Is Danys Baez on His Way Back?

Posted by Pat Gallen, Tue, March 08, 2011 05:42 PM | Comments: 13
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Don’t look now, but Danys Baez has tossed three straight scoreless outings for the Phillies. You don’t have to stop the presses for that statement, but honestly, it’s a feat.

While he doesn’t have a roster spot 100 percent locked up, if he’s able to show he can throw strikes semi-consistently during Spring Training, Baez will likely break camp with the Phillies and head north. Much of that, one would think, is due to the $2.75 million he’s owed for 2011. But does he have anything left in the tank?

On Tuesday against the Orioles, Baez looked extra sharp (when was the last time anyone said that about Baez!), striking out two in a hitless inning of work. That’s now 3 1/3 innings (that actually count) in which Danys has not given up a run. Yeah, he gave up five earned in a B-squad game against Blue Jays in his first outing of the spring. But against real competition, his numbers have been steady thus far.

Many want Baez to be cut to open up the door for some youthful arms; guys like Justin DeFratus, Scott Mathieson, or a whole handful of others who could potentially grab a spot in the Phillies pen.

DeFratus has not distanced himself this spring as he’s given up four earned runs in five innings of work. Mathieson is still working on refining a cutter, but he’s done well so far – two runs in five innings. Vance Worley has been up and down, same goes for Michael Schwimer. J.C. Ramierz, Juan Perez, Ryan Feierabend, Drew Naylor, Dan Meyer, Brian Bass, Eddie Bonine, and Andrew Carpenter (among others, if there are any left I apologize) you can pretty much cross off the list to start.

Mike Stutes, Mike Zagurski, and David Herndon have all pitched particularly well over a small sample size – they too could be in the fight for that spot.

There’s no telling what can happen from now til the end of March, but if I was a bettin’ man, I’d put my money on Baez to stick around. The Phillies don’t want to waste nearly $3 million when they’re already capped out (or close).

That’s part of the reason why Baez will be in the bullpen in April. That, and he may have something left in the tank after all.

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  • Posts: 209 tavian

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    He is playin for his future with the Phils. I say at this point, “Hell No !!!” He stinks. BUT, if he continues to pitch well, I would invite him to come North and would put him on a very short lead. He needs to perform and it is now or never for Mr.Baez.

  • Posts: 209 tavian

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    Question: If Aaron Rowand fails to make the Giants in Spring Training and gets cut, would the Philss be interested in this player who will be 34 this year. Does he have life left in his bat and would we have to eat a large amount of his salary? The Giants have a crowded outfield and Rowand looks like the odd man out.

  • Posts: 5398 Lefty

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    Money talks in this case, I think he comes north. But I agree about the short leash, otherwise by mid May, I hope we’ll see some young guns.

  • Posts: 1114 betasigmadeltashag

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    I know it was the in thing to bash Dennys, but like most of the time from the fan base they are quick to judge and have fickle memories. Yes he was bad for a lot of the time last year, but he also, IMO not used correctly, some of his real bad outings came in more the one inning of pitching, maybe not a full inning, but when he was brought for a batter or two and had to sit and come out the next inning. He is not a two inning guy, but he does have decent stuff when he can find the strike zone. I am probably the only one who thinks he can have an above average year if used in the right situations. He is not a Durbin type that can be moved around, and pitch multiple innings. I think if used correctly, like two righties in a row that need getting out, and I may not remember correctly, but I think at times when he came in with guys on base he did a decent job. I see a sub 3.5 era from him this year.

  • Posts: 548 Brian Sr. of CO

    Avatar of Brian Sr. of CO

    I don’t know about a sub 3.5 era this season. Isn’t his career average close to 4.5? When he came in, people wondered about the decision based on his entire career I think. We all know he has a roster spot locked up whether it is “official” or not. I think reason why though was stated at the end of the post. “The Phillies don’t want to waste nearly $3 million when they’re already capped out (or close).” He is not as bad as Adam Eaton, so they won’t pull an Eaton and ship him away while still paying him.

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  • Posts: 178 bfo_33

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    Baez does have good stuff, but makes a lot of mistakes. I agree with bsds – I don’t think Charlie and Co really knew how to use him last year. Use him as a rh specialist, never more than an inning – ideally, coming in with no one on base, may be successful. That certainly isn’t what they thought they got when they gave him that contract, but he still could be useful. If not, waive him – It’s a sunk cost, the money is already spent, why waste a roster spot.

  • Posts: 206 The Dipsy

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    If Rowand gets outrighted by the Giants, they owe him his whole salary, unless there’s a buyout.

    The Dipsy

  • Posts: 1110 Manny

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    I agree with @betasigmadeltashag –if used properly, Baez can be a decent bullpen piece. I don’t think he’s as bad as last year, but we all have the lowest expectations for him… if he can be marginally successful, we’ll be able to live with him. His “stuff” looks above average, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he sticks around.

  • If not Baez, then Kendrick?

    • Posts: 1376 Pat Gallen

      Avatar of Pat Gallen

      Could very well happen. Kendrick is definitely in the discussion for long man.

      • Actually, I was looking at it the other way. Since Baez has come on so strong, is it KK who could be cut (by next Wednesday, the 15th) to save 2M? Or, as I have long suggested, be traded (for real – no Kobiashi stunt).

        KK and Rizzotti, could both arguably be best served career-wise traded to a team where they would seem more playing time in 2011. Both are obviously severely blocked in the Phillies system.

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