Gameday: Mets (13-9) at Phillies (12-9)

Posted by Michael Baumann, Fri, April 30, 2010 03:41 PM | Comments: 128
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New York Mets (13-9) at Philadelphia Phillies (12-9)

Jonathon Niese (0-1, 3.68 ERA) vs. Kyle Kendrick (0-0, 7.71 ERA)

Time: 7:05 p.m at Citizens Bank Park
TV:Comcast Sportsnet
Weather: Sunny, 71
Twitter: @philliesnation

Meet the Mets! Meet the Mets! Step right up and greet the Mets! Bring your kiddies, bring your wife! Guaranteed to have the time of your life. Because the Mets are really sockin’ the ball, knockin’ those home runs over the wall. East side, West side, everybody’s coming down to meet the M-E-T-S Mets, of New York town!

If you’re either too young to remember the 1990s or are a newcomer to the Philly baseball scene, you’d be inclined to believe that our northern neighbors represent the absolute nadir of baseball culture, with their creepy mascot and affinity for hard drugs.

This weekend marks the Metropolitans’ first visit to Philadelphia in 2010, and the first opportunity for Phils fans to boo the bejeezus out of one of the most dysfunctional teams in baseball.

The Phillies, who came out of the gate like a rocket, are on a bit of a slide right now, avoiding the sweep in San Francisco only by pulling out a narrow victory in the 11th inning of a truly bizarre game Thursday afternoon.

While the Phillies have been lollygagging the ball around the infield, the Mets have opened up a can on the Cubs, Dodgers, and Braves, winning seven in a row to crawl back from their 2-9 start to first place in the division. In short, it’s time for the Phillies to get their collective act together.

Jonathon Niese takes the ball for New York tonight against Kyle Kendrick, of whom I spoke ill the last time I wrote one of these. That was two starts ago, against the Braves, and he responded by tossing eight shutout innings. Since then he’s come back down to earth some, but it’s not like he’s squaring off against Johan Santana or Mike Pelfrey.

One underrated stat coming into this game is Niese’s absurd 4.09 BB/9 ratio, which is a good omen for a Phillies lineup stacked with players who will only swing if the KGB threatens to send their families to Siberia if they don’t. In short, expect a lot of walks.

Some good news–as the bodies (Rollins, Blanton, Happ, Romero, and now Madson) seem to pile up, someone’s finally coming back from injury. The Phillies have activated everyone’s favorite slider-slinging son of Sacramento, Brad Lidge, which may or may not mean that Madson will keep getting the chance to lose games in the 9th inning. Now that Lidge is (reportedly) healthy, Uncle Cholly might let him blow a few saves going forward.

Lineup: Victorino (CF), Polanco (3B), Utley (2B), Howard (1B), Werth (RF), Ibanez (LF), Castro (SS), Ruiz (C), Kendrick (P)

donnybrook stoutYour Gameday Beer: Victory Donnybrook Stout

This evening’s beer is a pleasant offering from a local brewery. The makers of the face-inverting Hopdevil and other potent potables have turned down the volume some and produced a rather pleasant Irish stout. As a connoisseur of such beers, I have to say that this is the best stout that you have a chance of finding on tap around here, apart from Guinness. Its creamy smoothness and rich taste make it a truly enjoyable beer, and excellent with bar food. -By Michael

Go Phillies!

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  • Posts: 0 Keith E

    Looks like the Mets are getting their collective sh*t together. Phils need to cut the crap and get after these guys early and often. Let’s close out April with a ‘W’. We’ve had these guys down for a few years now and I see no reason to lift our boot off of their necks!
    GO PHILS!!!

  • Posts: 0 The Original Chuck P.

    We should all gather together and throw up on the met fans that come to the game tonight??

    That’ll teach met fans for coming to philthy!

  • Posts: 0 Chris.I

    Keith thats kind of hard to do with Kendrick on the mound…If the Phils pull this game off tonight they’d be more luckier than the last game facing Lincecum. I’m sorry but I have NO Phaith in Kendrick. Any word on when Blanton returns? I cannot stand to see Kendrick starting another game

  • Posts: 0 psujoe

    The hits continue. Madson to DL with a broken toe. Supposedly broke it after the game Wednesday.

    Mets don’t scare me. Not even a little.

    I was suprised to read that the Phils had a 4.50 era on the 9 game road trip. Not surprised they averaged 4 runs per game.

  • Posts: 0 WFC010

    Predictions: Kyle Kendrick gives up 7 runs, but hits a grand-slam and a 3-run homer to make up for it!

    Ryan Howard goes cold at the plate, but pitches a scoreless 9th inning in his pitching debut.

  • Posts: 0 PhilliePhagatic

    The Silly Phillies are going to get owned this weekend!

    If you ain’t the lead dog, the view is the same: butt holes!


  • Posts: 0 BurrGundy

    Let’s hope that Kendrick figures it out tonight.

  • Posts: 0 WFC010

    PhilliePhagatic: Your Mets probably would be more of a threat if their G.M wasn’t Omar E. Newman, and weren’t owned by Frank (I WAS ROBBEDEDEDED!” Wilpon.

  • Posts: 0 diz

    Excited for tonights game, yes I am. Not scared of the Mets. Am afraid of the Phillies just not showing up.

    Hopefully this won’t be a close one. Lets go phillies!

  • Posts: 0 Dudley Monk

    WFC010 — You are a silly, silly child in need of some discipline. Grow up a little and join the crowd. At least you’re having some fun and not hurting yourself or someone else.

  • Posts: 0 Dudley Monk

    WFC010 — Sex is probably a big mystery to you at your tender age. It comes with being young and silly. We all went through it.

  • Posts: 0 Choo Choo Coleman

    A reference was made to the creepy Mets masot, Mr. Met. Check out this link for some historical insights. I personally think he has universal appeal.


    Also, Tug McGraw was once mistaken for Mr. Met by a young fan after he was released from the hospital with highly visible stitches in his bald head following brain surgery. This story was told by Tug himself in his autobiography.

    Recent David Wright quote after the Mets recent 9-1 home stand. “We now walk with a swagger.” Another note, Pelfry has now gone 24 consective innings without surrendering a run. This guy is a real head case.

  • Posts: 0 pheeling it

    when does jimmy come back?? not that castro has even bothered me but i want a spark

  • Posts: 0 pheeling it

    at least we answered the question that shane is not a lead-off hitter. hard to lead off, we should give jimmy credit

  • Posts: 0 Georgie

    Another David Wright quote:

    “I now wear mascara as well as eyeliner…..”

  • Posts: 0 The Second John

    One positive thing about Ryan Madson’s struggle is that it means that he will be less expensive in next year’s free agency. Also, Scott Boras, his agent can’t advertise him to be the next big closer anymore, which is what they were planning to do. Now, teams will pay a little bit less for a setup-man which hopefully enables the Phills to keep him.

  • Posts: 0 Jeff

    Madson who is a waste broke his toe kicking a chair. What an idiot. Should be benched when he comes back. Players that should be gone, Madson, Lidge, Kendrick, Moyer, most of the bullpen. I doubt any team will take Rauls contract but another mistake by Jr. Get rid of him and bring up D. Brown. Sign worth. They can back end the deal with Werth. They have room in 2012. You will not find outfielders with his speed, bat, and glove.

  • Posts: 0 diz

    Game on.
    Top of the first, popout-groundout-flyout.
    Bottom of first, groundout-groundout-walk-strikeout.
    Womp womp.

  • Posts: 0 Jeff

    Sorry but Kendrick is a waste. My buddy is a die hard Mets fan and he loves our pitching rotation for the first two games. He said Kendrick and Moyer are wastes of human space.

  • Posts: 0 Ed R.

    One man rotation, that’s all this team has.

  • Posts: 0 diz

    Wright with a 2 run homerun. :/

  • Posts: 0 BurrGundy

    I am trying with all my might to support Kendrick. This game is really pivitol and so far it looks less than great.

  • Posts: 0 Ed R.

    Well hopefully the more the Met’s smack around the Kendrick the sooner he is sent to Trip A, where he belongs.

  • Posts: 0 Ted Bell

    I miss Brett Myers.

  • Posts: 0 Jeff

    Our offense is been hitting like a high school team. Turn this one off. The only reason we won two days ago, the took the freak out.

  • Posts: 0 Jeff

    AAA???? Maybe A

  • Posts: 0 Second Place

    Werth!!! Shoulda been a double!!

  • Posts: 0 Jeff

    what a catch. to bad its the mets.

  • Posts: 0 Jeff

    pinch hit for Kyle the waste. Go home you waste.

  • Posts: 0 glutenous

    Moyer is not a waste, he’s a decent fifth starter and that is all we need him to be; however he is certainly not worth the 8mil he is being paid. Injuries are forcing him to be a third starter, which he is most certainly is not. Blanton and happ are both solid middle of the rotaion pitchers and it is huge that we don’t have either of them right now. Kendrick just can’t seem to find it and be competitive in the bigs, but he is still young. I think he has the potential to be a decent 4th or 5th starter but for now he belongs in leheigh valley. When everyone is healthy this pitching staff will not be as horrid as they lead us to believe they are at times.

  • Posts: 0 Ed R.

    Well yeah I agree, A is probably best but that won’t happen.

  • Posts: 0 Jeff

    how do you say moyer is not a waste. he should of retired five years ago. cant stand players that stay around this long. the only reason he has the amount of the wins is because the amount of time he has been playing.

    the mets d is on fire…holy cow.

  • Posts: 0 Jeff

    thats it howard baby. earn that 125 million. i love kevin k today from the eagles. when the press asked why he signed just the one year. he said i have to support my family. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. 4 million is so so so tough. you are no Mcnabb

  • Posts: 0 glutenous

    Moyer is a pitcher, and a finesse pitcher at that. He is not a position player or a running back in the nfl. Guys that don’t rely on power pitches can pitch well into their 40s.

  • Posts: 0 Ed R.

    You know, Raul may be sucking right now, and he is, but at least he busts it down the line on a weak grounder to 2nd. More than you can say for most.

  • Posts: 0 Johanna Kee

    Hi, your contact sheet isn’t working, but I wanted to tell you about a new book coming out, Phillies: An Extraordinary Tradition, the official history of the Philadelphia Phillies. If you’re interested in the press release, which has more details, please contact me.

    Thanks for your time,


  • Posts: 0 Jeff

    please get rid of kyle. my god. charlie take him out. the only reason you win is because of this team charlie.

  • Posts: 0 Scott in D.C.

    How do you get ahead in the count to a light-hitting catcher, only to spend another eight pitches and give up a freaking homer?

  • Posts: 0 tim

    the bullpen isnt much better no reason to rush to that

  • Posts: 0 craig from my

    Sorry guys this will not be your year. Not trying to be mean. You have a minor leaguer on the mound right now. You have an old man who will give us batting practice on Saturday. Your bullpen is horrific. No closer. Hamels will never be the same. He wont even be a Philly in the years to come. Howard might hit 50 homers a year but he doesnt really do it with BIG games on the line. Utley is a monster. Raul is pathetic. Werth will be overrated when he gets the money from another team. Sorry but our lineup is much better when Beltran comes back. We have a much better bullpen.

  • Posts: 0 glutenous

    Moyer is pitching on Sunday. Halladay will be giving you batting practice on Saturday….

  • Posts: 0 BurrGundy

    We need to get Kendrick out of the rotation. Four homers tonight. Maybe he has some trade value, but he is NOT a major league pitcher, as I see it. Not even in relief. Right now, he just stinks.

  • Posts: 0 joe

    5 hits given up.
    2 doubles.
    3 bombs.

    it’s time to stick his worthless A$$ in the pen and let Figgy start..this is a joke

  • Posts: 0 joe

    hey craig…

    Ryan Howard owns september when the games really count… look it up

  • Posts: 0 joe



  • Posts: 0 Second Place

    I sense impending flames..

    *puts on her asbestos catsuit*

  • Posts: 0 joe

    you mets fans are pathetic..

    it’s april and you’re acting like this is your year..


  • Posts: 0 AGH

    More heartless, undisciplined baseball. Howard jogging into second base and getting tagged out a few nights ago…now Shane sulking/jogging on a play he should have beaten out easily. Enough. Do something, Charlie.

  • Posts: 0 Jeff

    Bench Victorino.

  • Posts: 0 craig from ny

    Yea the Howard falls apart in October. Looked great against the Yankees. Victorino really running it out on that play. What a joke he is.

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