The Phillie Phanatic is Being Sued: Is Nothing Sacred?

Posted by Pat Gallen, Wed, June 30, 2010 09:51 AM | Comments: 21
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Just read an interesting piece in the Philadelphia Inquirer this morning about the Worlds Greatest Mascot, the Phillie Phanatic, and his litigation troubles. It seems that our green friend injured a woman at a Reading Phillies game; she’s seeking $50,000 in damages.

The woman’s lawyer said that those around him liken it to “suing Santa Claus.” It’s understandable if you read the article; the woman has arthritis and the Phanatic’s horseplay set it off, causing her to seek medical attention. But does the Phanatic need to walk around with a waiver form nowadays?

The person inside the costume, Tom Burgoyne, is one of several parties being sued in this case. It’s certainly an unfortunate chain of events, but you figure something like this was bound to happen. And actually, it’s happened several times before, although just a few times in the last decade.  The Phanatic has been sued before!?

We normally don’t go all politico on you, however, I’d like to hear your thoughts on this topic…

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  • Posts: 0 The People's Champ

    If you can’t handle a little mascot horseplay, maybe you shouldn’t be attending games. What a joke.

  • Posts: 0 Jeff

    My waiter farted on me. I think I will sue. People will sue for anything. Get a life.

  • Posts: 0 SpinJamin

    What could the Phanatic POSSIBLY do to this woman? These kinds of suits are a complete joke and this woman should be exposed for the fraud that she is. I just hope that karma kicks her in the ass real bad. People in this world just make me sick.

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  • Posts: 0 Georgie

    As an older fan with a knee replacement, I can say with a fair amount of certainty that I would NOT want the Phanatic standing on my legs while he’s entertaining the troops. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE him, but he does need to realize that he’s HUGE, and there are some elderly and/or frail people who attend games that cannot handle that sort of thing. I suppose Jeff will say that older people or the disabled have no business going to a baseball game, or anywhere else for that matter. I often see the Phanatic roughhousing in the stands, which 99 times out of 100 is no problem, but he just needs to be more cognizant of who he’s playing with….stay away from old ladies!

    As far as the lawsuit, I really can’t say if it’s legit or not, but the possibility that he hurt her is definitely there.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    “The person inside the costume” … WHAT????

  • Posts: 0 honestcharlie

    Can I sue the Phillies if they don’t make the playoffs ?

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    Is there any actual evidence in this case, or is this just a person claiming the phanatic stepped on her..

    what would happen if I was trying to get past her to exit the aisle and somehow bumped her knee, she would sue me too?

    Phillies should give her like $10,000 to get lost

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    Also .. this will be the start of when the Phanatic no longer interacts directly with fans … he’ll do his on-field pre game stuff … hit the dugout in the 7th .. but no more dumping popcorn on people’s heads, or shooting hot dogs into the crowd

    because that is going to start a lawsuit from the Childhood Obesity groups, etc

  • Posts: 0 BB

    I have arthritis… I know many things can cause it to act up… especially weather… it happens to me all the time and I usally end up needing a shot for it to subside. I would check her past history to see if she complains about it everytime she goes to the doctor. She may be out trying to make a easy buck!

  • Posts: 0 Ed R.

    And this is exhibit A of why the rest of the world hates Americans.

  • Posts: 0 RichieAllen

    I bet she does ballroom dancing when no one is looking.

  • Posts: 0 George

    According to the article I read, this woman claims this incident eventually caused her to need Knee replacements. According to some orthopedists, though, arthritis usually leads to knee replacements, anyway. Having had experience with arthritis myself, I’ll also question her claim that it was “asymtomatic” before this incident. She’s 75 years old; there’s no way in hell her joints didn’t bother her already. Arthritis is never asymptomatic.

    I, too, wonder what would happen if I accidentally bumped her squeezing past. But then, I’m not a celebrity, and I’m not rich, so the answer to that is probably nothing.

    Having said that, however, the Phanatic does need to pay more attention to the types he picks for his stunts. What’s funny to some is dangerous to others. Small people and old people don’t usually wish to be hugged by a giant because of the injury potential.

  • Posts: 0 Ryan S

    The Phanatic is a jerk.

  • Posts: 0 karen

    if you do not want this, move away or something. this country is based upon someone having to sue someone else. get a fricken life woman……

  • Posts: 0 a phan

    In my opion, Simple case of trial lawers ruining this country

  • Posts: 0 Christian

    Can we burn this witch at the stake…..I have a feeling this woman which I use this term loosely must be not only a Mets fan but probably enjoys the Cowboys as well.

    How can you sue the Phanatic??

    If that trend is starting, let’s sue Mr. Met! I’m sure that idiot mascot has bumped a few people with that huge head of his!

  • Posts: 0 Rick

    You shouldn’t assume anything one way or the other. If it lacks merit, the suit will fail. Don’t be such yutzes.

  • Posts: 0 Adrian

    Geez, it’s not like the Phanatic deliberately poured a scalding hot cup of McDonald’s coffee on her. Now then maybe it would make sense to sue. How ridiculous…

  • Posts: 0 Sharon

    I’ve seen the phanatic and sure hes fun, a great part of the game but this really happened. And watching a ball game is for all ages. There is no need for the phanatic to jump on someone to have fun.

  • Posts: 0 Sherry in Philly

    She wants the Phillies to pay for her shiny new knees. Isn’t arthritis in a 75 year old woman degenerative? Years of wear and tear? Even if you get into a bad accident, it takes years for it to cause arthritis, not ‘soon after’ an accident like she claims.

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