Top Moment #25: Lidge Blows it, Votto Ties it, Howard Saves it

Posted by Pat Gallen, Wed, January 05, 2011 09:40 AM | Comments: 15
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Welcome to the Phillies Nation Top 25 Moments of 2010, as voted on by the staff of this fine blog. Amanda Orr spent countless hours calculating, tabulating, and anticipating – so, please enjoy.

Comebacks used to be part of the very fabric of this Phillies club. Countless times during this incredible run, they’d leave you hanging for eight-or-so innings then flip the script and send you home happy. This one reminded us of the old times – and in more ways than one.

The first reminder was the long ball. It used to be that anyone in this Phillies order could home at any time. None other than Brian Schnieder and Wilson Valdez would help us relive old memories. Both hit three-run homers early in the game to give the Phils a cozy 6-3 lead on June 29 in Cincinnati.

Prior to the game, both Chase Utley and Placido Polanco were sent to the disabled list; Utley with a torn thumb ligament, Polanco with a nagging elbow injury that would haunt him all season. Valdez would be called on to anchor the infield defensively. In this one, he added some O.

Next up were the shortcomings of Brad Lidge. No longer “Lights Out” – he hadn’t been for some time – Lidge was still in the process of rounding into form following trips to the DL to start the season.

With two outs in the ninth he unraveled, as he had so many times the previous year. Joey Votto eyed a hanging slider and crushed it as if it were on a tee to tie the game at six.

“No f—ing way,” Lidge would whisper to himself, as you can clearly see on the replay. Yes f—ing way, Brad.

Luckily for the struggling closer, the final phase of the game was reminiscent of the best times the Phillies have produced. It consisted of instant offense and the team’s innate ability to surprise you at any moment. At first, however, it didn’t seem possible.

Not with old reliable on the hill, lefty Arthur Rhodes. He’d put together an impressive streak of 33 straight appearances without a run. Needless to say, that streak ended there.

Ryan Howard doubled to begin the inning, two batters later Raul Ibanez did the same to bring him home, and just like that the momentum of the game shifted poles once more. To follow, Ben Francisco would single home a run, and Valdez would squeeze home Ibanez for a 9-6 lead. J.C. Romero closed it in the bottom of the 10th.

Just like old times: a big lead made possible by the long ball, a blown save by Lidge, and a ridiculous comeback that looked impossible. Call that Phillies baseball.

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  • Posts: 38 GoPhils

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    I think in this game Charlie manuel was ejected for arguing a balls and strike call on Raul Ibanez. The bill of his cap touched the forehead of umpire C.B. Bucknor and Manuel was later suspended during a series with the Pirates, which was one of the lowest points of the season. The Phils lost three of four there. But anyway, after Maneul was ejected, Ibanez hit his double. The ball looked like it might be caught and I think Stubbs trapped it against the wall in such a way that it was hard to tell from behind that he had not caught it. Manuel later said that if the umpires had ruled that ball a catch, he would have been ejected twice.

  • Avatar of The Original Chuck P

    Great way to start it off- this was a very memorable game… I remember the announcers commenting on how solid Rhodes had been all season like we had no chance. In the back of my mind I was thinking, “This is Arthur Rhodes we’re talking about, right?” I wasn’t so confident that we could actually pull it off because Rhodes’ numbers against lefties were so impressive but Howard and Ibanez put the bat on the ball and good things happened. It was a great victory against a very good ball club at a time when we absolutely needed a great victory.

  • Posts: 2892 Chuck A.

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    “Ryan Howard doubled to begin the inning, two batters later Raul Ibanez did the same to bring him home….”

    Good thing that Phillies fans are so supportive of its left-fielder and its first baseman. ….

    Can we PLEASE remember games like this when these guys struggle or have a bad game??

  • Posts: 209 tavian

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    Exciting moment and action-packed write up. It makes me hunger for baseball season. PLAY BALL !!

  • Posts: 206 The Dipsy

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    The Dipsy’s Hall predictions: Blyleven and Alomar. Although Morris would get in for me, too.

    The Dipsy

  • Posts: 95 Paul Boye

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    Please keep comments relevant to the main post. Thank you.

    • Posts: 140 Don M

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      Why you hatin on The Dipsy??

      Should he have said.. “I agree that this was a great moment.. ” and that’s it?

      Sincerely, TheDipsy’s Biggest Fan

    • Posts: 2892 Chuck A.

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      Do we now have rules as to what can be said? Sort of like not being able to say “d*ck” on here??


      Dipsy….I agree with your choices for the Hall. Alomar might have a problem, though, because of the spitting incident. That’s not necessarily fair, but the HOF is such a crock anyway that I could see them possibly denying him…

      • Posts: 5364 Lefty

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        Guys, the new site has provided open forums for subjects unrelated to the postings. So far very few are using them. Check them out! You can start your own, or respond to the ones already there.

        And Paul leave our friend The Dipsy alone! We have all learned to accept the fact that he’s a bit- challenged, just be nice! :)

    • Posts: 52 R.C. Cowie

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      Even though I know Paul made this comment with sarcastic overtones, haters gon hate. You deserve all of the above.

      • Posts: 95 Paul Boye

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        I am The Overlord

        Not really. But seriously, why a HoF ballot under a top 25 post?

  • Posts: 5364 Lefty

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    Good one. I think they would have swept us that series if we didn’t come back in this one. A week or two later we swept them 4 straight. Brad’s clearly not happy with himself in the vid. I can laugh now, I wasn’t then.

    • Posts: 1376 Pat Gallen

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      I thought the same thing. We can laugh at Lidge cursing himself, but that one stung then. Votto wasn’t fooled one ounce by that hanger.

  • Posts: 120 Jay aka Phillyboy

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  • Posts: 1096 betasigmadeltashag

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    I have a hard time with the close games with the Reds all seem to run together for me, like the four game sweep at home where all the games were won in the last at bat. But I am old and it is hard for me to remember good. LOL. But this was a great moment. I do remember the announcers saying how Rhodes has not given up an earned run all year, and I too was thinking to myself “is this a different Authur Rhodes than I remember playing the guy has to be 90″ The Big Piece and Raul came up big in the Clutch, and you can not expect any closer to be perfect, so if you are going to blow a save might as well have the team come back and win the game.

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