The Three-Year Plan

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Know where the Phillies were on July 29, 2007?

They were in second place at 55-49, sitting 3.5 behind the Mets.

They beat the Pirates 5-1 that day. Jimmy Rollins went 3-for-4 out of the three-hole and Kyle Kendrick went 7-6-1-1-4.

Two days prior, the Phils traded Rich Dubee’s son, Michael, for a stop-gap solution at second base named Tadahito Iguchi. A day later they would trade Matt Maloney to the Reds for Kyle Lohse.

Know where they were on July 29, 2008?

They were a half game behind the Mets in the win column in the NL East, sitting at 57-49. They sat out during the trade deadline en route to a World Series.

They beat the Nationals 2-1 on 7-29-08, riding Chase Utley‘s 26th home run and seven scoreless innings from Brett Myers to victory.

How ’bout July 29, 2009?

Six games ahead in the NL East, but shut out, 4-0, in Arizona, to a 44-58 team. J.A. Happ pitched well and the Phillies traded for Cliff Lee and Ben Francisco. Oh, what was that last part?

Then, this past day…

Had someone told you on July 29, 2007, that in the next three years the Phillies would:

  • overcome a seven-game deficit with seventeen to play to make their first postseason in fourteen years,
  • win a World Series
  • defend their NL title by trading for Cliff Lee at the deadline
  • trade for Roy Halladay during the ensuing offseason
  • trade Cliff Lee during the ensuing offseason
  • trade for Roy Oswalt on the very same day as Lee, the next year

Would you have believed it? Would you have even listened? If someone told you those things, would they have sounded realistic in any possible way?

The Phillies won their eighth consecutive game Thursday night, improving to 56-46 on a walkoff single from Wilson Valdez. Cody Ransom scoring a game-winning run on a Wilson Valdez single. Just how they drew it up…

A game and a half behind in the Wildcard, and two-and-a-half back in the NL East, the Phils will carry the momentum of an eight-win resurrection into Washington. As if that exhilaration wasn’t enough, they’ll play behind their new Ace 1a – Roy Oswalt.

How am I supposed to believe Roy Oswalt is a Phillie? I still can’t believe Roy HALLADAY is a Phillie!

Bye J.A. Happ. We’ll miss your irrefutable poise, ridiculous strand rates, and hair line. So long, Anthony Gose. I hope you straighten out and don’t go 36-for-63 in stolen base attempts in the Blue Jays system. Adios, Jonathan Villar. Take your reputation of being a “good glove” and earn it by not making 42 errors at shortstop.

What a light package. This package was lighter than the one the Phillies traded to Cleveland (Carrasco-Knapp-Donald-Marson), lighter than the one sent from Seattle to Philly for Clifton, and lighter than the one sent from LAA to Arizona for Dan Haren.

Saving Singleton

The Phils were able to keep Jonathan Singleton - the Single-A slugger, not the director – because of the third-party interest in Anthony Gose.


Well, immediately after receiving Gose from the Phillies, the Astros adeptly flipped him to the Blue Jays for sweet swingin’ first base prospect, Brett Wallace.

(Side note: Wallace, one of the top ten hitting prospects remaining in the minors, has been traded four times in the past year despite sporting a .304/.375/.487 line in 1,250 minor league plate appearances. He went from St. Louis to Oakland for Matt Holliday, than to Toronto for Michael Taylor, now to Houston for Gose.)

Since the Astros and Blue Jays had an obviously prearranged agreement to swap Gose and Wallace, Houston did not demand the powerful Singleton, also a first baseman. The third party side-trade was reminiscent of Toronto’s with Seattle this past offseason, when the Mariners sent Brandon Morrow to the Blue Jays for Brandon League and prospect Johermyn Chavez during the Halladay-Lee companion deals.

The loss for the Phillies is far from substantial, but here’s the kicker: ELEVEN MILLION of the remaining $23MM on Oswalt’s contract will come from Drayton McLane‘s pockets. The Astros are paying nearly half of Oswalt’s remaining pact!

Oswalt is due $16 million total next year, but the Phillies are only on the hook for eight. The same amount they pay Joe Blanton. Not bad.

These are crazy times, folks. Such crazy times that Phillies Nation actually BROKE for a day! But don’t worry, we’re back and better than ever. With a server 10x stronger than the last one, we’re primed for a postseason run…

Just like the Phillies, who now have the best three-headed monster in Major League Baseball: Halladay-Hamels-Oswalt. Would you have believed it in ’07?

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  • Posts: 0 Ted Bell

    The Phillies already have 16 players under contract next season for $145 million. The remaining nine roster players figure to be very inexpensive. In other words, Jayson Werth won’t be here next year…

    I’m Ted Bell.

  • Posts: 0 Manny

    Overall, the front office has done a good job. They’ve stretched our winning window through 2012, when at first it was supposed to end in 2010 or 2011. I expect them to keep doing that as we move along. I don’t think it’ll be a dramatic shift from costly veterans to a bunch of minor-leaguers.

  • Posts: 0 Bruce

    You can always count on Wade for a good return in a trade.(chuckles)

    @Geoff: “…I think they will likely prioritize some injury cover for their infield.” They already have one in Wilson Valdez who has done an excellent job for both positions, ss and 2b. He is flawless in fielding with an exceptionally strong and accurate arm. He even came through with a few clutch hits.

    After the trade for Oswalt what are the Phillies’ plans for Jayson Werth? The team could use bullpen help right now and replenish their farm with added prospects. I say trade Werth now for something of value even if it is just a salary dump.

  • Posts: 0 NJ

    I think the Phils have addressed the bullpen with the addition of Oswalt. 1-3 the starters will turn in a top of innings so the bullpen will be set-up nicely to not have to be stretched too thin. I doubt there’s a reliever out there who could be had cheaply who are upgrades over the guys we have.

  • Posts: 0 NJ

    ton of innings^

  • Posts: 0 psujoe

    Bastardo is tearing it up in AAA. If he’s healthy I’d have him replace Baez or Herndon on the Roster. I’d never want anyone to get hurt, but a nice 15-30 day stint by one of those guys would allow management to bring up a better reliever.

    Ted Bell,

    If Raul keeps on truckin’ he will be tradable to an AL team to free up money for Werth.

  • Posts: 0 Philly Geoff

    Who plays CF for the next 3-4 weeks if you trade Werth?

    This team is a legit WS contender now, and another BP arm and bench player could put them over the top.

    And Valdez has been outstanding… he has really impressed me.

  • Posts: 0 Brooks

    I like your thinking psujoe – I’d bring back Jose Table to replace Herndon..

  • Posts: 0 Land Shark

    I know this might seem crazy, but bear with me here…I know most of you would disagree, and thats fine. I think they should still move Werth out of here while they can to replenish the farm system. I think Brown would do a good job filling in for Werth, and come Post season. He doesn’t have the expierience as Werth, but I think between Francisco and Brown the job will get done……….And we’ll even put some more extra talent back into the farm.

  • Posts: 0 Land Shark

    Look…Trade Werth for about 2 good prospects, than go after Bautista

  • Posts: 0 psujoe

    Werth isn’t going to be traded. Phils are a serious contender for the WS with their rotation now. The farm is still in very good shaped. Cosart top 25 prospect, Singleton top 50 prospect and Colvin is a top 100 prospect.

  • Posts: 0 Land Shark

    IMO they would be contenders with or without Werth. Keep in mind, were trailing behind the Division and WC (not by much but were still behind). Its not like we have a 7 game lead. Nothing is promised in this game.

  • Posts: 0 HighwayFlower

    I just would hate to see both Cliff Lee and Werth in Yankee uniforms…

  • Posts: 0 George

    The Victorino injury killed any real chance of trading Werth.

  • Posts: 0 George

    Lee probably will go to the Yanks, because they really want him. But Werth will only be a Yanks target if they can’t sign Crawford.

  • Posts: 0 Land Shark

    I know it seems that way, but I don’t think it did. We have plenty of platoons options to cover Center and Right until Shane comes back (Gload, Francisco, and Brown) and they could even summon Mayberry if they wanted to for the time being. Werth is good, but he isn’t the face of this franchise

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  • Posts: 0 Manny


    Think about it. It makes zero sense, at least for 2010.

  • Posts: 0 psujoe

    The Phils need Werth hitting behind Howard. I like Ben Fran, but not as a #5 protecting Howard. Keep Werth make a run at the WS. Trade Ibanez in the off season. Try to resign Werth, if not look for another RH bat in FA.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    They wouldn’t have traded for Oswalt if they were going to move Werth .. it would make no sense..

    people overthink this stuff sometimes

  • Posts: 0 Bruce

    @Don M: Do you want to clarified your statement for those who see Werth as expendable and can provide valuable return in trade especially in areas of need such as the bullpen and bench? Also keep in mind the Phillies do not intend to keep Dominic Brown on the bench. He is there to play regularly..be it in CF or RF. What is that expression?..You can have your cake and eat it too..with Oswalt and trade Werth for something of value (and not worry about his contract).

  • Posts: 0 "PHILLYBOY"

    With the money we saved by hosing the astros i still think we can sign werth in the off-season.plus when we win the world series this year i believe he will still want to play for us!!!!!!! WE GOT FREAKING ROY OSWALT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • [...] The Three-Year Plan | Phillies Nation [...]

  • [...] The Three-Year Plan | Phillies Nation [...]

  • [...] The Three-Year Plan | Phillies Nation [...]

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