Good News: Utley Heading to Clearwater

Posted by Pat Gallen, Sun, June 03, 2012 06:28 PM | Comments: 14
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Chase is headed to Clearwater - finally. (AP)

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for.

Chase Utley is finally headed to Clearwater to ramp up his rehab, appearing in an extended spring training game Monday. Extended spring games include the player only taking cuts at the plate, not fielding. They also do not count against the players official rehab. Once Utley feels comfortable enough at the plate, he’ll then take part in those official rehab games.

Last season, Utley took part in extended spring games starting on May 7. He was then activated from the DL after an 11-game rehab stint, rejoining the Phillies on May 23.

The Phillies have not put a timetable on his return, but this is the first part of the process. He’ll likely take his time with this step of the rehab and not rush his way back into the lineup.

Just a few days ago, Ruben Amaro did not believe Utley would be back with the team in June. Even if that holds true, there is a very good chance he’ll be back before or around the all-star break in mid-July.


Vance Worley will start tomorrow against Los Angeles; Erik Kratz heads back to Lehigh Valley. That’s great news as the Phillies obviously needed to fill the void left when Roy Halladay hit the disabled list.

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  • Posts: 0 dylan

    This is great news but being honest i don’t want to see Freddy Galvis take a seat. He’s too much fun to watch and he really is developing. I also can’t imagine utley retaking his number 3 spot in the lineup when his eventual return is in order this in my opinion is the phillies most productive offensive and defensive lineup…

    1. LF- Pierre
    2. 3B- Polanco
    3. RF- Pence
    4. C- Ruiz
    5. CF- Victorino
    6. 2B Utley
    7. 1B- Wigginton
    8. SS- Galvis

    • Posts: 2071 Brooks

      Avatar of Brooks

      Try and wish as we might, the man, “Chase” will be in the #3 position, playing second base. That is our Cholly

      • Posts: 0 Catman

        Truth. Cholly sticks by an old formula of winning and seems to need weeks of convincing before he makes changes.

  • Posts: 0 windbag

    I expect to see Chase at first base until Howard is ready to come back.

  • Posts: 41 landshark

    Avatar of landshark

    You can’t think that Jimmy is just going to roll over and let Galvis take his position….Better yet! You can’t think Chase is going to return and play the next 75-80 games. Galvis will definitely see his share at bats, but only with exception of some sort of platoon Chase/Galvis or Rollins/Galvis. I have phaith in J-roll, and I believe his second half of the season is going to make up for his horrible slump. He proved Wednesday against the Mets that his power is still there

  • Posts: 0 Mike

    I think I wondered this during spring training but didn’t see anything satisfactory as far as an answer goes. Was it a surprise that Chase’s knee was f’ed up? Are they not under contract during the off season for this sort of disclosure? Still confused about this sort of occurrence.

    • Posts: 0 schmenkman

      Apparently the knee felt fine until he intensified baseball activities in spring training.

      • Posts: 7 PhillPhan12

        Avatar of PhillPhan12

        Nope. I was at spring training the first day he reported. He was in bad shape from the start.

      • Posts: 0 schmenkman

        PhillPhan, that’s interesting. Can you elaborate?

    • Posts: 7 PhillPhan12

      Avatar of PhillPhan12

      All he did in spring traing was take two BP’s in two days. Never ran, never took fielding drills. Bat looked good though.

  • Posts: 7 PhillPhan12

    Avatar of PhillPhan12

    Ill be down at Carpenter Complex in Clearwater today. Along with Utley, Howard, Martinez, and Thome. Lol. We are starting to have a better lineup here than in Philly!

    • Posts: 1435 Pat Gallen

      Avatar of Pat Gallen

      Make sure you update us, since they don’t allow the media in there.

      • Posts: 7 PhillPhan12

        Avatar of PhillPhan12

        I will. Was down there last week and I will say that Howard was still fielding balls while sitting in a chair.

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