Gameday: Mets (13-9) at Phillies (12-9)

Posted by Michael Baumann, Fri, April 30, 2010 03:41 PM | Comments: 128
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New York Mets (13-9) at Philadelphia Phillies (12-9)

Jonathon Niese (0-1, 3.68 ERA) vs. Kyle Kendrick (0-0, 7.71 ERA)

Time: 7:05 p.m at Citizens Bank Park
TV:Comcast Sportsnet
Weather: Sunny, 71
Twitter: @philliesnation

Meet the Mets! Meet the Mets! Step right up and greet the Mets! Bring your kiddies, bring your wife! Guaranteed to have the time of your life. Because the Mets are really sockin’ the ball, knockin’ those home runs over the wall. East side, West side, everybody’s coming down to meet the M-E-T-S Mets, of New York town!

If you’re either too young to remember the 1990s or are a newcomer to the Philly baseball scene, you’d be inclined to believe that our northern neighbors represent the absolute nadir of baseball culture, with their creepy mascot and affinity for hard drugs.

This weekend marks the Metropolitans’ first visit to Philadelphia in 2010, and the first opportunity for Phils fans to boo the bejeezus out of one of the most dysfunctional teams in baseball.

The Phillies, who came out of the gate like a rocket, are on a bit of a slide right now, avoiding the sweep in San Francisco only by pulling out a narrow victory in the 11th inning of a truly bizarre game Thursday afternoon.

While the Phillies have been lollygagging the ball around the infield, the Mets have opened up a can on the Cubs, Dodgers, and Braves, winning seven in a row to crawl back from their 2-9 start to first place in the division. In short, it’s time for the Phillies to get their collective act together.

Jonathon Niese takes the ball for New York tonight against Kyle Kendrick, of whom I spoke ill the last time I wrote one of these. That was two starts ago, against the Braves, and he responded by tossing eight shutout innings. Since then he’s come back down to earth some, but it’s not like he’s squaring off against Johan Santana or Mike Pelfrey.

One underrated stat coming into this game is Niese’s absurd 4.09 BB/9 ratio, which is a good omen for a Phillies lineup stacked with players who will only swing if the KGB threatens to send their families to Siberia if they don’t. In short, expect a lot of walks.

Some good news–as the bodies (Rollins, Blanton, Happ, Romero, and now Madson) seem to pile up, someone’s finally coming back from injury. The Phillies have activated everyone’s favorite slider-slinging son of Sacramento, Brad Lidge, which may or may not mean that Madson will keep getting the chance to lose games in the 9th inning. Now that Lidge is (reportedly) healthy, Uncle Cholly might let him blow a few saves going forward.

Lineup: Victorino (CF), Polanco (3B), Utley (2B), Howard (1B), Werth (RF), Ibanez (LF), Castro (SS), Ruiz (C), Kendrick (P)

donnybrook stoutYour Gameday Beer: Victory Donnybrook Stout

This evening’s beer is a pleasant offering from a local brewery. The makers of the face-inverting Hopdevil and other potent potables have turned down the volume some and produced a rather pleasant Irish stout. As a connoisseur of such beers, I have to say that this is the best stout that you have a chance of finding on tap around here, apart from Guinness. Its creamy smoothness and rich taste make it a truly enjoyable beer, and excellent with bar food. -By Michael

Go Phillies!

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  • Posts: 0 Choo Choo Coleman

    Those astronomical ERA’s remind me of the days when Billy Champion was the ace of the Phils staff.

    Ed R. your comment is painfully sobering. I hope Halladay is in form tomorrow since Pelfrey seems to have productively focused his unstable psychotic energy with a nasty sinker. Check out this link from a recent Pelfrey analysis.


  • Posts: 0 MikeB.

    philsgirl; you are so right in that the phillies did not get enough compensation from Seattle for Lee. Aumont and Gillies (or however you spell his last name) are fine prospects but the Phils should have insisted that Seattle additionally give them one of their top starting pitchers like Hernandez or a good relief pitcher. Lee won the Cy Young in the AL in 2008.

  • Posts: 0 miked63

    philsgirl : halladay was absolutely worth what we gave up for him.look up his wins and ERA in the AL. he pitched in the AL with a dh and faced the yankees and red sox all the time.that being said he still was the best pitcher in baseball , his ERA was in the high 2′s and low 3′s his whole career. he will absolutely win over 20 games for the phils this year maybe 25 . he was a 20 game winner in AL with nowhere near the offense he has behind him now.thats why your point on cliff lee is right on.imagine halladay , lee , hamels , haap , blanton. with this offense , book world series tickets immediately. i dont want to hear they couldn’t do it , almost 4 million fans 3 years in a row , besides next year moyer and ibanez come off. i could stomach losing werth if lee was here , but since he’s not they better keep him. like i said after moyer and ibanez come off after next year they’ll be over theyre 140 million payroll only 1 year if they keep worth

  • Posts: 0 MikeB.

    miked63; I thought that some people have posted saying that Ibanez received a contract for 3 years.

  • Posts: 0 miked63

    sorry phils girl i thought you meant halladay wasn’t worth it . you meant what we got in return for lee. dont let them fool u , it was all about money.

  • Posts: 0 MikeB.

    Absolutely. Phils did not want to pay Lee the big bucks in a free agent market.

  • Posts: 0 miked63

    yes , next year is his last year , i meant they will only be over theyre 140 million dollar payroll 1 year in 2011 cause by 2012 ibanez and moyer are gone.

  • Posts: 0 miked63

    doc better win tomorrow , i listen to alot of sports talk , ny included (660) if they beat doc , mets fans will be impossible to listen too.
    i have a question , does anyone old enough to know any better have a problem like i do with referring to anyone as DOC besides the original. afterall lets face it even outside of philly if your old enough there was only 1 doctor when it comes to the sports world.

  • Posts: 0 Metssss Fan for life

    stop complaing about injuries. the METS dont have CARLOS BELTRAN, the best outfielder in the game and we are without our setup man, Igarashi. Injuries are apart of the game and let’s face it the phils dont have anyone near half the caliber of player CARLOS is on the dl. Amaro is an iddiot plan and simple. Overpaid for Ibanez, Howard, Polanco, should have kept Lee (the prospects phils got back r nothing great)…. while omar has quietly put together a phenomenal pen and the Met’s kids are phenomenal (Niese, Mejia, Davis). Let’s go Mets!!!!!!! i love how metsblog says nothing as dumb as this crap site. (saying mets are dysfunctional and harping on drug problems how cruel and iddiotic) were in first and we have both the MONEY AND PROSPECTS to only get better. oh and we are NEW YORK!!!!! philly is trash

  • Posts: 0 Jarrett

    So phils fans how’s it feel to have a few of your key guys hurt? And to have some of your high priced superstars not performing for once?Doesn’t feel good does it? Anyway not to be mean or anything, but we all expected Kendrick to implode the way he did tonight. That’s a given he’s terrible. But how in the world does that phillies team… with that lineup… in that sandlot of major league park you people call home, allow Jon niese(who let’s face it is in the same class as a Kyle Kendrick) to go 7 strong dominating innings. Allow one run and scatter 4 hits. And!!! Not to mention retire 14 phillies in a row at one point. My god you people have every right to be ashamed of that team.

  • Posts: 0 Chris.I

    I said in the begining of this thread that I had no Phaith in Kendrick. I wouldn’t even waste my time putting him in the bullpen up at this point of the season. The Phils don’t have much invested in him, so why not just let him walk? It would leave room for Bastardo to join the roster. Not to mention Lidge’s not so good welcome back…Im so disgusted to be a phan right now! I sware Jimmy really is the spark plug for this team, cause whenever hes out they don’t really play so good ball.

  • Posts: 0 Metssss Fan for life

    How the hell did you just compare Niese to Kendrick. One is crap (Kendrick) and the other is a stud, young left -hander (Niese)……

  • Posts: 0 miked63

    metsfanforlife: your a typical ny asshole , i listen to wfan all the time , every day francessa has to put up with idiotic phone calls , besides all of a sudden now you guys love omar , thats priceless , all you geniouses have been calling for omar’s head for three years. oh let me guess , not you though right. dont worry about our front office , mets haven’t won shit since reagan was president. read carefully 3 years , 3 div titles, 2 pennants , 1 world championship. mets haven’t won shit. and do some homework/ pick up baseball america ( mets worse farm system in nl east ) feb 2010 issue. and you call our site crap and nothing dumb on mets site . the way i see it you brought the IQ of our site down about 50 points. before you come on here son be prepared or i will continue to embarass you.

  • Posts: 0 Chris.I

    Speaking of Halladay and Lee…I was just thinking about that tonight! Amaro really screwed up when he traded for Lee. If he was really smart he would of just gave Toronto who they wanted for Hallday to begin with, so our Farm system wouldn’t be so damn depleted to begin with. Think about it….We’d still have everyone we gave up for Lee still in our farm system (going based on who was giving up to aquire Haladay)

  • Posts: 0 Jarrett

    You mean to tell me that at the start of this year you felt niese was gonna give you production. If you did your kidding yourself my friend. Don’t get me wrong what he’s done so far is wonderful this year. He’s kept us in alot of games. But the jury is still out on him. All of them for that matter besides johan. It’s a long season my friend.

  • Posts: 0 Metssss Fan for life

    miked63….. my point about the Met’s farm system was that the kids, Niese, Mejia, and Davis have all been superb and are all HUGE reasons the Metsies are on this winning streak. Your right, new yorkers (many) not all were calling for omar’s head…. new york is a what have you done for me recently city and when you dont produce we let you know… just like philly. i recall, the boo birds for jimmy rollins……

    and congrats on all of your pennants etc., the phillies still have the worst world series winning percentage in the history of major league baseball…. know your facts or i will embarass you on your own crap site.

  • Posts: 0 Metssss Fan for life


    If you watched any of the games last year you would have seen Niese was REALLYYYY coming around before he got hurt. Kid is a stud.

  • Posts: 0 miked63

    hey jarrett: why would i be ashamed on 04/30 , are you kiddin. they have had a slump like this every year like most teams do , just came earlier this year. i would be more ashamed if my baseball team hadn’t won anything substantial since reagan was president. just make sure you bring your punk ass around in september when the phils are on theyre way to 4 division titles in a row. typical ny fan , i listen to wfan everyday , you guys jump on and off the bus more than any fan base in the country. metsfanforlife was just praising omar , thats hilarious , every met fan been calling for los-mets head for 3 years , now u love him , priceless. have your fun now , it wont last , you have no shot at the division and deep down you know it . maybe wildcard . pennants aren’t won on april 30th. look up who has the best record in NL AUG AND SEPT THE LAST THREE YEARS. i think you already know.

  • Posts: 0 Brooks

    Anyone take notice what the pitcher in Seattle is doing after his stint on the DL and suspension?
    Just sayin’ 7 innings of work, 98 pitches, 3 hits, 0 runs and 8 K’s – strike to ball ratio – 73 strikes, 25 balls.
    Yes, that would be one Clifford Lee.

  • Posts: 0 Jarrett

    @mets fan,
    I did watch just about every dreadful game of last season, and I know what you mean niese has progressed very nicely. I mean I had to pick my jaw off the ground a few times tonight watching him deal it was kinda unbelievable. I thought the phils would rough him up a bit. But I’m not ready to take huge heaping gulps of the orange and blue kool aid just yet. I’m close but not yet. And tomorrow will be a huge test for mr pelfrey if he can outduel halladay I think it’ll be time to start considering him as the elite of the N.L starting pitcher class. I think we should be having this discussion on one of our own blogs lol. I’m starting to feel a bit weird. But It is fun screwing with Philly fans they take everything so personally. And just for the record you guys and those idiot loudmouths on your team rollins and hammels started this beef. Hopefully this year finally well end a chapter of it. And btw stop showing up to citi is those really ugly retro powder blue jerseys…. Talk about wanting to throw up on someone

  • Posts: 0 miked63

    metsfanforlife : world series winning perct. are u kidding , theyre 1 of the original teams back to like 1896. when did the mets come into being like 1960. thats all you got ? world series winning perct. come on son u can do better than that cant u. and thats the 2nd time u called our site crap , than ? are u here. it cant be to break balls just cause u won a game in april , is it . wow these last 3 years must have been tougher than i thought for u . oh i forgot , when was your last playoff game ? and please dont say ( many ) mets fans wanted omars head , ask anybody on wfan its at least 90% and u know it. mike francessa reported yesterday that if u guys would have gone say 4 and 6 on the homestand the manager and omar were gone.just hope for the wildcard cause u have no shot at division over a 162 game schedule and u know it. phils roster is just better by far , ask any expert , you dont win all the games theyve won in 3 years by accident. i hope u have the balls to come on here around 4th of july when your 10 games out .

  • Posts: 0 miked63


  • Posts: 0 Djp1899

    I’m a Mets fan…I’ve posted here before because I think this is one of the better blogs in baseball.

    I’m glad the rivalry’s back. I enjoy the trash talking as long as it’s intelligent. The Phils still scare the shit out of me and I won’t be content as long as you’re less than 15 games back. Long season, boys.

  • Posts: 0 miked63

    djp1899 : finally an intelligent mets fan. i also enjoy good spirited conversation with mets fans. however earlier tnite a few caused me to get out of character. ( read some of my earlier posts ) with metsfanforlife , he came on here insulting phillies fans making no sense.
    if the situation were exactly opposite the last 3 years the last thing i would do is go on a mets blog and brag cause i won a game april 30th.
    that being said , if santana gets some help at the top of the rotation i think the mets have a shot. however i posted above this was the best april the phils had the last 4 years and were pretty banged up. i still think when its all said and done phils will win 93 to 96 games this year. do u think the mets can really make that kind of turn around. how many games did they win last year? i know theres a few good new pieces this year , but how many wins do u think they can pull off ?

  • Posts: 0 Metssss Fan for life

    This is a COMPLETLEY different Met’s squad.

    We essentialy added Jason Bay, Jeff, Jose, Barajas, Davis to a lineup that was anemic last year due to injury, not to mention Beltran will be back imo after the all star break. Our lineup is just as good if not better than the Phillies. Our bullpen did not include igarashi, nieve, takahasi, mejia (all key components to the pen) and our rotation is now healthy and includes Niese. I really do not see how mike, you are comparing this Met’s team to last year or whenever… this is a vastly improved team. the phillies have gotten better too though imo. Halladay and Lee is essentially a wash, but Halladay is obviousally better. Polanco is a big time upgrade over feliz (he is horrible), but jamie moyer is now 102 and the phils bullpen woes were not addressed. to say its an automatic that the phils will win the nl east, is iddiotic. The Mets are, of course!

  • Posts: 0 miked63

    you couldn’t find one writer , commentator , or educated unbiased fan to say the mets line up is better than the phillies . only the yankees have the same firepower. your basing your argument over one week. go thru the lineups 1 thru 8 and compare all the players stats over the last couple years for the SEASON not a week and its not close. please try and be intelligent about this , i’m 47 years old and i dont want to talk on these blogs like high school kids. just look up the numbers , if peter gammons , jason stark , or any UNBIASED person were honest about the line ups position by position the mets dont match up with the phillies . please just look up the numbers

  • Posts: 0 Metssss Fan for life


    did you really just call stark unbiased…. he is a PHILLIES FAN! wow. Gammons hates the Mets…. he’s a sox fan (1986 =). anyway, i really don’t see how anyone can say the phillies have a much better lineup…. they do not. last year murphy started in lf, now it is an all star, Jason Bay. We had Church in rf, now it is Jeff, 1b, Ike Davis is one of our best prospects he has endless potential imo, david wright bulked up over the summer and looks phenomenal, baraja is and blanco handle the pitchers EXTREMLEY well, not to mention rod has pop in his bat (unlike santos/schneider) and JOSE REYES is back and healthy and ready to go. what don’t you understand??????

    the phillies have a GREAT lineup….. nothing against their lineup at all. but let’s be real

    1) raul ibanez came over to the NL and nobody knew him so he tore it up…. different second half and different beg hmmmm
    2) polanco although tremendously overpaid is perfect for phils lineup good move by amaro
    3) ryan howard, i am not a fan…. kills rallies, can’t hit lefties for crap, but he has some serious pop…. not worth 125 m but whatever
    4) chase utley and werth are gamers
    5) rollins will be rollins
    6) victorino is a nice complimentary player.
    7) ruiz is average

    but the key is RAUL IBANEZ….. 37 years old. i personally think he will suck this year, but we will see. if he sucks thats a huge difference from last year. he was essential to that lineup.

  • Posts: 0 Glutenous

    Yes, the Phillies went 11-9 last April. They went 16-13 in 08. WON THE WFC IN 08, and the NL last year. April means nothing. The Phillies are traditionally not that great in April. Not having Happ and Blanton is monumental to this pitching staff, and I think that the plug needs to be pulled on KK. Why not let Figgy be the 5th starter or, hell, dare I say even Contreras for that matter. I do agree with one post earlier that it is completely necessary for us to at least look into signing Pedro again. If this slump continues more than a week or so into May I think that maybe, just maybe we may have a reason to start thinking about worrying. Also, please do not allow yourselves to be butt-hurt by ignorant Mess fans. If they cannot contribute to an intelligent conversation about baseball and just talk about how trashy the city of Philadelphia is and just shit talk, they deserve to be ignored. Getting upset is exactly the result they desire. Just ignore these fools.

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