Mets Jump Up, Hang On to Avoid Sweep

Posted by Michael Baumann, Wed, August 24, 2011 04:58 PM | Comments: 22
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Steve Jeltz Award: Kyle Kendrick

The Phillies revisited a pre-Pence Trade tradition this afternoon against the Mets, losing a getaway game in a series they had a chance to sweep by a final of 7-4.

Kyle Kendrick was partially, if not entirely to blame, allowing six runs in four innings while striking out only one. Though the Mets tagged Kendrick for four in the top of the first, he was not entirely to blame. Kendrick loaded the bases with nobody out, with help from fill-in shortstop Michael Martinez, who booted what looked to be a double play ball from Mets No. 2 hitter Ruben Tejada. After a single, a fielder’s choice, a strikeout, and three-run homer by Nick Evans, the Mets were up a grand slam before all the tailgating stragglers had taken their seats.

The Phillies had ample opportunity to strike back, but never really did. In the bottom of the first, Hunter Pence struck out to end the inning with runners at the corners. An inning later, after the Phillies had clawed back into the game with three two-out runs, Pence, swinging freely against a pitcher who had thrown 25 pitches to the previous four hitters, popped out to short right. To be fair to Pence, he did go on to single twice later on in the game.

From that point, the Mets chipped in a couple odd runs against Kendrick and Michael Schwimer, while the Phillies, not lacking for baserunners against the typically scattershot Mike Pelfrey, failed to close the gap in what turned out to be a particularly laborious affair, clocking in at a lithospheric three hours, 41 minutes.

No game tomorrow, but the Florida Marlins come into town Friday for a three-game set. See you then.

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    Come on Cubs beat the dam Braves….they cant keep winning forever….be a MLB team an beat the Braves…

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    Few things here. Was wondering why the phillies didn’t go to the pen earlier. They cut it to 1 and leave kendrick in who wasn’t pitching good and he gave the runs and game right back to the Mets. I feel they should have used everyone available in the pen to win this game because of a few things. 1. No game tomorrow and by the looks of things maybe only 1 game over this weekend because of rain. 2. The Braves keep winning and are playing a very easy schedule the rest of the way. Phills are in the playoffs but the division lead is shrinking pretty fast, from 9 to 5 1/2 if the braves win tonight in just 6 games. So would just like to hear other opinions and if you thought they treated this game as a throw away by leaving kendrick in to pitch.

  • Posts: 0 bacardipr05

    Guest your right possibly they need to go out an try to win every game. Really because somehow the Braves just keep winning. The Braves have an easy schedules an seems like these teams(not in contention) arent really playing with Gusto an just are happy to get rolled over by the Braves. Kendrick can pitch good but he is liable to pitch bad as well an that error didnt help him. Ps…they win again…

    • Avatar of "Big Ed" Delahanty

      I agree. Unfortunately, Kendrick reverted back to his old form, and was unable to buckle down and overcome Martinez’s costly error. It is instances like these that keep him from ever heading down the road of a Lefty, Halladay, or Lee. Any of those pitchers would have never lost their composure and clamped down even harder on the hapless Mets.

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    I was at this one… One of the worst games I’ve ever been to. Kendrick is brutally slow to begin with and this it seemed like the Mets had their leadoff runner on every inning… Meaning a ton of pickoff attempts. Pelfrey was almost as bad- how he made it into the 7th is beyond me. Ended up right around 130 pitches- pitched out of some jams and we let him off the ropes. The aforementioned at bat by Pence was a big play in this game. Howard draws a walk to load bases and it seems like Pelfrey is heading towards that one inning where the wheels fall off but Pence steps up and swings at ball one and then a borderline strike 2.

    It was a weak crowd- everyone knows that our odds aren’t good with Kendrick on the mound… Virtually impossible once he gives up 4 in the first. I mean, we battled but you need those quick innings following a rally to stay in the groove and that never happened.

    Also, I was sitting in front of the most annoying Mets fans you could ever imagine- they were killing Jason Bay and laughing about how bad the Mets were but then they would jump on Mayberry and make stupid comments to try to get people pissed off (like how we were the franchise with 10,000 losses and how we lost in the 2009 World Series- saying they’d rather not be there than lose… I turned around and just gave them a look like, ‘you guys are idiots.’

  • Posts: 0 PhanaticPhanREALLY

    Finally! If you’ve ever been to a Philadelphia Phillies game, you know how much their Phillies Phanatic resembles the typical Philly fan. He taunts the opposing team, flips over their batters circle, hexes the opposing pitcher, and ridicules the visitors as often as possible.

    Rarely do you find Philly Phanatic paraphernalia. Sounds like somebody likes him – must be a Philly fan.

    7 hours? Really??
    Check it out: http://www.ebay.com/itm/230663946672


  • Posts: 0 Don M

    I agree that this was the slowest game ever . . . . I one point i jokingly booed Kendrick for throwing over to 1st so many times… just a brutal game to watch on all front – unless of course you are a David Wright fan

  • Posts: 3020 Chuck A.

    Avatar of Chuck A.

    I’m really glad I didn’t waste the time to DVR the game and watch it last night, pretending it was “live”. It was bad enough that I actually followed it on radio/MLB Gameday at work.

    • Posts: 5283 Lefty

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      I DVR’d and sat down to watch last night, after keeping away from all media all day. I knew it was a mistake just after my daughter came from behind the couch to shake my shoulder, waking me up and urging me to go to bed.

  • Avatar of The Original Chuck P

    The only reason I stuck around was because it was a kids run the bases… which was really cool. I bought the Junior MVP membership which gave him first in line privileges (along with a Ruiz backpack, a magnet set and a few other freebies)… well worth the package just for the first in line privileges. I couldn’t believe how long the non-MVP line was – outside of the stadium, it stretched from center field to left field, from left field to home plate (the main intersection at Pattison and Phillies Ave) and then doubled back at home plate and went back towards center field. Our line was a bit lengthy but not nearly as long as that thing…

    They walk you and your kids down and under the stadium and then you enter in right field (by the window in right field where the head groundskeeper’s office is). It’s just neat to walk on the field – I pointed out the divots in the wall where balls had hit and a five-pronged hole in the padding where someone’s cleats had grabbed (my guess is that they were from Werth – we saw him try to make that play many times).

  • Posts: 3020 Chuck A.

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    I’ve seen that run-the-bases line before at other games. No way I’d wait in that thing.

  • Posts: 1190 Manny

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    I was just looking at pitchers WARs for 2011.

    1. Big Roy
    2. Kershaw
    3. Cliff
    4. Cole
    5. Lincecum

    (that is crazy…)

    Also, Wilson Valdez has a higher pitching WAR (0.1) than Edwin Jackson (0.0). I can’t believe the Cardinals traded away one of their younger stars-in-the-making for a guy like Jackson and co. Blame Tony Larussa. Now the Brewers are roaming wild in the NL Central and look very dangerous.

    • Posts: 0 Don M

      Edwin Jackson is a rare talent… has dominant “STUFF” that he’s shown on a few occassion…. a no hitter, and a few 15 K games … the Cards actually got a few much-needed bullpen pieces in that deal too ..and gambled that their pitching coach, Dave Duncan, can save Jackson’s career as he’s done with MANY others in the past

      I think the knock on Rasmus was that he didn’t take coaching instructions very well . . . . thinking he knew how to do things already or he wouldn’t have made it to the bigs..

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    Did you get a chance to notice how hard the infield is ???? Its like playing on cement… I got a whole new respect for these guys sliding/diving the first time I set foot on that field, they must just be constantly sore from Feb- Nov each year

  • Posts: 3020 Chuck A.

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    Milwaukee is the one team in the NL that scares the sh!t out of me. These are definitely not the ’08 Brewers that the Phillies were basically able to dominate in the playoffs.

  • Posts: 5283 Lefty

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    A friend of mine pointed out that Milwaukee also has an urgency to win this year, as there is very little chance they can keep Fielder after this season. Talk about a short window for success.

  • Posts: 5283 Lefty

    Avatar of Lefty
  • Posts: 5283 Lefty

    Avatar of Lefty

    Carlos Tocci- 15 years old! Signed by the Phils for 759,000.

    Ahh… to be 15 and and on your way to a wealthy life.


    • Posts: 3020 Chuck A.

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      I just wish I was the age I am now and on my way to a wealthy life!

      • Posts: 5283 Lefty

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        Good point. Same here.

  • Posts: 5283 Lefty

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    O.T. Just wanted to point out that that among players on the remaining NL contending teams, Shane Victorino is third in the league in OPS, behind only Braun and Fielder. Good job Shane!

  • Posts: 0 Andrew from Waldorf

    Kyle Kendrick pitched 4 innings with 2 earned runs.
    Thats a 4.50 ERA.

    If you pitch 6 inning and give up 3 runs. (4.50 ERA)
    They call it a quality start. Thats an official stat.

    Sell crazy someplace else.

    Give him the Jeltz and when TBC hits one 900 feet in a 14-2 win give him the Ashburn.

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