Merry Christmas Phillies Nation!

Posted by Pat Gallen, Fri, December 24, 2010 07:00 PM | Comments: 9

On behalf of the entire Phillies Nation team – Brian, Rob, Nick, Amanda, Corey, Paul, Kieran, Mike, Jay, and Jeff – I’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a joyous holiday season. We certainly hope Santa stops at your house this Christmas and brings you an abundance of Phillies related gifts.

I’d also like to say thank you for putting up with our changes over the past few weeks. We will be working hard to address all the issues that have come up with the launching of the new website. During the “slow” time of year, we felt it would be best to present the new site so as not to interfere with the season. We feel strongly all problems will be resolved soon.

And really, we couldn’t do it without all of you. The best fans in the world make this the best source for Phillies news in the world. It’s that simple.

So, thank you all for continuing to grace the pages of PhilliesNation.com and Merry Christmas to all to all a good night!

‘Twas the night before Cliffmas and all through the Park

Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt, and Cole Hamels embark

On a new training session to start off the day

Attempting to erase the memory of the black, orange, and gray

The rest of the Phillies asleep in their beds

With visions of Championships playing in their heads

The Phanatic on his 4 Wheeler and Charlie in his Cap

Looks up & down his lineup- batting 5th there’s a gap

When all of the sudden, arose such a chatter ESPN stopped by to see what’s the matter

Away from the Rangers he flew like a flash and Flipped off the Yankees and told them where to stick their cash

When what to our wondering eyes should appear?

The familiar face of a man who was just here!

With a nasty curve ball and a fastball that’s quick

An addition to a rotation that’s already sick!

The most powerful group that’s ever been seen

The big 3 is now 4 cause Cliff’s back on the team!

Now Halladay, Hamels, Oswalt, and Lee

Victorino, Howard, Rollins, and Utley!

From the NLCS to the World Series we’ll go

100 win season? Ask Jimmy, he’ll know.

Cliff came to our team cuz he said it felt right Merry Cliffmas to all and to all a good night!

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  • Avatar of Dropped Strike Three

    Easily the most clever Cliff Lee pun I’ve read yet!

  • Posts: 578 Brian Michael

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    To reiterate what Pat said, Merry Christmas, everyone!

    When I started this site in 2004 and it was just my friends and family reading, I never imagined that I’d become such a fan myself. It’s a testament to you ravenous fans and our amazing writers. I love you guys. Don’t stop believin!

  • Posts: 1157 betasigmadeltashag

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    Merry Christmas to all. Living in Vermont this is my life line to great Phillies talk, and I love it. Though I fly off the handle once in a while and have some disagreements, I enjoy ever minute of it. And everyone on here always gives me something to think about. It is great to have discussions from all different points of view from smart baseball people and great Phillies fans. I truly cherish the gift that everyone on this site gives me everyday fillling my Phillies fix and out let for my opionon. Thanks to all and Merry Christmas and a healthy happy new year to come. I look forward to the new year and the new season. See you all on opening day.

  • Posts: 41 Greg

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    Merry Christmas everyone :D

  • Posts: 5449 Lefty

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    “Twas the Night before Cliffmas”- Brilliant!

    Merry Christmas Phillies Nation!

  • Posts: 2897 Chuck A.

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    Awesome!! Almost made me cry.

  • Posts: 101 pamikedc

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    I have been reading posts on here every single day for over a year. Prior to today, I never submitted a post because I (just) enjoyed reading everyone s comments. This is by far the best Phillies site ever. You are all awesome, passionate, and knowledgeable people.


  • Posts: 1 Tom G.

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    Great post, Pat. You included everybody and made it rhyme.

  • Posts: 13 MissPhillie

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    Late response, but I loved the poem!
    Happy Halladays and Merry Cliffmas to all! =D (Hope Phanta Claus was good to you all ;) )

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