Phillies 2011 Regular Season Review

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Mayberry was the man in '11.

1. Most surprising Phillie?

Don M.: I would have to say Antonio Bastardo. For a long stretch this season he was nearly unhittable. For a team that lost Brad Lidge, Jose Contreras, and Ryan Madson to various injuries this season, Bastardo was outstanding for the Phillies at a time when they desperately needed bullpen help.

Jon Nisula: I have to go with Antonio Bastardo. He, along with the rest of the bullpen was overlooked going into the season. But he opened everyone’s eyes with a 0.99 ERA and .109 AVG against in his first 39 appearances.

Amanda Orr: Kyle Kendrick.  He really bounced back this season, and was fairly impressive.

Kieran Carobine: You have to love the way Vance Worley is pitching this year.  I liked the idea of bringing him up and giving him a shot but never thought he would do so well.  And unlike JA Happ and Kyle Kendrick, I think Worley will have continued success at the back end of the rotation for the Phillies.

Corey Seidman: I’ll take Mayberry. This was a make-or-break year for him and he successfully shed the 4A-label that Brandon Moss and John Bowker are perfect examples of. Mayberry can do it all and is now an extremely valuable, cheap fourth outfielder.

Michael Baumann: Apologies to Vance Worley and Tony No-Dad, both of whom, I thought, would be decent relievers but far exceeded anyone’s realistic expectations. But Mayberry I had all but written off as a more athletic Wily Mo Pena, someone who could crush mistakes but whose propensity for strikeouts and lack of plate discipline would eliminate any chance he had of becoming a valuable major league player. FanGraphs had him at 2.4 WAR this season in less than 300 PA, which might overstate his value, but there’s no doubt that he’s been a most pleasant surprise.

Jay Floyd: Mayberry.

Pat Gallen: I would have said Shane Victorino if you’d asked me a month ago, but since he fell off at the end of the year, I’ll say Mayberry, as well. His power numbers are absurd for a short season (290 PA’s, 72 hits, 33 extra-base hits). Who knows how that will translate in for an entire year, but for ’11, it was great to see him grow into a right-handed force.

2. Phillies MVP?

Don M: Ryan Howard. Howard has gotten himself in great shape the past few seasons, he was able to stay healthy enough and give the Phillies a constant productive hitter in the lineup, regardless of what pieces filled-in around him.

Jon Nisula: Roy Halladay. He’s having an historic season, even by his standards. His 2.35 ERA is the lowest he’s ever recorded in a season with more than two game started, and his 2.20 FIP is the 2nd-lowest single season FIP in the last decade. He’s my MVP.

Kieran Carobine: have never been a huge advocate of combining the Cy Young and MVP awards, but it is impossible to not talk about Roy Halladay when talking about both of these categories.  Halladay was Mr. Reliable for this Phillies team.

Amanda Orr: I’m going Halladay for both Cy Young and MVP. The man has been so consistent and no offensive player has stood out.

Corey Seidman: Shane Victorino for carrying the pre-Pence offense until a sluggish September. Thought it could be argued that Halladay and Lee were every bit as important in one-fourth of the games.

Michael Baumann: Halladay would get my vote not only for Phillies MVP, but I’d put him first or second on my NL MVP award ballot. According to FanGraphs WAR, Halladay has been the best pitcher in baseball by more than a full win. Halladay’s full-season stats are, once again, otherworldly, and I see no qualitative reason to argue with those results.

Pat Gallen: In a close race, Halladay. I wanted to be different and vote for Cliff Lee, but Halladay’s numbers across the board were just too steady. Only one time this season did he allow more than four earned runs in a start. Lee was maybe the most valuable player ever for the months of June and August.

3. Phillies Cy Young?

Don M.: Roy Halladay. While Cliff Lee has been dominant at times, Halladay has been the most consistent pitcher on the team all season. Halladay has a lower ERA, more complete games, wins… You can’t go wrong either way, but Halladay wins by a hair in my mind.

It was a clean sweep for Halladay in the Cy Young vote.

Jon Nisula: Halladay.

Kieran Carobine: Halladay.

Amanda Orr: Halladay.

Michael Baumann: Halladay. Apologies to Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels, either of whom would be the best pitcher on literally almost any other team in the majors, and again to Worley and Bastardo, who were quietly and unexpectedly critical in shorter work. Halladay is still the class of this pitching staff.

Pat Gallen: Halladay.

Corey Seidman: Halladay. Not as sexy as 2011 Cliff Lee, but it was by far the best year of Doc’s storied career.

4. Phillies rating this season (1-10)?

Don M.: Phillies receive a 10 from me. The amount of injuries this team has overcome, and to dominate the National League so completely in the regular season. What we saw in this regular season was outstanding, and win-total, meaningless games aside, this team acomplished every goal it could during their first 162 games.

Jon Nisula: Easily a 10. This is the best Phillies regular season that I’ve ever had the privilege to be a part of.

Amanda Orr: I’ll give them an 8.5 (9 if they sweep the Braves because then they will have the best all-time Phillies record).  The pitching was terrific all year, but a little more was expected out of the offense.  They improved with the addition of Pence.  It’s kind of scary to think that this team could have played better, and they have [99] wins.  Regardless, they had an amazing season.

Kieran Carobine: The season played out exactly how I thought it would.  It was a season dominating by pitching with spurts of little to no run support. I give them an 8/10.

Michael Baumann: 10. Honestly, what more could you possibly want from a team in the regular season? 100+ wins for the first time in my lifetime, the best record in baseball, and home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. It looks like every possible box on the wish list has been checked. I was entertained and pleased–I just don’t know what more I could have asked for.

Jay Floyd: N/A. As a result of the terrific collection of players the Phils have accumulated in recent years, a rating of their first 162 games of 2011 is a waste. The games that truly matter for the five-time defending division champions are yet to come.

Corey Seidman: 10. They won 100+ games, had an expected Win-Loss record BETTER than their actual record. They had a run differential close to +200. For regular season, it’s a 10. They rolled from start to finish and only experienced one bad streak the entire season

Pat Gallen: 9.6. It wasn’t perfect, but it was pretty close. I know you can’t have it all, but the offense left a lot to be desired during large stretches of the season, it’s just that the pitching staff was so damn good it made up for it. Had the offense been given Hunter Pence from the get-go, that might be 10/10. With a title, it’ll be 11 out of 10.

Here are the preseason standings as projected by a few of our writers at Phillies Nation:


NLE: Phillies (95-67)
NLC: Chicago Cubs (88-74)
NLW: Rockies (91-71)
WC: Braves (90-72)

ALE: Red Sox (100-62)
ALC: Twins (88-74)
ALW: Rangers (91-71)
WC: Athletics (89-75)

Phillies over Cubs
Rockies over Braves
Phillies over Rockies
Red Sox over A’s
Twins over Rangers
Red Sox over Twins

WS: Red Sox over Phillies 7


NLE: Phillies (95-67)
NLC: Reds (90-72)
NLW: Giants (88-74)
NLWC: Braves (92-70)

ALE: Red Sox (97-65)
ALC: White Sox (89-73)
ALW: Athletics (85-77)
ALWC: Yankees (91-71)

Phillies over Giants
Braves over Reds
Philles over Braves
Red Sox over A’s
Yankees over WhiteSox
Red Sox over Yankees

WS: Red Sox over Phillies


NLE: Phillies (94-68)
NLC: Brewers 89-73
NLW: Giants 91-71
WC: Braves 90-72

ALE: Red Sox (104-58)
ALC: Twins (91-71)
ALW: Rangers (87-75)
WC: Yankees (96-66)

Phillies over Brewers in 5
Giants over Braves in 4
Phillies over Giants in 7
Sox over Rangers in 3
Yankees over Twins in 3
Sox over Yanks in 5

WS: Red Sox over Phils in 6


NLE: Phillies: (95-67)
NLC: Cubs: (88-74)
NLW: Giants: (89-73)
WC: Braves: (90-72)

ALE: Red Sox: (96-66)
ALC: White Sox: (89-73)
ALW: Athletics: (88-74)
WC: Yankees: (92-70)

Phillies beat Cubs
Braves beat Giants
Phillies beat Braves
Red Sox beat Athletics
White Sox beat Yankees
Red Sox beat White Sox

WS: Red Sox beat Phillies


NLE: Phillies (94-68)
NLC: Brewers (88-74)
NLW: Dodgers (87-75)
WC: Braves (89-73)

ALE: Red Sox (99-63)
ALC: Twins (92-70)
ALW: Rangers (90-72)
WC: Rays (91-71)

Phillies over Dodgers in 4
Brewers over Braves in 5
Phillies over Brewers in 5
Red Sox over Rangers in 3
Twins over Rays in 5
Twins over Red Sox in 7

WS: Phillies over Twins in 5


NLE: Phillies (91-71)
NLC: Reds (90-72)
NLW: Giants (88-74)
WC: Braves (90-72)

ALE: Red Sox (97-65)
ALC: White Sox (93-69)
ALW: Athletics (88-74)
WC: Yankees (91-71)

Phillies over Giants in 5
Braves over Reds in 4
Phillies over Braves in 6
Red Sox over Athletics in 3
White Sox over Yankees in 4
Red Sox over White Sox in 7

WS: Phillies over Red Sox 5

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  • Posts: 79 branderson925

    Avatar of branderson925

    Lots of preseason picks for the Red Sox to beat the Phils in the WS. HA. Just brings me back to all that offseason hype.

    Thank god it’s not true.

    Not to diss you, but Pat c’mon man, 2/8 for the playoff teams. The Cubs? hahaha

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    its funny to look back at this stuff…… how ANYONE could have picked the Twins this year blows my mind … they had no pitching

    BUT… i also thought the Reds and White Sox would have big years this season.. so I can’t bash anyone’s projections at all … its amazing to see the talent that didn’t make the playoffs.. Angels, Braves, Giants, Rockies, White Sox, Cardinals…and obviously the Red Sox

    • Posts: 541 Bruce

      Avatar of Bruce

      @Don M: Huh? Who will the Phillies play in Saturday’s playoff game? Sorry, I couldn’t resist. LOL

  • Posts: 993 betasigmadeltashag

    Avatar of betasigmadeltashag

    I would have to say the most surprising has to be for me Worley. I do not see how he can not be, how many of you even thought this kid would start I one game much less go 12-2 or what ever he did. I thought since ST that Bastardo would be good, and a key piece to the pen. So he did not surprise me except that he exceeded even what I thought he would do especially early on. And to be honestly I had barly heard of Worley.
    The Phillies MVP is a lot harder, mostly because I like to leave the rotation out of it since they have the Cy Young. And so many position players stepped up at some point all year. I would almost give it to the bench guys, but that is a cop out also so I would have to go with Vic, dispite his little slump here at the end of the season, I really think he held this offense together even moving all over the line up. Also solidified the outfield ad through many guys on either side of him.
    Cy Young for the phillies again it almost a toss up yes Roy was solid almost every start and who can argue with his numbers, but it hard for me to overlook Cliff two months of total domination and almost not giving up a run for two different months. And as far as a grade how can you not give them a 10 sure there times that the offense was a little slacking, but with all the injuries and time spent on the DL by a lot of this team the bench guys came through and the the rotation was as advertised, and RAJ picking up Pence at the deadline and Charlie pulling all the right moves with this team It was a great, sometimes frustrating year, and never boring so I say 10

  • Posts: 0 DcMikey

    Surprise: toss up w Bastardo and Vanimal. But I would give the slight nod to Vanimal. NO ONE expected him to win so many games in a row like he did. And for those that did you know you were saying: “okay, this is the game he gets a ND or a L.
    MVP: everyone! The whole team stepped up when we had injuries! Heck, even Wilson pitched in a game!!

    I am so excited for the playoffs to begin, 3-1 over St Lewy.

  • Posts: 0 bacardipr05

    All good choices here although i have to give it to Mayberry ever so slightly. I never thought he would succeed much. If he didnt this year he would of been likely regulated AAAA status. As stated this year was either make or break so he had more on the line than anyone of the other mentioned candidates.

  • Posts: 0 BART SHART

    I love all three — Bastardo, Worley and Mayberry. But to me, it is Mayberry, who has great power, has shown enormous discipline at the plate and can play all outfield positions and first base competently. This guy will be an ultra-valuable utility player/pinch hitter until he breaks into the llineup. Next year he should get 400 at-bats and hit 25 homers, with a little luck and lots of dedication and discipline.

    Bastardo, Worley, and I need to add Kendrick have impressed me and I hope they continue to do so. Also, I see a future with Herndon, as well. He has turned the corner. Stutes was very good before he hit a bump in the road. We are very lucky to have all these pleasant surprises.

    If Michael Martinez learns to bunt and slap hit for an average of 250, then we will have a great infield utility player

  • Posts: 0 bacardipr05

    Except Bart Martinez doesnt have anyone to show him how to do that. I wonder what they will do with Mini Mart next year. A .195 BA isnt going to cut it even for a backup to backup Utility Fielder. I would like to think that Orr can do a slightly better job at the plate.

  • Posts: 0 da bdb

    gotta go with worley here. bastardo was a pleasant suprise but relievers are always coming up out of nowhere and having solid years. worley filled in the end of the rotation better than anyone could have imagined

  • Posts: 993 betasigmadeltashag

    Avatar of betasigmadeltashag

    I hope the powers that be do not mind but the ticket swap section does not come up. I happen to have a pair of tickets and a single ticket that I can not use for Saturdays game, I can not mail them because I live in VT and they are being shipped to my mom’s house, plus it would be to late. If anyone on phillies nation is interested e mail me they cost me $90 a peice, would like to get that back, I know if I scalped them I could get more but would like someone on here to use them if they could. I will take reasonable offers under what it cost me, but if someone offers me full price they win. I am leaving VT Friday night early Saturday morning, like at 1 am which gets me down there about 7 am. So we would have to come up with a place to meet after noon. I take the subway from Fernrock and would plan on being down at the stadium around 3. e mail me at shagmec13@msn.com

  • Posts: 541 Bruce

    Avatar of Bruce

    Most Surprising Phillie?
    Mayberry with Bastardo a close second. I think it’s safe to say that Mayberry now has a future with the Phillies. Maybe in platooning with Brown in LF. Also Mayberry’s versatility in OF and 1B will also give him additional playing time.

    Phillies MVP?
    Shane Victorino. Got to go with the everyday position player, Shane does everything exceptionally well. Great glove (another Gold Glove is waiting for him) and a strong accurate arm; Speed (his 16 triples tied him with Reyes as league leaders). Surprising power and and clutch hitting (always seem to come up with the big hits). Along with Rollins at the top of the batting order, it gives the team a double threat on the bases.
    footnote: Had Pence play the entire season with the Phillies and be that productive as he has in August and September…the vote would go to him.

    Phillies Cy Young?
    Halladay…who else?

    Phillies rating this season (1-10)?
    I give them a TEN. As some mentioned, remarkable how this team stay on course with little offense and so many injuries. And established a team record for total wins (102) in a season. Pitching, pitching, pitching wins championship.
    footnote: Charlie Manuel should be given serious consideration for Manager of Year.

    • Posts: 0 loupossehl

      I agree with all of this … except at this point in Mayberry’s ascendency I don’t think John Jr. might platoon with Dominic – I think Dominic, if things work out for him, might platoon with J Jr.

  • Posts: 2069 Brooks

    Avatar of Brooks

    The biggest surprise for me, a toss up between Mayberry & Worley.
    I got to see Worley pitch 5 times, only once was he actually dominating but he always kept it tight (I also only saw 1 loss). He worked hard for most of his wins – throwing a lot of pitches but he was consistent.

    Mayberry on the other hand created excitement every time at the plate, especially in PH situations. For the most part this year, we were desparate to see some of that offensive magic we’ve grown used to over the years and Jr. gave us a thrill.

  • Posts: 84 Tom

    Avatar of Tom

    Most surprising was definitely Vanimal! He was a mediocre minor leaguer who exploded on the scene! Cy Young has to go to Doc because he was consistent all year long and would have easily won 20+ if the offense had produced consistently. Sorry Cliff, if you’d had a decent July, it would have been yours easily! MVP has to go to the entire pitching staff! The regular lineup only started 18 of 162 games due to all the time that various players spent on the DL yet they managed to win a club record 102…that stat blows my mind!!

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