Phils Further Torment Padres in Worley Win

Posted by Corey Seidman, Fri, April 20, 2012 12:46 AM | Comments: 14
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The Phillies again did little offensively, but a win’s a win. It’s still pretty sad to go 1-1 when your starting pitchers give you 17 scoreless innings over two games.

- Vance Worley struck out a career-high 11 and allowed seven baserunners in seven innings as the Phillies won, 2-0. He struggled with command to the first three batters of the game then threw his two-seam fastball anywhere he wanted against an overmatched Padres lineup.

Worley is 1-1 with a 2.37 ERA and 21 Ks in 19 innings.

- The Phils scored a first inning run when Juan Pierre took an extra base after walking. Placido Polanco hit a line drive to left field and when Will Venable bobbled the ball, Pierre reacted quickly enough to slide safely into third. Jimmy Rollins followed with a sacrifice fly. The second run scored on a passed ball in the ninth inning.

- The win was the Phillies 12th in a row at PETCO Park, where they are 13-1 since 2008. The Phillies are 22-7 against the Padres overall in that span.

- Worley said to Gregg Murphy on CSN after the game, “It was good to get that win after what Cliff [Lee] did last night. That was ridiculous, I’ve never seen anyone do that.”

- No offensive issues were rectified in this game. The Phils went 1-for-8 with runners in scoring position and stranded six.

- John Mayberry has overtaken Polanco as the Phillie struggling most. He went 0-for-4 with two strikeouts and since Opening Day has nine strikeouts, eight groundouts, seven popouts and four flyouts to go with four singles. (h/t: David Hale (@DavidHaleTNJ)

- Cole Hamels faces Edinson Volquez Friday night at PETCO Park at 10:05 p.m. on Comcast SportsNet. Hamels in his last start struck out 10 Mets — three on fastballs, three on changeups, two on cutters and two on curveballs. He had everything working last Sunday, in case you were busy watching the wild instant classic in Game 3 between the Flyers and Penguins.

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  • Posts: 0 loupossehl

    I predict that the 2012 Philllies will be one party in the first nil-nil game in baseball history. And that’s after allowing for injury time.

    To pep things up with with a little scoring excitement, I’ll be switching my attention in the coming months to the L.A. Galaxy or Chivas USA. I’ve seen some of those chaps effectively hit the ball with their heads – a tactic the Phillies might want to adopt with RISP.

  • Posts: 0 Bob Myers

    To be almost playing .500 ball with this offense is at least a small ray of hope. The problem is, even without injuries, Ryan Howard has been declining every year. Utley has also been in decline.

    I don’t write them off as a wild card contender, but the old team that had an offense that could explode at any minute is not even a possibility with Utley and Howard returning.

    In addition to that, I think the vast majority of fans love offense more than pitching and defense. If steroids didn’t wreck player’s long term health, I’d wish all players took them. It’s just a better game to watch for most people when you have more hitters whose at bats are exciting. I’ve been to plenty of games where the Phils were shut out or nearly shut out. It’s just not the same experience that recent fans like me have come to expect where we used to hang on every pitch and eagerly watch every at bat with knowledge that an offensive outburst could begin at almost any point in the Phillie’s line up.

    Play-offs or not, It’s going to seem like a 400 game season with this offense….

    • Posts: 0 schmenkman

      “the old team that had an offense that could explode at any minute is not even a possibility with Utley and Howard returning.”
      – That would be the same team that had the league’s highest scoring offense last year after Utley returned. Only changes personnel-wise would be a full year of Pence and a better bench. The only question then is whether Howard and Utley can come close to 2011 levels.

      “Ryan Howard has been declining every year.”
      – Not really. When you look at his OPS+ (OPS relative to league levels), it’s been fairly constant since 2007: 144, 124, 141, 127, 124

      About offense being more entertaining for a lot of people, understood, but see the first point above.

      Keep in mind too, that after several years of decline across baseball, offense is down again so far this April, down 5% from last April in the NL, from 4.25 to 4.04 runs per game. April scoring in 2006, for example was 4.80 per game.

    • Posts: 1047 betasigmadeltashag

      Avatar of betasigmadeltashag

      I really think you over estimate the ability of most fans to enjoy a baseball game without steroid injected men hitting 50 hr a year. I live in Vt and am a Sunday package season ticket holder, I drive down at least once if not twice a month to go to the home sunday games. Now that is a 13 round trip, and I enjoy 1-0 2-1 2-0 games. It is baseball not wiffle ball the idea is to limit the amount of runs the other team scores. I get some games when the Phillies are not even coming close to hitting a ball hard for nine innings is frustrating, or when they the opposing pitcher should get lit up is frustrating. But a good pitchers duel with some hard hit balls and good defensive plays is an amazing game to watch. 10-2 games not so much fun to watch but a blast to be at, no real drama i those games. 12-9 game or 11-10 game yea there is still some drama in those games, but really really more frustrating to me because this pitching staff, bull pen included should never give up more then 3-5 runs a game, and that would frustrate me a lot more. By the way I have been a Phillies fan since 1970.

  • Posts: 3065 Chuck A.

    Avatar of Chuck A.

    “It’s still pretty sad to go 1-1 when your starting pitchers give you 17 scoreless innings over two games.”

    Yeah…except that one of the opposing pitchers was an equally good starting pitcher in Matt Cain. I’ll take the 1-1 record given that.

    Nice win by the Phillies. Yes, the offense sucks at this point. But, given the fact that the 3 and 4 hitters are out of the lineup right now, a 6-7 record is somewhat tolerable. Hopefully, we can take 2 out of the next 3 in SD and then 2 of 3 in ARI. Finish the road trip 6-4 and come home above .500 at 10-9.

  • Posts: 0 Joe a

    Our offense may in the hopper, but our starting pitching has been stellar

  • Avatar of The Original Chuck P

    When you are going through a period like the Phils are going through (battling injuries and slumps), you have to focus on beating the teams you’re supposed to beat and, hopefully, you can steal one or two from the better teams you face. I don’t care how they win… this four game series against the Padres gives them a great opportunity to get on track.

    The Phillies are going to let Mayberry work through his struggles… what they should be doing with Brown. Brown is young and didn’t start playing baseball until late… no one should be surprised that he didn’t step right in and tear the cover off the ball. I don’t know what the answer is at this point but I think they should have let him start the season with the Phils.

    I have faith… we have five guys in our “hobbled” lineup that have received MVP votes within the past five years. These guys know how to play baseball. The defense has been pretty good, especially up the middle and starters are incredible. We just have to be confident at the plate. I’d like to see them drive a few balls. Just hit the ball hard and see where it goes.

  • Posts: 0 AZHokie22

    This series could not have come at a better time. With this struggling offense, the Phil’s can still reasonably take 3 of 4 from a Padres team they have owned as of late. The Phils starting pitching is getting overshadowed by the quiet bats which is a shame because they are dominating. Even Blanton has pitched well. People are acting like the East is full of juggernauts. Do we expect the Nats to win 10 out of 13 the whole way? The offense absolutely has to figure something out, but if they are 2-3 games back at the end of April, their shot at the division is as good as anyone’s. Especially with the best starting rotation in baseball and overall very good defense. As one guy said above, the “recent fans” might not like that formula because they feel the Phil’s owe them something, but for the rest of us I’ll take my Ws any which way

  • Posts: 0 Bob Myers

    Keep in mind, that most Phillies fans are “recent fans”. The front office knows this, but they can’t necessarily sustain the “magic” they lucked into to make this team a magnet for new fans, and a source of instant enthusiasm to anyone who decided to attend or perhaps even watch a few games on TV.

    Recent fans, and fans who are not the classic baseball fans are going to be tested by how much they will stay tuned to a team built like this one. I expect the streak of sell outs to end this year. I think that thought is way more scary for the front office than losing….

    By the way, I have to be honest and admit, I’m kinda a recent fan…..

    OK, go ahead, pile on, call me ignorant and naive and superficial, and a bandwagon fan….. that kind of abuse keeps this blog interesting….

    • Posts: 0 Ryne Duren

      no bob i’m not gonna pile on! congrats for being a recent fan! i started to watch and listen on the radio phillies baseball when i was 11 yrs old! way back in 1961 my gramps and my uncles would tell me as i watched that they stunk and were bums! but i watched and listened faithfully every game! unfortunately for me i didn’t know it at the time but they had started their MLB record 23 game losing streak! i remember vividly saying to my gramps when they finally won. see they can do it! he laughed at me. i kept following and they became respectable then excitung and then bad again. but through all that up to now being a phillie fan is like a big wave. but it’s fun and i wouldn’t change any of it (well maybe a few more ws) but i get frustrated because now at my age i wonder will they go on a long down side? and will i be here for the next upside? hopefully yes. and i say that cause i think we’ll be better, we’re just going through some bumps. have faith.

    • Posts: 0 AZHokie22

      I would absolutely agree that the front office is more concerned with not selling out a home game then winning the World Series. But most teams in pro sports are like that, whether they claim they are “all about winning” or not. And I don’t think being a recent fan is a bad thing in any way. I was born in 1982, and went to my first Phils game when I was 4. This is far an way the greatest period of Phillies ball in my lifetime. And in fact a lot of that has to do with the new interest the team has generated. New fans in the seats = jersey concession sales = excitement around the team year round = $$$ to sign the Halladays, Lees, etc to this team. What is unfortunate is we are already starting to see the true colors of some (not all) “newer” fans, who are already over this team after a 6-7 start. Thats troublesome

  • Posts: 0 loupossehl

    The decline in offensive output and aging of our infield has been apparent for, literally, years. This is our weak link, our Achilles heel, and the front office has done nothing about this obvious shortcoming.

    This “recent fan”, who bemoans the Phillies’ pathetic inability to score runs and thereby relieve the pressure on and otherwise support our wonderful pitching, has been a Phillies fan since 1950. The current version of the Phillies infield has about as much at-the-plate pop as the Whiz Kids version of (around the horn) Jones, Hamner, Goliat and Waitkus. At least those guys were really young.

    Getting Ryan Howard back will be a big plus – he can pound pitching so long as it’s mediocre, which really helps over the long regular season. I’ve written off Utley – even when/IF he returns, his numbers have been in general decline over the past 4-5 years and there’s absolutely no reason to anticipate a reversion to what he once was.

    Our best bet is to sneak into the playoffs with 80-or-so wins, where our pitching staff and some luck at the plate might carry us through in a short series. A real possibility – but it brings to mind last year, a year of historic achievement, and what a shame it was to lose that last game to the Cardinals the way we did … and now, we’re a year older and no better. Or, in the case of the front office, no more creative or wiser.

    Stan Lopata and Del Ennis – please come out of the retirement home and suit up … NOW.

    • Posts: 0 schmenkman

      “the front office has done nothing about this obvious shortcoming.”

      1) not true — they acquired some of the best pitchers in baseball to a) counteract the aging of the core, and b) position the team for better postseason success (good strategy, IMO)

      2) by the way, they had the league’s highest-scoring offense last year once they were at full strength from May 23 on

      “…Utley – even when/IF he returns, his numbers have been in general decline over the past 4-5 years and there’s absolutely no reason to anticipate a reversion to what he once was.”

      1) Completely agree, but you could say that about most 33- year-olds.

      2) And despite his decline, he was still one of the best at his position last year, because he has declined from such a high level. If he could provide anywhere near his 2011 production, it would be hard to improve upon. more here: http://www.thegoodphight.com/2012/2/2/2715299/chase-utley-and-50-years-of-second-basemen

      Finally, I would gladly take Del Ennis, and I’m sure we could find a spot for Lopata — he did play some first base.

  • Posts: 1135 EricL

    Avatar of EricL

    If the Phillies don’t walk a bunch of times against Volquez they’ll never walk again in their lives. Dude couldn’t hit the ocean if he fell out of a boat.

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