Phillies are 2011 NL East Division Champions

Posted by Brian Michael, Sat, September 17, 2011 10:32 PM | Comments: 23
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Phillies 2011 NL East Champions

The Philadelphia Phillies are the NL East Champions for the fifth consecutive year and eleventh season overall. In beating the Cardinals tonight 9-2 at Citizens Bank Park, the Phils take another step toward their ultimate goal for 2011 – a World Series crown.

The final game score tonight does not quite tell the tale of the game. Roy Oswalt gave a solid performance striking out seven while walking none and allowing five hits and no runs over seven innings. If this was a playoff audition, he certainly passed the test.

But with a shutout going through the eighth, the Cardinals made it interesting with four consecutive singles off Michael Stutes to close the Phillies lead to 3-2. Brad Lidge rescued the inning and in the bottom frame, the Phils decided to take out some insurance.

With a few singles of their own and Raul Ibanez grand slam BOMB to right-field, the Phillies took a commanding 9-2 lead heading into the ninth. Ryan Madson came in for the save and the champagne started popping.

As we mentioned, this is the Phils 5th division title in as many years – and to be honest, they are getting easier – at least on the nerves. Remember sweating through Jamie Moyer’s starts on the final days, watching Brett Myers close out the game? Today, rather, the club is twelve games from the end of the season and the win was an easy one.

Enjoy the accomplishment everyone, the real season starts soon.

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  • Posts: 530 Bruce

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    Congratulations to the organization and the team…from the top (Amaro) on down, It’s NEVER easy to achieve that goal even in this game as the score is bit misleading. Thanks to the all out hustle of Utley and Pence that gave Ibanez the chance to put the icing on the cake with his ‘grand salami’.

    Now with 12 games left and having lowered their magic number to two over the Brewers for the best record in the NL and home-field advantage throughout the playoffs, the management can soon look forward to giving their regulars a much needed rest to heal their wounds and refresh their bodies. And at the same time remain focused on the ‘new season’ in October.

  • Posts: 5152 Lefty

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  • Posts: 0 Ryan H

    Roy Oswalt is easily the most under appreciated Phillie. He’s a pedigree pitcher. one of the best in all of baseball when he’s on his game.

    can you believe it!? five years in a row. I still can’t believe it. I still think about the dreck of the late 90′s and thought that would be my fate forever. to root for a team that played in a dump of a ballpark with nobody in the stands. we used to get free tickets with a package of phillies franks hot dogs. now we have the best team in baseball. we’re the yankees of the NL and the ballpark is beautiful and sold out every night.

    i will never get sick of this or ever take it for granted.

    • Posts: 576 Brian Sr. of CO

      Avatar of Brian Sr. of CO

      I agree that Oswalt is the most underappreciated player on the Phillies. But for the love of the game, please don’t call the Phillies the “yankees of the NL”. I would like to think Phillies have more class than that. I hear Yankees and I think overpaying players, steroids and faking getting hit by pitches to get on base, and a joke of a ballpark than a little leaguer can hit a home run out of. And thats sad because while CBP is considered a “hitter park”, Yankees stadium has the most home runs than any other ballpark in the country (not all by Yankees). Specifically Right Field. Anything withing the first 5 or so rows in Right Field is just a “Yankee Stadium Home Run”.

  • Posts: 576 Brian Sr. of CO

    Avatar of Brian Sr. of CO

    What a game. Vic came through, J-Roll with a 4 hit game, and the Corpe continues to suck…LOL. Raul has 19 home runs and 30 double. Raul is so bad, that he has 30 doubles in each of the lat 10 season. The only other active player with that type stretch of 30+ Doubles…Pujols. In the last week especially he has had a good amount of success with a nice outfield assist in the 9th, a sweet diving catch, and now the Grand Salami to put the icing on the cake to win the Division. I especially like some people saying Cholly is an idiot. Its not like he hasn’t helped to turn this organization around. A couple 2nd place finishes, and FIVE NL East Division Championships. Oh and a 2 NL Champs, and a World Series Championship. LOL. AWESOME. I hope the Braves choke a little more. LOL

  • Posts: 62 LCMRSalazar85

    Avatar of LCMRSalazar85

    I completed my 12 hour trek to witness in person my first NLE clinching game in person. I live over 150 miles away from CBP. I turn 45 next month. This NEVER GETS OLD! Oswalt looked solid!! I didn’t think we would lose the game, but Raul stepped up to make sure we got it done tonight. I’m hoping he catches fire for the next month now! I’m ready for October! But gonna go get some sleep right now.

    • Posts: 3 Todd

      12 hours to go 150 miles? Did you ride your bike? I hope the 12 hours includes the drive both ways, drinks before the game, the game itself, and the celebration after.

      • Posts: 62 LCMRSalazar85

        Avatar of LCMRSalazar85

        You’re funny. What part of ‘witness in person’ didn’t you catch?

  • Posts: 0 bacardipr05

    Congrats to Phillies an Philadelphia Fans

  • Posts: 0 CS

    I’m really worried about the bullpen…

  • Posts: 13 BrewTown PhilsPhan

    Avatar of BrewTown PhilsPhan

    Great night.

    Speaking of auditions, is anyone else starting to wonder if Lidge is putting in a not bad audition for the 8th inning slot? He seems to be healthy, and he seems to be calm. He shows up in the 8th after someone else has created a mess, and he seems to clean it up pretty well. Thoughts?

    • Posts: 0 Ryan H

      I am pretty confident that we are going to see Brad Lidge in pitching in huge spots in the playoffs.

  • Posts: 0 Sandy

    What a class move , waiting for Hunter to come in the locker room before popping the champagne. The character and talent is the best in Phils history

  • Posts: 0 Dave L

    I’m excited that we won our fifth in a row and the way we did it! I think we’re all focused on the next steps towards winning it all. I hope we don’t rest too much and lose our edge. Hopefully that painful loss to the Giants last year will motivate the team and create a sense of urgency. These opportunities to win it all are rare and we need to win it now since you can’t be sure you will ever have another opportunity. I think we win it all this year and hopefully we string a few together before this core ages. I can’t wait for the playoffs to start and I hope we keep racking up wins and make this an historic year. I want this team to go down as one the greatest teams ever to play this game!

  • Posts: 971 betasigmadeltashag

    Avatar of betasigmadeltashag

    I am not worried about the pen, I think you may see Lidge in the 8th if they are RH coming up, and I still like Bastardo against lefties. I think Bastardo will be OK and return to form. I think the the big question is how do you get people rest but make sure they are not rusty when the playoffs start in two weeks. I just drove down from VT like I do for Sunday games since I have that season ticket package, was hoping that they would have done it tonight, but I will take it any way they can get it. So that is 360 miles away 13 times a year one way. Like I expected the celebtation was subdude slightly because there is a lot of work left to do. Stay sharp and get some rest. Congrats tothe Phillies and what has become a great organization.

  • Posts: 2069 Brooks

    Avatar of Brooks

    Tremendous season!

    Crazy season!

    Rollins and Vic came through last night, Utley and Howard were not a factor – and does it matter? The best starting rotation in baseball and enough whack to get a few runs… I am pretty confident this combination will be enough to carry us through the playoffs but in the WS, I would hope that the sleeping Giant(s) would awake – then, there would be no question as who will be the new world champions. If they dont step up, it will all depend on excellent pitching (0 to 1 run), not better than average (2-3 runs) or just average (4 runs or more).
    Bottom line, this team is far superior than any team in the majors right now IF the offense (specifically our core) is clicking. If they aren’t, it’s a toss up (for the WS anyway).

    One more game for me, I am so ready for the Post Season

  • Posts: 79 branderson925

    Avatar of branderson925

    Madson came in for the save?

    They allow 7 run saves now?

    Haha Awesome win. Roy lookin good and hitters comin thru


  • Posts: 2990 Chuck A.

    Avatar of Chuck A.

    Brooks, … “Utley and Howard were not a factor.” ??? Howard walked in the first to help continue the inning for Hunter Pence’s RBI double. And he walked again, which didn’t lead to any scoring but was a great sign. And Utley, while not necessarily contributing anything offensively, only made a crazy-good play to end the game and send the place into celebration. …

    …So I would absolutely say that they were factors.

    Plus, this was only the 4th time since Pence came to the club that Charlie has his “A” line-up out there. Just having all those guys out there like that, despite what they did or didn’t contribute, had to be a HUGE lift for this team..


    I was at this one. And it ranks right up there as one of my all-time favorite playoff games, playoff-implicated games or clinching games I have ever been to. Doc’s no-hitter last October (which I was lucky enough to witness) has to be #1. But this one is a close 2nd I think. Great atmosphere. Awesome game (I liked that it was close and tense for awhile). The only thing that would sweeten it would be the parade.

    Go Phillies!!!

  • Posts: 2069 Brooks

    Avatar of Brooks

    I was there too Chuck – honestly, I would have expected Howard to give us something when he had the bases loaded, twice… And yes, I have grown to expect a lot more from this duo offensively (I really wasn’t speaking about their D).

    The crowd still rises to their collective feet when Ryan comes to bat with the bases loaded and I have personally seen the last 5 bases loaded situations he has come up, he has struck out at least 4. Phew! I’m sure he is way down on himself.

  • Posts: 2990 Chuck A.

    Avatar of Chuck A.

    Where were you sitting, Brooks?

  • Posts: 0 Mazinman

    It is amazing to think that winning a division title would be something that merely makes me happy but not satisfied. Our Phillies have truly grown. Congrats to our awesome team and to the great fans who cheered them all the way.

    Excellent timing for this clinching. Now we can give serious rest to our players in order to get the bench some at bats and get any nagging injuries out of the way. The big four should continue to start but with controlled pitch counts.

    I really like the design of this years Division Champion shirt. Looking forward to more shirts in the near future.

  • Posts: 1190 Manny

    Avatar of Manny

    This is nuts! NL EAST CHAMPS again! Great game, overall. Good to see J-roll getting 4 hits and Oswalt pitching 7 strong. I’d think you gotta be a little crazy to throw him in the pen for the playoffs at this point… he’s definitely our no. 4 starter this October.

    Also, RAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUL Grand SLAM!! I told you guys he has a TERRIBLE month, then a REALLY GOOD one.

    Also, check this out:
    HRs by Raul: 1 in March/April, 7 in May… 1 in June, 7 in July… 1 in August, ___ in September :)

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