Amaro on XM/Sirius: No Deadline for Hamels

Posted by Pat Gallen, Wed, February 15, 2012 06:11 PM | Comments: 6
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(Photo: SI.com)

Ruben Amaro spoke with Sirius/XM MLB Network Radio with Jim Duquette and Kevin Kennedy today about the topic of (guess who) Cole Hamels.

In a quick cut of the full interview, Amaro says it’s a “fluid situation” and they won’t shut talks down when the season starts, if possible. Amaro continues on saying that he has a great relationship with Hamels’ agent, John Boggs. This is somewhat contrary to whispers I’ve heard this offseason that the Phillies sent a low-ball offer to Hamels and his representatives.

Either way, people are praying he returns (for the most part, and if you’re not, join the hymn). We look for any sliver of hope, but right now, Amaro continues to say they will talk or they hope to get it done, but nothing is even close to concrete. The closer we get to the season, the scarier the situation becomes.


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  • Posts: 5398 Lefty

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    Let me start by saying I believe Cole Hamels will be a Phillie for a long time.

    However, I’ve heard at least 2 interviews, maybe three where RA Jr. uses the word “hope” when asked about the situation. “We love Cole and we hope he loves us too.” on CC// MLB Network, and then he used the word “hope” at least twice in this one.

    Hope is something you do when things are totally out of your control. I hope … (insert name) gets a hit to drive in a run. I hope my children don’t get sick. I hope a movie I plan to go to is good.

    We as fans “hope” that the Hamels deal gets done. These things are out of our control.

    I don’t believe “hope” plays a role in professional negotiations. Hope is a not a solid business strategy. I’m still optimistic, I just don’t like what I’m hearing publicly from the guy who does have at least some control. Maybe privately things are going well, maybe there is a strategy involving -not having to absorb some of the extension on this season’s payroll- so it has to wait. But my minimal business experience tells me that “hope” isn’t going to get a deal done.

  • Posts: 1048 EricL

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    Yeah, they really can’t let Cole walk, and although it’s going to be tough to have 4 guys on the team making $2o,ooo,ooo a year, with a 27-year old stud lefty, you have to do it. They most certainly can’t let him walk at the end of the season for nothing.

    That being said, a mid-season deal is better for the Phillies than locking him up before the season starts, cap wise. If he were to sign an extension right now, that average annual value — which is going to be significantly higher than the $15 he’s making now — would be what is considered for payroll purposes, which would send them over the luxury cap.

    The way I understand it, however, is if they wait until the season is underway and ink the extension the AAV numbers don’t kick in until the 2013 season at which point they should have some money coming off the books in Blanton/Victorino/Polly/etc. which would allow them to try to remain under the luxury limit.

    Or at least I hope..

    • Posts: 5398 Lefty

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      Case in point- Boston Red Sox acquired Adrain Gonzalez in December, but waited until April 15th to announce his extension to help with L.T. last year. I also would like to think it’s not mere coincidence that AGonz and Hamels are both represented by the same agent, John Boggs.

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  • Posts: 2896 Chuck A.

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    I think this gets done. At least I “hope” so. I’m not all that worried about Amaro’s use of that word. Let’s not read into it too much. I think all of us….this entire fanbase …. is on extra-high, extra-sensitive alert right now with this ……….and it’s easy to take a word or an inflection of the way a word sounds and analyze it too much. And it seems that RAJ is very easily put under the microscope by this fanbase ….fairly or unfairly (mostly UNfairly ).

    Bottom line: I just can’t see them letting Hamels….a HOMEGROWN STUD LEFTY STARTER (who, by all or most indications, wants to stay here) ……..get away.

    In Ruben we trust.

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