NLCS Gameday: Phillies vs. Giants, Game 5

Posted by Michael Baumann, Thu, October 21, 2010 05:21 PM | Comments: 630

Philadelphia Phillies (1-3) at San Francisco Giants (3-1)
San Francisco Giants

Roy Halladay (1-1, 2.25 ERA) vs. Tim Lincecum (2-0, 1.69)

Time: 7:57, AT&T Park
Weather: 58, Partly Cloudy
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I did some math Tuesday afternoon, following the Phillies’ Game 3 loss to San Francisco, to nail down my plans for the rest of the series. For instance, I discovered that the Phillies were 3-0, going into last night’s game, in postseason play when I wrote the gameday post, so I volunteered. I also chose my spot to watch the game based on past performance: Jersey’s American Pub in Lindenwold–the Phillies were 6-1 all-time in postseason play when I watched the game there, the best record of any site at which I’d seen 4 or more playoff games (the Flyers, incidentally, were something like 8-2 during last year’s playoffs when I was there, too. The place just radiates good karma). Ordinarily, I’d have picked a shirt and hat based on track record, but I couldn’t pin any juju, good or bad, on a particular article of clothing.

Of course, I’m well aware that there is absolutely nothing I can do to influence the Phillies’ performance one way or another. But I needed to feel involved, with so much on the line, superstition was all I had left. I am, after all, the guy who made his grandmother sit in the exact same spot on the sofa for the entirety of Game 1 of the 2001 NBA finals. I’m the guy who  And despite going to my lucky bar, writing my lucky post, the wheels came off. And that’s how we all started taking comfort in the 2003 Marlins, the 2004 and 2007 Red Sox, and the 2010 Flyers. Down 3-1, there’s nothing left we can do for the Phillies–it’s all in Doc’s hands now. And all we can do is hope.

By this point, we know all about the Giants–who’s good, who’s bad, who’s not, who’s not. With Tim Lincecum on the mound, and Brian Wilson, most likely, good for at least an inning at the end of the game, the Phillies’ best chance at extending the series is to get to the soft underbelly of the Giants’ pitching staff–Ramon Ramirez, Santiago Casilla, and Jeremy Affeldt, the middle relief. Otherwise, it’s a matter of Halladay being sharper and luckier than Lincecum. If we’ve learned anything from the first few games of this series, it’s that the difference between the Giants’ and Phillies’ starters on any given night is a matter of luck. With righty Lincecum on the mound today, we’ll see the Phillies’ base lineup: Raul Ibanez is back on the field, and Chase Utley and Placido Polanco have been returned to their original spots.

Game 5 Lineup: Victorino CF, Polanco 3B, Utley 2B, Howard 1B, Werth RF, Rollins SS, Ibanez LF, Ruiz C, Halladay P

Victory Lager

Your gameday beer: Sierra Nevada Porter

In memory of better times, I give you the Gameday beer from Game 4 of last year’s NLCS: Sierra Nevada Porter. For those of you who don’t remember immediately, that was the game that ended in Jimmy Rollins’ walk-off hit against Dodgers closer Jonathan Broxton. Pat Gallen described it last year as having “a smoky flavor with  hints of dark chocolate in the aftertaste. It is remarkably smooth and an overall great tasting genuine porter.” Here’s hoping this potent porter portends more good NLCS memories.

- Michael Baumann

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  • Posts: 0 Andrew from waldorf

    hope this isnt the last gameday thread of the year.


  • Posts: 0 Mark B

    This is the Giants’ best opportunity to win the Series – Lincecum pitching at home. And they’re well aware of that.

    After we win tonight and the Series moves back to Philly, anything can happen.

  • Posts: 0 Phillistein

    Phillies in 5

  • Posts: 0 Kate

    Carried over from the other thread.


  • WE GOT THIS!!!!

  • Posts: 0 lurkinggrue


  • Posts: 0 Kate

    On a quieter, more thoughtful note, it’s been a pleasure hanging with all of you this year. I’m glad I started posting regularly. Can’t always say that about the good ol’ Internet.

    Now let’s do it nine more times!

    The DOC is in the house and he’s ready to break some faces!

  • Posts: 0 Phillistein

    The Doctor will see you now.

    (same here Kate)

  • Posts: 0 Manny

    I’m gonna go to the gym and burn off some steam (leftover from last night)… then, I’ll watch.

    Fingers crossed! GO PHILS!

  • Posts: 0 Bren

    It’s last call, put it all on the table, it’s time to find some Phaith.

  • Posts: 0 Bren

    Also, i’ll be leaving the schmitty jersey at home tonight as we lost the last two game with it, i’ll be wearing the 09 utley jersey with the HK patch that i wore for game 2. Lets get this done!

  • Posts: 0 Phan in the outfield

    We have experience on our side. Been there — not nervous.
    BRING IT ON. We love adversity. We love being the underdogs!

    I never get to post during the game threads (no home computer). I know, I know. Things being what they are right now, I’ve had to cut out stuff. And I wanted the MLB package, so . . . no new computer & broadband, etc. Anyway –


    Keep the phaith guys! Blog for me. I’ll check in tomorrow a.m. for the good news! Talk then.

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    Green St. Pat’s Day Utley jersey (the ones they wear in Clearwater on March 17th) for me.

    Maybe a little Luck-O-The Irish will help.

    Also, toying with going with JUST the radio. NO TV. Just me, a dark room and Franske and LA describing the action. We’ll see.

    Kate, you’ve been a real pleasure on here. Thanks to YOU for posting regularly. I think we’ve all been a little more enlightened with your insightful commentary. Hopefully, you’ll be part of the Hot Stove off-season on here (But let’s not talk about that just yet…AFTER the parade maybe!!)

    PHILS IN 7!!!!!!!

  • Posts: 0 Phan in the outfield

    I just thought about it, that shirt I wore last night also didn’t work on a game late in August. Maybe one of my jerseys: Werth or Rollins. Or maybe the v-neck retro, est. date, gray, Phillies script in burgundy.

    And some Buddhist prayer beads.

    And a rosary.

  • Posts: 0 Andrew from waldorf

    One step at a time.
    Win this one and they have a lot of pressure on Sat. And then sunday…

    Hard for me to believe these first timers can knock out the champs.

    The last win eliminating a champion is usually the toughest.

    what id really love to see is the bats really explode like the old days. Not that it will happen just saying it would be very nice.

  • Posts: 0 Trent

    Right there with ya chuck……rockin the utley St. Pattys jersey!…..LETS GO PHILLS!

  • Ok guys, we got a game with the Giants tonight. And that only means one thing. Bad news for the Giants!

  • Posts: 0 krukdriver

    My workmate brought me a shotglass from Vegas today. Its got a pair of lucky dice on it, and I told her that I’d use it for the opening pitch and the last out – the last Giants out.

  • Posts: 0 krukdriver

    Jack D., of course.

  • Posts: 0 Kate

    Now or never, gentlemen, now or never.

  • Posts: 0 Desibrave

    Kate, that “now or never” is valid for 3 more games .., Phillies got to win 3 games in a row and that is not impossible against Giants.

  • Posts: 0 Lefty

    Let’s do this!!!!!! Got the karma going, everything in it’s proper place, gear on, rally towel- We can’t lose!

    Echo Kate’s sentiments- You all have made this season very enjoyable. Let’s keep it going. Phils in 7

    Most important for tonight- Timmy will come out in the first inning amped up, just a little off with his command. Last game by the second he was settling down, got to get to him early! Go Phils!

  • Posts: 0 krukdriver

    Mmmmmmm…. GO PHHHHILLIES!!!

  • Posts: 0 Ryan H.

    game 7 is sunday night! that’s what we should all be thinking about

  • Posts: 0 Terri

    oh, boy. I just have to remind myself it is only the first inning

  • Posts: 0 bostonkate

    Oh dear god, man on 3rd already?

  • Posts: 0 Ryan H.

    great catch by ryan howard’s contract / nose

  • Posts: 0 Terri

    utley is really stinking up this series.

  • Posts: 0 Roseanne Barr

    Hi guys ?!???????????????????/

  • Posts: 0 Manny

    Ugh Utley… keep playing like that…

  • Posts: 0 bostonkate

    Utley needs to stop dropping goddamn balls.

  • Posts: 0 Ryan H.

    if he didn’t try to rush it ; it woldn’t have been two anyways. so it was either rush it or get one out anyway. doesn’t matter.

  • Posts: 0 ChuckS

    at least it will be over soon

  • Posts: 0 Jeff

    utley has been so bad this year. there is no way we get runs off of the FREAK….The Giants remind me of us. Hungry. That was years ago. We dont have that hunger…

  • Posts: 0 Ken

    Im shocked that this team is on the brink of being eliminated. The days of just getting to the playoffs are gone. If they dont at least GET to the World Series Im not going to lie, it’ll be a bitter disappointment. Not looking good early. Down 1-0 already. Im shocked that we are in this position.

  • Posts: 0 Ken

    Jeff I agree with you. I dont sense the same hunger. They dont bring it to the park day in and day out like they did in the past. You see glimpses but its not consistent. Ive noticed it this year even more than last year. Someone has got to get this team fired up and quick !

  • Posts: 0 Terri

    this is going to be a quick game

  • Posts: 0 Ryan H.

    the phillies are hitting scared. not aggressive enough. I wanna see more first pitch swinging as the night goes on. they’re looking at too many strikes that are hittable pitches.

  • Posts: 0 Manny

    Now watching on Mute.

  • Posts: 0 ChuckS

    Back in August I think the phils already made vacation plans for the last week of October, looks like they could get their deposits back

  • Posts: 0 brooks

    I have my Doctober shirt on tonight -

  • Posts: 0 VTphan

    Halladay is settling in, we can do this!

  • Posts: 0 brooks

    Ryan in order for teh Phils to be hitting scared they have to make contact right?

  • Posts: 0 Roseanne Barr

    yeah right ! 21 more outs yall !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Posts: 0 BravoMan

    What an at bat by Uribe! Impressive.

  • Posts: 0 Terri

    we will be seeing our BP early.

  • Posts: 0 biz

    Halladay needs some 6 pitch innings.

    Oh, and Phillies need some hits.

    Utley has a lot to make up for.

  • Posts: 0 Desibrave

    Brooks, Your last name is not Conrad right?

  • Posts: 0 Manny

    Don’t worry about pitch counts yet, guys… Halladay will pitch 130 if needed.

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