Odds and Ends: Mathieson, d’Arnaud, Rollins

Posted by Pat Gallen, Tue, November 29, 2011 12:24 PM | Comments: 14
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Travis D'Arnaud. (Photo: Jay Floyd)

Scott Mathieson has been released by the Phillies. Here is the statement made by the team:

The Phillies have released right-hander Scott Mathieson to allow him to pursue an opportunity with a professional team in Asia, the club announced today.

Mathieson, 27, posted a 1-4 record with a 6.75 ERA in 15 major league games (8 starts) over three seasons with the Phillies (2006, 2010-11).  A seventeenth round selection by the Phillies in the June 2002 draft, Mathieson went 32-37 with a 3.75 ERA and 34 saves in 200 games (96 starts) for his minor league career.

With the transaction, the Phillies now have 39 players on the 40-man roster.


We’ve become so accustomed to the Phillies shipping off their young players to obtain high-priced stars that this is sort of eye-opening.

But, according to Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun, the Phillies made a call to the Blue Jays to discuss ways they could bring back catching prospect Travis d’Arnaud. As you recall, d’Arnuad was part of the package that made Roy Halladay a Phillie prior to the 2010 season. He’s highly rated, but he’s also blocked in Toronto by J.P. Arencibia.

The 22-year-old batted .311/.371/.542 with 21 homers and a .914 OPS over 466 plate appearances in Double-A this past year. There’s no doubt it would take a lot to get such a sound catching prospect, so it’s doubtful this happens. As Elliot says, “good luck.”

What does this say about the maturation of Sebastian Valle? He’s the top catching prospect in the Phillies farm system at this point and many look to him to take over for Carlos Ruiz in the next few seasons.

Either way, it would seemingly take quite a bounty for the Phillies to retrieve what was once theirs. Ruben Amaro Jr. must be sensing that a Ruiz breakdown is imminent, however unfortunate that is. It’s just the truth behind the plate.


I know this is relatively old news at this point, but in case you missed it, it’s pretty juicy. We normally wouldn’t link to Deadspin.com, but the tabloid website did an expos√© of agent Dan Lozano, who represents Albert Pujols, Alex Rodriguez and Jimmy Rollins, among many others.

Deadspin calls him “King of Sleaze Mountain” because of his ridiculous antics as an agent. The 44-year old Lozano left one of the top sports agencies in the world, Beverly Hills Sports Council, to be on his own.

If you haven’t read the article, it’s quite eye-opening and some of the quotes and pictures are not suitable for work. But, it sheds some light on what being an agent is like for some – booze, girls, drugs, and of course, money. Once J-Roll gets paid, and Pujols as well, Lozano is going to make some serious bank himself.


This is also old news, but something stood out to me today about the MVP/Cy Young voting. In Jon Heyman’s SI.com article, he notes that he put Roy Halladay seventh in his MVP voting, yet left Cy Young winner Clayton Kershaw completely out of the Top 10. I’m not positive if Heyman had a vote for Cy Young, but regardless of that fact it’s odd that Halladay finished ahead of the guy everyone believes to be the best pitcher in the NL for 2011; Kershaw.

Heyman says “I give greater weight to a player’s value in a pennant race, which is why I have [Matt] Kemp only third and Clayton Kershaw not at all.”

What I fail to understand is – and this goes for all that voted Halladay ahead of Kershaw on the MVP ballot, but not the Cy Young ballot – what does the pennant race have to do with the pitcher? Just because the team around him is better doesn’t mean the pitcher or hitter is more valuable. It means the team is more valuable, and that guy just happens to play there. Kershaw could do nothing more than win the Triple Crown of pitching, and even that wasn’t enough to save the Dodgers season. Even if he had thrown no-hitters every time he took the mound, the Dodgers probably wouldn’t have been a playoff team.

So, this argument of a pennant race being involved makes no sense to me.

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  • Posts: 220 The Dipsy

    Avatar of The Dipsy

    You may wanna check with Jay Floyd on this but, by all accounts, Valle can’t throw.

    The MVP is bogus. The season’s best player is most often not the MVP. There are no criteria for the MVP and I don’t even know how you define “valuable”. Whi is more “valuable” to the Phils? Ryan Howard or Hunter Pence? I bet if you told Amaro that the baseball’s gods could remove one of the two from his roster, financial obligation with it, he would keep everyone before he would keep Ryan.

    Teddy Ballgame won the Triple Crown and didn’t get MVP. Its all bullshit.

    The Dipsy

  • Posts: 0 schmenkman

    Winning the triple crown does not make Kershaw a slam dunk for the Cy Young award.

    First, while CBP is neutral, Kershaw pitched in a better pitcher’s park.

    Secondly, even with a slight park disadvantage, Halladay did better in the versions of ERA that focus on the things a pitcher can control:

    FIP: Halladay 2.20, Kershaw 2.47
    xFIP: Halladay 2.71, Kershaw 2.84
    SIERA: Halladay 2.79, Kershaw 2.81

    Nicely explained in this article by Eric Seidman: http://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/index.php/was-kershaw-really-better-than-halladay/

    Also, I think what Heyman means there is not that being on a more valuable team makes a player more valuable, but rather that impacting a pennant race, and performing in the pressure of a pennant race, is more valuable than playing in meaningless games.

    I don’t agree with this view either. The “MVP” should be the best player, regardless of what team they’re on.

  • Posts: 1135 EricL

    Avatar of EricL

    Pat, just for the sake of sanity, don’t try to apply logic to Heyman’s thought processes.

    • Posts: 440 Ian Riccaboni

      Avatar of Ian Riccaboni

      I wish we had a “Like” function on the comments here. Definitely agree.

  • Posts: 0 Andrew from Waldorf

    And someone wants the team that lost in round 1 to get the Cy Young

    All that aside.
    How great is Howard Rollins and Utley?

    The best player is on a team that loses in round 1?

    Well they are the best ever.
    Howard particularily is a lock hall of famer.
    Teams fear him.
    There is a reason he is the most feared player in the majors.
    H swings a big bat.

    • Posts: 0 G. Truth

      You need a comma there after Howard and before Rollins. Looks like Howard Rollins. Anyway, Ryan Howard is one-dimensional and they paid him wayyyyyy to much in my opinion. There are many good 1Bs out there. He cant hit lefties and gets shut down with sliders away tooo easily. His avg keeps going down. He hits homers ,but those are declining and in key situations, lefty specialists shut him right down. Not good in post season when he sees better pitching. He is good guy to have during a long season for sure, but good teams with good pitching in post season know what will happen.. K! He needs to take a walk once in a while and lay off that slider.

      • Posts: 0 schmenkman

        I suspect Andrew was being sarcastic, but in any case, regarding Howard and the postseason.

        Here is how current and recent Phillies rank in career postseason OPS:

        1. Werth .987, 2. Utley .902, 3. Howard .845, 4. Thome .790, 5. Ruiz .789, 6. Victorino .784, 7. Burrell .688, 8. Rollins .686, 9. Ibanez .656, 10. Polanco .592, 11. Pence .496

        More recently, Howard sucked this year, but who had the highest Phillies OPS in the 2010 postseason? Howard.

  • Posts: 0 brooks

    Your feeing him G.T. Stop now!

  • Posts: 0 bacardipr05

    Surprised on the Mathieson been released thought he had a glimmer of hope that he would eventually be a MLB pitcher. Guess this is good for both parties as he probably had little chance of making the squad and he is getting up in age. Catching is real thin for the Phils if they had to yet again resign fracking Schneider. Ruiz is getting up in age has taking some hits,tumbles, foul balls etc. If he was to go done for the season this club will be Phracked with Schneider and Kratz as the back ups.

  • Posts: 0 George

    The Phils released Mathieson probably because he’s already gotten an offer from an Asian team. He’ll get more of a chance there, so the front office is doing him justice for all his years of hard work.

    The Lozano piece didn’t surprise me in the least. I’ll only say that agents wouldn’t be so slimy if players weren’t slimy enough to enjoy the sleaze, too.

    It could take Valle three or four or even more years to become a major league catcher, at which time Ruiz will definitely be old (for a catcher). Maybe D’Arnaud is closer to the bigs.

    Awards are all about opinion. Some people like blue, others like green. Tweedledee, Tweedledum.

  • Posts: 0 Psujoe

    I digress, but how good of a fielder is Izturus at SS?

    • Posts: 0 schmenkman

      He rates very well defensively, but as you may know he’s a non-entity offensively.

      Career line is similar to Wilson Valdez:

      Izturis: .255/.295/.322 (.274 wOBA)
      Valdez: .243/.290/.330 (.272 wOBA)

  • Posts: 576 Brian Sr. of CO

    Avatar of Brian Sr. of CO

    Could Lozano be more a sleaze than Scott Boras? For some reason I tend to doubt that. The fact that Pujols is a free agent and Howard WOULD HAVE BEEN a free agent if not for giving him a moronic contract a few years ago slams home the worst mistake that RAJ has made to this point. that much money, or that many years I am not as upset with, as I am with WHEN it was signed, and WHEN it took affect. Besides, even it we did not sign Howard then we still could not sign Pujols. There is no way in hell that RAJ would offer 24-25Mill a year for NINE years. We could go after Fatty Fielder though. I think Fatty would be an upgrade to Howard probably. And that really was not taking into account 2011 stats and the fact that Fielder has a BA nearly 46 points higher, with 5 more home runs, 4 more RBI’s, and 14 more Runs. The Runs are a little ambiguous as that has more to do with the hitters behind them hitting them in. Even if Howard had the same about of Home Runs, he would still be short 9 runs than Fielder. Obviously if Howard had .299 AVG, or even walked 10 more times throughout the course of the season, it is easy to imagine he would have several more runs than when he had.

    Career stats are a little more closely aligned with .288 vs .275. The thing that speaks volumes more so is age. 27 to 32, and Fielder does not seem to be going down hill as fast or at all yet as Howard is. Had we waited and tried to sign Fielder at 5 years 125Mill, Fielder would be 32. Now we have Howard until he is 37! I can’t wait to see his numbers at age 37. LOL. I had been a bif Howard fan, but he is turning too much into a Kingman style king of strikeouts rather then what he was BEFORE he signed that contract. Granted, I completely understand that there are dozens of other teams that would live to have Howard, but when you look at the fact that Pujols and Fielder are both Free Agents and Howard SHOULD be, along with the fact that we more than likely coould afford at least Fielder, it is flat out annoying.

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