16 Days Until Spring Training

Posted by Pat Gallen, Fri, January 28, 2011 02:17 PM | Comments: 4

My guess is you can count, but for those of you who are stuck amid the heaps of snow piling up around you, it’s just a pleasant reminder. Phillies pitchers and catchers report for duty on February 13, with their first workout the following day in Clearwater, Florida. That’s 16 days from now.

At that time, it will be bright and sunny on the left coast of Florida while snow is still piled up in your yard. However, the warming feeling of baseball finally restarting will be a pleasant distraction from Mother Nature’s firm clutch on the entire country.

As far as story lines go, they won’t be abundant. The Phillies will once again resume the role of the NL’s most impressive team. Only a few questions remain:

  • Will Joe Blanton stick around?
  • Where do Kyle Kendrick/Vance Worley fit in?
  • Who’s in right field?
  • Will the Phillies extend Charlie Manuel?
  • Can a Phillies prospect break into the bullpen with a regular role?

Were just 16 days away from enjoying the sights and sounds of Spring Training. Try not to go too crazy until then.

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  • Posts: 2005 Brooks

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    A final word on Jimmy’s health? He has been posting on FB that he’s excited and ready to tear it up. Any official word?
    I heard an interview with Charlie Manuel where he said he’d like to finish his career here in Philadelphia. Is that even a remote possibiltiy? I mean, if Cholly can wind up in a few more WS, I would say likely…

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    Likely Cholly finishes his career here… where would he go from here? Here are his options – he could probably land a turnaround job somewhere else and make a little more money (a team looking for a spark) or he could stay here and continue to reap the benefits of a front office that is hell bent on winning. At his age, I don’t know why he would want to frustration of starting over. He could stay here a few more years and possibly go down as the greatest manager in Phillies history. I don’t think that the Phillies have to rush to extend him and I don’t think that he needs to play hard ball, either. He knows that we want him and we know that he wants to be here – play/manage like it’s your last seasons and let it happen in the offseason.

    My hope is that Jimmy plays out his career in Philadelphia… I sincerely hope that he puts up solid numbers in 2011 so that we don’t have to look elsewhere.

    • Posts: 2897 Chuck A.

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      Ok…but why not extend him? What does it prove to wait? The man deserves an extension….he’s MORE than proven jhis worth as far as I’m concerned. I don’t think any manager that’s probably going to be here anyway should be operating as a lame duck. Especially one that deserves the extension.

  • Posts: 5416 Lefty

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    1. Chances are Joe Blanton will be here until a team that has an injury and makes us a good offer, or maybe we have the injury and he stays. It’s all about team health, ours or someone else’s.
    2.Kyle Kendrick could be a decent long man. I don’t know enough about Worley, but hope he gets a chance.
    3.What’s in right field, I don’t know’s in left.
    4.They should extend Charlie Manuel,- if Andy Reid can make it this long in this town, Cholly can.
    5.I sincerely hope two Phillies prospects can beat out Baez and Herndon.

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