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The Phillies placed Jimmy Rollins on the 15-day DL Wednesday with a strained right calf. The injury, acquired during pre-game warmups in Monday’s home opener, is believed to be between a Grade 1 and Grade 2 strain. Wilson Valdez was called up from Triple-A Lehigh Valley to replace Rollins on the Phils’ 25-man roster.

How a strain can be between two grades is beyond me, because, after all, isn’t the point of placing grades on injuries to differentiate between one level and another?

Grade 2 calf strains typically take 3-6 weeks to heal, but all cases are different. Jimmy’s injury is reportedly carrying a 2-4 week tag. Go here to find out everything you need to know about the injury.

As Bill Baer of Crashburn Alley noted, Shane Victorino missed twenty-two days in July 2007 with a strained calf, and subsequently sat out twelve more after returning.

I dug a little deeper and found some other examples of players missing time with Grade 2 calf strains:

  • Lance Berkman suffered a Grade 2 strain in his left calf last July and missed exactly 20 days – he was out from 7/23-8/11.
  • Albert Pujols missed 15 days in June 2008 with a Grade 2 strain in his left calf
  • Carlos Boozer (NBA – Utah Jazz) missed ten days with a Grade 2 calf strain

If Jimmy heals slowly, he won’t be back until the beginning of June. If sufficient progress is made, however, the outlook is much brighter.

When asked about the injury Wednesday, Jimmy noted “Between today and Monday, it’s much better. It’s not even comparable to the way it felt. So if things continue to progress the way they have over the last 48 hours, hopefully it will be just two weeks.” Kudos to Delco Times’ Phillies beat writer Ryan Lawrence for the quote.

On MLB radio earlier Wednesday afternoon, Charlie Manuel referred to the injury as a “Grade 1 or 2 calf tear.” He did not misspeak, but the word “tear” does not mean the same thing in this instance that it usually does. By definition, a grade 2 sprain of the gastroc (fancy word for the calf muscle) involves a partial muscle tear.

This is NOT a full-on muscle tear, however. That would have required significantly longer healing time – a minimum of three months.

Juan Castro will start tonight in Jimmy’s stead, and it can be assumed that he will take the reins at shortstop for the next few weeks. While Castro is not nearly as productive as a starting shortstop, it is times like this that we should be thankful Eric Bruntlett no longer wears a Phillies uniform.

Werth Not Starting, But Available

Greg Dobbs will bat fifth and start in right field tonight in place of Jayson Werth. A sore hip required Werth to be taken out of Monday’s 7-4 win over the Nationals, but the move was more of the better-safe-than-sorry variety than anything else.

Werth commented after Monday’s game that he was fine and that removing him from the game was solely a precautionary measure.

As for his absence in Wednesday’s lineup card, Charlie Manuel stated that this was just a way to give Werth an extended breather, and that he would be available to come off the bench.

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  • Posts: 0 Rick

    Thanks for the update on the injuries.

    But: You mean “reins,” not reigns. A king reigns (it’s a verb); a jockey takes the reins (noun).


  • Posts: 312 Corey Seidman

    Avatar of Corey Seidman

    I actually meant Raines. Tim Raines.

  • Posts: 0 scott tully

    I make it raines on dem hoes

  • Posts: 0 Ed R.

    Why is Dobbs starting and not Frisco? I guess Charlie wants Dobbs to get some at bats.

  • Posts: 0 Chooch

    Get well soon, please Phillies, lets not become the 2009 Mets with the injury bug.

  • Posts: 0 WFC010

    I don’t know why Dobbs would get the start over Francisco, but we all better hope that he does well.

    We are going to be without Jimmy tonight, and Werth may come into the game during the late innings at best.

    With Kendrick on the mound tonight, it’s very hard to predict how he’ll do, but having a better start than last time shouldn’t be too much to hope for.

    I really don’t think the Nationals are the worst team in Baseball anymore, although they are undoubtedly near the bottom overall. They are actually rather good offensively, even if they lack a lot in both defense and pitching.

    Once you know who comes up from the minors, I think the Nationals will give the Phillies greater reason for concern.

  • Posts: 0 Kara The Great

    Jimmy should be better sooner than you think. He is so much stronger than this. Jayson, we love you! Go Phils!

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