Phillies Beat Brewers Behind Halladay’s Gem

Posted by Jonathan Nisula, Fri, September 09, 2011 11:59 PM | Comments: 30
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Richie Ashburn Award: The Doc

PHOTO: Jeff Hanisch/US Presswire

Nine. That’s the Magic Number for the Phillies to win the East. They got there behind Roy Halladay‘s gem on Friday night, defeating the Brewers 5-3. Doc tossed eight innings, looking on point all night. This was unlike many of his recent starts where, although he may have gotten results, looked like he was struggling. Make no mistake: This was the Cy Halladay that we’re used to watching.

The only run he gave up came on a sacrifice fly by Yuniesky Betancourt that scored Casey McGehee; after McGehee lead off the inning with a double and advanced to third on a groundout. That was it. McGehee’s double was one of just four hits that Halladay gave up and the only extra base hit. He struck out nine, and lowered his ERA to 2.44.

The Phillies didn’t waste any time, scoring three runs in the first. All three came on a no-doubt-about-it Ryan Howard home run to right field. From there, both offenses were held in check until the bottom of the fourth. Halladay pitched himself into a bases loaded, one out jam, but like the masterful magician that he is found a way to escape it. He induced a double play by Betancourt and got out of the inning unscathed.

In the 7th, Raul Ibanez and Carlos Ruiz each had RBI singles that extended the Phillies lead to 5-0. The bottom of the same inning is when Halladay gave up his only run of the night.

But as soon as he was pulled, things went downhill. Antonio Bastardo came in to pitch the ninth, presumably to finish the game. However, he only threw eight pitches before he was pulled. He gave up a leadoff single followed by a walk and gave way to Ryan Madson to clean up the mess.

Mad Dog induced a slow ground ball off the bat of Jerry Hairston to get the first out on a bang-bang play at first. The next batter was Betancourt, and he singled in a run to cut the lead to three. Jonathan Lucroy then hit a sacrifice fly to cut the lead to just two.

But then, with two outs and the tying run at the plate, George Kottaras decided he was going to helped the Phillies out. He swung at the first pitch, rolling over a ground ball to 2nd on a pitch that was on the outer half of the plate. Ballgame. The win is the Phillies 5th in a row, with all five coming at the #2 and #3 teams in the NL.

NOTES: Pete Orr saw his life flash before his eyes when he found himself directly in the path of stampeding sausages. He pulled a slick move to avoid impact and stayed in the game.

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  • Posts: 0 Jeff

    Magic number is 8 crapper

  • Posts: 0 Bob in Bucks

    Sorry Jeff, magic number is 9 for division, 3 for Wild Card.

    Great game.

  • Posts: 0 Ryan H

    kicking into 5th gear just in time for the dance. I love it. put on your seatbelts boys, this is gonna be fun.

  • Posts: 0 bacardipr05

    Bullpen worries me a little. If the Bastard starts to regress now only leaves Madson. Seen Blanton warm up gave me stomach cramps….However nice win if we can take tomorrow series or 3 out 4 we will send a message to the Brew crew as we did with the tomahawk team.

  • Posts: 0 bacardipr05

    Diamondback appear to me as a possible team to upset in this division. With two aces of their own they can hold their own in a short series….The Giants of last year?

    • Posts: 0 Ryan H

      they’ve got a pretty nice record. but they’re still 13 games back of the Phils in the loss column. hahaha. they’ve got a couple of nice pitchers. Kennedy is a really good pitcher for sure. but they’re ain’t no Halladays or Lees or Hamelsss walking outta their dugout

      • Posts: 0 FightinsFan

        Well, keep in mind that the offense is prone to making sub-par pitchers look like Cy Young. Their pitchers may not be like Halladay or Lee, but they certainly have the potential to shut down the Phillies offense.

  • Posts: 0 David

    Phillies have essentially clinched home field advantage througout the playoffs. Won the last two games without either Utley or Rollins.

    Would the Phillies prefer to play the Diamondbacks or the Brewers in the first round? Not sure. The Phillies held the DBacks to 6 runs in 3 games in Philadelphia. Kennedy is 1-1 against the Phillies. DBacks cannot match the Phillies top 3 starting pitching. That doesn’t mean the Phillies automatically win. Sometimes things don’t go according to plan. But I think if you run a simulation of the series, the Phillies would win 7 out of 10 times.

  • Posts: 0 bacardipr05

    I hope Utley isnt done that will be devastating tomorrow or the following day we shall find out. RAJ will go about at it the usual way oh he is ok then bam spring the news…You never with this club…

  • Posts: 5449 Lefty

    Avatar of Lefty

    At this point do we really want to continue beating the Brewers? If we knock them below the Dbacks, which could happen tonight if we beat them, then it is the Brewers we may have to play first in the playoffs.

    I have a healthy fear of short 5 game series, seen too many of them go to the underdog. I’m not sure if we’re not better off losing the next 2 games. I would never advocate throwing games of course, just wondering aloud.

    • Posts: 64 Jonathan Nisula

      Avatar of Jonathan Nisula

      This is an interesting question that was brought up to me on Twitter last night. Sure, the Brewers are better than the D-Backs, but here’s my answer:

      It doesn’t matter. It’s a crapshoot. There’s no point in trying to root to play one team over another

      • Posts: 5449 Lefty

        Avatar of Lefty

        Honestly I agree Jon. I guess there just isn’t much else to root for at this point. We wrapped this thing up a month ago on the west coast trip, IMO.
        It seems the CY Young is going to Kershaw, nothing to root for there, and we don’t have an MVP candidate. Guess I’m just looking for something we can compete in.

        I disagree that it’s a crapshoot, but only on jargon. I would call it more of a coin flip. There are only two possible winners.

      • Posts: 0 FightinsFan

        I’m pretty sure that’s what he meant by “crap shoot.” Crap shoot, coin flip. Either one is a chance.

  • Posts: 5449 Lefty

    Avatar of Lefty

    The Phils are now third in the NL in runs scored per game at 4.59

    Only the Cardianls (4.64) and Reds (4.61) are higher. We were 9th at the All Star break.

  • Posts: 2897 Chuck A.

    Avatar of Chuck A.

    Any team that makes it to the postseason is essentially for real and needs to be respected. Especially in a 5 game series. At this point I really don’t care who we play. Brewers, D-Backs or anybody else. The Phillies have to bring their A game to any series and act as if that opponent is their biggest stumbling block. If they do that…..they will be fine.

    • Posts: 5449 Lefty

      Avatar of Lefty

      Partially agree,
      Bringing their “A” game will help, but it takes some luck too. Above, Jon called the playoffs a crapshoot. I call it a coin flip, but both have the same meaning.

      Anyway I wouldn’t care who it was either if they were all 7 game series. I just have seen too many worthy teams go down in that 5 gamer over the years.

  • Posts: 1157 betasigmadeltashag

    Avatar of betasigmadeltashag

    I must agree the Phillies have to take any potential opponent in a short series very seriously, and any team can be a problem in the post season if they make it(sorry I have to write that) But if the Phillies play like they are capable then they should win any short series with thier rotation.
    On last nights game, I think you need to let Bastardo get himself out of trouble, sometimes I think he does not get enough reps when he has been put out there. I realize he walked a guy and his control issues have popped up lately but I really think he could have pitched out of it. I am not really worried about him his stuff is still nasty and I think he may have fallen in love with his slider too much, he needs to use his 94 mph fastball more often to get strikes. But I am not Charlie and I am sure he has his reasons. But I would liked to see Bastardo get himself out of that inning last night

  • Posts: 0 bfpsu

    Agree that Bastardo needs to go his fastball more.. He is falling in love with his slider but he has been too wild with it. It’s not like he doesn’t have a pretty good fastball at 93-94 mph.

  • Posts: 2005 Brooks

    Avatar of Brooks

    Bastardo is going through something right now and it needs to be addressed. What we have gotten used to in the early part of the season is certainly not what we have witnessed lately.

    Anyone notice that the amazing home record the Brewers have is about to be bested by the good guys? Yep, 50-21 for the Brewers, 49-22 for the Fightins.

    To all – the Phils are not going to take one step in this post season ‘lightly’ – I would not be concerned a bit about it. They have played with intensity more consistently and proficiently than any other team in baseball – they sure are not about to ease up. Easing up would have been going 2-1 or 1-2 vs the Braves – losing the series to the Brewers… Not to fret guys, this is what we have dreamed of -

  • Posts: 0 BobS

    I would like to see the Phils win today so they take the series 3-1 and have Worley get a stomach ache that lets Blanton take his spot tomorrow. The Brewers did take the series at CBP earlier this year so this series gives the overall edge back to the Phils. Take care of business against the Brewers in the NLDS and let Atlanta fly back and forth to AZ in a five game set

  • Posts: 5449 Lefty

    Avatar of Lefty

    Hard to believe that not one person has objected to my proclaiming of Kershaw as Cy Young winner. Maybe it was buried too deep within a thread, or maybe you guys just don’t pay any attention to what I say anyway. No worries, I’m used to that, I’m married with children. :)

    • Posts: 0 loupossehl

      One reason for going with the Kershaw idea is that it makes the Cy Young selection an easy one. If you’re considering a Phillie, the question immediately becomes, “which one”? Doc? Cole? Cliff? At that quickly-arrived-at point in the thinking process, you make it easy for yourself and you say, “Oh, screw it – I’ll vote for Kershaw and be done with it.”

      This can also be seen as a price we’re paying for being who we are right now: clearly the league’s best team, a la the ’50s and ’60s Yankees. Let the Cy Young and MVP go to some worthy guy on some other team … in the meantime, we don’t need no stinkin’ individual awards and our veteran, talented club will proceed to mow down the next-best, and the rest, of the league.

    • Posts: 556 Bruce

      Avatar of Bruce

      Ok… since you want a comment on a favorite Cy Young award candidate, Ian Kennedy is my choice. He has been ‘lights out’ for most of the season. I ask.. where would Arizona be without him? I would also look at him as a candidate for MVP as well, although realistically, that won’t happen.

    • Posts: 5449 Lefty

      Avatar of Lefty

      I really thought I’d get objectors. Oh well, it’s a Saturday.

      BTW- If you go back 3 years in the AL, and 4 in the NL, you find that 6 of the last 7 Cy Young Award winners were all from non-contending teams. Doc was the only one from a winner. The chances of that happening 2 years in a row are not good.

      Lou you are right they deadlock each other.

      Bruce, Kennedy is a worthy selection, I’m going with Kershaw because of his sizable lead in K’s and Kennedy’s slightly higher ERA. Either works. I just want a WFC!

  • Posts: 0 TheDipsy

    I think Worley should be moved to the pen. ASAP. We ned his arm acclimated for the post season. Or am I nuts? Lets face….Charlie would never bench Oswalt, nor should he really.

    The Dipsy

  • Posts: 0 bfpsu

    Dipsy, I agree totally about Worley. Not sure if they are going to use Blanton that role also.

    • Posts: 556 Bruce

      Avatar of Bruce

      In attempt to see from the manager’s point of view, Oswalt is the logical 4th starter for the playoffs based solely on experience and success as his track record. Worley is most likely relegated to the bullpen. Keep in mind that Worley has been in bullpen before.

      Also I saw Blanton warming up in the bullpen late in the game last nite. Blanton will likely be tested with some relief appearances before season’s end to determine his value for the playoffs.

  • Posts: 1376 Pat Gallen

    Avatar of Pat Gallen

    I’m hoping the Phils play the Dbacks in round one so I can fly to Arizona for a game (and only game). But I guess it wouldnt really matter.

  • Posts: 0 Andrw from Waldorf

    Like last year you dont want the Giants. Especially not in a 5 gamer.

    Now you can all call me an idiot. But trust me they are the team you should fear.
    Not the Red Sox or Yankees. Certainly not the Brewers or Braves.

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