Top Moment #7: Phils Welcome Back Cliff Lee

Posted by Nick "Beerman" Staskin, Thu, February 10, 2011 11:15 AM | Comments: 4
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The prodigal son returned.  Jon Heyman had been reporting that a mystery team had been in on Cliff Lee and it wasn’t the two horse race, between the Yankees and Rangers that many had thought it was. Some believed Heyman; others thought he was just trying to make a story out of nothing.

Then slowly news started leaking on December 13th that perhaps the Phillies were the mystery team. Then more tweets started coming. The Phillies were the mystery team (right). Before you know it, the Delaware Valley was collectively hitting refresh on their Twitter feeds until finally the news had broke: Cliff Lee was coming back to Philadelphia.


After that, the question became what was the deal worth, how much had the Phillies given the best pitcher on the market to build the world’s greatest starting rotation.

At first, it looked like Lee had left tons of money on a table that we are still trying to locate, however after the fine print was read, it turned out that Lee was actually going to make a little more per year in Philadelphia. The deal has a guaranteed $120 million over five years, and if Lee pitches in 200 innings in 2015, or 400 innings over the course of 2014-2015, he will earn a $27.5 million dollar option that will bring the deal to $135 million over six years.

Upon his exit when traded to Seattle, Lee was hurt and upset and for good reason. His family loved it here, the fans loved him, and most importantly he himself loved it here. Lee had told his agent this is where he wanted to be. And damn it, he is back.

We are now just weeks away from a starting rotation of reigning Cy Young winner Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels, Roy Oswalt and Joe Blanton. While Blanton certainly doesn’t fit into that group, he’s arguably the best number five in baseball.

Welcome back, Cliff.

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  • Posts: 84 Johanna

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    I gotta say I’d put this in the top three at least. And why is Cliff the Prodigal son? The Phillies walked away from him – he didn’t walk away from us. Just a thought.

  • Posts: 30 Kate

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    Do we really have to take another shot at Steady Joe?

    It was a classic, epic piece until the backhand at Blanton. Then it became classless.

    Take a note from R2C2. Trash one member of the rotation, you’re trashing them all.

    • Posts: 2896 Chuck A.

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      How is this classless??? Nick said that “Blanton certainly doesn’t fit into that group.” (referring to R2C2)
      He’s right. Blanton doesn’t. Not taking anything away from Big Joe. He’s a fine pitcher. Just not in the same class as the other 4.

  • Posts: 1105 betasigmadeltashag

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    I really do not think that this should be a top moment of 2010, yes technicly it did happen in 2010, but it had nothing to do with the season 2010, I think you should be able to find events on the field to fill this list. Not that I did not stay up until 3 am wrting on PhilliesNation following the news that morning. And I love the fact that Lee came back, but a top moment of the 2010 season I think not

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