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Hamels Picks Up 17th Win, Phillies Down Marlins

Posted by Pat Gallen, Sun, September 30, 2012 04:21 PM Comments: 30

What a season for Cole Hamels.

He was clearly one of the few bright spots for the entirety of the year in Philadelphia, and that continued today as he fanned eight over seven innings in the Phillies 4-1 win. The victory gave him 17 on the season, a new career high. And with those eight strikeouts, he reaches 216 for the season, also a new high.

It’s been a season of lows for a Phillies team scratching to stay above the .500 mark, but Hamels has been a constant bright spot. Can you imagine if the Phillies had not signed him at midseason? Phillies fans would be freaking out as the season comes to a close. At least the fans can rest easy that he’ll be here a long time.

Carlos Ruiz had three hits and knocked in his 68th run of the season. Hamels was the MVP of the pitchers, Ruiz obviously the MVP on the offensive side.

Domonic Brown didn’t have any hits, but he did knock in a run and showed off his arm as he gunned down Giancarlo Stanton at home plate.

Now the question becomes, can the Phillies finish the season over .500 as they play the final three games in Washington.


Gameday: Phillies (79-79) vs. Marlins (67-91)

Posted by Pat Gallen, Sun, September 30, 2012 12:18 PM Comments: 12

Philadelphia Phillies vs. Miami Marlins

Time: 1:10 PM, Marlins Park
Weather: Partly Cloudy, 80
Media: Twitter and Facebook

Just four games remain for the Phillies this year and they need this one if they want to make the push for a .500 season.

Funny how quickly things change. It feels like just yesterday we were celebrating a playoff berth, then a World Series title, then another trip to the Fall Classic. The Phillies have fallen on hard times, but it’s no time to abandon ship. Just remember you’ll be pining for baseball in about a month, so soak it all in now while you still can.

It will also be the final time you’ll see Cole Hamels on a mound until 2013. It’s a joy watching him pitch and I think I speak for many when I say it’ll be nice having him around for the long haul.

After last night’s long one in Miami, I’m sure the players will be swinging early and often, so watch for Hamels to go deep.

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Gameday: Phillies (78-79) vs. Marlins (67-90)

Posted by Pat Gallen, Sat, September 29, 2012 06:15 PM Comments: 91

Philadelphia Phillies vs. Miami Marlins

Time: 7:10 PM, Marlins Park
Weather: Partly Cloudy, 80
Media: Twitter and Facebook

Ryan Howard is officially out for the remainder of the regular season due to a broken toe he suffered when he dropped a lead pipe on it in the on-deck circle; the one he swings as he prepares for an at bat. That adds more injury to injury and insult, a terrible way to end a season for a guy who struggled to get it going after being sidelined several months following achillies tendon surgery.

The broken toe will not affect his offseason workouts as he prepares to come back and be the Big Piece of old in 2013. The Phillies will need that as he’ll be in just the second year of a contract paying him $25 million.

As for tonight’s matchup, Roy Halladay makes his final start of the season against Ricky Nolasco.

Darin Ruf makes his first ever start at first base.

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Why I Love the Phillies – Mary

Posted by Brian Michael, Fri, September 28, 2012 09:03 AM Comments: 5

Each Friday, we will post a reader story from our “Why I Love the Phillies” contest.

Why I love the Phillies, well it’s quite simple. I love the Phillies because it’s a major connection to my family and from where my family came from.

My everyone in my family has been devoted Phillies fans since 1918, the year that my grandfather, Anthony, was born. He grew up loving the Phillies and this carried over into his adult life. Many of his twenty-seven grandchildren remember the days where Pop Pop Tony would take them to a Phillies game when they were children and they cherish those memories forever. Some of us, including me, weren’t blessed with such memories though, since he developed Alzheimer’s and was eventually placed in a nursing home. I was about five years old when my Pop Pop Tony passed away, but I was always told by my older brothers or my parents how much he loved Philadelphia and the Phillies, so I developed that same love.

The Phillies are the main source of conversation between, my brothers, cousins, and I. Even though we live all the way down in North Carolina, miles and miles away from the Philadelphia we love, we all still try to make it to a game down at Turner Field to watch the Phillies stomp the Braves, and we’ve never been dissatisfied with them whether they win or lose.

- Mary

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Phils Drop 2012 Home Finale

Posted by Amanda Orr, Thu, September 27, 2012 10:58 PM Comments: 34

The Phillies dropped their final home game of the season, losing 7-3 to the Washington Nationals on Fan Appreciation Night.  If the St. Louis Cardinals win tonight, the Phillies will officially be eliminated from Wild Card contention.


-Thursday was Cloyd’s worst outing of  his young career.  The rookie lasted five innings, surrendering six earned runs.  He was tagged with his second loss of the season.

-Cloyd allowed three home runs: a first inning Bryce Harper solo shot, and two Michael Morse home runs.  Morse finished the night with four runs batted in.


-Darin Ruf had another great game, going 2-for-4 with three runs batted in.

-Ruf got the Phillies on the  board early.  In the first inning, the Phillies loaded the bases with two outs.  Ruf doubled to center field, clearing the bases.  The three runs that Ruf drove in on the play would be the only runs that the Phillies scored all night.


- Jeremy Horst, who has been terrific all year, had some trouble in the seventh inning.  He gave up a single and two walks to load the bases with no outs.  He proceeded to throw a wild pitch, which gave the Nationals a run.  Horst went 1.2 innings, allowing the run.

-Phillippe Aumont and Jake Diekman each pitched scoreless frames.


Gameday: Nationals (94-61) vs. Phillies (78-77)

Posted by Pat Gallen, Thu, September 27, 2012 06:07 PM Comments: 11

Washington Nationals (94-61) vs. Philadelphia Phillies (78-77)

Gio Gonzalez (20-8, 2.84) vs. Tyler Cloyd (2-1, 3.86)

Time: 7:05 PM, Citizens Bank Park
Weather: Partly Cloudy, 60
Media: Twitter and Facebook

Hey look, it’s Gio Gonzalez! The former Phillies farmhand is now a frontrunner to be named NL CY Young winner. He’ll go for his 21st win of the season against an organization he once was a part of. The lefty has stiff competition in R.A. Dickey, Craig Kimbrel, and Aroldis Chapman. However, getting to 22 wins on the season certainly would stand out.

Tyler Cloyd gets the ball in the final game at Citizens Bank Park this season. We’re so used to playoff baseball, so this kind of sneaks up on you. Regardless, I hope there is a solid turnout tonight for what has been a tough season. But that’s where the real, honest fans come into play and pack the place knowing that there will not be baseball until next season.

The Nationals magic number is down to four after last night’s win, so it’s nice that they will not win the division on CBP turf.

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Halladay Starting Saturday – But Should He?

Posted by Pat Gallen, Thu, September 27, 2012 06:37 AM Comments: 10

Much has been made about the Phillies decision to allow Roy Halladay to start on Saturday in Miami. It’ll be his last trip to the hill this season, and with the Phillies out of the playoff chase, many are wondering if it’s even worth it.

The answer isn’t just an easy yes or no. While it’s understandable to assume it’s better for the Phillies to “save some bullets” and sit Doc down for this one start, he would end up going down with a fight anyway. However, shutting him down would allow him to coast into the offseason, focusing on getting himself right for 2013. Many are calling for the Phillies brass to make the executive decision to just say no. That hasn’t, and as of now, will not happen.

Really, I’m not sure it matters. One six inning start isn’t going to kill the guy. We all know what kind of competitor Halladay is, so he wants to finish a disappointing season on a high note. You can’t fault him for that. It’s likely the Phillies conferred with doctors and trainers, who deemed Halladay fine to pitch one last time. He had a back/upper shoulder spasm before his last start, which caused him to be about as bad as Halladay can be. But, it sounds like everything is sound in the shoulder region. Don’t you think they would be all over him if it wasn’t?

I’m sure he’s thinking if he’s well enough to pitch, then he should. And we should commend him for wanting to put together one last Doc-like performance before the long winter shuts him down.

Count me as one not too worried about this final start. Would I rather him not make it? Probably. But to be up in arms about it is ridiculous. Halladay has five months to rest his troublesome shoulder, so allowing him to finish the season on his own terms is fine by me.


Gameday: Nationals (93-61) vs. Phillies (78-76)

Posted by Pat Gallen, Wed, September 26, 2012 06:05 PM Comments: 29

Washington Nationals (93-61) vs. Philadelphia Phillies (78-76)

John Lannan (3-0, 4.43) vs. Kyle Kendrick (10-11, 3.89)

Time: 7:05 PM, Citizens Bank Park
Weather: Partly Cloudy, 60
Media: Twitter and Facebook

We’re down to just eight games left in the season, and only two on the home schedule. If you haven’t been to a game yet, now is the time. Just a wear a jacket, it’s getting chilly.

It’s another lefty on the mound for the Nationals, John Lannan. You know him well. He’s plunked a Phillie or two over the years and has turned into the replacement for a shelved-Stephen Strasburg.

For the Phillies, Kyle Kendrick gets the ball and looks to finish the season off strong. It’s been a positive second half for Kendrick and with a couple of good starts to end 2012, he could play himself into a full-time role in the rotation.

The Nationals magic number remains at five to win the East. Also, Roy Halladay is slated to start on Saturday after having a positive bullpen session. It will his final start of 2012.

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Leave Utley At Second Base

Posted by Eric Seidman, Wed, September 26, 2012 09:00 AM Comments: 25

There are three key facts that must be understood before properly analyzing the potential position switch of Chase Utley:

1) Neither Chase Utley nor Freddy Galvis has third base experience at the major league level
2) There is no tangible proof that moving to third base will allow Utley to stay on the field
3) Utley still rates as one of the best defensive second baseman in the game

Since the idea of moving Utley to third base next season is really picking up steam it’s worth exploring these three facts to get a better understanding of why the Phillies are even considering the idea. These facts also suggest that the team is better off leaving Utley at his natural position. The concept of playing Utley at the hot corner was certainly intriguing, and an example of out-of-the-box thinking on the Phillies part, but for now it should get shelved as an interesting idea ultimately not worth exploring at this juncture.

Based on our current knowledge of the situation and the particulars associated with the facts above, it doesn’t seem prudent to make him learn a new position while he still excels defensively in his current diamond spot. It doesn’t seem prudent to make him learn a new position when the only readily available study on position-switches — by friend and injury expert Will Carroll — indicates that these moves carry a greater injury risk than if the player simply stayed put. It just doesn’t seem prudent to move Utley to third base no matter how poor the free agent class looks.

Continue reading Leave Utley At Second Base


Zeid Exudes Jewish Pride with Israel in WBC Qualifiers

Posted by Jay Floyd, Wed, September 26, 2012 08:00 AM Comments: 1

A failed attempt by Team Israel to qualify for next year’s World Baseball Classic was disappointing for former Phillies prospect Josh Zeid, but the experience is one that he is proud of and the Tulane University product is confident that the sport is headed in the right direction for the country that has limited experiences with America’s national pastime.

The righty hurler, Zeid, described his time representing Israel as a true highlight, not only in his career but in his life as a whole. Additionally, he stressed his level of enjoyment playing along side players with such similar backgrounds.

“Playing with 27 teammates, who all are very similar to myself, religiously and socially, was a tremendous and very unique experience,” Zeid said.  “I’ve had Jewish teammates before, but to have a whole team of Jewish men, really brought a cohesiveness that I’ve never quite felt in the locker room before. It was as if we had been teammates for a whole year or years. It was the most fun I’ve had on the mound in a long time and it was also the hardest loss I’ve ever had to deal with in my career.”

Zied, who was part of a package of prospects dealt by the Phillies to Houston for All-Star outfielder Hunter Pence last season, was a stud on the mound for the Class A Lakewood BlueClaws team that won the South Atlantic League championship in 2010.  Continue reading Zeid Exudes Jewish Pride with Israel in WBC Qualifiers

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