Gameday: Phillies (26-18) at Mets (23-23)

Posted by Jonathan Fogg, Wed, May 26, 2010 06:15 PM | Comments: 166
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Philadelphia Phillies (26-18) at New York Mets (23-23)

Joe Blanton (1-2, 5.06 ERA) at Hisanori Takahashi (3-1, 2.53 ERA)

Time: 7:10, Citi Field

Weather: Partly cloudy, 86

TV: Comcast SportsNet

Twitter: @philliesnation

The conventional wisdom said the Phillies would be comfortably in first place in late May. It also said the Flyers would be on the golf course.

But in sports, the conventional wisdom is all too often wrong. Don’t believe me? Grab a copy of “The Wages of Wins” by David Berri, Martin Schmidt and Stacey Brook. The authors are all sports fans who happen to be economists, and they make compelling cases as to why many of the beliefs regarded as canon in sports aren’t borne out by the numbers. Their research is thorough, and as a bonus, the book is an enjoyable read, too.

While the last three games have been anything but enjoyable for Phils fans, with the team having been shut out twice and held scoreless in 28 of 29 innings, an economist would say that it simply can’t hold up. The silent Phillies offense (which has batted a mind-numbing .203 and scored 15 runs in the past seven games) will crackle back to life – it’s just a matter of when and where.

What’s not helping with that are ever-present injuries. In addition to Jimmy Rollins being back on the DL, Carlos Ruiz acknowledged today that his right shoulder has been bothering him for, oh, about five weeks. He’s not in the lineup tonight but hopes to return tomorrow. The question remains of when – or if – his shoulder will be right.

Joe Blanton takes the ball for the Phillies tonight, and if anyone has the credentials to pitch a gem in Flushing, it’s Big Joe, who is 2-0 with a 1.59 ERA in four starts against the Mets in his career.

Tonight’s Lineup: Victorino CF, Polanco 3B, Utley 2B, Howard 1B, Werth RF, Francisco LF, Valdez SS, Schneider C, Blanton P

Golden CapYour Gameday Beer – Golden Cap Saison Ale

Lately, runs for the Phillies have been slightly rarer than flying monkeys. So while you wait for the offense to come around, grab one (or more) of these – it has a huge winged monkey on the label. It’s a farmhouse ale with faint lemon and yeast flavors which go down smooth – a definite summer ale. I’m drinking one right now and recommend a savory crepe with it. – By Brian


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  • Posts: 0 Cheatin' Phils (The Artist Formerly Known As)

    Thats great!

    Its been fun Philly fans. Best of luck to you the rest of the way this season.

  • Posts: 0 Cheatin' Phils

    Yeah you’re a hocky town now. Cause we all are wearing our rangers and devils and islanders jersey around our town right now. How many damn teams do we get to root for anyways? It’s nice to pick from all these different teams even in all our sports even if some of them play in jersey.

  • Posts: 0 teejvee

    Wow. Just WOW.

    Isn’t anybody gonna comment on Blanton?

    It’s now become the norm. 4-5 good innings and then he blows up.

    5.63 ERA.

    Folks, that is BAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.
    Eaton bad.

  • Posts: 0 jeff

    I love the games. I really only hate the yankees

  • Posts: 0 Ed R.

    Cheatin Phils…I find it ironic that you claim Phillies fans are front runners yet the Met’s have the biggest ticket sales decline over the last 4 years of ANY team in pro sports. Look it up. It’s a fact. But Phillies fans are the front runners?

  • Posts: 0 joey in NY

    i can not believe how bad Phillies team is.
    Why do I type like I speak no english?

  • Posts: 0 Scott in D.C.

    Kendrick, Blanton, Moyer — and a schizo Hamels.

    It amazes me, really, that the Phils have done as well as they have.

  • Posts: 0 miked63

    man i was trying to go to bed and sign off with a nice peacefull post at 10:19 —— to cheatin —— us flyer fans aren’t front runners bro , the flyers have sold out just about every game for 30 years. —— when it comes to winning teams in every city you will always have casual fans jump on , that happens everywhere. ——– and by the way with the flyers in the final now were the only city in the country with someone in the finals the last 3 years in a row.———good night all

  • Posts: 0 Cheatin' Phils (The Artist Formerly Known As)

    Miked63, im glad that what you left us with, means something to you and will be relevant in actually helping the Flyers beat the Blackhawks.

    You all are really starting to sound like Boston fans now and that is the lowest of the low.

    Good Night all. It has been fun.


    The Real Cheatin’ Phils.

  • Posts: 0 Brooks

    heres dobbsy!

  • Posts: 0 Georgie

    I think I must be on the wrong blog……what is going on here tonight? Who are all these strange people? I recognize Ed R. and Brooks, and Manny a while back….and of course Jeff, who sucks the air out of the room as soon as he enters.

  • Posts: 0 Phuh Cube Itchez

    Ed…probably because they’ve coupled 3 years of disappointment with one of the largest price hikes in history… all while big-screen hd TV’s (like my 240Hz 1080p Sony Bravia w 7.1 Dolby II audio system) and an epic set of broadcasters make watching from home extremely pleasant…

  • Posts: 0 Brooks

    Georgie, If you come back to this time slot – I did file a complaint. Too much kid-stuff going on for me to keep up on this site.
    There has to be a way to control the nonsense. Really, not that this may mean much to the caretakers of this site but, they go or I go. I cannot deal with the cursing, racist comments and really childish (I qualified that, we all sometimes spout) behavior.

  • Posts: 0 Georgie

    Brooks, I absolutely agree….if I check in here early in the game and see this kind of crap, I’m outta here too!

  • Posts: 0 Sapnkyankee

    OH JEFFEY poooo “this pitcher throws lots of strikes. we will blow him up like pearl harbor. oh babbbbbbbbbbbby. mets are just a pathtic team”

    A quote from Jeff….guess that is another team you can’t beat….let alone score a run on….reality check please….one should remember …this too is not your year….your team is imploding ……like like like PEARL HARBOR lmao….I’ll tell ya here’s a way to get some luck going your way….tell all the female Filthy Fans to shave and maybe ya might win one ….where I sit, there are alot of women who try to look like Jason Worthless….so SHAVE GIRLFRIENDS…..

  • Posts: 0 Stacey Brook

    Thanks for plugging our book!

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