Favorite All-Star Game Moments

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John Kruk vs. Randy Johnson is one we won't forget. (PHOTO: Getty)

What is your favorite MLB All-Star Game moment from your lifetime?  For some of you (like myself), there aren’t a ton of standout moments choose from, especially being fans of the National League.  As a 28-year-old, I’ve seen a lot of poor NL performances over the years.  Thankfully, a 13-year winless streak was snapped last year when Atlanta Braves catcher Brian McCann drove a two-out, base-loaded double down the RF line- breaking a 1-1 tie and pushing the National League ahead to stay with a score of 3-1.

But my favorite moment was from 2001 in Seattle … when Baltimore Orioles’ legend, Cal Ripken Jr., (who had been voted-in as the starting 3b for the American League) was told by Alex Rodriguez (who had been voted-in as the starting SS for the AL ) that they were switching positions for an inning.  This allowed Cal Ripken Jr. to start at SS in what was his final All-Star game, as Ripken had announced he would retire at season’s end.  The crowd roared, but unbeknownst to them this would not be Ripken’s only highlight of the night.  In the 3rd inning, on the first pitch he saw, Ripken (at age 40) became the oldest player to hit a HR in an All-Star Game, and would be named MVP as the American League went on to a 4-1 victory over the NL.

Honorable Mention… John Kruk vs. Randy Johnson from the 1993 All-Star Game.  It was hilarious, it involved one of my favorite players, but also proved that the All-Star game had become “fun,” and a game in which the results didn’t matter.

No matter the sport, I want to see an All-Star Game with the best players playing their hardest, so I favored Ripken’s moment over Kruk’s.  What are your favorite moments?

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    It wasn’t IN the game… but one thing I’ll never forget is the Mike Lieberthal interview where he says “I’m an All-Star …with a huge smirk on his face” …. despite the nay-sayers, he did something he set out to do. I was proud to be a Phillies fan that day

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    I” never forget Josh Hammatons HR derby record breakin single round, John Krucks bat against Randy Jackson to funny that was. last yrs NL win to breack a 13yr droudt. “F” the A.L go N.L. I’m a hugh Phillies fan, but when it’s all start time im a NL fan. and i’ll never forget 09 when damn near the whole phillies team was on the allstar team.

    • Posts: 2987 Chuck A.

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      Wait….Randy Jackson played baseball??


      I second the vote on Ripken’s game in ’01. Classic.

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    My favorite ASG moment is is Pete Rose completely destroying Ray Fosse at the plate. That play alone shows how hard Charlie Hustle played the game.

    • Posts: 2987 Chuck A.

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      Yo, I’M “Chuck”. I have been on here for several years. There’s also “The Original Chuck P” and sometime “ChuckS”. I suggest you differentiate yourself.

      • Posts: 3 Joseph73

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        Really? [In my best Scottish voice, "There can be only one Chuck!"]

        I’m still not sure if I ought to laugh or continue in my state of bewilderment over petty things such as a screen name. Oh, well……..

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    Chuck… that’s why I limited my own selection to “my lifetime” . . . . because the All-Star Game used to be legit, and there was great memories, great hustle, great plays …. Not so much in the past 15 years or so

    Bev, Abreu in the HR derby at Detroit was amazing too

    • Posts: 2987 Chuck A.

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      Which one of us are you responding to? Now I’m confused. … And it’s only 10:15 in the morning.

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    My favorite- The two sport All Star


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    My fondest All Star moment was in 1996 when my uncle got belligerently drunk at the game and we left him there. My dad was pissed, but I found it hilarious at the time. I still bring it up at family BBQs.

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    It’s easily Kruk vs. Johnson for me. The build was great. Kruk did an interview before the game saying how he would barely stand in the box. Randy jokingly said he was going to throw behind him. When Johnson threw that first pitch about a foot above Kruk’s head, I lost it. Hilarious. The next two pitches Kruk waved at and the third strike he spun around on his back foot like a top. All the while making funny gestures and acting scared. That was a cool, playful, fun moment.

    I think a close second would be Ryan Howard hitting the “Hit it here, win 500 free flights” on his winning homerun in the derby. Then his first derby win. Then Abreu’s carreer night. Then the CBP all-star game (when will we get another!).

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    I remember Bo Jackson CRUSHING a ball to lead off the game. The world was taken in by Bo at the time, and as a kid in junior high I was no different. I had the shoes, shirts and posters on the wall of Bo….plus, the only thing we Philly Phans had to look forward to at the time was watching Schmidt chase 500 and finish his brilliant career. If I remember correctly, Wade Boggs followed with a mighty bash of his own. I would never root for the AL, but I sure didn’t mind seeing Bo mash the ball!

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      You don’t have to remember it, I posted it above.

      I’m still not sure if I ought to laugh, or continue in my state of bewilderment over petty things such as commenters that get off putting down others, instead of actually reading/viewing comments pertinent to the discussion. Oh, well……..

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        Well, Lefty, it appears that you are not above your own comments as you are playing the same game! Pretty certain there is a word for that…..hmmmmm, oh yeah, hypocrite.

        Anyway, my mentioning that I also enjoyed watching Bo in the All-Star game has absolutely nothing to do with you mentioning it previously. The question was posed to each individual who wished to respond, not one group collective. I would’ve figured someone as brilliant as yourself would have figured that out.

        None the less, I’m glad we both enjoyed Bo.

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    I loved seeing Torri Hunter rob Barry Bonds too… forget what year it was, but here’s the link http://mlb.mlb.com/video/play.jsp?content_id=9109823

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    Not sure what year it was but I remeber Dave Parker throwing a rocket to Gary Carter on the fly to gun someone out at home.

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    Back in 1963 when Johnny Callison hit a homer of Red Sox giant reliever Dick Radatz.

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      That was 1964.

  • Posts: 0 bart shart

    Note that the homer Callison hit won the game in extra innings and Callison was the MVP.

    • Posts: 0 Don M

      20 years before I was born… which was a big part of why I wanted to see what other fans though.. If you’re younger than 30, there aren’t a lot of meaningful All-Star Game memories

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    Don M —- I’m older than 60 and believe me that there are just NOT a lot of memorable Phillies All Star memories. I love the Phils. Always have, but remember that they are the loosingest team in professional sports in the USA. First team to 10,000 losses.
    That speaks volumes as to why we have not had a great many All-Star moments.

    This really is the greatest era of Phillies baseball. Enjoy it.

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    Had to chime in… Just another Chuck.

    My fav all-star moment just happened- Justin Timberlake sarcastically mocking Joe Buck, ‘Joe Buck, you’re calling a great game. You’re just a classy guy with a classic voice.’

    But in all seriousness, Kruk/Johnson was epic. Fosse/Rose was historic… Although I’ve only seen the highlight (wasn’t alive).

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    Nothing new written for two days…………..Hard to believe. There must be something to talk about at Phillies Nation.

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