Poll: What Should the Phillies do with Joe Blanton?

Posted by Pat Gallen, Wed, February 09, 2011 01:50 PM | Comments: 81

4 Pitchers t-shirtLast week, Andy Pettitte announced his retirement from baseball, leaving the New York Yankees with a gaping hole in the starting rotation. With that, I wrote a post that asked this very question: what should the Phillies do with Joe Blanton? Now, we want your opinion.

Give us your thoughts by voting on the poll below and by commenting on the thread below. The best argument wins a free Phillies Nation t-shirt just in time for Spring Training!!

Polling has closed! Thanks to everyone who participated - the t-shirt winner will be notified by Friday.

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  • Posts: 0 Nate McGann

    It depends if he gets training they should keep him but the game he played against the giants In world series we should get rid of him

  • Posts: 0 Nydia

    I really think the Phillies should keep joe he is good and he even won some games for us but, he still needs work on his pitching skills and i think if he’s constant at that he become a good pitcher

  • Posts: 8 mick

    Avatar of mick

    Keep Joe Blanton….I think he is a good enough pitcher for five or six innings and with our bullpen we should be doing very well!!

  • Posts: 0 Mike E

    trade him for a good young hitter bc we need it!

  • Posts: 1 bobzero

    Avatar of bobzero

    I say hang on to Joe, he can pitch most days, he was a little messy for our champs in the finals, keep him and see what happens!

  • Posts: 0 Bryce

    I think they should trade him and someone else to go after Michael young or a right fielder

  • Posts: 1 Philip Lee Nunn

    They should keep him because if they do trade him now , the way the market is at the moment there is no guarantee that we will get something in return or if anybody want to pay for his salary now. kendrick and vance worley are a nice thought for #5 but i just dont think those two are ready for the hype around the other 4 pitchers we have, i think it would be too much for them. blanton has pitched for us in the world series and has the experience. the other two dont. we should just keep him and he will do well for us a # pitcher in the rotation.

  • Posts: 0 Dave H

    I say keep him, he eats up a lot of innings and maybe being around the other guys in the rotation will help make him better. He isn’t terrible, and he’s not great, but he’s decent. As long as he can get 6 or 7 innings a night, then they should be golden. Keep him for this year and worry about it AFTER our World Series Parade down Broad Street!

  • Posts: 0 Mark

    Long reliever and fifth starter fit those few times in a year when that is needed.

  • Posts: 0 Anthony Guddo

    Trade him to dump salary or you cant Keep him he adds depth

  • Posts: 0 Angelo pollace

    Keep him for this year see how he does n if he does good make him a closer next year because lidge is not lights out anymore n if he stinks the joint up trade him or send him back to minors he may become Joe can’t win not Joe Blanton

  • Posts: 1 smitty6599

    Avatar of smitty6599

    My thoughts should be that the Phillies keep him. Even though the 4 other pitchers are highly talented and # 1 aces, many people do not realize that Joe was a # 1 ace in Oakland. He gets you wins, eats innings and also keeps his mouth closed. With all the focus on the others, Big Joe is gonna win you 20 games and have an ERA under 3. Well worth the contract that we owe him as a # 5 starter!!!!

  • Posts: 0 Mike opiela

    Honestly i think they should keep him. Hes an average pitcher nd he is our 5th starter and we are lucky to have him!

  • Posts: 0 Barry J.L. Horton

    Make Blanton the 5th starter. He was never spectacular, but always solid & good for 4-5 innings to let the buollpen take it from there.

  • Posts: 0 Patrick

    Not a dam thing he is perfect where he is right there in the 2011 phillies soon to be world champions. Joe is a great pitcher just needs to finds his grove

  • Posts: 0 Steve

    At this point the phils should just stick with the young (Vance Worley) and try to find the best deal for Blanton. The Royals or Orioles could definatley use the pitcher we don’t need.

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