Gameday: Braves (86-64) at Phillies (89-61)

Posted by Brian Michael, Mon, September 20, 2010 06:37 PM | Comments: 0
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Atlanta Braves (86-64) at Philadelphia Phillies (88-61)Atlanta Braves

Brandon Beachy (0-0, – ERA) vs. Cole Hamels (11-10, 3.01 ERA)

Time: 7:05, Citizens Bank Park
Partly cloudy, 72
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You want a playoff atmosphere? Well, you got it my friend. Tonight the Bank will be rocking – rally towels and all. The Phillies enter with a three game lead over the Braves in the NL East with 12 games remaining, six against each other.

To add to the drama, the Braves scheduled starter, Jair Jurrjens, has been scratched due to injury. 24-year-old rookie Brandon Beachy will start in his place. This move may favor the Braves as the Phils have not done well against guys they have not seen before. Not to mention Jurrjens’ struggles lately. Beachy has spent most of this season in AA and went 2-0 with a 2.17 ERA in 8 games in AAA before being called up earlier this month. He has an impressive 5.29 K/BB ratio – but of course, he has yet to face major league hitting.

And the Phillies have plenty of that. Riding a seven-game winning streak, the Phils have won 11 of their last 12. They are hot at the right time; even if those wins came against the bottom-feeders of the division. Nonetheless the bats are connecting, especially those of Ryan Howard and Raul Ibanez. Plus, Cole Hamels is tossing some of his best games of his career. He has given up just a single run in his last 31 1/3 innings and over his last 13 games is 5-3 with a stingy 1.79 ERA.

There is no doubt tonight’s game a big one. Where will you be watching?

Today’s lineup: Victorino CF, Polanco 3B, Utley 2B, Howard 1B, Werth RF, Ibanez LF, Ruiz C, Valdez SS, Hamels P

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  • Posts: 0 Andrew from waldorf

    polanco should get the GG
    defense wins championships

  • Posts: 0 miked63

    Whats that now , 2 runs given up by cole in his last 43 innings

  • Posts: 0 Manny

    Madson and/or Lidge should take care of the nine.

  • Posts: 0 Manny


  • Posts: 0 Desibrave

    I am very impressed with Braves performance tonight.., Great job guys, When i heard about Beachy starting i was little taken aback.., But this is fantastic stuff., Great job Braves.., Great pitching Hamels., time well spent

  • Posts: 0 Andrew from waldorf

    itll be lidge in the 9th
    cross fingers folks
    should probably be madson

  • Posts: 0 Desibrave

    Fransworth is crap.. i don’t like him.. he is a weak link in this Braves bullpen

  • Posts: 0 miked63

    Desi , I know you dont watch every phillies game so you have no idea how good the big three have been the last 6 weeks . The Phils will be very hard to beat in the playoffs with those 3 starting and our lineup.
    Except it now , 1st team in 70 years to go to 3 WS in a row in the NL

  • Posts: 0 Manny

    That’s a hard-throwing piece of crap….

  • Posts: 0 miked63

    They just said the Phillies are the only team in all of baseball now with the top 3 starters era all under 3.00

  • Posts: 0 pheeling it

    So were about to win without a homerun, Braves fans.



  • Posts: 0 jt

    lidge pitching 9th?i don’t feel confortable with him pitching….

  • Posts: 0 Andrew from waldorf

    1 down

  • Posts: 0 pheeling it

    3 pitches, struck em out

  • Posts: 0 Andrew from waldorf

    lidge has been ights out a long time now i dont count that 8 run lead game

  • Posts: 0 Desibrave

    looks like Lidge learned a lesson or two looking at Braves Bullpen since the 4th inning :)

  • Posts: 0 miked63

    @adam —- why did you say you didnt want to see Lidge ?

    Have you been watching the last 6 weeks ? He’s been great

  • Posts: 0 Andrew from waldorf


    atlanta should be ashamed

  • Posts: 0 ChuckS

    hell yeah

  • Posts: 0 Terri


  • BALLGAME!!!!!!!!

  • Posts: 0 Mostone


  • Posts: 0 miked63

    Andrew , what does Lidge have to do to get some of our fans off his back , havent they been watching ?

  • Posts: 0 Andrew from waldorf

    the fat lady has sung

    at no pont this year was atlanta a factor for the fightins

  • Posts: 0 pheeling it

    4 game lead. STRUCK EM OUT bravoman

  • Posts: 0 Manny

    WOW! LIDGE looked as good as ever!!!!

  • Posts: 0 Andrew from waldorf

    90 wins
    most in mlb

    they wont ever be over it
    when hes bad it so gut wrenching they never forget it

  • Posts: 0 miked63

    1st team to 90 wins in the NL —- tied with the Yankees for most wins in baseball

  • YES LIDGE WAS SOOOOO NASTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Posts: 0 Andrew from waldorf

    didnt even use madson
    id have 0 problem if roy goes 8 tomorrow if madson closed

    we got 2 lights out closers

  • Posts: 0 Desibrave

    I have absolutely no complaints.., Braves played Terrific.., Solid Pitching , barring that error by Heyward , Phenominal performance under pressure.. We will come back tomorrow and try to win..,

    Great Pitching Hamels and Lidge you look good but still scope for improvement

  • Posts: 0 Mostone

    Eleven pitches, bitches!

  • Posts: 0 Kate

    That’s MY BOY!

    1-2-3 for BRAD LIDGE!!


    I love my Lidge! Always have, always will!

    Four games up!

    But I kinda think Diaz should get Player of the Game for dropping that brainless turd on the field.

  • Posts: 0 pheeling it

    I think Hamels should be our ace

  • Posts: 0 Desibrave

    Braves have 6 hits against Phillies’s 5 hits.., Those Double plays costed them..

  • Posts: 0 Ryan

    Desi, that’s why we’re in first place and the Braves aren’t. We take advantage when we need to.

  • Posts: 0 pheeling it

    Wah Desibrave, you wouldn’t turn them. Heyward blew the game


  • Posts: 0 Ryan

    Andrew you fool, that’s not the most in the mlb.

  • Posts: 0 Adam

    That game had all the feel of playoff baseball. I have seen the Padres, Giants, Reds but I have no doubt that the two best teams reside in the NL East.

    That Braves bullpen is quite impressive. But good to be up 4 games!!! Unreal that this team is 42-15 since July 21st, simply a magical ride.

  • Posts: 0 Ryan

    It’s not do-or-die. That’s why probably Jay.

  • Posts: 0 Andrew from waldorf

    the phillies ation was way to pumped for it

    jsut another game ive been saying a long time

    and now braveless are out

    they need next 2 to have a shot
    good luck with that

  • Posts: 0 Mostone

    I’m beginning to think that the Phils will have clinched before that last series in Atlanta.

  • Posts: 0 Kate

    If I’m correct, the magic number is now 8.

    Don’t stop BELIEPHING.

  • Posts: 0 Andrew from waldorf

    ryan you doucher
    90 wins leads the MAJORS

    where do we get these mongoloids?

  • Posts: 0 charlie

    see ya Braves- your prize for losing this game is you have to face the Doctor tomorrow. Guess who is again atop the NL East- THE PHIGHTINS

  • Posts: 0 Andrew from waldorf


    if nto for the sorry ass Mets

    the braves would be out now

    The mets are a true disgrace

  • Posts: 0 Kate

    The offense does need to take more advantage with RISP tomorrow and Wednesday, but that’s more of a note than a real criticism.

    Two was all we needed and we got three.

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