We’re Going Streaking… Phillies Win 4th Straight

Posted by Don M, Thu, May 17, 2012 01:59 PM | Comments: 13

RECAP – the Afternoon Edition.   Please accept our apologies, Phillies Nationers , we strive to bring you timely and informative Phillies news and views, and like Juan Pierre last night, we dropped the ball on this one.

 This is late, so I’ll be brief… but how about those Fightin Phils!?  They’ve managed to climb back to .500 (19-19), with Roy Halladay taking the mound tonight against Chris Volstad.

-Kyle Kendrick pitched very well in place of Vance Worley, allowing only 3 hits, 2 runs, ( 1 was earned)… he struck out 4, and walked NONE through 6 innings of work.

-The bullpen combination of Jose Contreras, Antonio Bastardo, and Raul Valdes each threw a perfect inning of work after Kendick left the game.  The Cubs did not have a base runner after an Alfonso Soriano HR in the 4th inning, as Phillies pitchers retired the last 17 batters they faced.

-Freddy Galvis another 2-hit game, both doubles.

-The New Guys – Mike Fontenot and Hector Luna each contributed with their first hit in a Phillies uniform.  Fontenot singled in the 7th, while Luna capped the Phillies 6-run 9th inning with a pinch-hit Grand Slam to put the game out of reach.

-Carlos Ruiz continues to amaze.  The man we affectionately refer to as “Chooch” hit his 7th HR of the season as part of his 2-for-4 night (to see his batting average climb to .343), and scored 3 runs.

-The opinion that Carlos Ruiz should be an All-Star this season is quickly becoming FACT.  He leads NL catchers in Batting Average, HR, RBI, OBP, SLG, and OPS…and is tied for the lead in both Runs and Hits.  We need to have an official Twitter Campaign to get Chooch into the All Star Game.  I’ve seen #VoteforChooch , # Vote4Chooch, and #VoteforChooch2012 … somebody, somewhere, pick one and lets run with it!

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  • Posts: 0 bacardipr05

    Ruiz should be a all star its been long over due. You would think playing for a top contender for the past 5 years should of got him noticed by now. By that i mean name recognition. He has been the only offensive bright spot on this team. Pence, Shane continue to look lost at the plate. J-Roll is out to set a new record for pop-ups in a season. Polly seems to be coming around although with him it seems he’s just a sneeze away from the DL.

  • Posts: 3059 Chuck A.

    Avatar of Chuck A.

    Don – Nice one! This HAS to be in response to the person who bitched on the other thread about the lack of a timely game recap. I guess that means that you’re the “spark” and the “savior” that this site needs…..

    • Posts: 0 Dave P

      If there were likes or +1′s for comments, this would get one of mine.

    • Posts: 79 branderson925

      Avatar of branderson925

      You still holding on to bitterness about my comment finding it funny to look to Hector Luna as a possible spark?

      I wasn’t the one bitching about the timeliness of the article. I just agreed with the dude who was bitching ;)

  • Posts: 0 DCmikey

    Terrible idea just announced and hopefully it WILL effect us…MLB approved a 2-3 format, meaning division leaders will play the first 2 games on the road.

  • Posts: 79 branderson925

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    Random analysis. The Phils need to keep taking pitches and walking. In their 5 wins of the last 6 games, they averaged more then 3 walks. Prior to that they average about 2 walks per game. The Phils rank 2nd to last in the NL in walks so I think this is a key since we’re 4th in AVG, 3rd in Steals and Middle of the Pack in Homers, Doubles, and importantly Runs.

    IF we can work more walks that our offense will certainly be moving up even more in offensive categories (well hitting with RISP needs to improve as well)

  • Posts: 0 DCmikey

    I have seen Luna a lot in Allentown. He can play. The Phils have some good pitchers in AAA.
    Also, who was that call up last season who gave up a first pitch hr to the Nats I believe- but then was silly good for the remainder. Was it Scwimmer?

  • Posts: 3059 Chuck A.

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    branderson – 1) not bitter at all. A little back and forth, mixed with some sarcasm, is good for the soul. All is good.. 2) I wasn’t referring to you as the one who bitched. I knew you just replied and your comment was a good one, suggesting you could write for PN.

    Dave P – Thank you.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    It wasn’t really in response to someone calling us out … but the reality is that everyone that writes for this site … does it for free ……and last night was the one time that the real world made all of us unavailable to cover a recap..

    But for the sake of giving Kendrick, Luna, Chooch, etc. some props (I neglected Wigginton, by accident) . . . but anyway – for a site in which the writers write for free …. this site is very, very, timely and produces great stuff …. I just wanted to acknowledge the fact that we dropped the ball last night/this morning in bringing everyone a recap-post

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    Anyway . . . you guys think the offense keeps it going a little, and gives Halladay enough support to get it to 5 straight wins ??

    • Posts: 3059 Chuck A.

      Avatar of Chuck A.

      I sure as hell hope so. This guy needs a W, BADLY….and some support from his offense would be nice. I have a good feeling about this one.

      Before the Nats and Mets series, where they went 1-5, I had said that if they could just win the bulk of the series for the rest of the season that they would probably make the playoffs…if not win the divison. Got a little de-railed there but maybe now they’re at the start of a turnaround??

      Win tonight and come home ABOVE .500 for the first time since Opening Day and win 2 of 3 against the struggling BoSox. They’ll start to feel pretty good about themselves if they can do that.

  • Posts: 0 eddie

    I did a full recap of the last game and a preview for game 3 against the cubs where i break down why the phils will dominate and what to watch for so come by chewck it out and enjoy!! http://baseballpitboss.com/2012/05/philadelphia-phillies-continue-hot-streak-in-win-over-chicago-cubs/

  • Posts: 79 branderson925

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    I should have wrote in my comment yesterday regarding the lack of a write-up how much I appreciate this site and was merely kidding. I don’t live and die by a timely review of a game, I mean I got to watch the whole thing on my own. I thought the other guy was being a little bit ridiculous. Don M, know that I honestly appreciate this site and I think all of you guys do a great job. I was also somewhat serious in saying I had somewhat of a desire for writing for PN (Perhaps one day in the future)

    Anyway… GO PHILS

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