Phillies Coaching Staff to Return in 2012

Posted by Pat Gallen, Thu, October 20, 2011 05:29 PM | Comments: 10
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From the Phillies:

All six of the Phillies’ major league coaches have agreed to contracts for the 2012 season, Manager Charlie Manuel announced today.

Mick Billmeyer (bullpen), Rich Dubee (pitching), Greg Gross (hitting), Pete Mackanin (bench), Sam Perlozzo (first base) and Juan Samuel (third base), along with bullpen catcher Jesus Tiamo, will resume their respective positions.

“I couldn’t be happier to have the whole staff back for another season,” said Manuel.  “Their dedication and work ethic speak for themselves and they were a huge part of our 102 wins.”

Billmeyer, 47, is the longest-tenured member of the coaching staff after joining it in 2004 as the major league catching instructor.  The 2012 season will be his ninth with the Phillies and the eighth for Dubee, fourth for Mackanin and Perlozzo, third for Gross and second for Samuel.

The 102-win Phillies will bring the whole crew back. The only question is, what happens with Ryne Sandberg?

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  • Posts: 0 Richard

    I would have found some place for Ryne. Everyone is too comfortable. Like the Braves, winning the eastern division and not going deep into the playoffs; that is exactly what the Phillies have done. They are bowing out of the post season even earler as each year passes. 2009,2010, and 2011. The 2012 team might not even make the post season.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    you would think the Cubbies would hire Sandberg … a guy thats paid his dues and had success in the minors ..

    Epstein, Sandberg, and Prince Fielder to the Cubs this offseason is my guess

  • Posts: 0 bacardipr05

    Well Cholly is still at the Helm i dont see them letting him go for now. If Sandberg wants a shot with the Phils he will have to wait a little.

  • Posts: 1435 Pat Gallen

    Avatar of Pat Gallen

    I guess it could change, say if Mackanin was offered a job.

  • Posts: 2071 Brooks

    Avatar of Brooks

    you really cant argue with 102 wins – however, it looks like the Phils (Rube and even Cholly) have decided that they need to take a fresh or (God sakes!) different approach than they have in the past regarding hitting.

    What does that mean? Can it be broken down Pat to specifics? Did Cholly and Rube say exactly what that means for the team or is this more generaliztion BS?
    To date, its been get a man on base and see what the batter can do – that should be only part of it. Run damnint, run! Hit and run, sac the person over, steal, bunt – whatever it takes, dont sit on the 2 or 3 run jack! Behind in the game 2-0? Take the 2-0 fastball! Make things happen.

    OK, based on that philosophy, if in fact that is what Rube and Cholly (albeit the bobble headed Cholly) were saying, then a short leash should be enforced, not on the hitters, not on the pitching staff but on the coaching staff.

    • Posts: 0 George

      To play hit and run, you have to have hitters who make consistent contact–the Phils don’t. To steal bases, you have to have more players with speed and skill than just Rollins and Victorino. Bunting might move a runner over, but it also puts you down an out. While sometimes this “small ball” can lead to a run, it can also lead to strike out/throw out double plays, pulled hamstrings, or an earlier third out. One has to be careful with it, and maybe Manual is too careful at times. But given this team’s general makeup, I”m not so sure. It’s easy to find fault when a team slumps suddenly.

  • Posts: 5321 Lefty

    Avatar of Lefty

    Total conjecture on my part, but I think they probably did offer a major league coaching job to Sandberg. I’d bet he turned it down knowing he’d have a chance at the Cubs, or other jobs.

  • Posts: 0 schmenkman

    The Phillies offense is still one of the best.

    Offense is down across baseball in recent years. Whether it’s the restrictions on PEDs, or better pitching, or a combination of both, a run scored in 2011 means more towards winning a game than it did in 2007.

    Scoring in the NL has declined 12% from 2007 (4.71 per game) to this year (4.13), and we need to look at the Phillies’ offense is this context — how have they done relative to the league in each year?

    2007 +17% (Phils averaged 5.51 vs. league average of 4.71)
    2008 +9% (4.93 vs. 4.54)
    2009 +14% (5.06 vs. 4.43)
    2010 +10% (4.77 vs. 4.33)
    2011 +7% (4.40 vs. 4.13)

    So relative to the league, this year’s offense averaged over the entire season is 7% better than the league, not much worse than in 2008 (9% over the league).

    And again, from the time Utley came back in May, the Phillies averaged 4.63 per game, or 12% over the league average (and highest in the NL). No offense is perfect, but the Phillies have a very good one when Martinez and Valdez are kept out of the batter’s box.

    Are they the juggernaut they were in 2007? No.
    Are they still a premier offense? Absolutely.

  • Posts: 0 George

    Obviously, the “different approach” spoken of is not going to come from a new coaching staff. However, the Phils do still have roster spots to fill. Left field is currently empty, bench roles aren’t set yet, and it’s possible they’ll have a new shortstop. A team doesn’t have to change everything or everybody to improve. Sometimes just one new piece can make a difference.

  • Posts: 1041 betasigmadeltashag

    Avatar of betasigmadeltashag

    I think they do have more then just JRoll and Vic who can steal bases, Chase has a great average stealing, and Hunter, JMJ should be able to swipe a few bags also. I do think they should run some more. I have to agree there are very few hit and run hitters on this team. And the Sac Bunt until the 8th or 9th inning is the most over rated play in baseball, unless it is the pitcher up to bat. There were times this year that I felt that the team was a little more patient then in the past, but then they get greedy or something. But game to game it changes for them. IMO it is better pitch recognition and less guess hitting would help soem of these guys hit better. But that is hard to teach. I also think the offense seemed to be a little more consistant with JRoll Vic Chase Ryan Hunter instead of moving HUnter to third. Also this offense during the year had a ton of two out runs, which they did not get in the playoffs, and that is what won them a lot of games this year

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