Gameday: Nationals (62-84) at Phillies (86-61)

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Washington Nationals (62-84) at Philadelphia Phillies 86-61)washington-nationals-logo

Jason Marquis (2-8, 6.60 ERA) vs. Roy Oswalt (12-13, 2.94 ERA)

Time: 7:05, Citizens Bank Park
74 Mostly Sunny
TV: Comcast
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It’s September.  The Phillies are in first place and on a tear.  Tip your hats to the visiting Nationals coming into town after taking two of three from the Braves.  The Phillies, on their current four game win streak, are now three games ahead of said Braves in the NL East.

The Phillies will look to stay hot against a pitcher who has yet to warm up this season.  To say Jason Marquis (2-8, 6.60) hasn’t lived up to his role would be an understatement.  He was brought in this past off-season to be an inning eater and lead a rotation of young pitchers.  He has pitched just over 46 innings in 10 starts this year.  And though he is Jewish, he decided to take his spot in the rotation and pitch tonight, the start of Yom Kipper.

The Phillies should be greatful as well.  Against the Phils, Marquis’ ERA is over five in 91 innings pitched.  This season, Marquis is 0-3 with a 8.78 ERA against the Phillies.  Chase Utley has 12 hits in 25 at bats in his career against the righty.  Along with Utley, Ryan Howard and Jayson Werth have all homered of Marquis.

Roy Oswalt (12-13, 2.94) will be on the hill for the Phillies one day earlier than his scheduled start for tomorrow.  The bump will allow Oswalt to pitch against the Braves next week.  This move also allow the Phillies to have their big three or H2O (Halladay, Hamels, Oswalt) go against Atlanta.

Since the beginning of August, Oswalt has been untouchable.  He is 6-0 with a 1.56 ERA and holding opposing hitters to a .177 batting average.

UPDATE, 5:50 : The word on Jimmy Rollins is he may be ready for the Atlanta series. He did take grounders in bp and looked to be moving pretty well. There is no timetable yet, but looks like within the next week, according to Charlie Manuel. -Pat Gallen

Today’s lineup: Victorino CF, Polanco 3B, Utley 2B, Howard 1B, Werth RF, Ibanez LF, Ruiz C, Valdez SS, Oswalt P

Your gamenight beer: Today’s offering is from Harpoon, and it’s Harpoon Munich Type Dark Beer. It’s your typical brown ale: Hoppy, malty, roasted. Toffee-like. Coffee-like. A nice beer to have, and definitely fitting with some ribs. - By Tim


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  • Posts: 0 ray

    whew he got lucky…lol

  • Posts: 0 Andrew from waldorf

    Nats announcer just said Braves offense is a shell of what they Phillies have to offer. OK I like him now.

  • Posts: 0 Andrew from waldorf

    mets 3
    braves 0

  • Posts: 0 jeff

    this should be good enough for roy. the nats are a embarrasing franchise. just shut down shop and dont come back.

  • ROLLING!!!!!!!!

  • Posts: 0 Andrew from waldorf

    Nyjer Morgan got his suspension reduced from 15 to 8 games at least.

  • Posts: 0 jeff

    I said last week we will be up 6 after sunday.


  • Posts: 0 Andrew from waldorf

    Jay I told you 6 weeks ago.
    Come on man!

    Nats announcer is acting likr the phils are the best team of all time

    I am starting to like him

  • Posts: 0 jeff

    where is bravoman. he will come on and say well we gave it a good fight. the braves wont even make the playoffs.


  • Posts: 0 BravoMan

    Oh well. The Braves look to be about done. No life on the team whatsoever. Sad, but it’s only a game. I just feel for Cox in a way. It looks like they’ve given up on him.

    Andrew is probably inflated with a huge head. Hey, if it makes you feel good about yourself (how pathetic) then feel good about your prediction my man.

  • Posts: 0 miked63

    Greetings PN ! —– the last 3 games of the season won’t matter , and yes andrew you did say that in july.

  • Posts: 0 jeff

    roy is struggling a little. this team is as bad as the Eagles. Nats, Eagles. lol. same

  • Posts: 0 jeff

    good bravoman now get out of here for the rest of the season. you do not deserve to be in such a great room

  • Posts: 0 Andrew from waldorf

    @ Mike D

    It looks like we wont have Forrest to pick on anymore.
    I remember how excited he was when they got Lee. I told him then it was nothing. I believe Lee is hitting about .230 with 1 homer

    I guess Oswalt was a better deal?? LOL

  • Posts: 0 Andrew from waldorf

    Yes Roy 2 is not on the A game at all

    Was glad we scored alot.

  • Posts: 0 Andrew from waldorf

    I am watchng the Mets and they are REALLY bad not throwing to cut off man dropping balls. But it doesnt hardly matter I guess.


  • Posts: 0 Andrew from waldorf

    Mets pitcher walked the braves pitcher
    bases loaded 3-1 mets

    Maybe Forrest will come back if the Braveless rally. I know Jeff misses him already.

  • Posts: 0 Andrew from waldorf

    the mets are so dreadful

    its tied 3-3

  • Posts: 0 Andrew from waldorf


    I am sure he will be back now
    Its meaningless though. Bu if it gets their little hearts excited so we can torture them more its fun.

  • Posts: 0 Andrew from waldorf

    All 6 runs unearned

    Meet the Mets

  • Posts: 0 jeff

    braves came back….wow. they actually have a heartbeat. bobby is smoking a pack as we speak. MICHAEL DOUGLAS BOBBY.

  • Posts: 0 jeff


  • Posts: 0 Andrew from waldorf

    Shane to Ruiz!

    MVP #2 to MVP #1

    Cocks is ejected so he is smoking and having a cocktail if he wants

    I wouldnt say they so much have a heartbeat as the mets REALLY suck

  • SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Posts: 0 miked63

    Hey Philly —– I had to go to a back to school nite wednesday nite , oldest kid senior this year youngest a freshman at Conwell Egan HS in Bucks County.——- When they showed how Torre’s Dodgers lost to Phils the last couple years it reminded how the 1976-1979 Lasorda Dodgers with Steve Garvey , Ron Cey and co. beat us every year. Sweet Revenge .

  • Posts: 0 BravoMan

    jeff, I would tell you and Andrew to kiss my a**, but I kinda had it coming talking smack on here for the last few weeks. So I’ll just say for the sake of something for both Braves and Phillies fans excitement, we can have somewhat of a rivalry the next few weeks.

    Yes, the Mets are even more dreadful than we’ve been lately, so no, i will not brag about them coming back. They’re the freakin Mutts.

  • Posts: 0 Andrew from waldorf

    Lucas DOODY
    with first major league homer

    6-4 braves

  • LOL AT THAT THROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Posts: 0 miked63

    Andrew , did the Mets really surrender 6 UNEARNED runs ?


  • Posts: 0 Andrew from waldorf

    Yes Mike
    Look it up LOL

  • Posts: 0 jeff

    The Braves will not make the playoffs. NO WAY…

    Shaney has a gun..the whole world come undone. what his daddy do.

  • Posts: 0 Andrew from waldorf

    The mets were up 3-0 and i could see how bad it was.
    It is truly a mess
    Its like they intentionaly want to blow up every fundamental of the sport.

  • Posts: 0 jeff

    I know our pen is bad but get roy out after the next inning.

  • Posts: 0 Andrew from waldorf

    The pen is fine
    Be nice to get Romero into the circle of trust but thats about it.

  • Posts: 0 jeff

    pen is fine. outside of maddog. who? lidge has been ok but cant come in a game that we are winning big. jc needs the gn store. durbin is good but the rest belong the nats pen.

  • Posts: 0 jeff


  • J-DUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Posts: 0 miked63

    Wow its quiet here tonite , looks like jeff , andrew , philly n me for an hour now. ————– Hey jeff look — Werth with a bomb , of course knowone on base

  • Posts: 0 psujoe

    Maybe that Q ball shot by J will get him going. Seen crazier things.

  • Posts: 0 Andrew from waldorf

    Maybe that will get werth going
    he does have a hit tongiht with RISP too



  • Posts: 0 Andrew from waldorf

    who is the skell?
    its KK and blanton for phils next 2

  • Posts: 0 miked63

    Jeff your beautiful , we were posting at almost the same time the same thought about your boy jason , i knew you would say that, lol.
    I’m not a member of the tribe but Happy New Year Jeff



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