Polls: Phillies in 1st Half/Looking Ahead to 2nd Half

Posted by Pat Gallen, Thu, July 14, 2011 08:25 AM | Comments: 8
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We want your opinion on how the first half of the season went down for the Phillies. At 57-34, they have the best record in baseball, so it’s hard to find much to complain about (although I’m sure we all will).

Below are some questions about the first half of the season and a look-ahead question to the second half of the year. It’s pretty simple; just vote and let your voice be heard. And please follow up in the comments section if you so choose.

Who was the most valuable offensive player in the first half?

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Who was the Phillies Cy Young winner in the first half?

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Which player was the biggest disappointment in the first half?

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Which player was the biggest surprise of the first half?

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Who is the most important player for the Phillies in the 2nd half?

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  • Posts: 1110 Manny

    Avatar of Manny

    My thoughts:

    Most valuable offensive player, Howard. Out there every game, not a great avg but gets the job done. Shane has good numbers but has been semi-injured and can’t match Howard’s production.

    It’s technically a wash between Halladay and Hamels. If you remove Cole’s first start, it’s definitely him (but you can’t do that!).

    Biggest disappointment: I say it was Ben Francisco by far, followed by Oswalt. Francisco looked very solid in ST and he’s now he has completely lost his job as an everyday player. Sad. But he’s no Werth. Not even an Ibanez.

    Biggest surprise: Worley. Has started EIGHT games already and has a filthy 2.20 ERA. Um, who saw that coming? Nobody. (Warning sign: xFIP 4.04)

    Most important player for the 2nd half: Utley. He’s been playing well and the lineup is exponentially better with him in the 3-hole. If he can stay healthy the rest of the season, the team’s offense won’t be much of a concern.

    • Posts: 0 bigmyc

      It could be just as easily said that Shane is the first half MVP. He has played less games than the Big Piece, but what he does for the Fightins’ is a little more, “rough and tumble” than Howard. His defense edges Howard’s every season (even in what is shaping up to be Howard’s finest defensively).

      Shane has set the table for the Phillies since early on as he and Polly were the only two hitters producing. Howard’s 72 ribbies are mammoth but are also loaded with Victorino’s occupancy on the base paths. Likewise, you could make the argument that Vic has the 53 runs scored due to the big man, but Shane has accomplished his line in much less of the season than Howard…and that would include 9 triples.

      Howard’s run totals are a product of his spot in the lineup…as should be the case. However, I would argue that you are incorrect in saying that Victorino through this first half can’t match Howard’s production. Quite the contrary. Victorino, all 5′ something of him, has OUTSLUGGED the clean up hitter by close to 50 points.

      Howard is paid handsomely to do what he has been doing so far. Victorino is having a career season. Small ball, long ball, stick it in the corner ball….Shane can do it all.

  • Posts: 0 Bob in Bucks

    Pat – Loved the poll! Nice and simple and interactive! For me Bastardo was the biggest surprise. Not getting a lot of press but an ERA and WHIP under 1! Without him what would we do at the back end of the bullpen. Honorable mention for Stutes and Worley but Bastardo has totally turned it around!

  • Posts: 63 Jonathan Nisula

    Avatar of Jonathan Nisula

    Lots of people going Cole for Cy Young. He’s close to Halladay, but I think Halladay is better.

    Maybe it’s because Cole is pitching above what we expected (which in of itself is awesome, because we expected him ti pitch well)

  • Posts: 1076 betasigmadeltashag

    Avatar of betasigmadeltashag

    :You can say all you want about Howard’s production is because of his spot in the line up, but he gets hits with runners on base, and with the lack of production for the most part in other parts of the line up his clutch hitting is big. I have a biased towaard Hamels for the Cy YOung cause I like the kid. Bastardo is not a surprise to me, because I was calling for him to step up big time in ST. that is why I think Stutes is more of a surprise. As for the second half if the pitchers can stay healthy, and bull pen arms come back from the IR I think Bastardo and Stutes will not be over worked like the end of the first half. But I have faith that the young guns can hold up in a pennent chase and playoffs. I predict an upswing in the offense overall especially if Poly can come back from the sore back.

    • Posts: 0 bigmyc

      Well, that’s just it. When you bat fourth, chances are that you come to the plate with runners on more than you don’t. Sooo…even if your batting average is much lower than say..a hitter who usually bats first, second and even fifth or sixth, you will still be in a better position to drive in runs.

      Now, to drive in runs, you need those guys to get on base and one name comes to mind for that in the first half of the season. Did I mention that guy has a higher slugging percentage? 9 triples? what?

  • Posts: 0 bacardipr05

    Err its not because Cole is pitching better than expected. That’s not the reason he is ahead in the polls. Its because other than his first start he has been exceptional. Roy H has been great to but has been hit more than Cole. A few ok games by Roy H an every game if i recall other than his first start Cole has been exceptional.

  • Posts: 0 brooks

    I like the poll too.
    The diversity in choosing the most important player for the Phils in the second half is really interesting.
    My choice, just like the first half I will go with Rollins. If he can show his AS/MVP abilities in the second half, then rely on Utley & Howard to maintain knocking him in, that would be a huge key for the success of this team.

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