Phillies Trade Deadline Thread: July 22

Posted by Pat Gallen, Thu, July 22, 2010 09:10 AM | Comments: 115
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8:35 am: This morning on ESPN Radio, Tim Kurkjian talked about the ongoing Roy Oswalt chatter. Kurkjian stated that the Cardinals are talking about Oswalt, because, why wouldn’t they. A top-three of Carpenter, Wainwright, and Oswalt would be virtually unbeatable in the playoffs. However, he sees a Cards/Oswalt union as unlikely because of his contract. Kurkjian believes they have to leave some money available for when Albert Pujols is ready to sign on the dotted line again.

As for the Phillies, he wonders if they, too, can get a deal done because of the finances involved. But the ESPN Insider says Oswalt might have to give up his demands to have his 2012 option picked up before a trade is finalized, if he wants to go to a contending club. Oswalt is owed roughly $6 million this season and $16 million next year before the option year comes into play.

-Late last night, Jim Salisbury of CSNPhilly.com said that the Phillies could go without adding a pitcher altogether if they cannot grab a top arm like Oswalt or Dan Haren. Haren is an interesting case. He would cost slightly more than Oswalt as far as prospects are concerned, but his contract is friendlier. He is owed the remainder of his $8.25 million salary this season and $12.5 million in both 2011 and 2012. He has a $15 million option for 2013 or a $3.5 million buyout. There have been indications that the Phils will stretch the budget for the “right” pitcher, per Salisbury.

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  • Posts: 0 Manny

    He is solid and healthy. I don’t know how many more seasons he needs to pitch to prove everybody wrong!

    At the very least he’s earned the right to pitch for this team after his injury. Let’s see what he has. DO NOT TRADE.

  • Posts: 0 Josh

    I can’t believe people are still talking about Cliff Lee.

    Don’t worry everyone! I have a plan! All I need a DiLorean and a flux capacitor. I’ll be right back!


  • Posts: 0 Manny


    JA HAPP…


  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    I do agree…did not realize Uptons average was like that. Well, we’ll take him if they don’t want him.

    It does not look like the Cardinals want to pay Oswalts salary in full. Though he wants to go there, I would still say We have a chance at him. JA Happ, Anthony Gose, Jarrod Cosart would go a long way to getting it done. You know we can afford it, the excuse of that rubbish about not being able to afford it is pretty much gone now. But in order to keep it within reason, I would rather spend 16M on pitching than give it to Jayson Werth. So it does make sense.

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    Again, though….16M for a guy that plays in 35 games….or less than 16 (cause Werth WILL get less) for a guy that plays everyday??

    Just askin’

  • Posts: 0 Gary B

    Was talking with a Red Sox fan here in the office and was told Ellsbury is not the most popular guy in the dugout, he’s rumored to not be the best “team player”. Anybody else hear that about the guy, although his numbers do look pretty nice to lead off.

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    I was never a big fan of Ellsbury, not really ever convinced of his legitimacy

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  • Posts: 95 Paul Boye

    Avatar of Paul Boye


    I know how to spell my own name. There is no L in my last name.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    that would be the reason they want to move Ellsbury … because he doesn’t yet make much money, and he’s a pretty good leadoff man

    the ONLY reason they’d move him is to get him off the team on purpose. .. getting Werth in return would give them a nice RH bat

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  • Posts: 0 karen

    I don’t get the never ending obsession with pitching. Ask cole and roy how far pitching has gotten this team…..they need offense…this is not something that getting a pitcher will produce

  • Posts: 0 Bruce

    Sorry Paul BOYE. My apology for misspelling your name. I need new glasses I guess (chuckles).

  • Posts: 0 roy jennings


  • Posts: 0 karen

    I think that regardless what comes out of these trades…..amaro and the phillies will forever be remembered for giving lee to seattle and then having to trade more prospects/players for another pitcher at trade deadline…esp if that pitcher is oswalt with a big contract

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