Phillies Trash Mets as Lee Wins 14th

Posted by Pat Gallen, Mon, August 22, 2011 11:05 PM | Comments: 26
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June, August, October. If Cliff Lee continues the way he’s pitching, we’re in for a fantastic postseason.

Maybe you haven’t taken notice, but Cliff Lee’s August has been almost as amazing as his June. He continued his torrid month by throwing seven shutout innings in Monday’s 10-0 win over the New York Mets.

Here in August, Lee is 4-0 with a 0.75 ERA. He has given up just two runs in 31 innings, a bounce back after a rough July by his standards. Lee has blown through August relatively quietly, but it’s almost on par with June. In that month, Lee tossed 42 innings and gave up just one earned run. If he didn’t own June completely, this August may be getting more press. But as it stands, Lee just continues to roll along, winning his 14th game on Monday night against the lowly Mets.

Run support was given early and often by Hunter Pence and John Mayberry, Jr. among many others. Mayberry ripped his 11th homer of the season in the third inning, Pence went yard in the sixth, his 16th of the year.

Mayberry continues to absolutely rake; and he wasn’t even in the original starting lineup on Monday. He took over for Raul Ibanez, who was scratched with a sore groin; a la Jimmy Rollins. It is thought to be less severe for Ibanez, but in the end it worked out well for the offense. On top of that two-run homer, Mayberry knocked in a run with a bases loaded walk. It’s quite possible we’re seeing a transformation of Mayberry into a real, big league hitter. With 11 homers in 187 at-bats, 30 home run power is within reach for Big John.

And Hunter Pence is just being Hunter Pence. He’s now hitting .321 with the Phillies since the trade. Pence’s home run was on a breaking ball that he waited on and ripped into the right field seats. Four times Pence touched home plate, and finished a robust 3-for-4 on the evening.

Placido Polanco returned to the lineup and made his presence felt in the two-hole. A 2-for-4 night is a fantastic way to contribute after a DL stint.

Pretty much everyone by Chase Utley and Ryan Howard showed up in the blowout victory. Wilson Valdez started at shortstop for J-Roll and chipped in with an RBI and Carlos Ruiz knocked in two runs and collected two hits. Shane Victorino had a triple that brought home two.

The all-of-the-sudden-unhittable David Herndon closed it out with two scoreless frames, giving the Phillies their 17th shutout of the season.

It was a complete effort from Lee and his offense. Take September off, Cliff. And do in October what you’ve done in June and August.

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  • Posts: 0 Bob in Bucks

    Mayberry’s surge has been even more impressive because he has hit HRs off of two RH pitchers recently. Interesting what might have happened if he had surged earlier, he might have been the regular RF and we would have a stronger bullpen because of no Pence. I am not complaining, Pence, Mayberry and Victorino make a great 2012 OF. Brown who?

    Of course, Mayberry would be a great 1B also (that was for you Andrew)>

  • Posts: 2068 Brooks

    Avatar of Brooks

    All these great things are happening without the familiar thunder of the Big Man’s tear through the late summer months, yet (?). It doesn’t look like the Phils need to depend on 1 man to carry them into the playoffs like Howard did for the last few seasons. Whatever mediocrity Howard has settled into seems to be just OK as the Phils starters continue to impress and win. The slightest showing of offense makes the Phils relatively untouchable and a sure bet for a WS showing. Starters Halladay, Lee, Hamels and Worley have a combined 50-20 W-L record for a .714 winning percentage. Wow – in the 92 games these 4 have started they have a combined ERA of only 2.65. If what we saw of Roy2 recently is a precurser of things to come, prepare a spot for the trophy in 2011.

    This team will go down as one of the greatest ever put together. And not because of the offense. But, we will keep the invitation handy Mr. Howard, if you want to scare the pinstripes off the rest of the league and go through one of your atronomical anomilies for the remaining portion of this season, you are quite welcome to participate. if not, no problems – this looks like Phils Nation 2011 at its best.

    • Posts: 4613 Lefty

      Avatar of Lefty

      The mediocrity is not okay, not at all. In fact it’s unacceptable. Sorry, Brooks and everyone else, I want this craziness to stop, I want Ryan Howard to play up to his potential. That would be good for the Phillies, good for him, and good for us. But in an athlete’s world if you have the goods, you have to put them out there everyday. And all he has to do is play the game the right way. He’s not giving us everything, we know this because we’ve seen it before. On a night when Dillon Gee was trying to everything he could to pitch around him, Howard wouldn’t let him. He wants to take those monumental swings that give off a puff of air throughout CBP, instead of playing team baseball and taking the walks. Hunter Pence behind him takes two walks, and by doing so eventually he forces the pitcher to make a mistake and Boom, let’s go eat. Mediocrity, no, that’s not the mark of a champion. The hard truth that no one wants to see, is that offensively he’s not playing smart, and it could be costly.

  • Posts: 0 Andrew from Waldorf

    @ Brooks I would think you are intentionaly trying to draw me into something. Or you have come around to another train ( pun intended) thought?

    Ive said for 4 months. If your man comes along this team rivals the 27 Yankees.
    Does he want to play the game right?
    or does
    He wants to swing at crap and stand 5 feet off the plate and hit 35 bombs to impress the numbskulls who think the HR and RBI are what its about?

    It wasnt mediocrity last playoffs. It was 0 RBI and out in in the NLCS. Thats a 0 or fail. Mediocre? You can live with. Horrible 0 RBI in 9 playoff games you cant survive. And the rest of the team is moot. Be mediocre and lets go eat after the parade.

    • Posts: 0 Ryan H

      so rbi’s don’t matter in the regular season as a stat but all of a sudden in the playoffs they do? pick an argument and be consistent with it. let’s not forget he had the teams highest BA in that nlcs. he hit .318 and hat a .900 in you geeks precious beloved ops category.

      • Posts: 0 glenn beck

        He watches Faux news, that’s all you need to know about that dope.

  • Posts: 0 Andrew from Waldorf

    Absolutely. You dont really knock in alot up by 8 in a playoff series. Those situations dont come up.

    Game 1 NLCS he struck out 3 times. Once with runners on 2nd and third and once with a runner on second.

    The phillies lost that game 4-3.
    An RBI or 2 there.
    And he can hit .000 the rest of the way. Its moot they win the series.

    I know you guys really love the 35 seven hundred footers in his 650 plate appearences.
    But a walk or a move along and run the bases correctly will serve the same purpose. Probably more. But taking a walk and running the bases correctly doesnt make you a hero.

    Come one guys lets not

    • Posts: 0 Ryan H

      baseball is a game of failure. you fail 7 out of 10 times in this game and go to the hall of fame. you’re picking out one instance where he didn’t deliver and singling it out unfairly. I’m sure Mickey Mantle and Ty Cobb and Ted Williams probably made an out or two in that situation too. there are plenty of instances where he has delivered.

  • Posts: 0 bacardipr05

    Brooks you have a point but the Big Man has to step it up just a little. I dont expect him to carry the team by himself but we need a little more from him. Before we had mediocre starters(except Cole) so he had to carry this team. With 4 Aces an a young baby Ace we dont have to score 5+ runs in most situations like before. He is the Big Piece the big piece of the puzzle come playoff time we need him to step it up.

  • Posts: 0 Kenny

    Sheesh get off Howards back and enjoy the damn ride. This man has done A LOT for the team. Yes he’s not putting up his characteristic numbers. But anyone saying that RBi’s don’t matter now, but they do in the playoffs? Is a moron plain and simple.

    Just enjoy the ride and be happy that as of now we DO NOT NEED HOWARD to carry the team! He’s like the one scapegoat player that all you arm chair analyst REPEATEDLY cry about, I’m sick of hearing it, reading it, and listening to it on sports talk.

    The Phillies are 40+ games over .500 set to break 100+ games and are not looking to get complacent down the stretch. JUST ENJOY THE DAMN RUN.

  • Posts: 2068 Brooks

    Avatar of Brooks

    I couldn’t resist Andrew.
    Kenny, you really are not going to find much bigger fans of Ryan Howard than myself. I go to a lot of games and I would have to say that when Ryan hits 2 hrs, knocks in 6 and the Phils win 10-4, I am the happiest.
    MY point (not Andrew’s, really) is that this team is so good, no, great that even with the mediocre play of our Big Piece, we are about to shatter some team records and carve this year in the record books as one of the best teams in baseball history. Hey, if Ryan cranks it up and his thunder lasts deep into the playoffs – well – we got some stories to tell my friend.

  • Posts: 1435 Pat Gallen

    Avatar of Pat Gallen

    Why does everything turn into a Ryan Howard argument? We should just rename it Ryan Howard Nation.

    • Posts: 4613 Lefty

      Avatar of Lefty

      Now that’s funny! Sorry, but if someone else opens this can or worms, I say what I see and what I feel. I’ve never started one of these. And I really want him to do well, I am a Phillies fan, and as such, want them all do to well. Go Phils!

  • Posts: 0 Bob in Bucks

    Sorry, I started this with my Mayberry can play 1B line. I am with Brooks, the team is fine with Howard as is but it would be nice to see him step up.

  • Posts: 0 Dan

    Lee is a triple-threat!!!!!

    • Posts: 4613 Lefty

      Avatar of Lefty

      Cliff Lee could almost be called a five tool. He’s a rock star.

  • Posts: 0 OhBoySarge

    I think every team in the league has the scouting report on Howard.

    Junk out of the strike zone,Junk out of the strike zone,Junk out of the strike zone,Junk out of the strike zone,Junk out of the strike zone,Junk out of the strike zone,Junk out of the strike zone,Junk out of the strike zone,Junk out of the strike zone,Junk out of the strike zone,Junk out of the strike zone,Junk out of the strike zone,Junk out of the strike zone,Junk out of the strike zone.

    He can’t hit it, he can’t lay off it.

    And no, the the addition of Hunter Pence hasn’t changed it .

    I would be very surprised at this point if he has a late season surge.

  • Posts: 0 TheDipsy

    You cannot take away the fact that Ryan leads the league in RBIs. I tip my cap to him for driving in all those runs. While I am aware that he leads the league in MOBIFOH (men on base in front of him), he still has to knock him in. I don’t know quite where to put this in my assessment of how good Ryan is. Its seems almost impossible for this stat to be true when he is actually a terrible hitter. It makes my yearn for a Mark Grace, Keith Hernandez type guy. I love the Big Guy. But this team would be much more effective with the 06-07 Howard. Now, THAT was a hitter.

    The Dipsy

  • Posts: 2952 Chuck A.

    Avatar of Chuck A.

    I think we all just need to accept that Ryan Howard sucks, has done nothing for this team and never will. He can’t hit, can’t field, is a lazy a$$ who doesn’t work at all to improve his game. What a pathetic loser.

    • Posts: 4613 Lefty

      Avatar of Lefty

      No we don’t because that’s not true my friend, and, yes I know you are just being facetious.

      Others may have, but I never said that. I said I expect more from him because I know he can do more. It’s the same approach every manager and coach should take with all of their players. It’s certainly the same approach my boss takes with me.
      Come to think of it, my wife too!

      • Posts: 2952 Chuck A.

        Avatar of Chuck A.

        Yes. I was being a complete wisea$$. I’m getting sick and tired of all the Howard-bashing. Not necessarily from you, because you put it in a way that’s rational. It’s true that he can play better and isn’t up to his potential. But to hear some of these people on here and on the radio and from some of my buddies….you’d think that he WAS the most pathetic loser of a ballplayer. And I’m tired of that. It’s beyond old. And it DOES seem that every discussion on here ends up with the same thing…..Ryan Howard and his faults.

    • Posts: 14 arminius

      Avatar of arminius

      Because Ryan Howard is in the lineup is the reason that Mayberry and Pence are hitting so well. Pitcher’s are forced to pitch to them. Just look at how Jason Werth is doing without Howard’s presence.

  • Posts: 0 Brooks

    I luff Ryan Howard

  • Posts: 888 betasigmadeltashag

    Avatar of betasigmadeltashag

    From the crazy Shaggy idea world. I know it is not easy to switch positions, but what I was thinking on the golf course today, Pete Rose did it why not see if JMJ can play third base? Just think of that line up, if you read my post you know I am not the biggest Dom Brown fan but if he can get it in the majors. You could have Brown Vic Pence in the outfield JRoll JMJ Chase Ryan as INF Chooch and Cliff Lee rounding it out. If dreams could come true, JMJ would become a gold glove 3B. How is that for a fantasy team

  • Posts: 0 Andrew from Waldorf

    Pete Rose played 500 games at 5 positions.

    Dial me in to fantasy land.

    Where @ BETA carrys on.

    Carry on my wayward son
    There’ll be peace when you are done
    Lay your weary head to rest
    Don’t you cry no more

    Once I rose above the noise and confusion
    Just to get a glimpse beyond this illusion
    I was soaring ever higher
    But I flew too high

    Though my eyes could see I still was a blind man
    Though my mind could think I still was a mad man
    I hear the voices when I’m dreaming
    I can hear them say


    Masquerading as a man with a reason
    My charade is the event of the season
    And if I claim to be a wise man, well
    It surely means that I don’t know

    On a stormy sea of moving emotion
    Tossed about I’m like a ship on the ocean
    I set a course for winds of fortune
    But I hear the voices say


    Carry on, you will always remember
    Carry on, nothing equals the splendor
    The center lights around your vanity
    But surely heaven waits for you

    Carry on my wayward son
    There’ll be peace when you are done
    Lay your weary head to rest
    Don’t you cry (don’t you cry no more)

  • Posts: 0 TheDipsy

    I close my eyes.
    Only for a moment
    and the moments gone.

    Any sane person would wonder why a gutt could be such a great hitter early in his career and then, with no injury or physical ailment to speak of, just throws his whole approach out the window and changes into helicopter. Dave Kingman, Gorman Thomas, Rob Deer. Ryan is just a notch above right now.

    The Dipsy

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