Victorino to Sit Three Games; No Giants Suspended

Posted by Pat Gallen, Mon, August 08, 2011 05:32 PM | Comments: 46
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UPDATE, 5:44 pm: MLB now confirming that Shane Victorino is the ONLY suspension stemming from the altercation. Ramon Ramirez and Eli Whiteside will not be suspended, but will be fined. Placido Polanco also fined. Wow. Victorino will still appeal, and now you can see why.

5:32 pm: Shane Victorino has been suspended three games by Major League Baseball for his actions during Friday’s altercation with the San Francisco Giants, according to ESPN. He will appeal. Giants catcher Eli Whiteside was give a three game suspension and Ramon Ramirez was handed a five-gamer for starting the incident.

I personally believe this to be a harsh penalty for Victorino, who was goaded into the altercation. He took a fastball in the back and just walked out to the mound. Ramirez, and more so Whiteside, were excessive in nature. Ramirez immediately threw his glove down as Victorino slowly walked toward the mound, and Whiteside jumped around like a boxer waiting for the first punch to be thrown. To top it off, Whiteside may have also caused further harm to Placido Polanco’s ailing back and hip.

Victorino did push and shove a bit too much, but no punches were thrown and no one was hurt in the fracas. Players from the 70′s and 80′s must be laughing to themselves.

A shoving match gets players multiple-game suspensions? Please. Victorino should have gotten one to two, Whiteside four for escalating the situation (if he doesn’t jump around like an ass and tackle Polanco, it may have dissipated rather quickly), and Ramirez 3-5 games. But, MLB sees it differently.

That said, he should just serve the suspension now and get it over with against a team that is not currently in a playoff chase. The game is also away, so he runs the risk of missing home games should the appeal linger.

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  • Avatar of victorino's#1fan:)

    that is bull crap i would have done the same as shane! he shouldnt sit out at all but at the most a game or two!!! thats okay though cause we won the series anyways!

    • Posts: 13 xxLouA

      Avatar of xxLouA

      it’s all BS as we all know, How could the Gods of Baseball be wrong about anything, after all they are never wrong!!!!!
      Get it over with now and forget it. Maybe Ryan will start hitting again to back up the lack of Victorino….

  • Posts: 0 Todd

    But what might have been a big factor in Shane getting 3games is Shane pushing and shoving the ump who was holding him back from getting back into the scrum. We all know how hands on any umps in any situation is a no-no with the MLB.

  • Posts: 4 Drewcifer

    Avatar of Drewcifer

    It’s a legit suspension. It’s surprising, given Molina getting five, that a deliberate shove by Shane didn’t get him more.

    The only thing about it that is slightly upsetting is Ramirez not getting a suspension after Weaver getting 6-games for intentionally throwing at, but not hitting a batsman.

    If MLB wanted to be consistent, they would’ve given Shane 5, Ramirez 6, and Whiteside 2. But why be consistent?

  • Posts: 0 Bart Shart

    Pat, I love Victorino. He is having a great year. But he deserved the suspension. After all, his pushing and shoving occurred with an umpire. He was really aggressive. I personally do not blame him as he took a very hard pitch in the back. But, in my opinion, some of this bullshit against umpires must stop. Too man players disrespect the umps and need to be punished for it, despite some umps being poor. Just my opinion. And the Giants catcher deserves five games and the pitcher deserves seven games, in my opinion.

    This discipline needs to be leveled across the board with all teams knowing that if you mess with an umpire you pay a steep price.

  • Posts: 0 Julian Levine

    This information is false. No Giants were suspended: http://twitter.com/#!/hankschulman/status/100682238324248578

  • [...] — In a blog post by Phillies Nation, it was revealed that Giants pitcher Ramon Ramirez will get five games for [...]

  • Posts: 0 Bart Shart

    More important — Any reading or prognosis on Polanco? Hip injuries do not go away quickly. Polly has a bad back and a hurting hip. Realistically, he may be done for the year. I hope not, but that may be the case. We may need a third baseman. By the way, how is Pedro Feliz doing? (Just kidding). But I do not think Wilson Valdez and Michael Martinez are going to help us much in the post-season.

  • Posts: 1435 Pat Gallen

    Avatar of Pat Gallen

    We have updated the information, which was first reported by ESPN.

  • Posts: 0 Spencer

    The problem with this ruling is that essentially it says that the phillies should have responded by hitting the next giant they say – which is fine as long as they stop issuing warnings as soon as a batter is hit. Dumb dumb ruling. In light of this, the first batter Cole faced on Saturday should have been hit.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    If Victorino would have taken it like a man… he would have been suspended 0 games. …. my stance on this all along is you either charge the mound, or go to 1st. Shane waited just long enough for his teammates to get in between him and any harm (just like in LA with the Kuroda thing in the playoffs when he waited until they were walking away, etc)..

    I think Vic is getting 3 games in large part because he was pushing the umpire to get back into the mix. I think Vic was selfish, and now it hurts the team

  • Posts: 548 Bruce

    Avatar of Bruce

    IMO, Victorino can considered himself fortunate that all he got was a 3-game suspension for PUSHING AND SHOVING the homeplate umpire in attempt to get back into the fray. As Pat stated in his article..”..he should just serve the suspension now and get it over with against a team that is not currently in a playoff chase.” Agreed wholeheartedly.

  • Posts: 0 Jeff

    Like Tony bruno said. How did the illegal get away with it. Most of these guys are. Send him back to Fridays kitchen to bus.

  • Posts: 0 Spencer

    No one disagrees with the suspension. The disagreement Is with no giant suspension. Ramirez incited the whole thing.

  • Posts: 0 bostonkate

    Whole office is in an uproar over this one right now. I firmly believe Vic should have received a suspension…after all, he did shove an ump. What isn’t fair in this whole equation is that Ramirez, who started this, and Whiteside, instigated while jumping around like a jackrabbit on coke, got nothing. Should be equal all around.

    Whatever. Shane will come out ahead in the playoffs when the Giants are sitting at home anxiously awaiting spring training.

  • Posts: 1435 Pat Gallen

    Avatar of Pat Gallen

    Either All 3 get suspended or no one does. I thought Victorino was rather gentle when pushing the ump off of him. Why is the umpire allowed to grip him up, but Victorino is not allowed to push him off?

    Either way, you suspend them all or you suspend none. This is mind boggling.

  • Posts: 0 Bart Shart

    All three should have been suspended — all three.

  • Posts: 19 Moondog

    Avatar of Moondog

    Did Joe Torre make this decision? If he did he should’ve recused himself. He had his guy Kuroda throw at Vic’s head in 2008. Of course Vic then hit a game tying homer that preceded Matt Stairs moonshot that killed the Dodgers.
    This decision settled nothing. Bide your time and drill a Giant next time. Let them get the suspension.

    • Posts: 0 Don M

      No manager ever tells someone to throw at anybody’s head…. Kuroda probably tried to hit him in the back, or ribs, and just overthrew-high..

      And if you remember they were doing that because Myers kept throwing at and behind Manny in the game here at home..

      • Posts: 0 moondog

        Manny overreacted to a bad curve ball from Meyers. The Dodgers had previous problems with their wussy pitchers. Designating Victorino as a bad guy in these situations is what is wrong. As I said nothing got resolved by a poor decision from MLB

  • Posts: 0 bostonkate


    Agreed. It all comes down to a media bias. Philly has a bad rap. Giants got the rings last year. Therefore, it’s all our fault. I hope he appeals this.

  • Posts: 0 Frank Riccard


  • Posts: 5271 Lefty

    Avatar of Lefty

    This is so typical, I had a bad feeling it would end up like this.

    That said, I agree that he should not appeal, get it over with in LA and be done with it.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    If Victorino would’ve “worn it” … like a badge of honor.. proved his toughness, etc. . . . none of them get suspended

    The Pitcher hit a batter, and the ump was giving him a warning when Vic started his 2 step march to the mound … which was enough to clear the benches and make the catcher tackle Polanco who was running into the mix.

    I love the Phillies and usually defend them all to the death.. but this was all Victorino. he could’ve prevented anything from escalating, but did his usual fake tough guy routine and now he’ll sit for few and the whole league knows that he’s a biatch, who will always wait for his teammates to surround him before he ever fight anyone

    • Posts: 0 Crpls

      But then he’d be a chicken!

  • Posts: 1435 Pat Gallen

    Avatar of Pat Gallen

    Don, I disagree with you. I think Shane wanted to go and his emotions got high, then he thought about it midway to the mound and he stepped back because he didn’t want a suspension. Things escalated around him, so he made the effort to jump in.

    I dont often stick up for Victorino, but I do here.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    the whole league probably thinks he’s such a biatch now anyway because if he wanted to fight the pitcher, the opportunity was definitely there to rush the mound.. .and he didnt do it

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    Pat if that was the first time I’d seen Victorino act like that… that would be one thing. But he seems to be the tough guy at the bar when his friends are there, but wouldn’t dare fight someone 1-on-1

    HE alone could have prevented the altercation, but once he stepped towards the mound, it was beyond his control…. and he was punished 3 games for that…. and the fact he shoved an umpire a few times

  • Posts: 5271 Lefty

    Avatar of Lefty

    “Victorino was cited for “aggressive actions” that prolonged the incident between the clubs.”

    This is a simple one- True or False? I vote true

    Eli Whiteside jumping up and down like a chimp in a zoo should also receive suspension for the exact same reason, but we don’t get to appeal that. It just doesn’t work that way. And you can’t make an appeal based on what punishment others did or did not receive.

    Shane can only appeal whether or not he took “aggressive actions” – which he did.

    Life is not fair, Just serve it, and get it over with.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    “Aggressive Actions” stepping towards a pitcher and causing benches to clear?? or pushing an umpire??

    Because if he doesn’t step at the mound, Whiteside never does xyz, and etc…

    I think Panda needs a suspension too

  • Posts: 0 Andrew from Waldorf

    Shanes supension will not affect the Phillies at all. You appeal to its a good point in the schedule to take 3 games off. I actually look forward to seeing some more of JMJ.

    That Whiteside isnt suspended is disgraceful.
    I felt he deserved even more games.

    But the Phillies arent in a pennant race and losing Victorino wont hurt them.
    The Giants are reeling and suspensions would hurt their chances of making the playoffs.

    I have no doubt that MLB wants the Giants in the playoffs.
    Par for the course and really not a big deal.

  • Posts: 0 Mazinman

    This is incredibly unfair. I agree that Shane should have been suspended but for the pitcher who started the mess not to get suspended too is a unbelievable. There would be nothing for Shane to prolong if the pitcher did not throw at him.

    Whiteside is even worse. “Aggressive actions” What, jumping around like he was ready to throw down is not acting aggressively? “And he going out to tackle Polly did not “prolonged the incident between clubs?”

    I think MLB gave Shane a case for reducing his punishment to just a fine especially with the Whiteside comparison. Shane was more visible but Whiteside contributed just as much if not more to that situation.

  • Posts: 0 Brooks

    Don, I think you’re wrong. Vic ‘s attitude is the thing that has my admiration the most.
    He is a pistol, has always been and sometimes to a fault. But to imagine Vic holding back on a scrap due to nerves? Nah

    Nothing to worry about with Vic being gone for a few – its Poly that is the biggest concern. Do I think the Phils need to look for someone at third? No but I do believe third is the weak link in this lineup defensively and offensively.

    • Posts: 0 Don M

      Just watch the difference in how you’re supposed to handle it (Ryan Braun), and how to blow everything out of proportion (Victorino) . . . . and to Braun’s credit, the pitcher Motte had JUST missed him with his first pitch up and in… and drilled him with 98mph on the second one …. and the benches didn’t empty because its part of the game. If Braun would have flipped his bat and stepped towards the mound … then you would’ve seen the same thing we had in San Fran


  • Posts: 0 Don M

    Everyone complaining about the pitcher . . . . People get hit INTENTIONALLY all the time… the umpire was in the process of issuing a warning. You only get ejected/suspended if warnings have already been issued (which they weren’t), so hitting him was fair game. Next pitcher to hit a batter after that would have been automatically ejected, and that would draw a suspension

    No rules had been broken, and what started the “fight” was Victorino’s bat flip and steps towards the mound… as soon as he does that the catcher knows that a “fight” is coming …. so I don’t know that his jumping around was anything more than knowing he’d be in a fight at some point in the next 3 seconds … and Polly was the first one in, so that’s who the catcher tackled.

    Again, all of this could’ve been prevented by Victorino acting like a real ballplayer and walking to firstbase …taking one for the team

    • Posts: 3 Cody Ross

      Avatar of Cody Ross

      Don, you are the most sane person on this site.

      • Posts: 0 Hester

        This “free saihnrg” of information seems too good to be true. Like communism.

  • Posts: 1190 Manny

    Avatar of Manny

    Wow. What a boatload of crap! Anyone who watched the game could tell you that Whiteside was the biggest culprit of the entire situation… jumping around like a frat boy looking for a fight.

    And he DOESN’T get suspended. WOW. Ridiculous is too mild of a word to describe this. Bull$hit would be more proper.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    I’m not sure what i’m missing here . . . . If Vic just walks to 1st nothing happens, right? But when Vic flips his bat and steps towards the mound… Isn’t that the universal signal for benches to empty and a “fight” to ensue??? I feel like Im usually a pretty big homer, and now everyone else is being homers to the 1000th degree

  • Posts: 0 Brooks

    No disputing what you said Don. Yes, its part of the game but this is who Vic is – if it was anyone else, perhaps nothing would have happened.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    I just think its a fake tough-guy act . . . . and now teams are going to try to get in his head all the time. And Phillies fans getting all bent out of shape that nobody else got suspended?… why ? Who cares? we don’t play them anymore this year, and neither guy is a star…

    I’m pissed at Victorino, because Victorino got Victorino suspended for 3 games, which hurts the team ….it was a selfish act that he should’ve handled differently.. Maybe I should give him credit for NOT charging the mound and getting a 5-6 game suspension, but in all honesty, i’d have more respect for him if that happened. The moment that bat flipped and he took a step toward the mound, he was going to be ejected and get at least a game suspension

  • Posts: 0 Mark

    Don, I think you’re missing the point here. Yes, Victorino stepped towards the mound. Yes, he pushed an umpire and several of his own coaches. Yes, he deserved the suspension. But watch the video. When he flips his bat, the benches didn’t clear. They didn’t even clear when Whiteside started jumping around like a boxer warming up for a fight. They cleared when Whiteside tackled Polanco, who I honestly believe was coming in only to help calm the situation. If the MLB wants to suspend Victorino for “aggressive actions,” it is only reasonable that they do the same for Whiteside. He was the first player to make contact with an opposing team’s player. He directly caused the benches to clear. (And it’s also hard to question now whether he didn’t partly contribute to Polanco’s injury, or at least make it worse.)

    • Posts: 0 Mark

      hard to not question*

    • Posts: 0 Don M

      pause this video at 9 seconds . . . . the benches have already cleared, Tom McCarthy has said “…and the benches are gonna clear” …. and Polanco is one of the many running into the mix.. http://mlb.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20110808&content_id=22932284&vkey=news_mlb&c_id=mlb

      I’m beating a dead horse here.. but I think people are overly HOMER about this situation, usually something I get accused of, but as our guy could’ve prevented this entire situation, I think its right that he gets the blame for it

      Vic flipped the bat and stepped toward the mound, which caused Whiteside to get up to get in front of him.. and he sees a bunch of people now running at him. … Should he be suspended to? Maybe… but who cares, why does our player getting suspended make us care that theirs aren’t . If Whiteside doesn’t tackle Polly then maybe it would’ve just been yelling and pushing instead of a fight.. but really that’s all it was anyway

      Our player was suspended because HE couldn’t contain himself in time… …and I think the reason he got suspended was for shoving the umpire, not for the bat flip, step towards mound, etc.

  • Posts: 0 RyanHowardCalledthirdstrike

    He took a fastball in the back and just walked out to the mound. (Hey, just a stroll. He does that all the time when going to first base, like Billy in Family Circus.) … To top it off, Whiteside may have also caused further harm to Placido Polanco’s ailing back and hip. (oh no!) (wimps).

  • Posts: 65 RatBastardNJ

    Avatar of RatBastardNJ

    So I viewed the Brewers/Cardinals video to see the differences between the actions of Victorino and Braun. After Braun was hit he also stood there for a moment and it appears he was unsure of his next move, just like Shane. The difference I saw was how the umpire and Molina handled the situation. Both of them put their bodies between Braun and the pitcher in a very non-aggressive position…you will see that in the video. In Shane’s case, Whiteside appears to instigate the brawl by his very “aggressive” body language. I really see that as the difference. Maybe I am a “homer” and I know Shane is criticized by many outside of Philly, but no one can really read his mind on what his intentions were. All I know is that he did physically try to move an umpire out of his way…that is where I agree with the suspension. But I truly believe that Whiteside’s actions created much more aggression which may have also led to further aggravate Poly’s injuries. I agree with others that state Shane’s suspension is fine, but Whiteside needed to serve time also. Molina of the Cardinals actually handled their situation much better…watch the videos again.

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