Under The Radar: The Story Of 2011 For Carlos Ruiz

Posted by Jonathan Nisula, Fri, December 09, 2011 04:00 PM | Comments: 12
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Quick, outside of Hunter Pence–only appeared in 54 games for the Phillies–, who had the highest batting average on the Phillies in 2011? Sure, it would be absurd if it was anyone other than the player that this review is about, but it is still surprising. If you did not read the title, its none other than Carlos Ruiz, who also had the highest on base percentage outside of Pence and Dane Sardinha–both who combined for 268 plate appearances, a little over half (56.7%) of Ruiz’ total. Somehow, Ruiz went under the radar, which is mind-boggling considering it was his 2nd best year in his career.

He started off the year with a below average month of April, where he hit .226/.310/.371. He picked it up in May, where he was the Phillies 4th-best hitter in terms of OPS, and 2nd to only Dane Sardinha–who had half as many plate appearance– in on base percentage. He knocked in just one run the entire month, but overall was far more productive than April. And that was even after spending time on the DL.

In June, he regressed a little, as he hit just .221/.333/.373. Those numbers, however, were still better than those by guys like Raul Ibanez and Placido Polanco. Ruiz really caught fire from that point on, where he hit a collective slash line of .317/.391/.425–and even stole a base!

He finished the year with a .754 OPS, which was 6th on the entire team, and higher than Jimmy Rollins, Placido Polanco, Raul Ibanez, among others. Probably his most outstanding stat, and one that shows why he was so productive, is his walk-to-strikeout ratio–which was an even 1:1. He walked 48 times and struck out 48 times. There were guys who walked more, and others who struck out less, but no one had a ratio higher than Ruiz.

When push comes to shove, a player that is not above average with the bat can be quite valuable if he gets on base and puts the ball in play, which is exactly what Ruiz did. In fact, a 1:1 ratio is right up there with the leaders in the National League, like Albert Pujols (1.05), Jose Reyes (1.05), and Prince Fielder (1.01). All of those guys, however, had significantly more player appearances than Ruiz.

Numbers aside, the real value that comes from Carlos Ruiz is his ability to call a game and make pitchers comfortable. When he can contribute with the bat as well, its a major plus. His 2011 season was, as I said above, his 2nd best year of his career, and one of the better ones in the Phillies lineup. S0 for that, I will give him an 8/10. Chooch!

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  • Posts: 0 BART SHART

    Chooch deserves at least an 8 of 10, and possibly higher, like a 9

  • Posts: 0 bacardipr05

    I think he deserves the 8 out of 10. For a while he wasnt doing so good im guessing due to injury. I dont know if it was me but this year, he didnt seem to have the knack of knocking in runs like he did the year before.

  • Posts: 1100 betasigmadeltashag

    Avatar of betasigmadeltashag

    Don’t get me wrong I love Chooch and think he should have been an all-star and maybe even gold glove winner. He has his ups and downs at the plate like the team seems to have every year, plus he got moved around the line up a little bit unlike years past. But some of the OB% has to come from him batting 8th, even a terrible hitter gets pitched around a lot in that spot. Would like to see him get one day a week off this year at least just to try and keep him healthy.

  • Posts: 0 davehist

    In the long line of Phillies catchers, Carlos Ruiz has to rank right up there with Bob Boone, Bill Killefer, Darren Daulton, and Andy Seminick.

    • Posts: 5522 Lefty

      Avatar of Lefty

      Yooooooooouuuuuu fooooorrgooooooooott Tiiiiiiiiimmmmm McCaaaaaarrrrvvvverrr whoooooo wiiiiillll tellll yyyoooouu mmaaaaaaannnyy none-seeeeenesical stooooooorrriiiiiies abbbooouuuttt hiiiiiis daaaaaaaaayys wiiiiiiiiiiiith theeeeeeee Phiiiiiiilllliiiieeeesss.

  • Posts: 5522 Lefty

    Avatar of Lefty

    Carlo Ruiz is a great catcher, perfect for this team. I don’t think it was a surprise that he had the second best BA/OBP on the team in 2011, since he had THE best BA/OBP on the team in 2010. Yes it helps that he hits in the eight spot, but having a catcher that is capable of getting a clutch hit at anytime is a luxury, and I’m thankful he’s a Phillie. His work behind the plate, the beating he takes on all those curves, sinkers and sliders that bounce in front, but almost never get by him is second to none in Phillies history. If he had a better arm, he would be the best catcher in the National League. If I have to point out a weakness in his game, it might be that he has not come up big in postseason play the last 2 years, but then again, think of how many players on the eight playoff teams you could say that about. Only one wins.

    • Posts: 2071 Brooks

      Avatar of Brooks

      I love Chooch too but, 472 plate appearences and 40 rbi? Sure the Phils were duely inept from batter 6-9 but, Chooch was in that mix as well. When our Z’s come to bat its nap time.
      Valdez, Martinez, Ruiz…

      • Posts: 5522 Lefty

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        I fully expect one or maybe 2 of those Z’s to be gone in 2012, don’t you?

      • Posts: 577 Brian Sr. of CO

        Avatar of Brian Sr. of CO

        Partially true. If Valdez came to the plate with 2 outs after the 7th inning with RISP…Do NOT sleep on that. he was rather clutch in those situations. prior to the 7th inning? Well he hit about as good as Schneider and Mini Mart. LOL.

  • Posts: 3084 Chuck A.

    Avatar of Chuck A.

    Valdez should be brought back and MiniMart starts the year in the minors…..in my opinion.

  • Posts: 0 jack

    chooch did great in fact hes one of my favorite players but he did not do so well in the play offs

  • Posts: 0 Sean

    I think Chooch was hurt in the playoffs. He declined after the play at the plate with the Brewers.

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