Ramirez Declines Option; Scutaro Stays in Boston

Posted by Pat Gallen, Mon, October 31, 2011 12:05 AM | Comments: 10
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Is Aramis Ramirez an option for the Phillies? PHOTO AP

Those pining for a hard-hitting, run-producing third baseman, you’re day should be a little brighter. Aramis Ramirez declined his part of the mutual option with the Chicago Cubs for 2012, meaning he will now become a free agent. By doing so, he has forfeited a $2 million buyout.

That matters not, because Ramirez is in for a payday as the only real power threat in free agency at the hot corner. The Phillies could very well be in the market for Ramirez, as the front office made it known that, while Placido Polanco could be in their plans, nothing is out of the question.

With the Cubs in 2011, Ramirez hit .306 with 26 home runs and 93 runs batted in. However, in 2012 he’ll be 34 years old. That doesn’t make the Phillies any younger and could present more aging issues down the road; the same issues the team is trying to combat.

Either way, look for the Phillies to be involved, although to what extent remains to be seen.


Marco Scutaro is sticking with the Boston Red Sox. They exercised their $6 million team option on the veteran shortstop on Sunday. Scutaro, 36, was looking like one of the better names on the free agent market at that position, but now makes it a little thinner.

His name had been thrown around by some as a possible replacement should Jimmy Rollins and the Phillies part ways, but that’s certainly off the table now.

This just reiterates the idea that the Phillies will push hard for Rollins.

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  • Posts: 4344 Lefty

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    If Ramirez turned down 1 year at 16m, and forfeited the 2m buyout, how much will he cost? Three years at 54m? For a 34 year old?
    I’d have to advise the Phils to pass on this one.

  • Posts: 0 Frank Riccard

    I get the sense Ramirez wanted out of Chicago more than anything else. Yes, he’s leaving a good salary on the table there, but he’s almost 34, he had a really good year (following a lousy one, I might add) and this is probably his last chance to lock up some solid money and a few years. Why get 16mm for 1 yr, and then risk declining sharply in value for your next contract when you can maximize your worth? One year in age means a lot in this league.

    If he gets more than 16mm elsewhere, I don’t think it will be much more. However, he’s gonna want those years. I could see him asking for 3yrs/45mm w/ an option of some sort for a 4th.

    That said, I would prefer the Phils either make a play for David Wright, and should that be unsuccessful or the Mets asking price is unreasonable, find a decent backup IF for the bench, and just let Polly do his thing for another year.

    • Posts: 0 philfan6

      So what are they going to do. Pick this guy up and pay him a lot of money and let J Roll go.?

      • Posts: 0 Frank Riccard

        I absolutely did not suggest that. I’m against getting Ramirez. In an ideal world, the Phils could afford and sign every good player, and they would all play to their full potential. Ramirez can hit for power, sometimes, when he’s healthy. That’s a lot of caveats for a guy his age. Hence why I said the first order of business is to go after Wright, who is a younger, much more well-balanced player.

        Regarding J-Roll, again, an ideal world, we don’t overpay him, or give him too many years, but that just doesn’t look possible. If he does come back, it’s going to be for too much money, and too many years. However, I’m not sure there’s anything more rare in this league than a defensively sound SS who has anything close to a quality stick. It’s a tough call to make, but I think he’s the only viable option for us. Reyes is a great player, but will be too much money, and comes with his own set of problems. Anything less than Reyes or J-Roll would be a downgrade, and why should the Phils downgrade when they can afford not to?

        I could literally go on forever about this, so pardon the wall of text. But just in case anyone needs a TL;DR of all my various off-season opinions:
        – Don’t sign Ramirez;
        – Keep J-Roll (despite the fact that we’re gonna take a bath on his contract);
        – Make a run at Wright, and if we fail for any reason, get a solid backup IF, let Polly do his
        thing, and try again for Wright next year; and lastly
        – Don’t overpay for Madson, keep the bullpen young, and if outside closing help must be
        acquired, get someone cheaper like Joe Nathan, and let him Bastardo share closing

  • Posts: 1435 Pat Gallen

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    Kind of in the same boat. If you’re worried about age, how can you sign this guy to a contract? He had a nice bounceback year, but did he just smell free agency? He had a lousy 2010 and had back problems in the past. Is this a road they really wanna go down?

  • Posts: 0 800811

    Polanco is one of the least productive hitters anywhere. Ramirez’ power would be a welcome addition to the lineup, and would allow Pence to hit 3rd. The l-r-l-r lineup would prevent managers from exploiting matchups late in games.
    At this point, we have to overpay a bit for quality help. It’s the way it goes.

  • Posts: 0 davehist

    I can see the Phillies overpaying some for one or two years of Ramirez but no more than that. He’s 34, has had back trouble, and is somewhat inconsistent. May not be exactly the fix we need.

  • Posts: 0 BART SHART

    NO NO to Ramieiz. Too expensive and he’s just too old. Three years ago, yes yes. Not now.

  • Posts: 9 jjfritz

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    I agree. You don’t want to overpay for someone of Ramirez’s age. That being said, there are other options. Cuddyer would be a great fit. Also, next year you do have Wright, Youkilis, and Reynolds (albeit a RH Ryan Howard — with the strikeouts)…

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