Phillies Unable to Sweep Brew Crew

Posted by Amanda Orr, Sun, September 11, 2011 05:56 PM | Comments: 20
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The Milwaukee Brewers prevented the sweep by salvaging the final game of the series.  Despite a stellar performance by Vance Worley, the Phillies came up short in their 3-2 loss.

Worley suffered his first loss since May 29.  When Wolrey doesn’t have his best stuff, the offense normally provides him with enough runs.  Sunday was different. The only runs came from Shane Victorino and Ryan Howard‘s solo shots.

Worley wasn’t in top form, but he was able to get out of trouble. He used the outside part of the plate, which resulted in multiple inning-ending strikeouts.  Hunter Pence even saved a run with a great diving catch.

The only jam Worley failed to escape came in the seventh inning.  With two outs, Nyjer Morgan doubled to bring in the tying run.  Ryan Braun nearly missed a home run as the ball hooked foul.  However, his RBI single gave the Brewers the lead.  It was also enough for Francisco Rodriguez and John Axford to hold.

Although he was tacked with the loss, Worley finished with a decent line. In 6 2/3 innings, he allowed three earned runs.  He gave up eight hits, walked one, and struck out seven.

Other than the two home runs, the Phillies weren’t able to do much against Yovani Gallardo.  The right-hander earned his sixteenth win of the season as he struck out twelve over seven.

The Phillies weren’t able to sweep, but they took three out of four.  The Phillies have won every four game series they have played this season.  They were able to win this one without Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins.  With the loss, the Phillies couldn’t gain much ground.  However, the Braves also lost, so the magic number drops to six.

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  • Posts: 0 bacardipr05

    From last Thread just this team is built primarily on pitching that’s why Pence was added to bring a little more balance to table. Its primary strategy is to out pitch the opponents while hoping our core players(an now Pence) still have enough Thunder in their bats left. Its been working so far. When healthy we still have enough Punch to compete with just about anyone offensively. Previous years our strategy was just keep us in the game an we will wait for a 3 run home run. Our boys did fine an we sent a message to Brew Crew an Braves. However i think our focus is shifting to the Diamondbacks more so.

  • Posts: 549 Brian Sr. of CO

    Avatar of Brian Sr. of CO

    I agree, not a bad line for Worley. Its unfortunate that the damage came with 2 outs. Oh well. The only thing that really pisses me off about this game is that the ignorrant stuck up little snob who cant keep his big fat mouth shut Nyger Morgan hit that double. Either way, we did take 3 out of 4, of a series which many “analysts” believed that the “Brew Crew” had the edge because it was in Milwaukee, and the Brewers were supposed to be “the best home team in baseball” and not to mention for weeks had been called “the hottest team in baseball. Lets also keep in mind, that the only game the Brewer won was the game with out 7/6/5/4 pitcher on the mound. I put all those numbers becase Worley was never even mentioned during pre-season as being expected to be called up until BOTH Blanton AND Oswalt hit the DL. And Worley only had 1 poor outing. This is a loss I can stomach…excluding the ignorrance of Nyger Morgan. LOL. As we also look at the numbers, dont we also have an 11 game lead on the Brewers for the best record in the NL? So what is our magic number to win the best record in the NL, 7 rather than 6? What 18 or 9 games left? oh well, can’t win them all.

    • Posts: 5417 Lefty

      Avatar of Lefty

      There are three Magic Numbers
      Playoffs- 2 Any Combination of St Louis losses, or Phils wins
      NL East- 6 Any combination of Atlanta losses or Phils wins
      Home Field Throughout- 7 Any combination of Phils wins or losses from leading the NL contenders (presently tied in the loss column – Milwaukee and Arizona)

      • Posts: 3658 Tracey

        Avatar of Tracey

        I think the point Brian missed is that Magic Numbers can go down, but they can never go up.

      • Posts: 549 Brian Sr. of CO

        Avatar of Brian Sr. of CO

        No Tracey, I did not miss that point. I already knew the Magic Number for the division is now 6. What I was not sure about was clinching Home Field Advantage throughout. How do you figure I missed that point? Thats a pretty elementary point for someone not to realize a Mogic Number doesnt go up. I am not an idiot.

      • Posts: 549 Brian Sr. of CO

        Avatar of Brian Sr. of CO
      • Posts: 3658 Tracey

        Avatar of Tracey

        Take a chill pill, Brian. Obviously, I misunderstood your lengthy, rambling OP.

      • Posts: 549 Brian Sr. of CO

        Avatar of Brian Sr. of CO

        @Tracey, You are correct, What I needed was sleep. Sorry for snap! What the original post should have said better was “So what is our magic number to win the best record in the NL, 7 rather than the 6 games to clinch NL East?”

        Working 17 hours on 5 hours a sleep is not a recipe for success, nor is it a recipe for staying calm. LOL.

  • Posts: 0 Lovegtm

    ‘ignorrance of Nyger Morgan.’

    I lol’d.

  • Posts: 3658 Tracey

    Avatar of Tracey

    For what it’s worth:

    At the current winning percentages for all teams involved, the Phils should clinch a playoff spot on September 13. They should clinch the division on September 17. The division date estimate has moved up from September 21 estimated last week. That’s how well the Phils are doing lately (and how poorly the Braves are doing).

    At this rate, the Phils would end the season with 106 wins.

  • Posts: 0 David

    I can’t see pitching Lee and Worley on Thursday for the doubleheader. I would definetly give Kendrick a start and possibly give Blanton a start too.

  • Posts: 0 BART SHART

    I am proud of the Phils for winning three of four from the Brewers. Worley pitched courageously today and went right after hitters.

    Nyger Morgan is really a piece of crap. He is a serious nut job. Glad he is not on the Phils

  • Posts: 0 bacardipr05

    Blanton doesnt have the endurance an arm strength built up for a start David. I dont think they will start him. If they do it will be one of those get us through 5 then he is pulled. They will most likely call up Dave Bush to make a sport start or two.

  • Posts: 0 loupossehl

    Split it between Blanton and Kendrick. We want to see what Blanton can do, and Kendrick can use the work.

  • Avatar of "Big Ed" Delahanty

    The Phillies showed both the Braves, Brewers, and analysts all over who the best team in baseball is period. While anything can happen in the playoffs, this “playoff preview” showed to everyone around the league that this Phillies team, despite not being 100% healthy, is a juggernaut. Morgan, who is an idiot, will have nothing to say when he is home watching us parade through South Philly. As a side note, Worley pitched well, continued his amazing ability to get called third strikes, and get out of jams. I think that borderline pitch to Braun in the seventh, with a 1-2 count, frustrated him (he said it did not), and he might have lost focus. I prefer to think a .331 hitter just got the best of him there. Unfortunately, it was the game-winner.

    • Posts: 2897 Chuck A.

      Avatar of Chuck A.

      There’s a reason that Ryan Braun is in the running for the MVP. He’s a REALLY GOOD HITTER. So, yes, that .331 average won that battle. But give Worley credit for staying with it and battling like he did. It wasn’t his best outing but he didn’t pitch poorly either. And, like I said in the other thread, you gotta give Gallardo props for his game. He hasn’t won 16 games for no reason.

      The Phillies just took 6 of 7 from two playoff teams. They are clearly the class of the NL and maybe MLB. If all four starters, including Oswalt (who is strengthening) are on their game and guys like Utley, J-Roll and Howard are healthy….then I see no reason why this team can’t show all of baseball who’s boss in October.

  • Posts: 1139 betasigmadeltashag

    Avatar of betasigmadeltashag

    Good run through the Braves and Brewers. Especially this last four games with a team of bench players. Also Gload, though still lacks any power has had some good at bats and hits latly.
    I also do not see Worley going on short rest to pitch in the double header on THursday, Even if you they go with Blanton and KK and hope they can get 7 or 8 of them. Also why not bring up some kid even if he is not really ready for the bigs, With all these games with no days off they are going to need more then the five man rotation. An KK has not pitched like in a month

  • Posts: 2005 Brooks

    Avatar of Brooks

    Nothing wrong with this loss, as far as a loss goes. Hey, its better than the salami at the end of the game or even some worse losses we’ve experienced lately. Definitely OK.

    Now to Houston and lets hope they dont “play to the level of the competition” like we’ve seen before. Anyone remember the season opening sweep of the Strohs?

    • Posts: 3658 Tracey

      Avatar of Tracey

      Yeah, that’s what concerns me the most. We’ve got the Astros, followed by the Flounders — er, I mean the Marlins. Not exactly competition to inspire the best out of our Phils. I think we’re going to clinch it against the Cardinals. They’re a tough team that’s fighting tooth and nail for a spot in the post-season, and I think that will fire up the Phils.

      Or we can just sit back and wait for the Braves to lose 6 more. I’m not picky.

      • Posts: 549 Brian Sr. of CO

        Avatar of Brian Sr. of CO

        We have 5 games before playing St Louis? In 5 games, I can see the Phillies taking 4 of 5 between the Astros and the Fish, and the Braves losing 2 in that time.

        I have a strong feeling we will clinch the Division prior to St Louis. Personally, I would rather see St Louis in the Playoffs, so I would rather wrap up the division before St Louis, and rest our starters. If they take that series…So be it, all that does is help St Louis take the Braves in the NL Wild Card race. LOL.

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