Gameday: Braves (86-65) at Phillies (90-61)

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Atlanta Braves (86-65) at Philadelphia Phillies (90-61)Atlanta Braves

Mike Minor (3-1, 5.84 ERA) vs. Roy Halladay (19-10, 2.49 ERA)

Time: 7:05, Citizens Bank Park
Clear, 66
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Four up with 11 to play. The Phillies can take a commanding five game lead in the National League East tonight with a win behind Roy Halladay. Atlanta is going to get sick of seeing aces real quick.

Halladay wants to join some elite company in Phillies history this evening. With a victory, he’ll get his 20th, putting him in a class with Steve Carlton, Chris Short, and Robin Roberts as the only pitchers since 1917 to have 20 wins or more for the club. Quite an honor.

Atlanta, in their quest for a playoff berth, is countering with 22-year old rookie Mike Minor. You’d think they would have set up the rotation in a way that would make this a series, but the Phillies have a clear advantage right now. As Charlie Manuel likes to say, it’s all about the here and now, he won’t look ahead and neither will the lot of these guys.

In his pre-game presser, he talked highly of Wilson Valdez. The 32-year old shortstop has done an admirable job of filling in for Jimmy Rollins, no matter how depressing his 19 double-plays are. As Rollins continues to heal slowly – there is no timetable yet for his return, but Manuel did say he’s getting better – Valdez will be called upon keep the defense in order. Can’t heap enough praise onto him.

Today’s lineup: Victorino CF, Polanco 3B, Utley 2B, Howard 1B, Werth RF, Ibanez LF, Ruiz C, Valdez SS, Halladay P

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  • Posts: 0 Andrew from waldorf

    Gibson would be top 5 pitcher in todays game
    Williams i think would hit .400

    he was hurt playing in fenway as a lefty.
    could have been better somewhere like yankees stadium

  • Posts: 0 Andrew from waldorf

    williams was like gwynn and boggs of our generation with schmidts power

  • Posts: 0 Ryan

    The reason I think Clemente is the greatest of all-time, despite his numbers, is because he was exceptional in every area of the game. He drove runs in and scored runs. He had the BEST EVER arm in the outfield, was an amazing defensive outfielder in general (to put it mildly), he cold run the bases, and he could hit the best pitchers’ best pitches. Solidly. He doesn’t have great power numbers though, which is why many look over him. He could hit homers, but he wasn’t a power-hitter.

  • Posts: 0 Lefty

    Ruiz,Utley,Valdez,Victorino – up the middle D- tremendous athletes.

    And what was Wheeler talking about that Vic doesn’t have a strong arm???? Or was he saying someone else said it-

    then add Werth and Polanco both of which qualify for GG in my mind.

  • Posts: 0 Ryan

    Why do you say that miked?

  • Posts: 0 Andrew from waldorf

    colorado losing 3-0 in the 5th

    maybe the gas has run out there

    was so far to come back it takes more energy

    that would be good for the phils and the braves

  • Posts: 0 Andrew from waldorf

    wheeler clueless?
    no way


    He is clueless.
    victorino is exceptional

    how many guys has he thrown out at home?

  • Posts: 0 Lefty

    Good night friends!

  • Posts: 0 miked63

    andrew , you know what i meant , i’m not saying knowone charged the mound , it was just part of the game then . Today if you come inside they stare at the pitcher ! —— @ryan — Clemente GREAT but andrews right as far as longevity goes. — Lefty —- I heard that about Ted Williams from my father , he said he lost 5 years of his prime to the war and if you add his avg offensive statistics and multiply by those years he’s off the charts. Remember how good the Willie Stargel , Dave Parker pirates where ? I cant believe that organization has been so bad for so long , last time they were good was when Bonds was a kid. That line about talking to stangers made me laugh , i was talking like i knew you guys.

  • Posts: 0 Lefty

    I don’t know but he throws skinners! LOL

  • Posts: 0 Ryan

    Wheeler isn’t clueless, he’s just a pessimist who lets himself think too much. Sometimes it does piss me off though.

  • Posts: 0 Andrew from waldorf

    clemente is up there
    5 tool

    but notin the Ruth Cobb Gehrig Schmidt Williams group

    he is in the group right behind though with Aaron and joe morgan and johnny bench and <ickey Mantle

  • Posts: 0 Ryan

    Damnit…Twins took the lead on the tribe now 5-4…that blows.

  • Posts: 0 miked63

    @ryan —i thought you posted you missed the game cause of a college class so i assumed you were in college and a younger man

  • Posts: 0 Andrew from waldorf

    Wheeler is a bad broadcaster. He does know the game but he says dums stuff too alot. Hes OK

    Parker is borderline hall of fame. Stargell was like Ryan H good guy and lots of bombs and lock HOF a winner

    The pirates have sucked since Bonds walked away

  • Posts: 0 Andrew from waldorf

    Sf up 1-0 on chicago

  • Posts: 0 miked63

    Andrew —- Docs tired , we should give him one more start and rest him t’ill the playoffs

  • Posts: 0 Scott in D.C.

    Andrew, wrestling isn’t as entangled with federal law (antitrust issues, etc.) as baseball is.

  • Posts: 0 Andrew from waldorf

    baseball has no antitrust
    you are thinking nfl

  • Posts: 0 miked63

    Did you ever see the list of wrestlers that have died young ?
    A couple weeks ago they were talking about it on 97.5 the fanatic during Misanelli’s show and the list had like 70 guys on it that died young , i had no idea there was that many

  • Posts: 0 Andrew from waldorf

    they all do drugs
    painkillers and roids

    the one even killed his wife and kids
    Forget his name was a roid thing though

  • Posts: 0 Ryan

    oh okay Miked, I got confused. Btw, it’s my own damn fault for assembling my schedule with a night class that lasts for 3 hours.

  • Posts: 0 loupossehl

    FROM THE BOSTON GLOBE (July 5, 2002):

    To former Sen. John Glenn, Ted Williams was a great wingman during the Korean War — and a pretty good ballplayer, too.

    “There was no one more dedicated to this country and more proud to serve his country than Ted Williams,” Glenn said …

    Williams flew with Glenn on about half of his combat missions, protecting his plane from enemy fire.

    The former astronaut recalled Williams showed dedication and pursued perfection both as a baseball player and as a fighter pilot.

    Soon after he started flying combat missions, Williams’ plane was hit by anti-aircraft fire, Glenn said. The landing gear wouldn’t go down, and he had to crash-land his burning plane.

    “Well, obviously that shakes anybody up,” Glenn said. “But he went right back to flying again. He wasn’t going to chicken out on something like that.”

    Williams, baseball’s last .400 hitter, left the Boston Red Sox at the end of the 1942 season to enlist as a pilot in World War II. He did not return to the majors until four years later.

    He continued to serve as a Marine Reservist and was called to serve what Glenn called “very active” combat duty in Korea in 1952.

    “He never complained about that,” Glenn said. “But if he had stayed in baseball, he would have broken even more records than he did.”



  • Posts: 0 miked63

    Just dont miss playoff games —— enjoy this time ryan , my son is 18 and i tried to explain to him how this is the best era ever for the phils.
    When i was in high school in the late 70′s it was close. Won the division
    in 76,77.78 but kept losing to the dodgers in the nlcs , no wc then.
    Of course we won it in 80 and lost the WS to the Orioles in 83. If I remember correctly we were up 3-1 and lost that series. So that was a nice run in phils history from 76-83. From 85 to 2002 or so we where HORRIBLE except for 93. Older people will tell you how bad the 60′s were. You probably know your Phils history i’m just trying to emphasize this might not happen again for years ( i hope not ) At least we know we have this core group for a few more years.

  • Posts: 0 Ryan

    I believe the Phillies franchise began around the 1880′s…and we didn’t win a championship until 1980…just imagine how grueling that must have been. That’s almost 20 years longer than the BoSox drought. I bet in 1980 it was like…”Who won the WS? The Phillies??Come on now, you’re making that name up. There’s no team from here called the ‘Phillies’”…

  • Posts: 0 miked63

    ryan —- thats not true , google it —— we were the ATHLETICS 1st and won alot of championships before the war. The same A’S in oakland now

  • Posts: 0 TARich


    The Phils were only up 1-0 in ’83 before they lost 4 straight.

    And the Phils weren’t the Athletics. That was a separate team. The Phils were always the Phils (except when they were the Jays and the Quakers).

  • Posts: 0 loupossehl

    Not so – Phillies and A’s were two separate franchises. I know – Connie Mack and I were in kindergarten together.

    Phillies had never won a WS, and were utterly pathetic from about mid-’30s until late ’40s – the time when I became a Phillies fan. It was that horrible stretch, more than anything else, that enabled them to get to the 10,000 loss figure before anyone else. Who cares about that anymore – I prefer to live in the present … the time when the Philadelphia Phillies rock, and the good players want to wear a Phillies uniform.

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