Phillies Get Swept in Doubleheader by Nationals

Posted by Pat Gallen, Tue, September 20, 2011 09:51 PM | Comments: 24
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GAME 1: Phillies Lose in 10 as Kendrick’s Start is Wasted


-In Game 1 of the day/night double dip, Kyle Kendrick kept an inept offense in the game for six shutout innings, but was giving nothing in return. In the seventh, Roger Bernadina launched a three-run homer off of  Michael Schwimer in the seventh to put the Nats ahead 3-0. Raul Ibanez tied the game in the bottom half of the inning with a pinch-hit, three-run homer, but in the 10th, Michael Stutes’ struggles continued as he allowed the winning run to score on a base hit by Ryan Zimmerman in the 10th.

Crazy stat as an aside; Raul Ibanez hit a pinch hit home run for the first time in 10 years.

Kendrick was relatively awesome, tossing six shutout innings. He allowed just four hits and figures to play some sort of role in the ‘pen come October 1. For all the crap he’s gotten over the years, Kendrick has really stepped it up this season to become something more than an afterthought.

The growing pains continue for Schwimer, who gave up a mammoth homer to Bernardina. He’ll be part of the bullpen in the future, so it’s nice that the Phillies have some time to let him work out the kinks.

Cool to see Joe Savery make his major league debut after everything he went through at the minor league level. Is there a chance he makes the bullpen as another lefty in the playoffs? Keep an eye out.

Erik Kratz also got some burn. He is really well respected by the Phillies pitching staff; we could see him as the backup next season.

Stutes is much more of an issue. During the first half of the year, the kid was untouchable. But like any young pitcher, he’s learning that once teams see you the second, third, and fourth times, it becomes harder. Stutes’ confidence has waned; he’ll need to find it because the Phils need bullpen stability in the postseason.

And let’s not even get into the offense – it’s ugly right now. Everyone seems tired and disinterested.

GAME 2: Offensive Funk Continues as Detwiler, Nats Shut out Phillies

Ugh. I keep trying to come up with excuses for the Phillies offense: they’ll snap out of it, they don’t have the competitive juices flowing, they’re going to turn it on in October. And all that may end up being true. But no one, especially manager Charlie Manuel, wants to see the bats go this cold at this time of year.

Manuel said Monday night that he wasn’t looking for 8 or 10 runs per game, he just wants to see some consistency and for the offense to back the great pitching staff occasionally. It’s gotten ugly.


If I were paying fan, I’d be upset to see a 3-0 loss to the Nationals. There is no spirit from the team, so why should there be in the ballpark? That much I do understand. Realistically, they WILL turn it on when the games mean something. However, if I’m spending $100-plus to bring my family to the ballpark, I might be a little bit upset to see this sort of effort.

But hey, this is what everyone wanted, right? You wanted the Phillies to blow out the competition, rest their starters, and get on with the playoffs. They’re doing that and it isn’t pretty.

What they seem to be doing is powering down a little too much; taking their foot off the gas more than they should.

In the second game of the double dip, a decent pitching performance was wasted as Cliff Lee struck out nine, although he did allow 11 hits in seven innings.

Good news: Justin De Fratus pitched another scoreless inning in relief, as did David Herndon. We’re starting to see the future of the relief corps come to the forefront, even if they’re meaningless games.

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  • Posts: 3114 Tracey

    Avatar of Tracey

    I know we’ve already clinched the best record in baseball, but this is embarassing. They’re treating this like it’s Spring Training.

  • Posts: 0 Scott in D.C.

    It’ll be a two-week slump by Friday. Wonder how long it will last…

  • Posts: 0 Original Jeff

    They get knocked out first round. Season is fading.

    • Posts: 577 Brian Sr. of CO

      Avatar of Brian Sr. of CO

      Dude seriously, can you get a clue please? All you have been doing is posting doom and gloom on here for months. These games mean NOTHING, not ONE SINGLE THING. They clinched the division PLUS they clinched #1 seed, and for those people who do not understand baseball, besides the fact that the Iron Pigs Plus, or Phillies Minus (depending on what you want to call it) who have been playing recently are having difficulty against actual major league teams, #1 seed means they ALREADY have Home Field Advantage. Please, for the love of the game, and everyone else on here, please learn baseball. All these games highlight is that the Iron Pigs are not quite “Major League ready”. Thats it.

  • Posts: 0 HotelBar

    Everyone who has commented so far has apparently never watched baseball before. This is the perfect time for our guys to take it easy. We have nothing to play for and are an aging club – not a young one who does not know how to win but has boundless amounts of energy and health. Going out and giving it 110% right now would hinder our chances at a long post season run, not help it.

    I am 29 and have followed the Phils since childhood. Anyone who follows a team should know what the players know (at least the ones who are successful): to stay sane in this game, you can never get too high or too low from any loss or any win.

    • Posts: 0 HotelBar

      When it comes to a team that outclassed the rest of the league for the first 150 of the season I would extend that statement to: Never get too high or too low from any string of losses or wins in meaningless games in which the focus of the team is staying healthy and fine-tuning the rest and readiness of their pitchers.

      The fans doing this remind of fans who get excited about wins or upset about losses in spring training. That’s all this is right now, folks.

    • Posts: 5324 Lefty

      Avatar of Lefty

      I love advice from my hotel bartender. They tend to know more than my regular bartender, mechanic, or barber.

  • Posts: 3064 Chuck A.

    Avatar of Chuck A.

    “They’re treating this like it’s Spring Training.” …

    That’s because it kinda is. People seriously need to reeeelaaaaax.

  • Posts: 79 branderson925

    Avatar of branderson925

    The only thing really annoying me about this recent string of lackluster play is that it is looking less and less like this team will not reach the 105+ mark in wins to put them amongst elite teams in history. Now it is looking tough to even get to 102


    • Posts: 3064 Chuck A.

      Avatar of Chuck A.

      Who cares? I don’t want an “elite” team. I want a CHAMPIONSHIP team. THAT will be elite enough for me.

      • Posts: 0 Don M

        I couldn’t care any less about their win total at this point…. it wasn’t ever a goal of theirs to reach a specific win total, only to make the playoffs (check) …win the NL East (check)… clinch homefield in the NL (check) … and then win the World Series.

        That’s the one remaining goal…

        its the same reason I don’t care at all if Lee or Halladay finish 1st… or 3rd.. or 4th in the Cy Young voting, etc. … all I want is a World Series title, and they’re trying to rest their players to set things up to have the freshest possible team going into the postseason.

  • Posts: 577 Brian Sr. of CO

    Avatar of Brian Sr. of CO

    Wait, did I see the game correctly? “The corpse” hit another Home Run? 20 now. So the player than many love to HATE (me NOT included) is #6 amongst NL LF’s in Home Runs, #5 in RBI’s, #11 in Walks, #4 in doubles and #4 in Runs Scored. Hmm. For being dead as Baumann likes to call him, he still has some half way decent numbers. FYI, his Average is NOT the worst in the NL amongst LF’s, that crown would go to…Ryan Ludwig, who, as some of us loyal Phillies Nation followers might remember was on the short list of some followers on here to trade for, because they believed Ludwig with the Leagues WORST Average, and close to the lowest in Home Runs, Walks, OBP, OPS and several others would be better then the Corpse. LOL. Here is another state for ya. The only players consistantly above the corpse is Braun, CarGo and Holliday. Keep in mind that Holliday and Braun specifically have at a minimum 35 MORE at bats than the Corpse. I am confused, how can he be dead, and still be top 5 in most offensive category’s? That includes #5 overall XBH ranking.

    Wait, I know its his innate ability to GIDP (Ground Into Double Play). Well, maybe not, he has done that 11 times, which is the same number as CarGo, 4 LESS than Matt Holliday ($120 Mill man is it?) and only 3 more than Ryan Braun.

    No, I know it HAS TO BE HIS HORRIBLE FIELDING. Darn, wait a minute. #2 in the NL (behind ONLY BRAUN) for Fielding percentage. That is while ranking 5th in Total Chances. Looking at all the numbers, his worst numbers are AVG for Offense, and Range for Defense. Yet neither of those stats are at the bottom of that list. Could we have a better LF’s? Sure, but considering he is top for many stats, I wouldnt consider him dead. Obviously this will be he last season, and I for one look forward to see what Mayberry can do next year in LF!

    • Posts: 577 Brian Sr. of CO

      Avatar of Brian Sr. of CO

      That should say NEAR the top, NOT top.

    • Posts: 577 Brian Sr. of CO

      Avatar of Brian Sr. of CO

      Sorry I forgot, His WAR is at the bottom of the list. Here is a little light reading for you.


      “Were you looking for Ryan Howard? He’s ranked #52 in WAR, behind well, 51 other position players, some of whom are named Michael Bourn (15), Jamey Carroll (45) and Jeff Keppinger (48.) No comment…that lunacy should speak for itself!”

      “If you do insist on going to WAR as your source, I’m going to ask you why a little known Indian(s)—(by way of South Korea)—right fielder named Shin-Soo Choo is ranked #2 in the AL in WAR while putting up these numbers: .285/20/82 with 74 runs. Of course, I didn’t realize that he was worth more than MVP candidates such as Josh Hamilton, Joe Mauer, Miguel Cabrera and Robinson Cano.

      Need more ammo against WAR? BJ Upton (23) is having just as good or better a year than Mark Teixeira (24). “

      • Posts: 0 Don M

        Bleacher Repport is terrible …
        you probably shouldn’t ever use anything from there…. Not that i’m a WAR guy , but the author of this calls Felix Hernandez – FELIZ Hernandez …. and Jered Weaver – JARED Weaver …

        I stopped reading at that point …..

        The biggest knock about Tex, Howard, etc … is that they make a lot of OUTS… which means that the defense wins that battle …. Defense also ties into those rankings and while Howard may have cut down on Errors, etc .. he doesn’t have the range to get to balls that other 1b can …. … Tex, while playing great defense, only hits .250 …. so his HR and RBI are nice, but Miggy, etc make less outs and some argue that helps the team more overall ..

        You just have to take each stat for what its worth… a lot of times, these stats will tell you that the best players/pitchers are exactly the same guys you thought were the best by looking at the baseball card stats

      • Posts: 577 Brian Sr. of CO

        Avatar of Brian Sr. of CO

        I dont disagree that the Bleacher Report leaves alot to be desired, however they still brought up some very good points. You mean to tell me that Shin Soo Choo is better than Hamilton, Mauer, Cabrera and Cano? Even Howard. Keppinger? LOL. You said it perfectly “You just have to take each stat for what its worth…”

      • Posts: 0 Don M

        ……. also … that article is from last season.. Sept 2010..

        I just mean that some people completely discount RBI, and would rather look at SLG% or OPS, etc . . . while RBI need people to be on base … its also up to that hitter to either get a hit, find a hole, hit it deep enough to score the runs, etc ..

        so I personally still think RBI is a very useful stat, because unlike a Rate-stat … the percentage of whatever ….. RBIs are the actual number of runs you drove in due to your performance at the plate .. …….. if Howard was an even better hitter, imagine how many more RBIs he’d have, etc .. … the argument can and will go on forever

      • Posts: 3064 Chuck A.

        Avatar of Chuck A.

        Where’s our friend Publius to completely poke holes in the RBI argument?

      • Posts: 0 Don M

        I’m beggin people to not get into another RBI debate today…. that topic has been beaten to death all season. We all know the pros/cons of the debate ..

      • Posts: 577 Brian Sr. of CO

        Avatar of Brian Sr. of CO

        I completely agree with your point, I understand that article is from 2010, however, facts from that year remain the same of trying to signify by WAR alone that Sin Soo Choo for example had a better year then Mauer/Hamilton/Cabrera. In fact, it may even point it out more so because in 2010 Hamilton was the AL MVP, yet Sin Soo Choo has a better WAR. I am not getting into an RBI debate. Even with the original post, I took multiple stats together, and pointing them out in the same post, not going only into RBI alone, as some like to, and also not only looking to WAR alone to try to prove a point. Like you said, take everything into account.

  • Posts: 0 Original Jeff

    Is that why Shane chase and Jimmy can’t hit the ball. Do u think we will just turn it on in the playoffs. We are one and done.

  • Posts: 577 Brian Sr. of CO

    Avatar of Brian Sr. of CO

    This is getting fun. Pick apart the doom and gloom arguments. Well, maybe not fun, its getting easy. Would that be Shane, Chase and Jimmy who in the last 10 games have hits in 5 of those games? Ok, they didnt get a hit in the double header against the Nationals. Oh no, in a double header they didnt get a hit. Jimmy ESPECIALLY looked HORRIBLE in game 2 against St Louis. He only got 4 hits in 5 at bats. Wow, he is horrible. Wait, what happened that day? Oh thats right, they won their 5th straight NL East title. Wait, what about home field advantage, they still have to play for that. Wait, no, that was already locked up. What is difficult about understanding, they have NOTHING to play for? Do you think they honestly care about winning 105 games, or maybe 99? They do NOT care about the number of Regular Season wins once the have the things they need locked up, which they do. Please get a clue, I beg of you. There is no denying that you are either a TROLL, or really have no clue.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    Isn’t Original Jeff the one that said a few days ago … “I hope we lose, it will teach them a lesson.”

    it mist really suck to be a Mets fan, and instead of cheering for your crappy team you’d rather watch, and pose as a Phillies fan – but one that projects this team to be much worse than they are

  • Posts: 3064 Chuck A.

    Avatar of Chuck A.

    With all the doom and gloom on this site I thought it was appropriate to put things in to perspective:


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