’t seem as interested in every pitch right now and might not seem to appreciate the early success of our bullpen is that we expect success. The regular season is nice and all but it’s all about the postseason… fans will take more time during the regular season to enjoy the ballpark because once the playoffs start, it’s all business. Right or wrong, that has something to do with it.

    BTW… the guys that are glued to their seats, filling out their lineup cards aren’t the ones that create a Philadelphia home field advantage.

  • Posts: 0 bfo_33

    New stadium, amazing ace, stable core of likable guys, potential for success. That’s what got me into the Phils in the late 70s when my brothers were more into football. I see the same thing happening to my 9 year old. Some of the partiers will come and go with the standings, but the kids who get hooked now will be there in the future whether it is Mike Schmidt or Rick Schu manning 3rd.

    I also think you can contribute to a home field advantage without a constant slew of profanity. Cheer loudly (even boo loudly when appropriate, such as any time JD Drew visists,…), but f-bombs are far more effective when used sparingly.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    I think there are more than just the two types of fans mentioned

    A: Listens to the game on his headphones, fills out his lineup card, has the 1993 NL CHAMPIONS pin attached to his 1980 maroon hat… and gets PISSED at you if you stand up to cheer for anything.

    B: Goes in late, drunk… gets partially seperated from her friends as soon as they walk in the gates. Goes directly to the bathroom because she drank too many beers in the parking lot. .. then right to Ashburn Alley, on her cell phone, then stands around taking pictures with her friends.. then in line for food and beer, back to the batroom.. leave early to hit McFadden’s “before it gets too crowded”

    MOST fans aren’t either of those

  • Posts: 0 Matt M

    I’ll be honest, one problem I have with Phillies games anymore is guys who are in their late-20s early-30s acting like complete jackasses when they show up completely hammered. And don’t tell me it doesn’t happen because I was in Washington last week and saw it. I’m not saying go to the game and don’t drink, because me and my friends do. But we don’t go overboard with it and it isn’t our only motivation for going to a game like it is for a lot of people who make it impossible for people who really want to go to actually enjoy themselves.

  • Posts: 0 Gaze_NJ

    Bandwagon fans certainly help sustain success with the money that they shell out and for that reason I can’t criticize them too much. But personally, the frat party atmosphere at CBP has made me reconsider my season ticket purchases each of the last 3 years. I love the team, but there are times when I enjoy the game more sitting in front of my 42″ or sitting on the patio with a few friends listening to 1210.

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    “the kids that get hooked now will be there in the future”

    Very true statement. I also see it with my 12 year old. He started really getting into it around ’06-’07….about the right age. He loves and appreciates ALL the players…not just Utley and Howard. He was just as thrilled to get Chad Durbin’s signature on his 2008 Trophy photo as he was getting that of Rollins, Howard, Werth, etc. The kid is hooked and will be a phan for life.

  • Posts: 0 Bob in Bucks

    Booing is usually boorish and it has become acceptable in Philly to boo. It is representative of the general lack of civility but especially part of the Philly scene. I cringe when we boo our own.
    Yes, there are people at the game because of the social aspects rather than us pure baseball fans. When I compare it to games at the Vet where the average age was pushing over 40, I have to say I think it is good for baseball to have younger people come. Even if the guys are drunk and boorish. The only thing I can’t stand is the cursing, even when kids are around.
    As to the girls wearing skimpy outfits, I expect the Phillies should raise the ticket prices for this additional entertainment!

  • Posts: 0 Brett

    Cole Hamels would rathe make commercials than pitch well. In baseball and life, the second you stop making yourself better, you’re making yourself worse. Hamels won a World Series and decided he was the best pitcher in the game. He stopped working. I’ll boo him until he starts acting like a pitcher and not a discontented brat.

    If you’re a baseball purist, watch the game at home. Unfortunately, stadiums aren’t just for watching baseball anymore. They’re glorified bars that just happen to broadcast baseball games. Thats just where the game is at right now.

    God forbid we shoudl have a good team to cheer for. Now instead of complaining about the team, we complain about all the scantily clad women and fake phans? We’ve been spoiled.

    If you don’t like booing, go to St. Louis. Philly isn’t for you.

  • Posts: 0 Bethany

    Been a Phillies fan my whole life, scoring the games at home on my couch with my Dad. Bandwagoners can be obnoxious, but the energy of the crowd on those decision games is worth it. It’s infectious. For those fans that don’t pay attention to the game, I’d rather have them in line for an hour to get crab fries then sitting in front of me talking about everything except the game.

    The scantily dressed girls are a little much, but whatever. If they need to wear booty shorts and boob shirts to be sexy, have at it. Some of us know how to work a Phillies tshirt without that fuss.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    Brett . . . so its cool for Utley and Howard to make commercials, but Hamels isn’t allowed to? Becuse he only won us ONE championship?

    Would he be allowed to make extra money doing commercials (which usually take a few hours to shoot).. if he won TWO championships?

    Cole Hamels is a Champion… and the best homegrown pitcher since . . . ??? I can’t even think of anyone

    Keep booing the guys that don’t deserve it, and then you’re also the same guy that calls WIP crying in 2012, when Hamels doesn’t want to resign here because the fans boo him

    He struggled last year.. he’s a 26 year old.. he’s still developing, and not even in his prime yet. keep booing, its your right… and then boo him again when he leaves because of bad fans like you

    Hamels could save some of these people from a fire, and they’d still make comments about how he didn’t care enough

  • Posts: 0 Bobby D

    anybody know the lineup for tonight?

  • Posts: 0 Manny

    All I ask is for people who make it to CBP:

    1. Cheer for the Phillies.
    2. Pay attention to the game. Drink and have fun, but watch the game!

  • Posts: 0 Manny

    Brett: “[Stadiums are] glorified bars that just happen to broadcast baseball games.”

    Couldn’t disagree more with that statement… Bars/food/entertainment should be secondary to the game…

    If you’re going to a BASEBALL game, the priority is to watch a baseball game!
    If you’re going to a TENNIS match, the priority is to watch a tennis match!
    If you’re going to a FRAT PARTY, the priority is to get drunk!
    If you’re going to WORK, the priority is to work!

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    When Hamels is gone….and he will be at some point because a lot of fans will have, unfortunately, run him out of town…. I want to see what people’s reactions are then.

    What’s that fairy tale or line in a fairy tale about a boy that “cried wolf” one too many times??

    Same thing here. When he’s gone and succeeding elsewhere….it will be too late to take it all back.

  • Posts: 0 Ed R.

    Slight correction Manny….

    If you’re going to WORK, the priority is to not get fired, thus allowing you to continue to collect a pay check. I guess if you truly love your job you go to work to work but that is the minority I would think.

  • Posts: 0 Ed R.

    Charlie Manuel on MLB Radio: “Evidently Jimmy Rollins has got what they call a between a 2 and 1 degree calf tear…he’s gonna miss some time. How much, I don’t know yet, but he’s hurt pretty bad.”

    Typically you are talking about 3-6 weeks before he returns.

  • Posts: 0 Philly Texan

    If Hamels is getting booed it’s because of they way he acted in the postseason last year.

    He threw up his hands in the Dodgers series and showed up not only his teammate, but Chase Utley of all people.

    Then he pouted after Game 3 of the series and showed a terrible attitude and said he “couldn’t wait for it to be over” when his team was still battling for a world championship (and he still might have to make another start).

    I’m not condoning the booing. And I agree with Don that Hamels is still maturing and deserves time.

    But I do think his behavior last postseason left a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths and he’s got some work to do to win some fans back to his side.

    He need to have a good season and it’ll all be forgotten. And I think he will have a good season. His pitches and his head seem to be much improved this year.

  • Posts: 0 Manny

    Great article on booing Cole Hamels:

    “… Look people, if you want to be wild-eyed overreacting fans like those in New York or Boston, fine. But there was a time when Philly fans recognized talent and desire when they saw it and didn’t make empty-headed judgments about players.”

    Here: http://www.delcotimes.com/articles/2010/04/14/sports/doc4bc5345cde026104447886.txt

  • Posts: 0 Bob

    Yeah, Hamels sure stopped working. He worked relentlessly this off-season to REBOUND from a bad year. He worked on his curveball and added a new pitch to try to counteract the average (not even bad, average) 2009 season he had.

    He held himself accountable and hasn’t been making excuses. He learned from his mistake of showing up to 2009 Spring Training unprepared, and he prepared himself for this season. And not for nothing, he’s 2-0. Was he dominant? No. Was he good enough? Damn right. Will he be better than last year? I’d bet a lot on it.

  • Posts: 0 Ben

    i hate that people have this idea that players have to be training 24/7 in the offseason. just b/c we have more access and more information on what happens in the offseason doesn’t mean we are all of a sudden knowledgeable on what makes good players great.

    baseball is not even an endurance sport, its a sport of timing, quickness, sharpness and strength. you can only work on that stuff for so long before it has a negative effect on you. they have time to do stuff other than watch tape, lift, run, and practice. commercials and all that other stuff they have time for, its not the reason for their bad performances.

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    Not to be a broken record…..but…..

    15+ wins.

  • Posts: 0 The Original Chuck P

    But Manny, those are your priorities… they don’t have to be someone else’s. If someone wants to pay $40 to stand in line for $10 crab fries and drink $8 beers (rather than watch the game), that’s their prerogative. I don’t think it’s anyone’s right to tell someone else how to have a good time… I might think you’re an idiot for spending your money frivolously but that doesn’t mean you’re wrong. The Phillies wouldn’t be selling beer if they didn’t want people to buy them (even in mass quantities)… the stadiums are glorified bars for people that want them to be glorified bars and they’re ballparks for people that want to watch games and they’re filled with fun things for kids (because most kids aren’t really interested in Dave Herndon’s ERA… they’re interested in the Phanatic and running the bases out in centerfield the fast pitch over by the crab fries and the jungle gym in the second level, first baseline). The stadium is whatever you want it to be and it should be whatever I want it to be, too.

    That doesn’t give anyone a free pass to act like a buffoon… be respectful and mindful of where you’re at (a very public place with children).

  • Posts: 0 Don M


    Rollins to DL, Valdez up from Lehigh Valley
    Jimmy Rollins, as expected, was placed on the 15-day disabled list by the Phillies Wednesday because of the strained right calf he suffered running wind sprints before Monday’s home opener.

    The Phillies have replaced Rollins on the roster by purchasing the contract of infielder Wilson Valdez from triple-A Lehigh Valley.

    The MRI of Rollins’ calf Tuesday revealed the shortstop has a strain between a Grade 1 and Grade 2. Rollins is walking around in a protective boot on his left foot. His stint on the D.L. is retroactive to Tuesday, which means he’ll be eligible to return April 28 when the team is playing in San Francisco.

    Juan Castro will make his second straight start in place of Rollins Wednesday against Washington, but is likely to be moved from first to eight in the batting order with center fielder Shane Victorino moving from seventh to the leadoff spot during Rollins’ stint on the D.L. Look for catcher Carlos Ruiz to move up from eighth to seventh in the order.


  • Posts: 0 JeffS

    Wow! An entry that results in this much reaction and not all one-sided reaction must be good.

    I’m not going to complain about the appearance of the female patrons (except that my stepdaughter, who will grimace when she reads this, had better not dress like that!). But the post was right about the lack of knowledge and/or attention of the new fans. I guess some will maybe get drawn in and become more knowledgeable as time goes on, and others will, like I think Chuck said, disappear after the next 2nd place season.

    I think a lot of the criticism of Cole is overdone. He’s young, and if he’s a head case, it’s because he wants to be good so badly that he gets too mad at himself when he’s not doing great. Would you rather have someone who is happy about being mediocre? He’s working like crazy on that cutter, and good on him for it. I hope he can have 4 good pitches by the end of the season, prove people wrong, and that everyone can get behind him in late summer and the playoffs.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    Hamels last year, acted poorly, out of frustration to himself . . . the “couldn’t wait for the season to be over” comment was OBVIOUSLY about HIS season, and how he wasn’t getting the results he wanted

    as usual, people tried to turn that into some kind of story like he didn’t care what happened with the Phillies last season. . .

    It used to be that we backed people until they gave us reason NOT TO … that isn’t the case with Hamels, and I can’t figure out why..??

    He’s homegrown, he’s good, he won us a Championship . . . he’s nice in-person, he works with charity . . .

    but he had a 10-11 record last year, so people BOO him. . .

    And then the national media, realizes that our fans are morons.. they call us out on it.. and then we’ll have week long debates about how the National media treats our fans unfairly..

  • Posts: 0 The Original Chuck P

    Soooo Valdez is out of options, right? So, we’ll have to put him on waivers once J-Roll returns… which tells me that they don’t expect J-Roll to be back any time soon. Valdez is hitting .457 in AAA… small sample size but I’m sure that’s what they’re looking at.

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