Madson Declines Arbitration with Phillies

Posted by Pat Gallen, Thu, December 08, 2011 12:11 AM | Comments: 12
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Ryan Madson will not make a triumphant return. PHOTO AP

The Buzz around Dallas had been that Ryan Madson might be inclined to accept arbitration with the Phillies because the market for closers was thinning out. Not when Scott Boras is your agent.

Madson declined arbitration with the team before the 11:59 Wednesday deadline, meaning the Phillies will receive two compensatory picks in return should he sign elsewhere.

This had been a hot topic of conversation over the last few days as many wondered if it were possible that Madson would accept arbitration and come back to the Phillies on a one-year deal. If he had, he’d perhaps set himself up for a large payday after the 2012 season. But, come on. Do you really think Scott Boras was going to leave one blessed penny on the table? No, he’s going to get what he can now and as much as he can now for his client.

That’s probably the right thing to do. Madson would not be the closer in Philly so his value would not rise in terms of being a closer, so the best way to maximize his contract is to sign it now. Boras is known as a miracle worker in baseball, so he should be able to wrangle a fairly solid deal.

Never did I believe Madson would accept. Why would he, when there is a multi-year deal to be had out there somewhere, in some capacity.

Either way, this pretty much officially spells the end of the Madson Era in Philly.


As expected, Raul Ibanez also declined arbitration, giving the Phillies one compensatory pick. Many were up in arms when the news originally broke that Ibanez was offered it. Turns out, that was just a handshake deal between the two sides. Ibanez is a class act, and although he never did live up to the contract he signed, he will be missed.

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  • Posts: 0 zubzub

    Wow. How much money did he lose by not taking the Phillies first offer. Maybe they wanted 4 years at 11 million and the Phillies were offering 3 years. If so, and considering that Heath Bell signed for 3 years at 9 million per … who would give Madson more? I would love it if Madson loses money here because of following Boras’ advice earlier.

  • Posts: 1135 EricL

    Avatar of EricL

    Just a point of note: Lots of Boras clients accept arbitration, even when looking for a big free-agent deal. K-Rod did it this year, with Bonds in 2001, Maddux in 2002, and Kevin Millwood accepted arbitration from the Phils in 2003.

    That’s part of the reason for the speculation; High-profile Boras clients do have a history of surprising people by accepting arbitration offers most thought would be turned down.

  • Posts: 3 friend

    Avatar of

    Madson should have re-signed with philly… I guess now there’s no team that will offer him 4+1

  • Posts: 0 bacardipr05

    Boaras sucks arse and seagull poop….I would love to know what deal the Phils made to Madson that Boras decided to decline…

  • Posts: 0 Psujoe

    KRod will get 12+ in arbitration. Madson would only get about 8 and be stuck as a setup. I’ll be surprised if Madson gets 2/20 or 3/27.

  • Posts: 84 Tom

    Avatar of Tom

    Sorry Mad Dog!! It’[s the chance you take when you have a douche as an agent!! Don’t think he will get anything near what the Phils were offering…you will be missed Ryan!!

  • Posts: 5532 Lefty

    Avatar of Lefty

    I told you all that Madson would be a fool to accept. Thank you Ryan, it’s been a pleasure to have you pitch for the Phils so well for so long, great job and good luck.

    So now lets hear from all of you that were up in arms over the arbitration offer to Ibanez. There was no chance he was going to accept.

  • Posts: 0 Mazinman

    3 extra draft picks! Thanks for the favor Raul!

    Boras is going to be under a lot of pressure to get a better deal than what the Phillies initially offered or he will look really bad.

  • Posts: 3085 Chuck A.

    Avatar of Chuck A.

    Yeah, had Boras and Madson worked out a deal early with the Phillies he would still be here and probably have a better deal than what he’s eventually gonna get. I think they severely misjudged the market. After Papelbon there was a sharp dropoff in closer values and teams knew that Madson’s one year of closer experience translated into less value.

    Whatever… best of luck to you, Ryan. It was fun.

  • Posts: 0 George

    People keep referring to the supposed deal Madson turned down. That deal, though, was never more than a rumor and nothing has been firmly established about its terms, or even if it was just a “feeler” and not a real offer.

    Madson may not get a Papelbon kind of contract, but Boras will get him something better than he’d get in arbitration. One successful season as a closer might not look too impressive to an arbitrator.

  • Posts: 0 NJ

    Madson must have turned arbitration down because he has multi-year deals on the table otherwise he probably would have taken it like K-Rod. The Phils dodged a bullet but I’m shaking my head still on the lost pick with Papelborn that won’t be recouped by the loss of Madson or Oswalt (would he really have accepted when he’s rumoured to be seeking 3 years…?)

  • Posts: 0 Jeff

    Bye Ryan….Thanks for all those blown saves and homers in the 9th you tall scum. Thanks to your wife for putting the Philly Fans down. Also thanks to the owers for giving all this money away to greenies while this country is in ruins. Great to see it. WHO CARES WHO CAN HIT A BASEBALL FOR 265 MILLION…ITS NOT OXYGEN

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