Hamels Walks Himself Out Of Game

Posted by Kieran Carobine, Fri, August 12, 2011 11:08 PM | Comments: 16
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The commentators tonight made a joke about a pitcher going a complete game and then coming out the next time without the same stuff.  I usually don’t buy into that kind of thing, but Cole Hamels played into it perfectly.

The Nationals stayed patient at the plate and Livan Hernandez (7-11, 4.21) pitched into the seventh to help Washington win 4-2.

Hamels (13-7, 2.62), after going the distance in his last start against Colorado, lasted only five innings tonight giving up three runs and tying his season high with four walks with three in the first two innings.  It wasn’t as if Cole pitched extremely bad tonight.  From what I saw he was just off the plate at times and never missing too terribly off.  His velocity on his fastball was hovering around the low 90′s all night and he had good swings and misses on his change-up.

Hunter Pence and Wilson Valdez picked up the two RBI for the Phillies who never got the offense going.  However, Ryan Howard had two hits and has six hits in his last four games.

It was only the second time Hamels gave up more than two runs in his last 16 starts.  Kyle Kendrick pitched three innings in relief and has turned into a fairly adequate middle man ready to pick up the slack.  He did allow one run before Brad Lidge pitched a scoreless ninth.

The Phillies are still 36 games over .500 (77-41) and have won 18 of their last 23 games.

Roy Oswalt will make his second start tomorrow night after coming off the DL.  He will face John Lannan.

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  • Posts: 0 greg legg

    Trade Cole, he’s no good. BTW the Phils are picking up Jack Cust, pending a physical. Does this mean Gload is (finally) out the door?

    • Posts: 0 Ted T

      Cust wasn’t hitting his weight at Seattle and had only 3 hrs. I think he’s a minor league experiment – and effort to try to fix what’s broken. Don’t see him with the big club this year.

    • Posts: 0 Ryan

      really dude cole has been are best pitcher this year stupid youre not any good i bet you cant even throw 60 feet

  • Posts: 0 bacardipr05

    Happens that’s why sometimes its nice to have a high power offense to overcome games like this. Gregg i dont know what theyll do with Gload.

    • Posts: 31 kittykat

      Avatar of kittykat

      I’ll bet Hamels is wondering where that high powered offense is when he pitches. And, now we’re back to trading Cole. Too late this year but he’s in another uniform in 2013 after going FA. Hopefully for an AL team that will hit for him.

  • Posts: 0 greg legg

    I would hate to see Hamels in another uniform. To me, he is the guy that should be here 8-10 years down the road. Hope Cust makes the big club. At Gload or Francisco’s expense, of course.

    • Posts: 18 Kieran Carobine

      Avatar of Kieran Carobine

      I think Cust has a slight ‘what if’ value. He wasn’t pulling his weight and it was very easy to sign him to an affordable minor league deal.

      There is no way Cole Hamels is traded. It is ridiculous to even think that because as soon as he goes 8IP, 1R you guys will be all over him again. Hamels missed his spots last night, and that’s that. He will come out strong next time against Arizona which will be a true test heading into October. Phillie fans have nothing to worry about when it comes to Cole Hamels.

  • Posts: 0 bacardipr05

    Yea unfortunately most of the time the Phils fail to hit much when Cole pitches. In turn that has made him a better pitcher because 7 out of 10 if he doesnt keep the game under 3 runs he wind up with the loss. That Cust dude is part of the Podsensik experiment.

  • Posts: 5434 Lefty

    Avatar of Lefty

    After 10 straight starts against the Nats without a loss, and as well as he’s pitched all year, Cole was due for one of these. And Livan was due as well, like Jamie Moyer before him, he tosses one of these now and then. He did it against the Braves late last season when we were trying to pull away from them, it was a big help.

    One thing I couldn’t help but take note of. Not having him play for us anymore, I had kind of forgotten what a premier defensive outfielder Jayson is. Wow, a right fielder that can actually make strong AND accurate throws to the plate!, and of course the diving catch. No I don’t miss him, I love Hunter Pence, but I did forget just how good he is out there.

    • Posts: 18 Kieran Carobine

      Avatar of Kieran Carobine

      Yeah Lefty you are right, everyone always harps on his RISP numbers or general average. Don’t get me wrong those are important as well but he is a good defensive outfielder. He has good range and an above average arm.

      Although he did frustrate the hell out of me with that triple clutch throw in the playoffs. Against the Rockies I think it was.

  • Posts: 0 800811

    Werth has perhaps the best arm in baseball, not an “above-average” arm. But, Francoeur has the second- best, and I wouldn’t want him in Philly, either. Glad to have Lee and Pence. Thanks, DC!!

  • Posts: 0 sportsphan

    Hamels last start was against Colorado? I could swear I’ve seen him pitch since then!

    • Posts: 0 Chris

      Yeah, the CG was against SF, not Colorado, where he went 6 or so.

  • Posts: 1147 betasigmadeltashag

    Avatar of betasigmadeltashag

    First off some of you have to get sarcasm, which Gregg legg was showing in the first post. Cole velocity was down, and he did nothave his usual comand. I just think it is a blip. He will come out strong on the next start. And it really did not make that ;much of a ;difference, but Hernadez was getting some low and outside pitches called for Strikes that Cole was not getting. Hopfully Little Roy will have a good outing and the bats will knock Landen around as usual tonight.

  • Avatar of The Original Chuck P

    Might be missing a bigger story here… I’m a homer and I’m always positive but when Charlie Manuel uses the words shoulder stiffness in his postgame press conference, it might be cause for concern.

    Check out baseball junkies… I wrote a piece on the whole situation and why it might be something to worry about. Then again, it might not… Could just be a dead arm. My hope is that they really start to take pitch counts and workload into consideration.

    • Posts: 5434 Lefty

      Avatar of Lefty

      I read it OCP, but I don’t think there is all that much to it. It would be reasonable to rest him next start to be cautious. It would be reasonable to scale back all of these guys (except Oswalt) at this point. Doc looks a little dead armed lately too. But we haven’t heard a thing about this with Cole since June 14th when they took him out of the game for “back stiffness”, or the other time with his hand. I don’t think he’s missed a start, and he’s pitched great since.
      I’m not worried.

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