Everyday a Halladay Again in 2011

Posted by Pat Gallen, Tue, November 22, 2011 12:35 PM | Comments: 34
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We continue on with our 2011 Player Reviews with Roy Halladay.

Unfortunately, after a another phenomenal season, Roy Halladay wasn’t the winner of back-to-back National League Cy Young Awards, as Dodgers lefty Clayton Kershaw brought home the hardware. Still, is there another pitcher in baseball you’d rather have that Halladay? If there is, the list ahead of him may only read Verlander.

In 2011, Roy Halladay gave it his all once again, posting similarly solid numbers just has he did in his Cy Young year of 2010.

After leading the league with 250 2/3 innings pitched last season, that numbers dropped to 233 2/3 – but no one cares. Actually, it’s probably better for Halladay to keep an eye on that high number moving forward. Now 34, Halladay doesn’t appear to be slowing down, however, it couldn’t hurt to stay monitoring his innings in the near future.

That being said, the 233 2/3 innings he tossed were the second most in the National League, behind only his good buddy, Chris Carpenter.

Just as Cole Hamels was in the top 10 in several categories among his NL counterparts, you know Halladay was even higher. His 19 wins ranked 3rd behind only Kershaw and Ian Kennedy of Arizona. His 1.04 WHIP was 4th, and his 2.35 ERA ranked 2nd. Halladay’s K/BB ratio was by far the best in the NL at 6.92.

How many wins above replacement was he worth? How about 7.4, even better than Kershaw’s 7.0.

One oddity of Halladay’s season is his inability to get the first batter of an inning out. It’s an unexplainable trait that reared it’s ugly head this past year. The first batter of an inning in 2011 hit an obnoxious .452 with an OPS of 1.082. The good news is, his left 78.1 percent of his runners on base, a very solid number considering the amount of innings he pitches.

All-in-all, it was another fantastic year for Halladay. He may have finished as the runner-up in the Cy Young voting, but it took a Triple Crown season from Kershaw to beat the ever-steady Halladay. Look forward to seeing what Doc can accomplish as he gets older.

GRADE: 9.9/10 – Doesn’t get much better than Halladay throughout baseball. As Phillies fans, we’re lucky we get to see him on a daily basis.

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  • Posts: 0 Chris

    Pat I think there is a typo. That 9.6 is supposed to be a 10…

    • Posts: 1435 Pat Gallen

      Avatar of Pat Gallen

      I know, I know. I figured if Verlander was a 10 and he was the best in the game this year, we’ll leave Doc something to strive for. Because he’s always reading what I write.

  • Posts: 1435 Pat Gallen

    Avatar of Pat Gallen

    I’ve changed it to 9.9. There!

    • Posts: 452 Ian Riccaboni

      Avatar of Ian Riccaboni

      My vote is 123235/10 but some readers have been, rightfully, critical of my scores so I would definitely settle for 9.9+/10. Best Phillies pitcher we will likely see in our lifetimes.

      • Posts: 0 Chris

        I’ll take a 9. 9 repeating out of 10

  • Posts: 1059 betasigmadeltashag

    Avatar of betasigmadeltashag

    What can you say about Doc, the ACE of aces, Now all we need is for the Phillies is to big the Big Roy a ring in 2012

  • Posts: 1135 EricL

    Avatar of EricL

    Halladay for MVP! But yeah, I think we knew Doc wasn’t going to score less than 9 here.

    Hey, Pat, can we get a “The New CBA is an Abortion” post? I mean, this thing is just atrocious.

    • Posts: 0 Chris

      You saying that made me look up details and wow. Just wow.

  • Posts: 0 BART SHART

    Philly should have a special holliday celebrating the day they signed Halladay. A future HOFer !!!!

    • Posts: 0 delearyous

      they didn’t exactly “sign” him. they traded for him

  • Posts: 5343 Lefty

    Avatar of Lefty

    I thought Steve Carlton was the best Phillies pitcher I would ever see, not so sure anymore. My man Lefty was much stronger, more durable, but not nearly as crafty as Doc.

  • Posts: 5343 Lefty

    Avatar of Lefty

    Halladay 52 votes, Kershaw 29- In the NL MVP voting.

    Someone’s got to explain to me how Kershaw wins the Cy Young when he barely gets half the votes on MVP. Doesn’t the same body (BBWAA) do the voting?


    5 Phillies got votes out of 26, not bad.

    • Posts: 0 Chris

      Well apparently people still distinguish between the Value part in MVP and Cy Young. I guess they could say that Halladay was more valuable because he took a team to the Playoffs albeit with a lot of help with 2 other top 5 Cy young pitchers. It doesn’t make sense to me either really and I don’t think Verlander deserved the AL MVP either.

    • Posts: 452 Ian Riccaboni

      Avatar of Ian Riccaboni

      Howard finished 10th?!?!?!?!

      Wow. Over Reyes, Victorino, Lee, Montero, et. al. Wow, wow, wow.

  • Posts: 0 Jeff

    Justin winning the mvp is a disgrace. You give that award to a man that plays everyday. not a nancy boy pitcher going every five days. the phillies need Reyes and tell Rollins to go fk himself. baby rapper

  • Posts: 0 Andrew from Waldorf

    Contract 10
    Utley 9.9 he was hurt and all
    Rollins 10 ( pay him whatever he requests)
    Polanco 9,79 (banged up but a gold glove )
    Pence 10.10 I mean the big pick up
    Victorino 9,99 he had errors in the playoffs
    Ibanez 7 ( well he is leaving and you can blame him)
    Ruiz 10.10

    I would be upset about all these 10 players losing. But they are the best team ever to lose in round one to a team with a disgraceful bull pen.

    I am waiting for the long post about how all these 10s lost in round one. Then the year before to Aubrey Huff and Renteria.

    Paging Donny
    Tell me they scored more runs then the Cardinals like they did the Giants.
    When you are the best you are the best.

    Someone rate the entire Phillies 2011?
    Followed only by the 2010 Phillies who lost to the Giants.

    2012 Phillies 10.10,10
    When you have all the best players you roll like that.

    Donny at least a million words on the greatness of losing in round one.
    Has to be a million excuses even.
    They were hot. Its a crap shoot.
    You cant blame a team for losing 3 of 5.
    You are the best. It happens.

    Season 10
    Losing to the Cardinals 10
    The contract swinging 0-3 as someone tries to walk him

    2012 regardless

    • Posts: 0 Same Old S***

      Copy. Paste. Next article. Copy. Paste. Next Article. Copy. Paste. Get some new posts…

    • Posts: 0 George

      Pat, how about if some of the regulars say “Copy. Paste. Next article. Copy. Paste. Next Article. Copy. Paste. Get some new posts…”

      When even a “rook” complains about AFW, it’s pretty obvious just how annoying he can be. You shouldn’t single out Same Old S***.

  • Posts: 0 Chris

    Apparently some people still don’t understand that it’s possible to have a really good season and still not win the championship. I mean those New England Patriots in 2007? What trash man. They sucked. Trade Brady because he lost the Super Bowl and failed to have a perfect season.

  • Posts: 0 Andrew from Waldorf

    Yea they are called the Cubs
    They havent won since 1908
    And they sell out every game
    All of their players rate a 10 too

    My sentiments here are really for every other player on the roster not Halladay.
    But they and you rate them all 10s
    So whats the difference?

    • Posts: 0 Chris

      Your straw man rates them all 10s. I don’t rate everyone at a 10. I would rate Halladay at a 10 though because he continues to be the best pitcher in the game and performs that way. Kershaw may have one the Cy this year but I doubt he’s in the running next year. Halladay is always in the argument. You cannot deny his season even with the lack of a WS. The team as a whole won the most games the franchise has ever seen.

      I would love for them to have won the WS this year and every year but for me it doesn’t come down to championship or bust. If they perform at a high level I’ll say so and if they perform terribly I will say so. It just so happens they performed at a very high level this year.

  • Posts: 0 TheDipsy

    9.9? If you win pitching’s triple crown, then that’s a 10. Actually, Roy is like a 9.6. A solid A. Ruben is saving that money for something.

    If Cole gets to FA, then its lights out. You better pay him. Now. If you can get away with a 6/144 for Cole now, then you’re saving a lot of money because he’s gonna go 7/170 if he has another year like last year. Lefthanded, in his prime, with a WS ring. I can’t think of another guy who has ever been in that position.

    The Dipsy

    • Posts: 0 George

      There are two things Hamels doesn’t have: a lot of wins (even though he’s deserved more) and a Cy Young award. Those things seem to mean a lot, even to front offices and the press, who should know enough to look a little more closely at other stats.

      That’s not to say that Hamels won’t score big as a free agent, but I don’t think he’ll command 7/170. That’s more than Sabathia, Halladay, Lee, and a host of others.

      The Phils still have him for another year, so the rush isn’t huge. They may be waiting a bit to extend him so his pay doesn’t push them over the luxury tax threshold.

    • Posts: 0 Rahma

      Don’s a Don’s a retard!! Hey old man u threw that beofre folks new what Gatorade was. No way you could still throw a perfect game now-a-days!!!!

  • Posts: 0 TheDipsy

    Thats right. Cole is gonna be 28 and an established stud. All those guys were older. I think he gets that much.

    The Dipsy

    • Posts: 0 Bip

      Has any pitcher ever been paid 7/170? No, don’t think so. And Hamels isn’t even in the highest tier of starters, he’s like in the second tier. I don’t even think Kershaw would get that much if he gets to free agency, and I think he could easily become the highest paid pitcher of all time.

      Also, does anyone know how many years of arbitration Mariners bought out on Felix?

  • Posts: 2071 Brooks

    Avatar of Brooks

    7 years is crazy.
    170 mil is obscene.
    5 years, $75 mil? Is that a decent starting point?
    Cole has some fine years ahead of him, I think we are all expecting them to be as a Phillie.
    Is there a CY? Another AS appearance or 2? Perhaps another WS ring?
    But 7 years is atrocious, outlandish – nobody is Werth that

  • Posts: 0 Jeff Dowder

    A stiff like A.J. Burnett signed for 5 years at $82.5. That was three years ago and Burnett was 31 at the time.

    In other words, 5/$75 million in NOT a decent starting point. The Dipsy has the right idea.

    • Posts: 452 Ian Riccaboni

      Avatar of Ian Riccaboni

      I definitely think Dipsy is closer than Brooks as well. The Burnett contract is a product of a bidding war in a free agent market void of pitching; I haven’t looked at the names of who would be available, but off the top of my head, Hamels would be, by far, the best starting pitcher available next year. I think the Phils could save a lot of money if they get it done now rather than letting Hamels test the market and to do that, they’re should give one of their best offers first.

      • Posts: 1135 EricL

        Avatar of EricL

        I think you can base an extension for Cole off of Jared Weaver’s recent 5/$85 extension. Cole will likely get a bit more, so maybe something like 5/$95 is more in line with what I expect, but 7/170 is crazysauce. The 2013 Free Agent class is actually looking to be fairly deep, so that also helps repress salaries. List here: http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2011/04/2013-mlb-free-agents.html

      • Posts: 452 Ian Riccaboni

        Avatar of Ian Riccaboni

        Oh boy. Didn’t realize Cain, Hudson, Greinke and possibly Shields, Haren, Marcum, and Peavy with a whole bunch of B/B+ guys would be available. Out of those guys, I, biasedly, would take Hamels over all of them but Cain, Greinke, and Haren are definitely in that tier as well. Good catch.

      • Posts: 0 George

        The depth of the 2013 free agent pitcher’s market might not make any kind of real dent in the 2012 class. It depends on whether some teams won’t want to wait for an ace.

  • Posts: 0 DCmikey

    Sorry for my lack of knowledge but who votes for the MVP? For I.e. now offense but how does Ruiz get a vote? Pence too?

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