Clear Skies, Full Hearts

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For a baseball fan, everything about April 5, 2010 was perfect. Unlike many Opening Days in recent memory, the weather was beautiful — mid 70s. Across the league, there was nary a rain delay to derail the magic of early April.

We saw Albert Pujols belt two homers, Johan Santana lead the Mets to victory, and the legend of Jason Heyward become even more movie-like, as the Braves’ 20 year-old rightfielder took Carlos Zambrano deep in his very first major league at-bat.

Garrett Jones gave Pirates fans hope — even for a day — and NL West aces Dan Haren and Tim Lincecum silenced the pitiful Padres and Astros.

The Blue Jays’ Shaun Marcum, taking the place of some guy Harry as Toronto’s Opening Day starter, flirted with a no-hitter for 6 1/3 innings before relinquishing a single to Vladimir Guerrero of the Rangers – how odd does the second part of that sentence sound?

The Royals were sloppy as ever, and the Indians managed a mere four hits (all singles) off of the quick-working, April-loving longtime White Sox ace Mark Buehrle.

But these subplots served as merely context for the dominant storyline in Major League Baseball Tuesday – the Philadelphia Phillies.

(Note: This is not a pure Game Recap. This is the experience of being in Nationals Park, mixed with some highlights, further mixed with analysis. I personally hate reading “this happened, then this happened, then this happened.” You can find that stuff anywhere.)

The Prelude

As some of you may know, Phillies Nation’s creator, Brian Michael, organized an absolutely mind-blowing trip to Nationals Park. A seemingly endless array of buses and cars transported droves of elated Phillies fans to the lot at 1620 South Capitol Street, where an impressively orchestated tailgate took place under the Frederick Douglass bridge. Rumor has it, Freddy D. himself was impressed.

Where’s the Infrastructure?

As expected, traffic was ridiculous. Not helping matters was the arrival of Barack Obama, which resulted in the complete barricading of Capitol Street, the de facto Broad Street of the Nationals’ complex. Detours, overwhelmed traffic cops, and enhanced security led to enormous lines at each entrance to the Nationals’ newish, extremely plain-looking stadium.

I’m speaking on behalf of the countless amount of Phillies fans in attendance when I say that once past the mass of humanity that was every single gate to Nationals Park, the stress and confusion of the process subsided completely.

It was Opening Day. Roy Halladay was pitching for the Philadelphia Phillies.

Getting to the Great Ones

As is the case with nearly every brilliant pitcher to ever grace the game of baseball, the best way to get to Halladay is to do so early. The Nats took advantage of a Nyjer Morgan infield single and subsequent steal to set up the first run of the team’s 2010 season – which came on a double from, who else, Ryan Zimmerman.

In the second inning, Ivan Rodriguez led off by doubling on a two-strike mistake pitch from Halladay. This was the last time the Nationals would come close to threatening the Good Doctor.

Crooked Numbers

The Phillies scored five in the fourth, two in the sixth, four in the seventh. The innings were glorious. The production of the new-and-improved Phils lineup was staggering.

Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley, and Carlos Ruiz reached based four times apiece. Placido Polanco got on thrice, and Ryan Howard and Raul Ibanez twice each.

On the day, the Phillies reached base in 22 of 48 plate appearances, for a .458 on-base percentage. Digest that number for a second. Twenty-two plate appearances resulted in a Phillie getting on base, twenty-six did not. This is baseball – the sport where failing 7 out of 10 times gets you into the Hall of Fame, right?

The Assembly

The Phils will not score eleven runs per game. Polanco won’t drive in 972 runs, Ruiz won’t walk to first on 486 occurences, and Jimmy won’t finish the season with a .667 on-base percentage.

But this lineup will frighten every single pitcher it faces, and it will exude a level of multifaceted, dynamic ability more often than it won’t.

At the top, you have a table-setter with power and speed in Jimmy Rollins. He defines the phrase “boom-or-bust.” When he is going good, the Phils will roll. When he isn’t, it will become harder to create runs. Nonetheless, he is who he’s always been, a productive hitter in the system and context he is in.

Batting second is Polanco, a wizard with the bat who refuses to go down swinging — or looking for that matter. The Phillies have long struggled with “situational baseball,” i.e. runner on third and less than two outs. But with the addition of Polanco, the Phillies lineup now features just as many strikeout-avoiders (Jimmy, Victorino, Polanco, Chooch,) as it does whiff-prone batters.

Aside from his grand slam – that seemingly carried through the air until reaching an area very close to where my group was sitting – Polanco delivered twice with a runner on third and less than two out. He singled in a run and produced a sacrifice fly.

With Polanco batting second, Victorino hitting out of the seven-hole, and the emergence of Ruiz as a formidable eighth hitter, this Phillies lineup is now almost as productive 7-8 as it is 1-2.

The lineup showed its balance by having the bottom of the order contribute to all three rallies.

  • In the five-run fourth, Victorino singled in a run and scored, Ruiz advanced two runners with a deep flyout, and even Halladay got into the act with an RBI single that traveled somewhere between 1 and 9 centimeters.
  • In the sixth, Ruiz walked and eventually scored on Jimmy’s triple.
  • Finally, in the seventh, the sixth and eighth hitters reached base, turning the lineup over. This allowed Jimmy to work the count and eventually be intentionally walked, and Polanco to hit a grand slam no Phillies fan will ever forget.


He was sharp. He was dominant. He was crafty. He threw strike-after-strike-after-strike-after strike. He induced two double plays. He made Adam Dunn look like a seven-year old girl.

After Pudge led off the second with a double, Halladay retired 10 of the next 12 batters, two of which hit into twin-killings. He threw only 51 pitches between the end of Pudge’s at-bat and the beginning of the seventh inning.

This was literally an example of a man playing with little children. (Wait, what?)

The “Natinals”

The Phillies are 1-0 with 161 games to play. While Monday was an incredible way to start the season, it represented less than one percent of the regular season.

And, as much as the good people of Washington DC would like to think their team has improved, the Nationals are still an oddly constructed team with weak corner outfielders (why play Willie Harris in right if Jermaine Dye is a free agent?) and shoddy starting pitching.

John Lannan is not an ace. He is a third starter at best and he is probably a number-four in reality. Imagine having J.A. Happ as your ace. He and Lannan are very similar.

As I was exiting the ballpark, I saw a poster that pretty much sums up the Nationals’ futility. It had a large picture of the Nats’ most-prized free agent acquisition this past offseason.


You write the punchline.

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  • Posts: 0 diz

    magnificent read.

  • Posts: 0 Ryk

    After much thought and consideration, I came to the conclusion that a punchline isn’t necessary. “Jason Marquis: Gamechanger”. Nuff said.

  • Posts: 0 4daysrest.com

    Congratulations on the tailgate. We heard it was an awesome time. Keep up the good work…

    And if you’re looking for a, uh, different “spin” on things, take a look at the site.

  • Posts: 0 JohnKruk

    Is there an extended 27,000 game season this year?

  • Posts: 0 bfo_33

    Nice article by Stark yesterday, almost as good as this one. I know we’re only 1 game into the season, and it was against a bad Nats team, but no one did to Happ last year what the Phils did to Lannan yesterday. Moving Vic out of the 2 hole, replacing with PP makes a formidable line-up so much better. Screw the reality of mid Aug slumps, right now I’m dreaming of 100+ wins, a CY Young candidate or two, and so many possible MVP candidates that the award just goes to the Phils 1 through 8, no name on the trophy. Openning day finally came, and it went right as planned.

  • Posts: 0 Nick

    I’m pretty sure if you have a .300 OBP, you’re not getting into the HOF.

  • Posts: 0 NJ

    Calling John Lannan similar to JA Happ is very charitable, I’d say it’s more like having a left handed veteran version of Kyle Kendrick as your ace. All ground balls on a good day, all runs on a day like yesterday. The most important player in that franchise is Jordan Zimmerman cause if the Nats are expecting to just fill a roster behind Strasburg and Ryan Zimmerman then their just deceiving themselves.

    Was having a conversation with a friend who’s a Mets fan last night wondering the same thing, if you consider Christian Guzman your best defensive short-stop enough to make Ian Desmond a bat only starter, then why aren’t you starting him at 2nd over Adam Kennedy…? Seems to say a lot about that franchise that you’d priorities a guy like Adam Kennedy over a Christian Guzman.

  • Posts: 0 Seth

    How about this:

    Jason Marquis: Who?

  • Posts: 0 twc84

    Actually, the game represented 0.62% of the regular season…

  • Posts: 0 shipsass


    If the NCAA can have 96 teams in next year’s bracket, then why not?

    Although I shudder to think of the NBA postseason overlapping its own preseason the following fall.

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    Yesterday was great, no doubt. EVERYTHING seemed to click when it needed to. AWESOME!!

    BUT….. (and not to be the one to slightly spoil the party)….

    The Phillies had their best pitcher going against the most disfunctional team in the league. Let’s be very careful about “dreaming about 100+ wins,…….”

    It’s great to dream and hope and be positive….and I think the Phils win the division this year…..but the same people on here that are “dreaming about 100+ wins” ……those same people will be proclaiming the Phillies demise once they lose a few close ones, or get blown out because of a bad outing by someone.

    It’s a LOOONNNGGG season…..full of ups and downs (hopefully more ups) ….and we all just need to settle in for the long haul. It’s gonna be a fun ride, I think.

    Yesterday WAS fun, though!!

  • Posts: 0 Mike D.

    Back from the dead!

    I think I’m in love. I haven’t had this much fun on opening day EVER.

  • Posts: 0 The Original Chuck P


    Picture perfect day.

  • Posts: 0 The Original Chuck P

    I took the day off… couldn’t have painted a better day. It’s important to note that at the beginning of the day, everyone was in first EXCEPT the Yankees.

    First, I went out to breakfast with my 16 year-old kid brother and my oldest son (6)… mickey pancakes for the little guy and loads of bacon for me and my brother. Then we grabbed our bats and baseball gloves and headed to the sandlot… shagged some fly balls, turned some double plays and worked on our game ;-). Headed home, tuned into the Phillies pre-game (awesome way to prime your fanhood)… endulged in the awesomeness that is Halladay… had a few brewskis, cheered loudly and took it all in, in HD. Grilled out for dinner and took the little ones to the park. Finished the evening with some March Madness…

  • Posts: 0 Manny

    Lannan was shaky yesterday, but he’s a very good pitcher.

    But of course, when going head to head against Roy Halladay his odds of winning the game are very slim…

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    What a day in sports yesterday.

    -The Phillies!!!!!!

    -McNabb (Yes!!)

    -Tiger (didn’t watch it)

    -NCAA (WOW!!!!!)

    I’m kind of tired today….and trying to function at work. Ha Ha!!

  • Posts: 0 dz

    Sorry to say, but yesterday’s Phillies Nation bus trip was terrible. Our bus driver drove like grandma Turner and he had no direction at all. First we ended up at RFK Stadium then traveled through scenic hood-filled DC. We finally got to the correct parking lot at 11 am and the promised free food didn’t arrive until 11:30 am. With 45 minutes to spare before having to head in to the park and hundreds of hungry and annoyed fans waiting we decided to go into the park. The game was good thank goodness. The ride home sucked. Bus driver was slow again, he kept pulling off to the shoulder for some reason. Lastly, the never ending amounts of alcohol provided allowed several idiots on the back of our bus the opportunity to fight like high schoolers on the school bus. Bus driver did nothing and our hostess Amanda was overwhelmed. Some of us finally had to step in and yell at the idiots. All in all a terrible experience and one that I will never do again.

  • Posts: 0 bfo_33

    OCP – sounds like a perfect day.

    If there is ever a time for irrational exuberance, it is openning day, especially when the weather is like mid May, and the Phils kill.

    99.99% of me knows I’m not going to win the lottery, but it doesn’t stop me from buying a powerball ticket 2xs/wk. I’d be better off saving the $104/yr, but a buck for a 5 minute daydream is worth it.

    It doesn’t happen often (unless you’re a Yanks fan) when you can go into a season thinking that as long as a group of guys who are in their prime play to their career averages, then you’ve got a good chance for Oct baseball, so I’m going to savor every minute of it. Go Cole.

  • Posts: 0 Havoc

    I hear ya chuck I’m beat… Missed out on buying tickets with you guys and had to snag some on stubhub, but it was awesome hanging out at the tailgate, and I don’t think we could have asked for better weather or a better game.

    Roy Halladay as advertised.

    I’m just pissed I have to wait an extra day to watch Cole make his first start.

  • Posts: 0 Pat Gallen

    DZ, sorry you feel that way about the trip. We apologize about the bus drivers, but there’s nothing we can do about that. Bad luck there that he happened to drive like an old woman.

    If we dont have enough beer, people complain. If we have too much beer people complain. Unfortunately, it’s better to have too much than not enough. Sorry for the a-holes on your bus. Some people won’t grow up.

    Getting lost for 45 minutes was not a fault of Phillies Nation. One bus arrived on time, while the other bus drives said they were given bad information through their bus company from the Nats. It was the busing company’s fault we were late, but again I apologize. I too was a leader on a bus that was late, it wasn’t fun.

    Thank you for stepping in and helping out Amanda, we (and she) appreciates it. Hope there was some bit of fun. I know many did have a pleasant time.

  • Posts: 0 KJA


    The wonderful thing is your spot will be happily snatched up quickly by someone else.

  • Posts: 0 The Original Chuck P

    Work is overrated…

    I’ve always been a guy that roots for the Eagles unless they’re playing the Steelers; it’s complicated… my family is from NE PA where all they care about is football (and the Steelers) so I inherited that rooting interest at a young age from my uncles. We moved to Philadelphia when I was young and that’s when I learned to love other sports, especially baseball… I love our city and I’m all Philadelphia. I feel like I’m allowed to maintain a quirky rooting interest for the Eagles because I love Philadelphia… this week, I lost a great deal of respect for the Eagles. Trading McNabb to the Redskins on opening day to overshadow the Phillies is about as low as it gets…

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    The Eagles obviously feel desperate and threatened. Why else would they try to upstage the Phillies? Yes….pretty low indeed. (But I am glad McNabb is gone….it was time)

  • Posts: 0 Brooks

    I find it best to not expect ANYTHING from anybody, just the best from myself.
    OK, ‘nough of that.
    Pat, did we give you a hard time?
    8 (

    That was a massive effort these people put together. I couldn’t tell the pork from the chicken but who cares?? It all was great and most of the people were in it for the same thing, a good time. There was beer, soda, water, pretzels on the way down and back but honestly, the gallon of beer I drank had no effect as I cooked in the sun (I saw Gallen putting some war paint on, which I left at home and am paying for today..) all day.

    Being at the Nationals park made me appreciate even more the first rate organization that CBP is. We parked in a lot that the cost was reasonable but that is only because there was some kind of rock quarry (with plenty of dust flying). Most of the lots we passed were $20 and above! The Nats are not used to a crowd, that was easy to tell. From the lack of vendors (beer being foremost), to running out of beer, to the stores only selling Nats gear (my Phils hat died and I was looking for a replacement) – every store I went into, the kids were polite and the help seemed to outnumber the people working in the place. There was a young lady that asked me “why would we sell some other teams hats?” Hmmm…

    Personally, I am excited about the next trip and I hope its to see the Muts or if possible the Skanks or Sox in June or even the Nats again sometime this year. They could use the business. We owned that stadium it was almost embarrassing (as embarrassing as Obama wearing a Nats jacket and a White Sox hat?).

    Kudos guys and thank you. Much needed getaway and lots of fun.

  • Posts: 0 Pat Gallen

    No, no one gave me a hard time personally. Heard some groans from the back, but thats to be expected. No one wants to be on a hot bus for that long. We did the best we could. Some things went well, some things didnt. But, we did it for the good time, and I think mission accomplished.

  • Posts: 0 Evan

    The Nats are making good moves to not be a punchline forever. Strasburg was a big step in the right direction for them as an organization. As much as I like having a punching bag in the division for the Phils to wail on, I look forward to them having a promising future cause its good for the game.

  • Posts: 0 Morris Buttermaker

    I ended up on a bus with Phillytailgate.com, and it was perfect on the ride down. We got to the stadium at 9:30, and were drinking and eating by 9:45. And things were great during the game, incredible seats, and then the game ended and everything went to crap. The pick-up location was changed, and they did not have enough employees outside of the stadium telling people were to go. It took us about 40 minutes of walking through gravel pits alongside junk yards in the hot sun to find the bus. About 10 other people from the bus were lost, so we sat on the hot bus with no air conditioning for 30 minutes waiting for them. And then spent a good hour stuck in rush hour DC traffic. We got back to Philly around 9. Most of these things were out of the control of the company, and the increased security for Obama did not help things.

    I went on the PhilliesNation trip to DC last year, and missed out on buying tickets this year. And with each Miller Lite I drank yesterday, I regretted not buying tickets for the PhilliesNation trip. (I ended up going into the stadium earlier than planned just so that I could get a real beer.) I have been on numerous bus trips up and down the east coast for various events. And last year’s trip with PhilliesNation was one of the better ones. Mishaps with the buses and bus drivers happen on all of these trips. I was once on a trip from NYC to Philly that took 6 and half hours, including a detour through Delaware. We also spent an hour that day waiting in a bus depot in Grays Ferry for the AC to get fixed on our bus. Bad buses, bad drivers happen.

  • Posts: 312 Corey Seidman

    Avatar of Corey Seidman

    For some reason I just did 1/162 and used the 0.006%…even though that doesn’t apply. Weird.

  • Posts: 0 Colin

    Yesterday’s season opener was my first dealings with Philliesnation and will definitely be my LAST. I purchased six tickets back on February 13th at $32 a piece. To my surprise six $13 tickets were shipped to me less than a week before the game. Now I expected to pay a small mark-up but this is worse than scalpers!! My seats were located in section 419, row N (the last fu**ing row). What a ripoff!

    Buyers Beware

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    What’s wrong with Miller Lite ?

    Great take on the day, Corey!!! . . . . I really hope that Phillies fans pay attention to BASEBALL this year.

    I think that part of the problem with the “fans” going crazy when we WIN, and crazy when we LOSE ….is that baseball is a grind. even the best teams are going to struggle at times.

    I think the Phillies are going to get off to a great start with these games vs. Washington, and then the Houston Astros. . . but when we hit a tailspin, I don’t want to read about how we should’ve never signed Polanco . . . how our Bench sucks, etc..

    We’ve got a really good team, but there are a lot of NL Teams that are improved this year. Cardinals, Braves, Rockies all scare me … Heyward hitting a Home Run on his FIRST CAREER SWING !!! . . . he crushed that ball too, it was a no-doubter.

    I didn’t get to make the trip, but I heard lots of good things from Phillies fans that went down there. There will always be some people that complain though, so don’t worry about that PhilliesNation … keep up the good work!

  • Posts: 0 Jimmy "Runt" Hoffmann

    Placido Polanco will hit 20 homers this year. He looked great !!!!. That head keeps him well-balanced. Great team guy !!!

  • Posts: 0 Nunzio Scholeri

    Corey – you’re just forgetting to move the decimal point over. Remember that “percent” means per-hundred or out of a hundred. This game was 0.0062 of 1 year, making it 0.62%. Put another way:

    One out of a hundred = 1/100 = 0.01 = 1%

    1/162 = 0.0062 = 0.62%

    An understandable mistake in an otherwise well-written writeup of the game.

  • Posts: 0 Jimmy "Runt" Hoffmann

    The Eagles did not try to upstage the Phillies. It COULD NOT happen. The timing was right, the draft is coming up this month and they wanted more draft choices. That simple. The Eagles play football, the Phils play baseball. Get serious !!!! Both teams have monopolies in the Delaware Valley.

  • Posts: 312 Corey Seidman

    Avatar of Corey Seidman

    Thanks, Nunzio.

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    But you know that the mikemikes and Jeffs of the world are just waiting to swoop in and bitch about “why we don’t have Lee” or “Polanco sucks” or “why didn’t Ruben sign Chan Ho Park”.

    That’s what I was saying earlier….that everyone is all excited and some are “dreaming of 100+ wins”. I guarantee that those same people will by moaning and griping once the Phils hit a bad stretch.

    Today feels great though. I’m almost glad there is no game tonight. I need to re-group after the Phillies game AND the basketball game last night!!

  • Posts: 0 Morris Buttermaker

    Miller Lite is triple hops brewed. Hop 1 is chemicals. Hop 2 is alcohol. Hop 3 is bubbles.

    There’s an article in the Washington Post about how Selig and the Nationals organization are annoyed with the Skinsand Eagles about the McNabb trade also. Obama throwing out the pitch on Opening Day is as big as it gets for Nationals. A Nats’ employee said they are going to call up Strasburg on the same day as the NFl draft.


  • Posts: 0 Chuck


    The Eagles COULD have announced the trade AFTER the Phillies game or today……and the timing for them still would have been ok.

    announcing the biggest trade in recent Eagles history on the eve/morning of the Phillies opening day is more than just a coincidence.

  • Posts: 0 Manny

    I was there yesterday thanks to PN and it was a blast! Thank you for putting this trip together. The only thing I didn’t like were the ignorant d!cks booing Obama after only one year of his presidency. Stay classy fans…

  • Posts: 0 Maverick

    Jason Marquis = GAME CHANGER! (if by GAME you mean 5 2/3 innings and by CHANGER you mean 4.58 ERA) then yes that is accurate

  • Posts: 0 Repeat!

    …i would like to apologize to those of you that had a bad exp. during the bus trip to D.C. yesterday. My grandmother was the head person in charge of all the festivities… but she’s a drunk wh*re… always has been… always will be… what can i say… Go Phillies!

  • Posts: 0 bfo_33

    There are two main types of long term Phillies fans (people over 40) – the masochists who enjoy the pain, and the delusional. With the exception of the late 70′s/early 80s, and since 2005 (with the 93 blip), the product hasn’t been consistent enough to warrant sane baseball fans.

    I can look objectively at any other team besides the Phils, find their holes as well as potential surprises, and be reasonably accurate. It’s just like parenting – your own child just isn’t living up to his/her potential yet (but will soon), while the neighbor’s kid is a dumb brat.

    Over the past few years, the Phils Org has made more right moves than wrong, and are being repaid by converting Phila area baseball fans back to Phillies fans. The delusional amongst us (I admit I’m one) and the masochist (mikemike, jeff…) are just going to have to make room.

  • Posts: 0 Heather

    Morris: Thanks for the link to the Washington Post article. I thought Obama’s putting on the White Sox hat was in poor taste (and I’m not a Nats fan-obviously!).

    Seems like Riggleman and even Selig agree with me.

  • Posts: 0 Repeat!

    who cares… people are making way too big a deal about the throwing out of the 1st pitch. he had on a nationals jacket. other than the deput of their rookie prospect due some time in May/June yesterday’s game will be among the biggest moments of their season. the Phillies were even kind enough to let them score 1st. i’m personally more concerned about the Atlanta Braves. they are going to be a pain in the rear end all season long..

  • Posts: 0 bfo_33

    I know he’s the president, but he’s a Chi Sox fan first. Underwear, sweat pants, jacket, even tee-shirt, no problem. You don’t mess with the hat.

  • Posts: 0 Greg

    I think having Obama as a President is poor taste, so it’s kind of similar, Heather.

    Politics aside, as baseball is far more important, that game was amazing, the article well-written, and the lineup looking promising. I really hope Cole Hamels does well, just so he can start the year off strong and keep it going. If the run support stays the same, then that’s even better. I’m not sure who is a better pitcher, between Marquis or Lannan, but I’d presume Marquis is with his stellar background. Cole’s facing 9 hitters tomorrow, too, as Marquis is pretty good with a bat himself (I’d use him as a Pinch-Hitter over Bruntlett). If Hamels keeps his head on straight, he’ll be fine.

  • Posts: 0 Repeat!

    redstate.com is the place you jacka**es need to take your political bs.. this site is about the Philadelphia Phillies.

  • Posts: 0 Brooks

    bfo, perhaps the fans you are referring to are ‘jumping on the bus’? I’d say there are more than 2 types of fans. I love to watch baseball.

    Manny, it did not take me a year to figure out that I personally dislike Obama but, I did not boo the man, he is our commander in chief. But, that’s me. I would not trash the manager that I replaced either (publicly). I’m not sure if you are paying taxes my friend but, in a year when your taxes have gone up considerably and the administration is telling us how well the economy has recovered while the unemployment rate is still over a record 9%, you may feel differently too.

    Colin: you paid $32 per ticket? Duude.. I paid more than twice that and figure I got the best of that deal. Tickets to the game, bus ride down, beer, entertainment, food, snacks – and to top that, a fantastic win.
    Just wondering, complain much?

  • Posts: 0 The Original Chuck P

    Strong words from a weak man… you turn that TV off, Bud. You show that broadcast who’s boss.

  • Posts: 0 Repeat!

    …..what does throwing out the 1st pitch have to do with politics?? here’s a hint jacksh*t! i do pay taxes and huge tx cuts combinded with silly wars helped get us here to begin with. and job creation was been rising every month. please stop with the bs… again this is Phillies site.

  • Posts: 0 The Original Chuck P

    I went online to try to score some last minute tickets on StubHub; the cheapest ticket on there was $175 (just to put all of that whining in context). Who complains on opening day?

    Anyone who boos the president should really stop and think about what it means to be an American… they should think about the veterans that have died to obtain and protect our liberties. Democracy is the foundation of our country; whether your vote went towards the guy that sits in the oval office or not, the fact of the matter is he’s OUR guy now. He’s our leader and we should be praying for him to succeed… the alternative is hoping he’ll fail. I might not agree with his policies but out of respect for him and the people that have sat in that chair before him, I’ll withhold my booing.

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